Crazy 29 Riots Memes Latest 2020

29 Riots Memes 22

Everything happened on 25 May after George Floyd’s death. People start protesting and all goes to shit. Buildings are on fire and riots memes are born. Check our latest collection so far! Four individuals crossed the line. We have a justice system in place equipped to deal with that. But it is meaningless if that … Read more

Best 10 Shaming Desi Banks Meme

Desi Banks Meme

  Desi Banks is a comedian who posted a viral meme on Twitter on Saturday 30 May. The controversial meme was about the protest and death of George Floyd. Desi has over 5 million followers on Instagram. His meme celebrates Martin Luther King and devotes protests of American people now. You can check Desi Banks … Read more

29 Impressive Cant Sleep Memes

29 Cant Sleep Memes 21

Can’t sleep? I was in the same shoes sometimes. Let this 29 cant sleep meme help you to get nice dreams. If you have problems with insomnia, these memes can help you because laughing is making our mind relax. If you still have problems with sleeping and these memes don’t help you visit a doctor! … Read more

26 Ridiculous Battletech Memes

26 Battletech Memes 17

26 Ridiculous Battletech Memes you can see after the article.   Battletech is a board game from 1984. The first name was Battle Druids made by Jordan Weisman. It’s about robots (Battletech) and pilots (MechWarriors). Its played for serious people and its not an easy game. Only the best minds play it. Here is a … Read more

The 22 Best Dear Men Meme

22 Dear Men Meme 1 1

The 22 Best Dear Men Meme. Everything started on Twitter on 25 May when someone posted picture of him and asked: “Dear men, what is preventing you from looking like this?” Post got over 10000 Tweets and shares and the new meme is born. People start posting similar memes related to that quote. Check the … Read more