The 31 Best NFL Memes You Have Ever Seen!

NFL Memes 30

Do you love NFL memes? I know that I do! There are so many funny NFL memes out there on the internet, and this blog post is going to show you what we think are some of the best ones. These NFL memes will make your day a whole lot better by giving you something … Read more

49 Star Wars Memes – A Force for Good

Star Wars Memes 43

If you’re a star wars fan, then you’ve probably seen some hilarious star wars memes. If not, let me enlighten you! Star Wars Memes – A Force for Good is an article that talks about how star wars memes can be good for the soul. It has quotes from people who are star war fans … Read more

Logan Paul and Mayweather Memes: Let’s try this again

logan paul mayweather meme 13

Logan Paul and Mayweather Memes are below the article. ūüôā   Floyd¬†Mayweather¬†Jr.¬†is¬†an¬†internet¬†sensation¬†who¬†has¬†been¬†featured¬†on¬†YouTube¬†as¬†a¬†boxing¬†champion¬†with¬†over¬†six¬†billion¬†views¬†and¬†counting,¬†but¬†the¬†Logan¬†Ball¬†fight¬†was¬†not¬†his¬†most¬†recent¬†conquest.¬†He¬†also¬†beat¬†Manny¬†Pacquiao¬†in¬†2015¬†for¬†one¬†of¬†the¬†highest–grossing pay-per-view¬†events¬†to¬†date,¬†generating¬†$400¬†million¬†alone¬†from¬†subscriptions¬†to¬†watch¬†this history-making¬†event¬†live¬†or¬†stream¬†it¬†later¬†online¬†through¬†ESPN’s¬†new¬†service¬†WatchESPN¬†‚Ästall¬†without¬†even¬†leaving¬†home! What¬†do¬†you¬†think?¬†Is¬†betting¬†on¬†Floyd¬†Mayweather¬†very¬†risky¬†like¬†our¬†racing¬†experts¬†say?¬†I¬†don’t¬†know¬†about¬†that¬†because¬†there¬†are¬†many¬†believers¬†out¬†there¬†including¬†Jack¬†Paul¬†(his¬†brother)¬†which¬†will¬†be¬†rooting¬†him¬†on¬†at¬†The¬†World¬†Boxing¬†Council¬†Championship¬†tomorrow¬†night. The¬†highly¬†anticipated¬†Mayweather–Ball¬†fight¬†will¬†end¬†by knockout,¬†according¬†to¬†many¬†sports¬†commentators.¬†The¬†professional¬†boxer¬†is¬†a¬†multi–world¬†champion¬†‚Ästhe¬†has¬†belts¬†in¬†his¬†collection¬†of¬†WBC,¬†WBA, and WBO.¬†Logan¬†Paul¬†had¬†an¬†impressive¬†start¬†on¬†YouTube¬†but¬†it¬†was¬†cut¬†short¬†when¬†he¬†lost¬†the¬†battle¬†with¬†one¬†punch¬†from¬†Floyd¬†Mayweather¬†Jr.,¬†who¬†entered¬†as¬†world¬†undefeated¬†champ¬†for¬†forty¬†years¬†(aside:¬†this¬†makes¬†him¬†4x¬†more¬†experienced).¬†To¬†make¬†matters¬†worse¬†for¬†poor¬†Mr.¬†Ball’s¬†chances¬†at¬†beating¬†the¬†boxing¬†legend some¬†say¬†that¬†even¬†if¬†“he¬†were¬†fighting¬†Superman” –¬†there¬†would¬†be¬†no¬†chance! A¬†lot¬†of¬†fans¬†were¬†unsure¬†about¬†Logan¬†Paul’s¬†chances¬†against¬†Floyd¬†Mayweather.¬†But¬†during¬†the¬†exhibition¬†fight,¬†Paul¬†threw¬†a¬†whopping¬†217¬†punches¬†and¬†landed¬†…¬†28.¬†So¬†it¬†might¬†not¬†be¬†surprising¬†that¬†he¬†was¬†exhausted¬†by¬†his¬†battle¬†with¬†Money¬†May¬†–¬†who¬†won¬†by¬†unanimous¬†decision overall¬†eight¬†rounds¬†in¬†their¬†match¬†finally¬†wrapping¬†up¬†at¬†1:00¬†AM¬†EST¬†on¬†Sunday¬†morning¬†(Oct¬†21). The¬†YouTube¬†star¬†had¬†spent¬†much¬†of¬†the¬†night¬†chasing¬†after¬†Mayweather¬†around¬†the¬†ring¬†to¬†deliver¬†furious¬†body¬†shots;¬†as¬†well¬†as¬†throwing¬†haymakers¬†from¬†both¬†hands¬†when¬†they¬†got¬†close¬†enough¬†together¬†for¬†him¬†to¬†do¬†so¬†without¬†getting¬†countered¬†or¬†pushed¬†away¬†again¬†immediately¬†afterward.¬†The¬†end¬†result¬†is¬†an¬†exhausting¬†brawl¬†between¬†two¬†combatants¬†very¬†evenly¬†matched.  

21 The Monday Morning Meme

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Mondays are tough. You wake up, and you feel like the day is never going to end. But there’s a reason for that: Monday has been scientifically proven as the most depressing day of the week! The bright side, however, is that it only lasts 24 hours. To help get you through this rough patch … Read more

23 Samsung Girl Memes

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  Samsung Sam is a girl. She was revealed in May of 2021 by Lightfarm, an art production house for visual arts and animation videos. Samsung did not officially unveil her at the time as she’s just something that came out on social media posts from some users who didn’t know what they were talking … Read more

27 Funny Hillary Fauci Meme

Hillary Fauci Meme 21

Hillary Fauci Meme is a meme created by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and distributed on social media. The meme features her face with the caption “when you’re running against the ‘most qualified presidential candidate in history” and has been shared widely across Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and other social media platforms. It was reported that Hillary Clinton … Read more

10 Funny Goodnight Memes for Him

Goodnight Memes For Him 21

You know the night is coming to an end when you open your phone and see a goodnight meme for him. These 10 funny memes are just the thing to send your guy off into slumberland. Good luck sleeping without these! Hey guys! Goodnight Memes are the funniest and most iconic thing people say when … Read more

19 Global Running Day Meme

Global Running Day Meme 6

The first Global Running Day was celebrated on March 17, 2012. The day encourages “everyone to enjoy a run or walk of any distance and at their own pace”. This year’s Global Running Day is coming up soon! In celebration, we’ve compiled some of the best 2021 running memes for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy and … Read more

21 This Is Your King Meme

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This is your king meme. This is a common phrase that you may have heard in the last few months, and it’s one of many memes that are constantly thrown around the internet. The purpose of this blog post is to help you understand more about these memes, how they’ve become so popular, and what … Read more