31 Breaking Kente Cloth Memes

31 Kente Cloth Memes 15

Check best Kente Cloth Memes after the article…   For Tuesday, June knife goes to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and all other congressional Caucasian, Democrats who decided that yesterday, they were gonna wear Kente cloth and take a knee during a moment of silence, for George Floyd at the … Read more

31 Success Hump Day Memes

Hump Day Memes 9

Its Wednesday? Its time to celebrate your success with Hump Day Memes. Walkthrough the aisle of your office, and all of a sudden your coworker called, out to you happy hump day! What in the world is comforting and where did it, come from? In North America hump day, refers to the middle day of … Read more

31 Life-changing Sativa And Indica Memes

Sativa And Indica Memes 20

Check Sativa and Indica Memes after the article… What are the difference btw Sativa vs Indica? If I smoked a nameless strain, I could probably tell if it was indica or sativa. Everybody says the same thing, but I really do find it pretty accurate: indica strains give you a body high, sativa strains give … Read more

29 Alarming Defund Police Meme

defund police meme 20

Check 29 Alarming Defund Police Meme after the article. What defund police mean? Your first thoughts are correct it means taking funds away from the police department. The main idea is redirecting those funds somewhere elsewhere is the root problem.   After the death of George Floyd, a lot of Mayors said they will defund … Read more