Whats a opp?

In computing, an opp is short for operation. It is an instruction that tells the computer to do something, such as add two numbers together, store a value in memory, or display information on the screen.

There is no one answer to this question since the word “opp” can be used in different ways. It could be short for “opportunity,” meaning a chance to do something, or it could be short for “opponent,” meaning someone you are competing against.

What does the OPP stand for?

Opposition, or “opp,” is a term used by criminals to refer to their enemies. This can be considered American slang, but it is only used in Pittsburgh, California, and Chicago. The plural form is “opps.”

OPP is generally used to refer to someone who is an opponent or opposition on social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram.

What is an OPP in rap songs

The first use of “opp” in hip-hop lyrics that I can find is from the Atlanta-based group Migos in their 2013 song “Versace”. Since then, the usage of “opp” has exploded in popularity, appearing in songs by artists such as Cardi B, Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and many more.

So what does “opp” mean in hip-hop? There are a few different theories. The most popular seems to be that it is short for “opponent” or “enemy”. This makes sense in the context of many songs in which the artist is talking about putting down their opponents or enemies.

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Another theory is that “opp” is short for “opportunity”. This interpretation is less common, but there are a few songs in which it seems to make sense. For example, in Kendrick Lamar’s “DNA”, he talks about how his opponents are “always talking about what they gon’ do” but he’s “been doing it”. In this context, it seems like he’s saying that his opponents are missing out on opportunities

The term “opposition party” is used in democracies to refer to a group of people or political party in a multiparty political system that is opposed to or criticizes continuously the government or political party in power. The existence of an opposition party is important in a democracy because it provides a way for people to express their dissatisfaction with the government and to offer an alternative to the policies of the ruling party.

Is a Opp a enemy?

OPP can mean a few different things, but is commonly used to refer to the opposition, or enemy. This term is often used in street and gang culture.

Oops is a word used to express mild apology, surprise, or dismay. It is often used as a interjection to show that something has gone wrong.

Why do rappers say op?

The term “Opps” is used by rappers to refer to their enemies or opponents. It is a shortened form of the word “Opposition”.

This is just a brief note on the use of the term OPS amongst gang members. It is used to refer to members of rival gangs, and is more commonly written as OPPS.

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What does opp mean in snap

An opponent is someone who is opposing you or your actions. In some cases, an opponent can also be a force or concept that is opposed to you. The opposition is the group of people, ideas, or things that are opposed to you or your team.

The Ontario Provincial Police are a essential policing service in areas of Ontario where there is no regional or municipal police service. They also provide policing services to municipalities under contract. As of 2020, there are 327 municipalities policed by the OPP.

When did people start saying Opp?

The use of the word “opp” in hip-hop lyrics is a new trend that has emerged in the last few years. The word is an abbreviation for “opposition” and has been used in rap songs for years, dating back to tracks like LL Cool J’s “Rock the Bells.” The use of “opp” in hip-hop lyrics is a way to refer to someone who is considered an enemy or rival.

Opposition is defined as the people you’re going up against. In other words, the opposition is your competition.

What is op in urban slang

OP is a term that is commonly used on message boards and websites that use a forum format. It stands for original poster. The term is used to identify the person who started the thread or conversation. OP is often used instead of the original poster’s username.

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Git is a derogatory term used to describe someone who is unpleasant, incompetent, or annoying. It is often used as a mild oath, and is similar to other terms such as prat or berk.

Does hood mean gangster?

A hood was often regarded as of lower status than a gangster. While a hood would probably wear street clothes, a gangster would probably wear a suit and tie. This is because a gangster is seen as someone who is in charge and in control, while a hood is seen as someone who is lower on the totem pole and not as powerful.

An original character (OC) is a character that is not part of an existing intellectual property and is created by people online. In fan communities, OCs are often used as a way for fans to express their creativity and connect with other fans who share their interests. While OCs can be found in a variety of online communities, they are most commonly found in fanfiction and fan art communities.


A “opp” is a person who is opposed to something.

There is no definitive answer to this question as it is dependent on personal opinion. However, some people might say that a opp is an opportunity to improve or change something in your life, while others might say that it is a difficult situation or challenge that must be overcome. Ultimately, what a opp means to each individual will differ based on their unique experiences and perspectives.

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