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We all know that hot weather can be uncomfortable and sometimes downright unbearable. But sometimes, it can also be funny. Whether you’re trying to make light of the situation or just take a break from the heat, these very hot weather quotes funny will bring a smile to your face. With this collection of humorous quotes about hot weather, you can find the perfect way to make the most of the sweltering summer sun.”Hot enough for ya? I’m sweatin’ like a pig in a sauna!”

Quotes to Help You Laugh About a Scorching Day

When the sun is out and the weather is hot, it can be hard to stay cool and collected. But a few clever quotes can help you keep your sense of humor in times of extreme heat. Here are some funny quotes that can make your scorching day a little more bearable:

“It’s so hot outside I saw a chicken laying asphalt.”

“It’s so hot I saw a squirrel picking up nuts with oven mitts.”

“It’s so hot even the flies are dropping from the sky.”

“It’s so hot outside I saw two trees fighting over a dog.”

“It’s so hot that you could fry an egg on the sidewalk!”

These funny quotes will not only make you chuckle, but also remind you that some days are just too hot for comfort. If you’re looking for ways to beat the heat, try drinking plenty of fluids and staying inside as much as possible. And don’t forget to laugh about it!

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