Vegeta quotes?

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“It’s over 9000!!!!!”

What is Vegeta famous for?

Vegeta is the first primary antagonist of the Dragon Ball Z series. He travels to Earth together with his partner Nappa to use the Dragon Balls to grant immortality for himself. Nappa fights off Earth’s heroes and kills Tenshinhan, Chaozu, and Piccolo with his fighting method.

Vegeta is shown to be a protective husband and father in the Dragon Ball series. He is motivated to become stronger in order to protect his family from harm. Vegeta is a powerful fighter and he cares deeply for his loved ones.

What is Vegeta’s fear

It’s true! Vegeta is deathly afraid of worms. He won’t even go near them. The mere sight of a worm is enough to send him into a panic. If you want to get him to do something, just tell him there’s a worm nearby and he’ll do it!

Prince Vegeta is a real life prince! He was born on May 10, 1994 in the United States and his full name is JB Coleman. On June 7, 2023 he will turn 29 years old.

What is Vegeta’s catchphrase?

No, I don’t think so. Fear is a emotion that is experienced by living beings. Machines don’t have emotions.

In the Dragon Ball Super anime, Vegeta’s appearance in the form of Ultra Instinct was based off the appearance of Beerus, the God of Destruction. This is because both Vegeta and Beerus are users of Ultra Ego, the ultimate form of self-control. Ultra Ego is represented as the Yin to Ultra Instinct’s Yang.

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What gender is Vegeta?

Vegeta is one of the main characters in the Dragon Ball series. He is a Saiyan who was once a rival of Goku. He is the husband of Bulma and the father of Trunks and Bulla. He is voiced by Ryō Horikawa in the Japanese version and Christopher R Sabat in the English version.

Vegeta’s experience with Frieza was definitely traumatizing, and it seems like he may be suffering from PTSD as a result. He was taken away from his father, held down as a slave, and couldn’t do anything about it. This led to a drastic change in his personality, and we saw this most prominently when he was on his death bed in the Freeza Saga.

Who is more skilled Vegeta or Goku

There’s no doubt that Vegeta is stronger than Goku in Dragon Ball Super. The proof is in the recent battle against Granolah. Vegeta’s performance demonstrates how he may have already begun to surpass Goku’s Mastered Ultra Instinct. It’s not even close. Goku may be the main character of the series, but Vegeta is the one who’s truly strongest.

Out of the three characters, Bulma is by far the smartest. She is shown to be extremely intelligent in various fields, including science and engineering. Vegeta and Piccolo, on the other hand, are about average in intelligence. However, Piccolo is often portrayed as having clever moments, and he is the one who usually leads the Z fighters in a smart way.

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What is Vegeta’s biggest weakness?

At a young age, Vegeta saw his father completely under the control of Beerus, the God of Destruction. This ruined his view of Beerus and caused him to develop a fear of him. As an adult, Vegeta has worked hard to become stronger than his father was and protect his family from Beerus. However, his fear still remains, causing him to hesitate when fighting against him.

Vegeta is an incredibly powerful fighter, but his arrogance and pride can be his downfall. If he’s overpowered by someone he considers weaker than him, he can lose his temper and make careless mistakes. Vegeta also enjoys fighting strong opponents, and will often allow them to reach their full potential before stepping in to defeat them. While this can make for some great fights, it can also lead to Vegeta’s downfall if he’s not careful.

Why is Vegeta called vegito

The name Vegito is a portmanteau of the Japanese names for Vegeta and Kakarot, the original Japanese names for Goku. The name Vegito is most commonly romanized as Vegetto.

Vegeta is 48 years old by the end of Dragon Ball Super in Age 780. However, this doesn’t take into account the amount of time he has spent inside the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, which he has spent a collective 5 years inside.

Who is Goku’s first son?

Gohan is a polite little boy with big dreams. He was named after Goku’s late adoptive parent, Grandpa Gohan. When he was only four years old, he was kidnapped by Raditz while visiting Kame House with Goku. Despite this setbacks, Gohan remains a positive and hopeful individual with a bright future ahead of him.

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Dear Kakarot,

Frieza must be destroyed. He made me into what I am and I don’t want him to do that to anyone else. Please stop him before he can hurt anyone else.




“It’s over nine-thousand!”: Vegeta upon first seeing Goku’s increased power level after training for a year in the Room of Spirit and Time.

“You may have won this battle, but this isn’t over! I’ll surpass you, and I’ll become the ultimate Saiyan! Then, and only then, will I be able to protect those I care for!”: Vegeta to Goku after their first battle on Earth.

“You’re lucky I don’t kill you right now. I should have known better than to take orders from a monkey.”: Vegeta to Nappa after the latter bungled their initial attack on Earth.

“I am the prince of all Saiyans, and I will NOT be beaten by a traitor and a low-class warrior!: Vegeta to Zarbon after the latter defeated him.

“I am the Saiyan Prince, and I will not be defeated by a common thug like you!”: Vegeta to Dodoria after the latter gained the upper hand in their battle.

“I am the mightiest Saiyan in the universe, and I will not be beaten by a weakling like you!”: Vegeta to Goku after the latter achieved the Super Saiyan transformation.

“You’re lucky

In conclusion, the quotes by Vegeta show that he is a philosopher with a deep understanding of the human condition. He is able to find the humor in difficult situations and has a great deal of wisdom to share with others.

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