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Vector is one of the most beloved villains in the Despicable Me franchise. With his trademark yellow jumpsuit and a love for all things evil, Vector often has some of the most quotable lines in the films. Here are some of Vector’s most memorable quotes from Despicable Me and its sequels that will leave you in stitches!1. “It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!” – Agnes
2. “Lightbulb!” – Gru
3. “You used to be a villain! What happened?” – Margo
4. “One million dollars! That’s not a lot of money.” – Gru
5. “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” – Gru
6. “You can do anything you set your mind to.” – Edith
7. “We all have a little bit of bad in us.” – Gru

Despicable Me Quotes about Life

With the success of the Despicable Me movies, it’s no surprise that the characters from the franchise have become quite beloved. One of the things that makes them so special is their quotes about life. From Gru to Agnes, these characters offer words of wisdom and insight into what it means to live a meaningful life. Here are some of the best Despicable Me quotes about life:

“It’s so important to believe in yourself, no matter what anyone else says.” – Gru

“I’m going to prove to you that I’m worthy of your respect.” – Vector

“If you want something done right, sometimes you just have to do it yourself.” – Gru

“No matter how small you are, you can still make a big difference.” – Agnes

“Life is full of surprises; make sure you enjoy them!” – Edith

“Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of courage and a lot of heart.” – Margo

“There’s always a way, if you’re brave enough to find it.” – Vector

“Life is too short for regrets. Live life with no fear and no boundaries.” – Gru

These Despicable Me quotes about life will remind us all that we can achieve anything with enough determination and hard work. They also remind us not to be afraid to take risks and go after our dreams. So whatever your goals may be, remember these wise words from our favorite characters and use them as motivation to keep going!

Vector’s Most Hilarious Quotes from ‘Despicable Me’

Vector, the mischievous and tech-savvy villain in ‘Despicable Me’, is easily one of the most memorable characters in the movie. His witty one-liners and hilarious quotes have kept fans laughing for years. Here are some of Vector’s most hilarious quotes from ‘Despicable Me’:

“My name is Vector, and I’m here to steal a shrink ray,” is one of Vector’s iconic lines from the movie. This line sets up his character as a diabolical villain who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Another great quote from Vector is, “I’m like a little bumble bee, but instead of flowers I steal stuff!” This quote perfectly captures Vector’s playful attitude towards his villainous deeds. He doesn’t take himself too seriously, which makes him all the more endearing to viewers.

Vector also has some great lines when it comes to interacting with Gru, the protagonist of ‘Despicable Me’. For example, when Gru tries to convince Vector to help him steal the shrink ray, Vector replies with a sarcastic quip: “You’ve got yourself a deal! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go find some food.”

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Finally, no list of Vector’s funniest quotes would be complete without his response to Gru when he tries to get him out of his lair: “Hey! You’re not allowed in here! Go away!” It’s this kind of sharp wit that has made Vector an unforgettable character in ‘Despicable Me’.

Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or just want to reminisce about your favorite movie moments, these quotes from Vector are sure to bring a smile to your face. From his iconic introduction line to his witty banter with Gru, these quotes show why Vector has become such an iconic character in ‘Despicable Me’.

Gru’s Most Inspiring Quotes from ‘Despicable Me’

Gru is one of the most beloved characters in the Despicable Me franchise, and his words of wisdom have inspired fans all over the world. From his iconic catchphrase, “It’s so fluffy!” to his more serious advice to Agnes, Gru’s quotes are as memorable as they are meaningful. Here are some of Gru’s most inspiring quotes from Despicable Me that will leave you feeling motivated and encouraged:

“The family you choose is just as important as the family you’re born into.” Gru encourages Agnes to open her heart and accept Lucy into their family, no matter how different they may seem. This quote serves as a reminder that family isn’t just about blood relations, but about finding people who love and care for you.

“We should never give up on our dreams.” When Gru is faced with a difficult task, he refuses to give up and finds ways to make it happen. He teaches us that no dream is too far out of reach, and that if we work hard enough we can make them come true.

“Sometimes it takes more strength to ask for help than to do it on your own.” When Gru faces a seemingly insurmountable challenge, he turns to his Minions for help. This quote reminds us that it’s ok to ask for help when we need it – sometimes two heads are better than one!

“You don’t have to be perfect; you just have to be yourself.” In this classic line from Despicable Me 2, Gru reminds us that we don’t have to be perfect in order to be loved. This quote encourages us all to embrace our imperfections and simply be ourselves.

No matter what challenges life throws at us, these inspiring words from Gru remind us that anything is possible if we believe in ourselves and never give up on our dreams. Whether we need an uplifting message or just a few moments of comic relief, there’s no doubt that Gru will always have something inspiring to say.

Despicable Me Quotes about Friendship

Minions have always been a part of the Despicable Me franchise, and they often come up with some of the most heart-warming quotes about friendship. Whether it’s a silly quip or a heartfelt moment, these characters bring a lot of comedic relief to the films. Here are some of the best Despicable Me quotes about friendship:

“A house is not a home without someone to love.” – Stuart

“No one is really gone until you stop loving them.” – Agnes

“Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest; it’s about who came and never left your side.” – Gru

“Friends are like stars, you don’t always see them, but you know they are always there.” – Margo

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“Friends are forever; enemies come and go.” – Dave

“The best kind of friend is the kind you can sit on a porch swing with, never say a word, and then walk away feeling like it was the best conversation ever.” – Tim

“True friends don’t care if your house is messy; they care if your heart is happy.” – Kevin

“No matter how far life takes us, our friendship will remain forever in our hearts.” – Phil

These Despicable Me quotes about friendship remind us that no matter how different we are or how far apart we may be, true friends will always stay close to our hearts. So take time today to appreciate your friends, because they might just be around forever!

Despicable Me Quotes about Love

Dr. Nefario: “Love makes us do strange things.”
This quote is from the beloved 2010 animated film ‘Despicable Me.’ It is a quote that speaks to the power of love and how it can make us do unexpected things. Love can be a powerful motivator and drive us to take risks we otherwise wouldn’t take.

Gru: “Love is mysterious.”
This quote from Gru, the villain-turned-hero of ‘Despicable Me,’ speaks to the idea that love is often unpredictable and full of surprises. It can bring out both the best and worst in us, and it can lead us down paths we never thought were possible. Love can be both a blessing and a curse, but ultimately it brings joy that no other emotion can bring.

Margo: “It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.”
Margo’s insightful words remind us that even if our love story doesn’t end happily ever after, it’s still worth taking the risk and experiencing true love. Even heartache has its own kind of beauty, and it teaches us invaluable lessons about ourselves. This quote also encourages us not to fear failure or heartbreak, but rather embrace them as part of life’s journey.

These quotes from ‘Despicable Me’ are sure to make you reflect on your own experiences with love. Whether you’re looking for some inspiration or just want to appreciate the power of love, these quotes will leave you feeling uplifted and encouraged!

Despicable Me Quotes about Villains and Heroes

The animated movie Despicable Me has some of the best quotes about villains and heroes. One of the most memorable lines is when Gru, the main villain, says: “It’s so Fluffy I’m gonna die!” This quote shows that Gru is a villain who has a softer side, which is something that many people can relate to. Another great line from Despicable Me is when Agnes, one of the main children in the movie, says: “Lighting strike me! Lightning strike me now!” This quote shows how brave Agnes is for standing up to Gru and not being scared of his threats.

In addition to these quotes, there are many other quotes in Despicable Me that show heroism and villainy. One line that stands out is when Vector, Gru’s arch-nemesis, says: “How dare you challenge me? I’m one bad mamma jamma!” This quote highlights Vector’s confidence in his abilities as a villain. Another quote that illustrates heroism comes from Lucy Wilde, an agent with the Anti-Villain League: “I’m just trying to do my job.” This quote demonstrates Lucy’s dedication to protecting those in need and her commitment to justice.

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Finally, there are several inspirational quotes in Despicable Me about villains and heroes. Gru says at one point: “Just because someone stumbles and loses their way doesn’t mean they can’t be saved.” This quote encourages viewers to be more forgiving of others’ mistakes and reminds them that everyone deserves a second chance. Additionally, Vector speaks some profound words when he says: “Sometimes even bad guys need saving.” This quote serves as a reminder that everyone needs help sometimes and no one should be judged solely on their past deeds.

Overall, Despicable Me contains some great quotes about villains and heroes. These quotes show the importance of understanding both sides of any situation and remind viewers to extend grace towards others regardless of their pasts or present circumstances.

Despicable Me Quotes on Following Dreams

Gru, the main character of Despicable Me, has a few inspirational words for those looking to follow their dreams. One of his most famous quotes is “It’s so fluffy I’m gonna die,” which perfectly sums up how exciting it can be to pursue your passions. He also encourages others to “Go out and do something remarkable,” reminding us that it’s never too late to make a change or go after something you want.

Another quote from Gru that is often referenced is “You don’t need everyone to love you. Just a few good people,” which encourages us to focus on the positive relationships in our lives instead of worrying about those who don’t support us. Additionally, he says “The most despicable thing you can be is indifferent,” which reminds us to never give up on our dreams and passions, no matter how difficult they may seem.

Finally, one of the most inspiring quotes from Gru is “I think I’m finally beginning to understand what it means to be a father,” showing that even the most unlikely hero can find success and happiness if they put their mind to it. This quote serves as an excellent reminder that anyone can achieve great things when they have dedication and commitment.

The characters in Despicable Me are full of wisdom when it comes to following your dreams. From Gru’s wise words about relationships and indifference, to his touching quote about being a father, these quotes serve as excellent reminders for anyone looking for guidance on their journey towards achieving their goals.


The quotes from the Despicable Me movies are great reminders of the importance of family, friendship, and keeping a positive outlook on life. They remind us to enjoy life’s simple pleasures, and that life is short and should be enjoyed with those we love. The quotes also show us how to be resilient when faced with adversity, and how to find joy in even the darkest of times. While these quotes are humorous and lighthearted, they can still have a profound effect on our lives.

Ultimately, these Despicable Me quotes can help us to keep our minds focused on what’s important in life: our relationships with others and living each day to the fullest. Whether you’re a fan of the movies or not, these quotes can serve as a source of inspiration for anyone looking for an uplifting reminder that life is worth living.

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