Quotes from howl’s moving castle?

In “Howl’s Moving Castle,” Sophie Hatter is an average girl living in an average town. That is until the Witch of the Waste casts a spell on her, turning her into an old woman. Sophie must then find a way to break the curse, which leads her on an adventure full of interesting characters, including the wizard Howl. Along the way, Sophie learns important lessons about life and love. Here are some quotes from “Howl’s Moving Castle” that capture the spirit of the story.

“Howl’s Moving Castle” is one of the most popular and well-loved novels by Diana Wynne Jones. Here are some quotes from the book:

“Every time someone turns into a fly, or a mouse, or a gibbering green blob, it’s because they’ve tried to do magic without being properly trained.” -Howl
“I’m not out of my mind. It’s just that life is far more interesting inside my head.” -Sophie
“There are two ways of living your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle, and the other is as though everything is a miracle.” -Albert Einstein
“You can’t judge a book by its cover.” -Howl
“I hope your hearts are not too full of prejudice to give my son a fair hearing.” -Calcifer
“Don’t worry. It’s only the first time you’ve turned into a dog.” -Howl
“You’re a wizard, Howl. You turn into a bird and fly away. You turn people into trees and beasts.” -Sophie
“As soon as you’ve said ‘I don’t believe in fairies’ there’s one sitting

What did Howl first say to Sophie?

Howl already knew Sophie before she knew him. He greets her with, “I’ve been looking everywhere for you!”, though she has no recollection of meeting him.

The movie’s message of love and kindness is one that resonates with audiences of all ages and makes it one of the best films created by Studio Ghibli. Howl’s Moving Castle is a love story that follows Howl and Sophie as they fall in love and learn to accept themselves. The film is a beautiful story that is sure to leave a lasting impression on viewers.

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Who is Howl’s first love

Howl fell in love with Sophie when he met her on May Day, back before she was cursed. He was courting Lettie to find out more about Sophie.

Howl is a gentleman and protects Sophie from being accosted by two men. He is attracted to her and is very interested in getting to know her better.

Who is Howl’s wife?

Sophie is a very powerful sorceress and is Howl’s wife. She is asked to help in the search for the kingdom’s missing treasury because of her powers. She is a kind and helpful person who is always willing to help others.

Dear Lettie,

I hope you’re doing well. I wanted to warn you about Howl. He’s been pretending to be in love with you, but he’s actually in love with Martha. I think you should be careful around him.

Take care,


Why does Howl give his heart?

Howl’s decision to give Calcifer his heart in exchange for the fire demon’s life is an interesting one. It’s implied that this decision has sapped some of Howl’s humanity, and will continue to do so until he eventually ends up like the Witch of the Waste. It’s a fascinating exploration of what it means to be human, and how our decisions can ultimately lead us down a path that we may not have anticipated.


Thank you for cleaning up my potion bottles. Unfortunately, your well-meaning efforts have led to my hair changing from blond to ginger. I accuses you of ruining me and proceeds to throw a tantrum as his hair changes to black. Please accept my apologies for my behavior. I know it was not your intention to cause me any harm.

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How old is Howl Pendragon

Howl turns 10 000 days old when the Witch’s curse catches up with him, making him 27 years old. This also places his birthday (calculating backwards from the average date of midsummer) sometime around January 27th.

In the magical land of Ingary, Howl’s main trouble living without a heart is that he loses some essence of his soul. He gets this back, however, when Sophie breaks his contract with Calcifer.

What is Howl and Sophie’s age gap?

At present, Howl is around seventy years old, while Sophie is only around two. However, they still squabble like an old married couple. Howl can’t resist teasing her, and Sophie is always ready to give it right back. Even though they have a huge age difference, they still get along like an old married couple.

Morgan is the son of Howl Jenkins Pendragon and Sophie Hatter. He appears in Castle in the Air and House of Many Ways. In Castle in the Air, Morgan helps his father and Calcifer the Fire Demon defeat the evil Witch of the Waste. In House of Many Ways, Morgan is transformed into a dog by his stepmother, the Witch of the Waste. However, he is eventually turned back into a human by his father. Morgan is a brave and loyal character who is always willing to help his family and friends.

Is Howl Sophie’s true love

That’s how they begin the story, but by the end of it, Sophie realizes that she is beautiful and loved. Not just because Howl told her she’s beautiful or that Howl loves her, but because she realized that she is beautiful and that if no one was going to love her then she would.

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This is a very powerful curse that instantly turns a person into an elderly woman complete with all the ailments that come with old age. Even those with magical abilities can sense the powerful magic at work here. This would be a very difficult curse to break.

Did turnip head love Sophie?

Howl’s attractiveness lies in more than just his physical appearance; he is also charming, enigmatic, and obviously powerful. His mysterious past and unknown origins make him even more intriguing. Though he seems to be interested in Sophie, she is actually in love with Howl. However, once he is free of his curse, he returns to his home to help negotiate a truce with Ingary. Despite her feelings for Howl, Sophie ultimately decides that it is more important for him to be happy and chooses to let him go.

Sophie learns that Howl is a powerful wizard who is tormented by the weakness of his heart. He is struggling to live in the midst of warring countries.

Final Words

” Sophie looked down at her shoes and decided she would never again underestimate the importance of a good pair of shoes. ”

– Diana Wynne Jones, Howl’s Moving Castle

In conclusion, the quotes from “Howl’s Moving castle” offer a great deal of insight into the novel and its characters. They provide a glimpse into the creative mind of the author, and the deep emotions that drive the story.

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