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Popcorn Sutton was an American moonshiner and folk hero who rose to fame in the late 20th century. Known for his outrageous and often humorous quotes, Popcorn Sutton left a lasting impression on many people. His words are still quoted today, and they provide insight into his life and values. Here are some of Popcorn Sutton’s most famous quotes that demonstrate his rebellious nature and down-to-earth wisdom.1. “I’ve always been a man that believes in being self-sufficient and being able to handle my own business.” – Popcorn Sutton
2. “It ain’t against the law to be poor, but it sure as hell can be inconvenient.” – Popcorn Sutton
3. “If you’re gonna do something, do it right or don’t do it at all.” – Popcorn Sutton
4. “I may be old-fashioned, but I ain’t dead yet.” – Popcorn Sutton
5. “If I had to choose between whiskey and money, I’d take whiskey every time. That’s what’s kept me alive this long.” – Popcorn Sutton
6. “I never did like a job that had somebody looking over my shoulder all the time telling me what to do, so I did things my own way.” – Popcorn Sutton
7. “Ain’t nothing in this world that money can’t fix, except for death and a broken heart.” – Popcorn Sutton
8. “Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do.” – Popcorn Sutton
9. “The only difference between a rich man and a poor man is how much money he has.” – Popcorn Sutton
10. “Do your best and never give up on yourself.” –Popcorn Sutton

Popcorn Sutton’s Most Famous Quotes

Popcorn Sutton was an American moonshine distiller, folk hero and outlaw who was active in the Appalachian region of the United States. He was renowned for his witty and humorous quotes, which often contained insight into his life and the world around him. Here are some of Popcorn Sutton’s most famous quotes:

“You can’t change a man ’til he wants to change.”

“If you ain’t livin’ on the edge, you’re takin’ up too much room.”

“A smile goes a lot further than a frown ever will.”

“Be good to your neighbor, but better to your enemy – that way, you know you ain’t got no enemies.”

“Live life like it’s your last day on earth – it just might be.”

“You can’t trust nobody if you don’t trust yourself first.”

“No matter how bad things get, always remember to smile.”

“Life is too short for drama or petty things so laugh loudly, love fiercely and forgive quickly.”

The Meaning Behind Popcorn Sutton’s Quotes

Popcorn Sutton was a legendary American moonshiner who lived in the Appalachian Mountains. His life was filled with adventure and hardship, and his quotes reflect his unique worldview. He was known for his outspokenness and irreverent wit, making him an iconic figure in Appalachian culture. Despite being a criminal, he was beloved by many due to his down-to-earth attitude and charm. His quotes are often humorous and thought-provoking, providing insight into the Appalachian lifestyle that he lived for so many years.

One of Popcorn Sutton’s most famous quotes is “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have no luck at all.” This quote reflects the hard life that he endured as a moonshiner. Despite his hardships, he still had a positive outlook on life and believed that things would ultimately work out for him in the end.

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Another popular quote from Popcorn Sutton is “You can’t make moonshine without breaking a few eggs.” This quote speaks to the risks that come with being an illegal moonshiner. Despite the danger involved, Popcorn Sutton still pursued this career path due to his passion for distilling whiskey and making money off of it.

Popcorn Sutton also said “I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.” This quote reflects his willingness to stand up for what he believed in, even if it meant facing harsh consequences from the law. He wasn’t afraid of taking risks or of getting into trouble because he knew that it was worth it in order to protect what he loved most: making moonshine.

Finally, one of Popcorn Sutton’s most memorable quotes is “It’s not just about making whiskey; it’s about living your life like you want to live it.” This quote captures the spirit of freedom and autonomy that Popcorn Sutton strived for throughout his life. He wanted to be able to live life on his own terms and not conform to society’s standards or expectations.

Overall, Popcorn Sutton’s quotes provide an interesting insight into Appalachian culture as well as an appreciation for freedom and autonomy. His words are timeless reminders of what it means to live a daring yet meaningful life despite facing hardships along the way.

Unique Sayings of Popcorn Sutton

Popcorn Sutton was an American moonshiner who lived in the Appalachian Mountains. He was known for his unique sayings and folksy wisdom, which have become legendary in the moonshining community. Here are some of his most famous sayings:

“If you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’.” This saying is about taking risks and going for what you want, no matter the consequences.

“A man who can’t make shine can’t make nothin’ but trouble.” This saying reminds us to stay away from troublemakers and to pursue our dreams with passion.

“If it’s worth doin’, it’s worth doin’ right.” This saying is about taking pride in your work and doing it to the best of your ability.

“Them that don’t know won’t know, and them that do won’t tell.” This saying is a warning not to trust anyone who claims to know a lot about something they don’t understand.

“I’d rather be judged by twelve than carried by six.” This saying is a reminder that we should stand up for ourselves and take responsibility for our actions.

Popcorn Sutton was a wise man whose words still resonate today. His sayings offer us guidance on how to live life with courage and integrity. We can learn from his words and use them as inspiration when facing difficult situations in life.

Humorous Quotes From Popcorn Sutton

Popcorn Sutton was an American moonshiner who lived in the Appalachian Mountains. He was famous for his humorous and wise quotes, which often contained a bit of moonshine wit. Here are some of his most memorable quotes:

“Life ain’t nothing but a funny, funny riddle.”

“Ain’t no shame in lovin’ the ground you walk on.”

“A man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.”

“You can put wings on a pig, but you can’t make it fly.”

“A fool and his money are soon parted.”

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“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

“If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything.”

“You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.”

“Time is money. Don’t waste either one of ’em.”

Popcorn Sutton’s Quotes: What We Can Learn

Popcorn Sutton was a legendary American moonshiner, who gained fame and notoriety for his determined adherence to the traditional methods of distilling alcohol passed down through generations. His quotes offer timeless wisdom, which we can still learn from today.

Popcorn Sutton famously said, “Respect the traditions of your elders, or you will not be respected yourself.” This quote emphasizes the need to honor and respect our ancestors’ wisdom and knowledge. Doing so ensures that we are taken seriously by those around us, and that our efforts are viewed with respect.

Another quote from Popcorn Sutton is “Never let anyone tell you how to make moonshine.” This quote reminds us that we must always be confident in our own convictions and ideas. We should never allow someone else to dictate how we should live our lives or what decisions we should make.

Finally, Popcorn Sutton said, “It ain’t no crime to be poor… it’s a crime not to try.” This quote emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for our lives and striving to make the best of any situation. It encourages us to take risks and pursue our passions, no matter how difficult they may seem at first glance.

Overall, Popcorn Sutton’s quotes provide insight into his worldview and values, which are still relevant today. By considering his words of wisdom, we can gain a greater understanding of our own strengths and weaknesses, as well as the importance of respecting tradition while also having faith in ourselves.

Understanding the Legacy of Popcorn Sutton Through His Quotes

Popcorn Sutton was an iconic, self-proclaimed moonshiner from Cocke County, Tennessee who gained notoriety for his traditional approach to distilling and his charismatic personality. Despite his brief life, Sutton left behind a legacy that has made him an icon in the Appalachian culture. His quotes capture a glimpse of the wisdom he imparted on those around him, and offer valuable insight into his character and values.

One of Sutton’s most renowned quotes is “A hard man is good to find.” This quote speaks to the importance of hard work and dedication. To Sutton, hard work was the key to success and he believed it was essential to be able to persevere in difficult times. In addition to this, he also valued loyalty and honesty in others. He wanted people who could stand by him through thick and thin and be trusted with his secrets.

Another famous quote that captures the essence of Popcorn Sutton is “Life’s too short for a bad whiskey.” This quote speaks volumes about how passionate he was about distilling whiskey. It highlights his commitment to producing only high-quality products for his customers. He was known for being meticulous about every detail when it came to making whiskey, from selecting the grain to aging it in oak barrels.

Sutton also believed strongly in taking responsibility for one’s actions, as evidenced by another quote: “You can always tell a man by how he handles his troubles; sometimes you can judge him by how he causes them.” This quote reflects Sutton’s belief that everyone should take responsibility for their own mistakes or misdeeds instead of blaming others or making excuses.

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The legacy of Popcorn Sutton lives on through these quotes and many more like them which capture the essence of this unique individual in Appalachian culture. His words serve as a reminder that hard work pays off, quality is essential for success, loyalty is important, and taking responsibility is key. His spirit will continue to live on through his quotes that are still shared today by those who knew him best or were inspired by him from afar.

Popcorn Sutton’s Iconic Words

Popcorn Sutton was an American moonshiner and storyteller who has become somewhat of an icon in the American South. He was well known for his unique and sometimes comical turns of phrase and his colorful storytelling. His words have become a part of the Appalachian culture, and many can be found quoted in books, songs, and even movies. Here are some of Popcorn Sutton’s most iconic words.

“Ain’t no sense in havin’ two skillets when one’ll do.” This is one of Popcorn’s most famous sayings, and it speaks to his belief in doing more with less. It suggests that he had a certain thrifty mentality that applied to everything from cooking to car maintenance.

“Moonshiners never die, they just run outta shine.” This phrase speaks to Popcorn’s own profession as a moonshiner, but it can also be interpreted as a metaphor for life in general. It suggests that no matter how hard times get or how much adversity you face, you can always find a way to keep going.

“If I had wings like Noah’s dove, I’d fly over the mountain and get me some love.” This is another one of Popcorn’s most iconic phrases, which speaks to his fondness for music and storytelling. The phrase suggests that there is always something out there worth striving for – even if it means flying over mountains to get it!

“I’m gonna live forever or die trying.” This phrase captures Popcorn’s indomitable spirit, suggesting that no matter what life throws at him he will always keep fighting for what he believes in. It also serves as a reminder that life is precious and should be lived with passion and gusto.

Popcorn Sutton’s words have stood the test of time and continue to inspire people all around the world today. His wisdom lives on through his stories and sayings which are sure to stay relevant for generations to come.


Popcorn Sutton’s quotes are an excellent reminder of the struggles of life and the importance of resilience. He always had a good sense of humor, which helped him face his own struggles. His words of wisdom can inspire us to never give up, no matter how difficult life may seem at times. They remind us that we all have the strength to overcome and achieve whatever we set our minds to.

Popcorn Sutton’s quotes show us that it is possible to stay positive and optimistic even in the face of adversity. His humorous yet thoughtful words will remain an inspiration for generations to come. He was a true pioneer who showed us that anything is possible, if we just keep pushing forward and never give up.

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