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Pokémon 362 is a species of Pokémon known as Glalie. It is a dual-type Ice/Ghost Pokémon that was introduced in Generation III. It evolves from Snorunt when exposed to a Dawn Stone. Glalie resembles an orange, spherical creature with a large, jagged mouth that takes up the majority of its face and two eyes. Its back is adorned with several large spikes, and it has two smaller spikes on its head. Glalie has the ability to freeze its prey by using its icy breath, which can reach temperatures as low as -150 degrees Celsius. This Pokémon is highly adaptable and can survive in both severe cold and extreme heat.Pokémon 362, Glalie, is an Ice-type Pokémon introduced in Generation III. Its design is based on a giant snowball with a menacing face and two large spikes protruding from its head. It has icy blue eyes and two large fangs that can freeze anything they touch. Glalie has the ability to control ice and can create snowstorms with just a single breath. Its signature move is Ice Beam, which it uses to freeze its opponents in place. It evolves from Snorunt when exposed to a Dawn Stone. Glalie is a useful Pokémon for trainers wanting to use an Ice-type in their team, as it has great defensive stats and access to powerful Ice-type moves such as Avalanche and Blizzard.

Glalie’s Evolutionary Line

Glalie is a dual-type Ice/Ghost Pokémon introduced in Generation III and is the final evolution of Snorunt. It evolves from Froslass when exposed to a Dawn Stone. Glalie has a unique head structure, consisting of two large pointed jaws with sharp teeth that are connected on either side to its body. The top jaw is larger than the bottom one and both of them have a small black pupil in the eye socket. It has a grey rocky body with two icy spikes on its back and four icy tentacles on its underside. Glalie also has two icy spikes on its tail which can be used for attacking opponents. Its Attack stat is very high, making it a great physical attacker.

Glalie’s abilities are Inner Focus, which prevents it from flinching, and Ice Body, which restores Glalie’s health while it’s hailing. Its Hidden Ability is Moody, which randomly boosts one stat by two stages and lowers another stat by one stage every turn. This makes Glalie an unpredictable opponent in battle and can be used to surprise other trainers with its sudden power ups. Glalie also has access to some powerful Ice-type moves like Blizzard, Avalanche and Icicle Crash as well as Ghost-type moves like Shadow Ball and Ominous Wind. With its great defensive typing as well as offensive capabilities, Glalie is a formidable opponent that should not be underestimated!

Physical Appearance of Glalie

Glalie is a Ice-type Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It has a sleek, icy body with a round head and two small eyes. Its body is covered in large spikes that give it an intimidating appearance. Glalie’s lower body is made up of a large, circular section which is connected to its head by a thick neck. The neck widens slightly at the base and has two holes near the bottom. Glalie’s most prominent feature are its four large fangs, which are set in its upper jaw and can be seen from all angles. The fangs are usually bared and give Glalie an even more menacing look. It also has two long antennae that extend from the top of its head, and four shorter ones on the sides of its face. Its arms have two claws each, and there are three spikes on each foot. Its ice-blue coloring gives it an aura of coldness, and its eyes glow white when it uses certain moves.

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Glalie’s icy body is incredibly resilient, able to withstand extreme temperatures without taking any damage. It is also very fast, able to move quickly even on slippery surfaces or icy terrain. Its four fangs can easily pierce through solid ice or stone, making it very dangerous when provoked.

Strengths of Glalie

Glalie is a powerful Ice-type Pokémon known for its intimidating icy armor. It has an impressive base stat total of 330 and its defenses are particularly strong, making it very difficult to take down in battle. Glalie’s offensive movepool is also quite impressive, with access to powerful moves such as Ice Beam, Blizzard, and even Explosion. Its typing gives it several resistances to common attacking types, such as Grass, Electric, and Water. Overall, Glalie is a very strong and durable Pokémon that can be quite difficult to take down in battle.

Weaknesses of Glalie

Despite its impressive stats and typing, Glalie does have some weaknesses that should be taken into consideration when trying to use it in battle. Its most notable weaknesses are Fighting-type attacks, which can easily do heavy damage to Glalie due to its low Special Defense stat. It is also weak against Rock and Steel-type attacks which can be difficult for Glalie to handle due to its lack of resistances or immunities against these types. Finally, Glalie also suffers from the fact that Ice-type moves are generally less powerful than many other attacking types which means they may not do as much damage in certain situations.

Habits of Glalie

Glalie is a Pokémon with a very unique design. It has two faces that are fused together and can actually spin its head like a disc. Glalie is known to be a very powerful and fierce Pokémon, as it has an extremely high Attack stat. Its Ability, Inner Focus, allows it to stay focused even when it is under pressure. Glalie also has an ability called Moody which randomly boosts one of its stats while lowering another. It also has the move Hail, which creates a hailstorm that lasts for five turns and does damage to all non-Ice-type Pokémon.

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Habitat of Glalie

Glalie can typically be found in cold, mountainous regions where they make their homes in dark caves or crevices in the rocks. They are nocturnal creatures who come out at night to hunt for food or protect their territory. They are also known to sometimes inhabit icy plains and glaciers as well. Glalie’s natural habitat is usually quite isolated from other Pokémon, so they rely on their strong senses of smell and hearing to detect any intruders in their territory.

Diet of Glalie

Glalie is an Ice-type Pokémon and primarily feeds on small prey such as bugs, fish, and berries. It has a powerful jaw that can crunch through hard objects like rocks and ice. Glalie can also detect vibrations in its environment and use them to locate food sources. It is also known to hunt for larger prey such as birds, mammals, and other Pokémon. In addition to its natural diet, Glalie can also consume human food such as candy and chips.

Prey of Glalie

Glalie is a powerful hunter capable of taking down large prey with its sharp teeth and powerful jaw. Its prey may include birds, mammals, fish, bugs, and other Pokémon. It can also detect vibrations in its environment which helps it locate potential prey. Glalie can also consume human food such as candy and chips if given the opportunity.

Introduction to Glalie

Glalie is a dual-type Ice/Ghost Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It is the evolved form of Snorunt, and as such, evolves from Snorunt starting at level 42. Glalie has a unique design, with its face being covered by an icy helmet. Its body is mostly blue, and it has large eyes and a black body underneath its icy exterior. It has two horns on its head and four small arms. Its most notable feature, though, is its ability to roll up into a ball when threatened or attacked.

Breeding Glalie

Breeding Glalie can be done in several different ways. The most common method is to use two compatible Pokémon with the same Egg Group. Glalie belongs to the Mineral Egg Group, so it can breed with any other Pokémon from this group. Depending on the parent’s Nature and IVs, the offspring may have different stats or even different moves than the parents. Breeding can also be done using an Everstone item to ensure that the offspring will inherit specific traits from one of the parents. Additionally, breeding can be done using Ditto if no compatible Pokemon are available.

Care of Glalie

When caring for Glalie, it’s important to remember that it is an Ice-type Pokémon and therefore needs plenty of cold temperatures in order to thrive. As such, it should be kept in an environment that is cool but not too cold or hot for extended periods of time. Additionally, since Glalie loves to eat ice cream and other frozen treats, they should always have access to these foods when possible. Finally, since Glalie loves attention and playtime with its trainer, they should be given plenty of time each day for both activities.

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Glalie is an Ice-type Pokemon

Glalie is a powerful Ice-type Pokemon that first appeared in the Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire versions. It has a snow-like appearance and is known for its ability to freeze its opponents with a single icy breath. Its icy body gives it an intimidating presence in battle, and it can also easily maneuver around the battlefield. Its icy shell is so strong that it can even withstand super-effective attacks from Fire-type moves. Glalie has two forms: Mega Glalie, which was introduced in the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire games, and Primal Glalie, which was introduced in the Sun and Moon games.

Glalie’s Ability

Glalie’s special ability is called Inner Focus, which prevents it from flinching or becoming confused when attacked by an opponent’s move. This makes it very difficult to hit, as its icy body gives it great defensive power. In addition, Glalie has access to a wide variety of Ice-type moves such as Blizzard and Freeze-Dry, as well as several other moves that can prove useful in battle.

Interesting Facts about Glalie

One of the most interesting facts about Glalie is that its icy shell is so strong that some believe it could survive even after being frozen solid in a block of ice! In addition, Glalie has been known to be able to use its icy breath to form snowmen out of snow or ice! Finally, Glalie has been known to be quite fond of eating berries found on snowy mountainsides, making them an ideal snack for this Pokemon!


Pokémon 362’s extensive game mechanics, creative story line, and detailed characters make it one of the most beloved entries in the Pokémon franchise. It’s a great game for any fan of the series, or anyone looking for an RPG to dive into. Its unique battle system, compelling characters, and interesting plot make it a must-play for any fan of the genre. The game also offers plenty of replay value, with multiple endings and a post-game dungeon providing an extra challenge.

Pokémon 362 is an amazing game that has something to offer every type of player. With its vibrant graphics and interesting storyline, it’s sure to be a hit with everyone who plays it. Whether you’re a returning fan or completely new to the series, Pokémon 362 is sure to please.

So if you’re looking for an enjoyable RPG experience that will keep you engaged and entertained for hours on end, then Pokémon 362 is definitely worth checking out.

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