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Welcome to the Pokédex for Pokémon #464: Rhyperior! This powerful Rock/Ground-type Pokémon is a menacing force on the battlefield, and it’s definitely one of the most intimidating Pocket Monsters of all. With a massive horn that can pierce through boulders, Rhyperior is truly a sight to behold! Keep reading to learn more about this fascinating creature.Pokedex 464 is the fourth generation of the Pokedex series, released in 2009. It is a handheld device designed to help trainers and collectors alike on their Pokémon journey. The Pokedex 464 comes with a large 3.5″ color LCD screen, which displays information about each Pokémon encountered. It also features voice recognition technology, allowing players to search for and store information about particular Pokémon by simply speaking their name into the device. The Pokedex 464 is capable of providing detailed data on up to 649 different kinds of Pokémon, as well as updates for new species that are discovered. In addition, it also has built-in games and helpful tips and tricks for trainers looking to improve their skills and knowledge of the game.

Types of Pokemon in Pokedex 464

Pokedex 464 is a comprehensive collection of Pokemon from the Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn regions. This Pokedex contains almost every type of Pokemon that can be found in the game. It includes all the starter Pokemon, legendary Pokémon, and all the evolved forms of these Pokémon. The types of Pokemon found in Pokedex 464 include Grass, Fire, Water, Fighting, Flying, Poison, Ground, Rock, Bug, Ghost, Steel, Psychic, Dark and Dragon type Pokémon.

Grass type Pokémon are known for their defensive capabilities and are strong against Water and Ground type attacks while weak to Flying and Poison attacks. Fire type Pokémon have strong attack power and are strong against Bug and Steel types while weak to Water and Rock types. Water type Pokémon are great for offense as they are resistant to Fire moves but weak to Electric moves.

Fighting type Pokémon have great offensive power but defensive weaknesses against Flying and Psychic types. Flying type Pokémon are agile attackers with resistance to Fighting moves but are vulnerable to Electric and Ice moves. Poison type Pokémon have a wide range of offensive moves but can be taken down easily by Ground or Psychic attacks. Ground type Pokémon have good defensive capabilities with resistance to Electric attacks but vulnerable to Water or Grass type moves.

Rock type Pokemon are powerful physically with resistances to Fire or Poison attacks but weak against Water or Grass types. Bug type Pokemon have decent attack power with resistances to Grass or Dark moves but can be taken down easily by Fire or Flying types. Ghost types have special abilities that make them difficult to deal with as they can move through walls but also vulnerable to Dark or Ghost-type Attacks. Steel types have high defense stats with resistances to Normal or Rock-type attacks while being weak against Fire or Fighting-type Moves.

Psychic-type Pokemon possess formidable Special Attack stats but may be taken down easily by Bug-type Moves. Dark-type pokemon also possess formidable Special Attack stats as well as some immunity from Psychic Moves while being vulnerable to Fighting-type Moves. Dragon-type Pokemon boast powerful offensive abilities that make them difficult foes for most opponents while being vulnerable to Dragon and Ice Movements respectively. All these different types of pokemon can be found within Pokedex 464 which makes it an invaluable resource when playing the game!

Moves of Pokemon in Pokedex 464

Pokedex 464 is a Pokemon that can be found in the Sinnoh region. It is known as the Jigglypuff Pokemon and is a Normal/Fairy-type. It has a very unique appearance, with its pink body, large eyes, and large ears that are almost comically oversized. Jigglypuff’s moveset consists of several Normal-type attacks such as Pound, Sing, and Play Rough. It also has Fairy-type moves such as Dazzling Gleam and Draining Kiss to make up for its lack of offensive power. Additionally, Jigglypuff has access to several supportive moves such as Heal Pulse and Wish to help it support its teammates. Lastly, Jigglypuff can use status moves like Yawn to put enemies to sleep or Charm to reduce their Attack stat.

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Overall, Jigglypuff’s moveset is quite varied with both offensive and supportive options allowing it to fit into many different team compositions. Its Normal/Fairy typing provides some weaknesses but makes up for it with its supportive capabilities which can be used in tandem with other Pokemon on a team for maximum effectiveness. With the right strategy, Jigglypuff can be a useful member of any team that needs a little extra support or crowd control!

Strengths of Pokemon in Pokedex 464

Pokemon in Pokedex 464 are incredibly versatile and powerful. They possess a wide range of abilities, moves, and strategies that can be used to great effect in battle. Their strong offensive capabilities make them capable of taking out opponents quickly and efficiently. Additionally, their defensive capabilities can help them survive long battles and resist attacks from powerful opponents. Furthermore, their diverse move set enables them to adapt to different situations and take advantage of opportunities presented during battle. Overall, the strengths of Pokemon in Pokedex 464 make them ideal for competitive play and battling against a variety of opponents.

Weaknesses of Pokemon in Pokedex 464

However, there are also some weaknesses associated with Pokemon in Pokedex 464. For instance, they tend to have lower HP than other types, making them vulnerable to more powerful attacks. Additionally, their relatively low speed can leave them open to being outmaneuvered by faster opponents. Furthermore, they may also struggle against foes with strong defensive capabilities due to their lack of heavy-hitting moves. Finally, because they have such a wide range of abilities and strategies available to them, it can be difficult for trainers to decide which ones are most effective in any given situation. Despite these weaknesses, however, Pokemon in Pokedex 464 remain viable choices for competitive play due to their versatility and strength.

Location to Catch Pokemon from Pokedex 464

When it comes to catching Pokemon from Pokedex 464, there are a few great locations you should consider. The first one is in the Sinnoh region, where you can find various Pokemon from the Sinnoh Dex. You can find them in various places, such as Route 201, Ravaged Path, and Valley Windworks. You can also explore the Great Marsh in Eterna City and the Resort Area in Hearthome City for even more great opportunities to catch some of these rare creatures.

The second location you should consider is in the Hoenn region. There are many routes and areas where you can find Pokemon from this Pokedex, such as Route 115, Fortree City and its surrounding area, Lilycove City’s east side, Meteor Falls, and Mt. Pyre. Additionally, there are some interesting caves on some of these routes which offer a great chance of finding rarer species from this dex.

The third place you should look for these Pokemon is within the Unova region. Here you can find them in places like Pinwheel Forest, Desert Resort, Relic Castle, Giant Chasm and Twist Mountain. These areas offer a great variety of species that cannot be found anywhere else – so it’s worth exploring! Additionally, there are a few secret spots located in Unova that only experienced trainers know about – so make sure to keep an eye out for those!

Finally, if you’re looking for unique Pokemon from Pokedex 464 then you should definitely check out Kalos region. This region has some of the most diverse habitats around – including forests and caves – which makes it ideal for finding rare species from this dex. Some notable areas here include Terminus Cave near Snowbelle City and Lost Hotel near Lumiose City – both of which offer excellent opportunities to catch rare creatures!

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In conclusion, if you’re looking to catch Pokemon from Pokedex 464 then these four regions are your best bet! Each one offers unique habitats that provide ample opportunity for discovering rare creatures – so make sure to explore each one thoroughly! Good luck on your journey!

Breeding Capabilities of Pokemon from Pokedex 464

Pokemon from the Pokedex 464 are capable of breeding, and this is a great way to increase your team’s strength. Breeding can be used to create powerful new Pokemon with better stats and moves than their parents, or to acquire rare items that can be used in battle. Breeding is done by selecting two compatible Pokemon and having them produce an Egg, which then hatches into a new Pokemon. To breed successfully, both parents must be either the same species or related species. Additionally, they must have different Original Trainers and one must be male and the other female. Once these conditions are met, the two can be placed in the Day Care Center and an Egg will soon be produced.

The resulting Egg will contain a newborn Pokemon with stats influenced by its parents’ stats as well as any IVs (individual values) passed down from them. It will also have one or two moves that it learned from its parents, depending on its species. Occasionally, when particular conditions are met during breeding, a special “Miracle Egg” may be produced instead of a regular egg; this egg contains a rare item instead of a baby Pokemon.

Finally, there are special abilities that can only be inherited through breeding known as Egg Moves. These moves cannot normally be taught to a Pokémon via training; they must be inherited from their parents for them to learn it. For example, if you wanted your Eevee to know its signature move Last Resort, you would need to breed it with another Eevee that already knows the move in order for it to pass down the ability via an egg move.

Overall, breeding is an important part of building powerful teams in Pokemon games; it allows players to create stronger versions of existing monsters or gain access to rare moves and items they wouldn’t otherwise have access to. With a little bit of effort and creativity, you can use breeding capabilities of Pokemon from Pokedex 464 to build an unstoppable team!

Creating the Best Teams with Pokemon from Pokedex 464

Creating the best teams with Pokemon from Pokedex 464 can be a tricky process, but it’s one that can yield great rewards. After all, a well-constructed team of Pokemon can lead to victory in battle. To create the perfect team of Pokemon from Pokedex 464, you need to consider a few things. First, you must determine which type of Pokemon will serve as your core team. Different types have different strengths and weaknesses, and understanding this is key in creating an effective team. You should also consider what role each Pokemon will play on your team. Having a variety of types on your team is important for covering all the bases and making sure that no one type has an overwhelming advantage over another.

Once you’ve decided which type of Pokemon will serve as your core team, it’s time to begin building around them. This means deciding which individual Pokemon to choose from Pokedex 464 that will best complement your core team. Consider their movesets and abilities; these are often critical factors in determining how successful each individual Pokemon will be on your team. You also want to think about what roles each individual Pokemon will fill on the team as well, such as tanking or dealing damage or providing support in some other way.

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Finally, once you’ve chosen the individual members of your team, it’s time to focus on how they work together as a cohesive unit. This means looking at what strategies they can implement to maximize their effectiveness during battles and how they interact with each other using movesets and abilities. It’s also important to consider which items would be beneficial for them in battle so that they can become even more powerful and effective together than they would be alone. Put these pieces together correctly and you’ll have crafted an unbeatable force!

Evolutions and Pre-Evolutions of Pokemon from Pokedex 464

Pokemon from Pokedex 464 are unique in terms of their evolutions and pre-evolutions. The pre-evolutions of these pokemon are often found in earlier generations while the evolutions can be found in later generations. For example, Glaceon is the evolved form of Eevee, which was introduced in Gen 4. This means that Eevee had to exist before Glaceon could evolve into it. Similarly, Leafeon is the evolved form of Eevee as well, which was introduced in Gen 4. This makes it clear that Eevee had to exist before Leafeon could evolve into it.

Other evolutions and pre-evolutions of pokemon from Pokedex 464 include Sylveon which is the evolved form of Eevee, introduced in Gen 6; Umbreon which is the evolved form of Eevee, introduced in Gen 2; and Vaporeon which is the evolved form of Eevee, introduced in Gen 1. All these pokemon have one thing in common – they all evolved from Eevee! It’s amazing how many different forms a single pokemon can take on just by evolving!

The pre-evolutions of pokemon from Pokedex 464 also vary quite a bit. Some examples include Cyndaquil which is a pre-evolution of Typhlosion, introduced in Gen 2; Vulpix which is a pre-evolution of Ninetales, introduced in Gen 1; and Chikorita which is a pre-evolution of Meganium, introduced in Gen 2. All these pokemon have one thing in common – they all originate from earlier generations!

In conclusion, Pokemon from Pokedex 464 have an amazing variety when it comes to their evolutions and pre-evolutions. From Glaceon to Leafeon to Sylveon to Umbreon to Vaporeon and even Cyndaquil, Vulpix and Chikorita – all these pokemon have one thing in common – they originated or evolved from earlier generations!


Regigigas is a powerful Pokémon that has been around since generation four. Its immense strength and ability to control other legendaries is what makes it so special and sought after. It is the only Pokémon that can be found in all three generations of games, making it a must-have for any serious trainer. It has a wide array of attacks for both physical and special moves, making it an incredibly versatile addition to any team. Regigigas is also capable of Mega Evolution, allowing it to reach its full potential and become one of the strongest Pokémon in the game. With its wide range of moves and abilities, Regigigas is definitely one of the most powerful Pokémon in the Pokédex.

Overall, Regigigas is an incredible Pokémon with some truly amazing abilities. It can be used in both offensive and defensive situations, making it a great asset to any team. Its ability to Mega Evolve gives it an extra boost that can be invaluable for taking down powerful opponents. With its fantastic offensive options and defensive capabilities, Regigigas is one of the most versatile Pokémon in existence. Whether you are looking for a powerhouse or just want something unique on your team, Regigigas should be at the top of your list!

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