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The plumber crack meme is a popular internet meme that has been circulating the web for many years. It typically features a cartoon image of a man wearing only a white shirt and blue overalls with his backside exposed, revealing the white ‘plumber crack’ of his buttocks. The humorous image often accompanies jokes referencing plumbing or other handyman related topics. It is particularly popular among millennials and continues to be shared online with frequency.Plumber Crack Meme is a humorous internet meme that jokes about the gap between the waistband of a plumber’s pants and their shirt. The joke is typically presented as a picture of a plumber from the waist down with their crack exposed, usually accompanied by humorous captions.

Origins of Plumber Crack Meme

The plumber crack meme is a funny image that has been circulating around the internet for quite some time. It typically features a plumber or someone dressed in plumber-like attire, with their pants sagging down and their butt crack showing. The image usually comes with a funny caption or joke, and it has become an internet sensation. But where did this meme come from?

The origins of the plumber crack meme can be traced back to a video game called Super Mario Bros. 3. This game was released in 1988 and quickly became one of the most popular video games of all time. In the game, one of the characters was Mario, a plumber who wore overalls and a red cap as his attire. As he moved around, his pants would sag down, thus revealing his butt crack.

Since then, Mario’s butt crack has become an iconic image in the world of gaming culture. People have been making jokes about it for decades now, and it eventually made its way into mainstream culture when it became an internet meme. This happened sometime in 2011 when people began creating photoshopped images that featured Mario’s butt crack along with humorous captions.

Since then, the plumber crack meme has been used to poke fun at various situations or make light of embarrassing moments. It’s also been used to make fun of people who don’t wear belts or who just have naturally low-hanging pants. Whatever the situation may be, there is no denying that the plumber crack meme is here to stay!

Popularity of Plumber Crack Meme

The plumber crack meme has been around for a few years now and is gaining more and more popularity. It is a funny way to poke fun at the often embarrassing situation of having your underwear or backside exposed while bending over to fix something. The meme typically features a cartoon character with their backside exposed, often accompanied by a humorous caption or phrase. It is usually used in humorous contexts, such as when someone has made an embarrassing mistake or when someone is trying to be funny.

The plumber crack meme has become so popular that it can now be found on many different social media platforms, including Twitter, Instagram, and Reddit. It has become a part of internet culture and is loved by many people around the world. Some people even post it as their profile picture on Facebook or Instagram!

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The popularity of the plumber crack meme has also led to its use in various other contexts. For example, it has been used in ads for plumbing companies, in video games as an Easter egg, and even in college classes as an icebreaker! It’s clear that this meme has become quite popular over the years and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

The plumber crack meme is not only popular for its humourous nature but also for its relatability. Many people can relate to having their backside exposed while doing something like plumbing work, which makes the joke even funnier! Additionally, it serves as a reminder that even though we may make embarrassing mistakes occasionally, we should still be able to laugh at ourselves and move on with life!

Overall, the plumber crack meme has grown rapidly in popularity due to its humourous nature and relatability among many people around the world. It’s no surprise that it continues to be popular today!

Examples of Plumber Crack Memes

Plumber crack memes are a popular way to poke fun at plumbers. The jokes often revolve around the idea that plumbers tend to have their pants pulled up too high and thus reveal more than they intended. These memes typically feature a picture of someone with their pants slightly pulled up, accompanied by a funny caption or joke. Here are some examples of plumber crack memes:

“When you hear the call of the wild but don’t want to leave the house.” This meme features a picture of a plumber standing proudly in his uniform with his pants slightly up, and the caption pointing out how wild nature can be calling from outside but it’s much more comfortable inside.

“When your mom says ‘pull them higher'”. This meme features a picture of a plumber looking uncomfortable, with his pants pulled up too high, and the caption mimicking what it might feel like for someone who has been told to pull their pants higher by their mom.

“The secret behind great plumbing is (not) in the pants”. This meme features a picture of a plumber pointing to his slightly-too-high pants with an expression that implies he knows something we don’t, and the caption making fun of how he might think that’s why he’s so successful as a plumber.

These are just some examples of popular plumber crack memes. There are many more out there that can be used for laughs or simply shared among friends. So if you’re ever in need of some comedy relief, make sure to check out some of these hilarious memes!

How to Make a Plumber Crack Meme

Making a plumber crack meme is a relatively simple process. The first step is to find a funny image of someone in the plumbing trade. This could be a picture of an actual plumber or someone dressed in overalls and holding a plunger. It could also be an image of something related to plumbing, such as a toolbox or a pipe wrench. Once you have your image, you can then add text captions that make the meme humorous and relatable. Try coming up with puns, jokes, and other clever wordplay that will make the meme funny and shareable. You can also use popular memes as inspiration for creating your own.

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Once you have the image and caption ready, you can upload it to any social media platform or post it directly on your website or blog. This will allow others to enjoy your work and potentially share it with their own audiences. You can also use different tools to create memes, such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program). These programs allow you to add text boxes, crop images, and adjust colors quickly and easily. Finally, make sure you use good meme etiquette when posting memes online – this means avoiding offensive language and imagery that could be deemed inappropriate by some viewers.

Humorous Versions of the Plumber Crack Meme

The plumber crack meme is a popular internet joke that has been around for many years. It typically features an image of a plumber bending over and exposing his backside, with the caption “plumber crack.” The meme has been used in countless ways to create humorous versions that range from clever puns to outright silly jokes. Some of the most popular humorous versions of the plumber crack meme include:

“It’s never too late to plug your leaks!”

“Crack-ing up at my own jokes!”

“When life gives you a plumbing emergency, make sure you call a professional!”

“If you can’t fix it with duct tape, it must be a plumbing issue!”

“I’m just here for the butt-erflies!”

“I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty!”

“Don’t worry, I’ll patch it up in no time!”

Variations on the Plumber Crack Meme

The plumber crack meme is a classic example of the power of the internet to take an ordinary image and turn it into something hilarious. The original meme featured a plumber bending over to fix a sink with his butt exposed, and it has since been adapted into countless variations. From funny captions to photoshopped images, these variations have gained a lot of attention and spawned some truly hilarious content.

One popular variation is the “plumber butt” meme, which features pictures of people wearing clothing that reveals their butt crack. This variation has become particularly popular among younger generations who find it humorous and relatable. It’s also spawned an array of related GIFs, memes, and other digital media that make use of plumber butt imagery.

Another variation on the plumber crack meme involves photoshopping celebrities or public figures in place of the original plumber. This version often plays off stereotypes or jokes about certain celebrities, such as making fun of their fashion sense or using them to illustrate a particular point. Celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, and even President Obama have all been featured in this type of meme.

Finally, there are also plenty of variations that involve changing the context or setting of the original image. For instance, some memes feature a plumber fixing something other than a sink—such as a car engine or plumbing pipe—while others add additional characters or props to create new scenarios or jokes. No matter what form they take, these creative variations have become immensely popular in recent years and show no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

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Reactions to the Plumber Crack Meme

The plumber crack meme first started circulating on social media in 2017 and it quickly became a popular subject of viral jokes. The meme is a photo of a plumber bending over to fix a pipe and his butt crack is inadvertently exposed. People have had mixed reactions to the meme, with some finding it funny and others finding it offensive.

Some people have found the meme humorous because of its absurdity. It’s not often that someone’s butt crack is exposed while working, so when it does happen, it can be seen as humorous. People have also found humor in the fact that the photo captures an embarrassing moment for the plumber, which can be seen as comical.

On the other hand, some people have taken offense to the meme because they feel that it makes light of a serious issue. Bending over while wearing tight clothing can sometimes lead to accidental exposure of one’s underwear or even one’s private parts. This type of exposure can be very embarrassing for those involved and can potentially lead to humiliation or even legal problems if there are minors present.

Overall, reactions to the plumber crack meme have been mixed. While some people find it amusing, others believe that it is inappropriate and disrespectful to those who may have experienced this type of exposure in real life.


The Plumber Crack meme is a humorous internet meme that has been around since at least 2009. It has become an iconic representation of the hard work and dedication of plumbers everywhere. While the joke behind it can be seen as a bit immature, it is ultimately harmless and can be seen as a tribute to the profession. The Plumber Crack meme is a great example of how humor can be used in memes to bring out positive messages in an entertaining way.

At its core, the Plumber Crack meme serves as a reminder that no matter what profession you are involved with, you should always take pride in your work and stay dedicated to excellence. Whether you are plumber or not, this meme is sure to put a smile on your face and provide an entertaining break from life’s everyday stresses.

In conclusion, the Plumber Crack meme is an iconic representation of plumbers and their craftsmanship that has been embraced by millions around the world. Its humorous interpretation allows us to appreciate the hardworking men and women who make up this profession and serves as a reminder for us all to take pride in our work no matter what position we hold.

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