philadelphia eagles suck memes

Philadelphia Eagles suck memes are a popular way for football fans to express their displeasure with the Philadelphia Eagles football team. The memes typically feature a range of humorous images and captions that poke fun at the team’s performance or lack of success. Often, these memes are used in an effort to rally support against the team and create a sense of camaraderie among those who share a common distaste for the Eagles. Whether you’re an avid fan or an armchair critic, these memes can be both entertaining and cathartic. So if you’re looking for a laugh or just want to commiserate with fellow Eagles haters, you’ve come to the right place!Philadelphia Eagles Suck Memes that Make Fans Laugh are all over the internet. From funny photos featuring players and coaches from the team’s past to hilarious jokes about how they never seem to win, there are plenty of memes that can make an Eagles fan chuckle. Whether it’s a picture of former head coach Andy Reid with a caption about the team’s lack of success or a meme poking fun at their inability to win a Super Bowl, there is something out there for every Eagles fan to enjoy.

Philadelphia Eagles Suck Memes

Philadelphia Eagles fans have been through a lot lately, and they’ve been making light of the situation with hilarious memes. Whether it’s the team’s recent struggles or the fact that they haven’t won a Super Bowl in more than 50 years, these memes are sure to put a smile on any fan’s face. From poking fun at the team’s QBs to making light of their lack of success, these funny Philadelphia Eagles suck memes are sure to get a laugh out of any fan.

The most popular Philadelphia Eagles suck meme has to be “Fly Eagles Fly” with an animated bird wearing a helmet and holding an eagle claw. This meme is poking fun at the team’s long-standing losing streak and is often accompanied by other jokes about the team’s lack of success. Another popular meme shows an eagle standing in front of a green wall with the words “No Super Bowl Wins Since 1960” written above it. This is clearly poking fun at just how long it’s been since the team last won a championship.

Other funny Philadelphia Eagles suck memes include jokes about their QBs, such as “Carson Wentz: The Hero We Deserve But Not The One We Need Right Now” or “The Philly Special: When You Need A Touchdown But Don’t Have Any Good QBs.” These memes poke fun at how often the team has had to rely on backup QBs due to injuries or poor performance from their starters.

Finally, there are dozens of hilarious Philadelphia Eagles suck memes that make light of some of the team’s biggest losses in recent memory. From “Losing To The Cowboys Is An Art Form” to “Beating The Patriots Is Like Winning The Super Bowl, Just Without A Trophy,” these memes poke fun at some of the team’s most painful losses in recent years.

No matter what your opinion is on the Philadelphia Eagles, everyone can appreciate these funny Philadelphia Eagles suck memes! So grab your popcorn and get ready for some laughs!

Why Philadelphia Eagles Suck

The Philadelphia Eagles have been a perennial disappointment for many years. Over the past decade, they have failed to make the playoffs in several seasons, and their performance on the field has been lackluster. Fans of the team often cite a lack of consistency from their players and coaches as one of the primary reasons why the Eagles are struggling. The team also has a history of poor personnel decisions, and they have been unable to acquire talent that is capable of competing at a high level. As a result, they have become one of the most disliked teams in the NFL.

Another reason why Philadelphia Eagles suck is their lack of success in big games. The team has had difficulty closing out games against top opponents, and they often fail to deliver when it matters most. Additionally, turnovers and missed opportunities have plagued them throughout their history as well. The team’s inability to win key matchups can be attributed to poor playcalling and an inability to make adjustments quickly enough.

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Finally, there is the matter of fan support. Despite having some great players on their roster, such as Carson Wentz and Fletcher Cox, fans have had difficulty rallying behind this team since its inception. This can be attributed to bad coaching decisions and an overall lack of enthusiasm from both management and players alike. As a result, many fans find it difficult to support this team in full force.

All in all, it’s no wonder why Philadelphia Eagles are considered one of the worst teams in the NFL. They have failed to live up to expectations for far too long, and it doesn’t seem like that will change anytime soon. Whether it’s poor personnel decisions or an inability to win key games, there are plenty of reasons why this franchise is struggling so much.

Most Popular Philadelphia Eagles Suck Memes

The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the most beloved teams in the NFL, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their fair share of detractors. One way these detractors express their displeasure is through memes. Some of the most popular memes about the Eagles’ shortcomings are focused on their lack of Super Bowl wins and their struggles to live up to expectations. From a mocking image of an Eagle with its head in its hands to a picture of an Eagle fan crying, there’s no shortage of ways to express your displeasure with the team.

Other memes poke fun at the team’s record or lack thereof. A popular meme features a photo of a forlorn looking Eagle fan with the caption “Still Waiting for That Super Bowl Win,” referring to the team’s inability to win a championship since 1960. Other memes feature images from previous seasons that ended in disappointment, such as a picture of an Eagle player walking off the field after a loss with the caption “Here We Go Again.”

And then there are those memes that just point out how bad things can get when things don’t go right for Philly. One meme features an image of an empty stadium with the caption “The Sound Of Silence,” while another shows an image of former quarterback Donovan McNabb with his head in his hands and the caption “When You Realize You’re Playing For The Eagles.” These memes capture perfectly how some fans feel about their beloved team.

Whether you love them or hate them, there’s no denying that Philadelphia Eagles fans have some pretty creative ways to express themselves when it comes to pointing out their team’s shortcomings. From hilarious jokes to poignant images, these memes provide us with plenty of laughs and show us why we love this team so much despite all its flaws.

The Funniest Philadelphia Eagles Suck Memes

The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the most successful teams in the NFL, but they have their fair share of haters. Some of those haters have taken to the internet to express their displeasure in the form of memes. These memes are often hilarious and can be an easy way to show your support for another team or even just to poke fun at the Eagles. Here are some of the funniest Philadelphia Eagles suck memes out there.

The “Eagles Suck” Sign

One of the most popular memes featuring the Eagles is a sign that reads “Eagles Suck”. This meme originated on an episode of The Office, when Michael Scott held up a sign with this phrase written on it. Since then, it has been used in countless memes and tweets to express a dislike for the team. It’s a simple but effective way to show your distaste for the Birds.

The Sad Eagle

Another popular meme featuring the Eagles is one that features a sad-looking eagle. This meme typically features an image of an eagle with its head hung low and its wings drooping down, as if it is mourning its team’s misfortune. It’s often used as a way to sympathize with other Eagles fans who are feeling down about their team’s performance.

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The Flying-V Formation

This meme takes advantage of one of the most iconic formations in football: The Flying-V Formation. In this meme, several images of eagles are arranged in a V formation, usually with one bird at each point and one bird leading from behind. This image has become synonymous with failure and has been used countless times by fans who want to express their displeasure at how their team is performing.

The Crying Eagle

This meme takes things to another level by featuring an image of an eagle crying tears while clutching its head in its talons. This image serves as a great visual representation for how some fans feel when their team isn’t doing well, and it often elicits sympathy from those who view it. It’s also a great way to show your solidarity with other fans who might be feeling down about their beloved Birds’ performance on any given day.

Philadelphia Eagles Suck Memes

The Philadelphia Eagles have not had the best of luck in recent years, and it seems that their fans have taken to creating memes to express their disappointment. These Philadelphia Eagles suck memes are funny, clever, and often quite creative. From mocking the team’s poor performance on the field to poking fun at the team’s questionable personnel decisions, these memes provide a humorous outlet for expressing frustration. Some of the more popular Philadelphia Eagles suck memes feature the team’s mascot, Swoop, with captions like “Swooping in for another loss” or “Swooping in for another season of disappointment.” Other memes feature various players or coaches with captions such as “Playing like an Eagle is a joke” or “This is why we can’t have nice things.” No matter what form they take, these Philadelphia Eagles suck memes provide an outlet for fans to vent their frustrations and laugh at their own misfortune.

Many of these Philadelphia Eagles suck memes take aim at the team’s coaching staff and front office personnel. With head coach Doug Pederson’s job security seemingly in question each season, it’s no surprise that many of these memes poke fun at his tenure with the team. Memes such as “Doug Pederson 2020: Making bad decisions since 1999” or “Doug Pederson: Because 8-8 isn’t bad enough” are some of the most popular among fans who are fed up with yet another season of mediocrity. Meanwhile, other memes focus on general manager Howie Roseman, who has been criticized by both fans and media alike for his lack of success in building a winning roster. It’s no surprise then that some of these memes feature Roseman with captions like “Howie Roseman: Making bad moves since 2016” or “Howie Roseman: Because 7-9 isn’t good enough.”

Ultimately, no matter how creative they may be, these Philadelphia Eagles suck memes are just a way for fans to express their frustrations in a humorous way. While they may be amusing to look at and read, they serve as a reminder to everyone involved that this team has a lot of work still ahead if they want to achieve any sort of success in 2020 and beyond.

Most Controversial Philadelphia Eagles Suck Memes

The Philadelphia Eagles have been one of the most popular NFL teams for years, and their fans are passionate and loyal. Unfortunately, that loyalty has been tested in recent years, as the team has struggled to consistently put a winning product on the field. As a result of their struggles, numerous memes have emerged mocking the team’s lack of success. Here are some of the most controversial Philadelphia Eagles Suck Memes:

The first meme that comes to mind is the classic ‘Eagles Suck’ meme. This is an image featuring a sad-looking eagle with the caption ‘Eagles Suck’. The meme is often used to poke fun at how bad the team has been in recent years.

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Another popular meme is ‘Eagles Nation’. This meme features an image of an eagle with a caption that reads ‘Eagles Nation: Where losing is a tradition’. This meme mocks how long it’s been since the team has had any sustained success.

The third and final meme in our list of most controversial Philadelphia Eagles Suck memes is ‘No Super Bowls Since 2004’. This meme features an image of an eagle with a caption that reads ‘No Super Bowls Since 2004’. It’s a stark reminder of how long it’s been since the team last won a championship.

These are just some of the most controversial Philadelphia Eagles Suck memes out there. As long as the team continues to struggle on the field, more memes will undoubtedly emerge mocking their lack of success.

Insanely Hilarious Philadelphia Eagles Suck Memes

The internet is full of all sorts of hilarious memes, and the Philadelphia Eagles have had plenty of their own. Whether it’s a meme about their struggles on the field or a funny reference to their famous fight song, these memes are sure to make you laugh! From clever puns to tongue-in-cheek jokes, here are some of the best Philadelphia Eagles suck memes out there.

One popular meme features a picture of an eagle wearing an Eagles jersey with the caption “When you’re an Eagles fan but still have faith they’ll make the playoffs”. This meme pokes fun at how difficult it can be to stay optimistic when your team’s fortunes aren’t looking so great.

Another popular meme shows an eagle with the words “When someone says ‘Just one more year and we’ll be Super Bowl Champs'” written underneath it. This meme is a reference to how long Philadelphia fans have been waiting for their team to finally bring home a championship title.

For those who don’t mind poking fun at themselves, there’s also a hilarious meme featuring a picture of an eagle holding up the Lombardi Trophy with the caption “I’m not saying I’m an Eagles fan, but I’m not saying I’m not either”. This one is sure to get some good laughs!

And lastly, there’s a meme featuring an eagle in an Eagles jersey with the words “When they say ‘We’re going to make it this year’ and you know they won’t”. This one speaks volumes about the plight of being an Eagles fan in recent years, where hope springs eternal but disappointment often follows.

No matter what your opinion is on the Philadelphia Eagles, these funny memes are sure to bring some lighthearted entertainment into your day. So next time you need a good laugh, why not take a look at some of these insanely hilarious Philadelphia Eagles suck memes?


The Philadelphia Eagles have been the subject of many memes throughout the years, some of which were humorous and some of which were not. However, the majority of these memes are centered around one theme: The Eagles suck. While it may be tempting to laugh at these jokes, it’s important to remember that there are real people behind the team and their fans. We should all take a moment to recognize the hard work and dedication that goes into being an Eagles fan, even in the face of defeat. At the end of the day, these memes provide a platform for us to express our frustrations at times without taking away from the team’s successes.

In conclusion, while Philadelphia Eagles suck memes can be entertaining, they should not be taken as a serious statement about the team or its players. Instead, it is important to remember that there is no shame in being an Eagles fan and that they deserve our respect regardless of their record. Ultimately, we can all recognize that while these memes may be funny, they are not reflective of how we truly feel about our beloved team.

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