In internet slang, “pepega” is a nonsensical word often used in memes. The word is derived from the character Pepe the Frog, who is often associated with the “feels good” man meme.

“Pepega” is an expression used to describe something that is stupid or cringe-worthy.

What does PepeHands mean?

When we are feeling sad to the point of crying, we often use the term and emote PepeHands. This is part of the Pepe the Frog family emotes, which are often used to express emotions.

The term KEKW is derived from the Korean word 꺼져 (keojyeo), which means “to laugh.” The term is often used in online gaming and chat rooms to indicate when something is funny.

The use of the Spanish Laughing Guy image to represent KEKW on Twitch is due to the fact that the word is often used by Spanish-speaking gamers.

How do you use Pepega

Pepega is a meme that has been associated with some bad things. However, in the world of memes, communities don’t seem to care and Pepega is frequently used to express a sense of awe and surprise that draws your attention and glues you to the screen.

KEKW is a FrankerFaceZ emote that was designed to represent laughter whenever something funny happens during streams. It became one of the most popular emotes of 2020 and is based on the El Risitas clip mentioned earlier.

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What does MonkaS mean?

The Monkas emote is often used to express anxiety or stress in a specific situation. The term “Monkas” is derived from the Spanish word for “monkey,” and the emote is often used to represent a monkey who is sweating due to anxiety or stress.

If you’re feeling really happy, you can use the “Happy” emote to express it. This emote is somewhere between the “FeelsGoodMan” and “WidePeepoHappy” emotes on the scale of expressed happiness. So if you’re feeling really good, go ahead and let everyone know with this emote!

What is Pog Twitch?

Pog is a slang term that is used to describe something that is awesome, excellent, or remarkable. For example, if you see someone do something that is really cool, you might say “dude, that was pog!”

PogU is a term and emote meant to express surprise and joyful wonder. It can be used to describe an event that is both unexpected and positive, or to simply express excitement.

What does Copium mean in text

Copium is a satirical term used by ‘online personalities’ on platforms like Twitch and Reddit. It’s an amalgamation of two terms: ‘cope’ and ‘opium’. It’s a joke term used to describe a fictional drug that one consumes after suffering a loss, defeat, or disappointment.

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The term KEKW is a play on the World of Warcraft terms “Horde” and “Alliance”. If a Horde player types “LOL” in chat, an Alliance player would read it as “KEKW”. The W at the end is the most used facial expression in Twitch – “W”.

What does Pepega mean in English?

If you say or do something stupid or thoughtless, you may be called a pepega. This emote is often used as an insult, but can also be used in a more light-hearted way.

The sadge Emote is most often used to express sadness or disappointment in the context of Twitch chat. It can also be used in an ironic sense, as most Twitch emotes are, to show off a range of emotions.

How do you pronounce KEKW

The kekaa were a people who lived in what is now California. They were written out phonetically as kekaa ket and this was simply shortened up to Keck it even became more of a symbol than a word. The kekaa were known for their fine basketry and their women were especially skilled at this craft. They were also known for their beautiful beadwork.

LULW is a zoomed-in version of the Twitch default emote, LUL. This emote is the face of the late video game YouTuber, critic and commentator John ‘TotalBiscuit’ Bain. LULW is often a KEKW alternative on Twitch.

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What does PauseChamp mean?

This emote is used in Twitch chat when the streamer chooses to build up suspense or there is a feeling of anticipation in the chat. It was released in 2019.

WeirdChamp is an emote and term used a lot in Twitch to show our disbelief at something we have seen or heard during a streaming. It is represented by the face of Gootecks with a gesture of disappointment.


The word “pepega” is commonly used in online gaming communities as a way to describe something that is stupid or nonsensical.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the conclusion for “pepega” will vary depending on the context in which it is used. However, some possible conclusions for “pepega” could include:

-It’s a nonsense word that doesn’t mean anything.
-It’s a meme that’s popular on the internet.
-It’s a form of online harassment.

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