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The rivalry between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears is one of the oldest and most storied rivalries in the NFL. It dates back to 1921, when the two teams first met on the field. Both teams have had their share of successes over the years, but in recent years, it has been the Packers who have had a slight edge over their rivals from Illinois. But no matter how much each team has won or lost over the years, one thing has remained constant: The rivalry between these two teams always brings out some funny moments. Whether it’s a player making an outrageous comment about his opponent or a fan showing off his unique sense of humor, there’s never a dull moment when these two teams square off. So get ready for some laughs as you watch this classic rivalry unfold!1. In the 2015 game, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers had a unique way of getting the crowd excited after a Bears touchdown. He pretended to ride a horse and waved his arms in the air.
2. During the 2017 matchup, Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy was seen dancing on the sidelines after an impressive play by his team.
3. In 2018, Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson sprinted towards the goal line with a catch, but was tackled short of it by Packers safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix and tumbled into the end zone for a humorous touchdown celebration.
4. In 2019, Bears tight end Trey Burton tried to keep up with Packers cornerback Jaire Alexander during a play, but Alexander was much faster and ended up completely leaving Burton in the dust.
5. During the 2019 game, Packers linebacker Za’Darius Smith made an incredible interception while spinning around in circles to throw off Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky’s aim and make an amazing catch.
6. During a 2016 game, Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson had an incredible one-handed catch that left Bears defenders speechless and fans cheering wildly in amazement.
7. In 2018, Bears quarterback Chase Daniel tried to pass to tight end Trey Burton in the end zone but instead threw it right into Packers safety Josh Jones’ hands for an interception – much to everyone’s surprise!
8. During the 2014 game between these two teams, Packers running back Eddie Lacy made an impressive hurdle over Bears linebacker Shea McClellin for a big gain on third down late in the fourth quarter.
9. In 2016, Bears defensive end Akiem Hicks got so excited after sacking Rodgers he accidentally knocked over one of his own teammates as he celebrated on his way off of the field!
10. In 2017, Bears kicker Cody Parkey attempted a long field goal late in the fourth quarter but missed it by about 5 feet – sending everyone into hysterics as he walked off of the field with his head down!

The Most Hilarious Plays from the Packers vs Bears Rivalry

The Packers vs Bears rivalry is one of the oldest and most intense in the NFL. This rivalry has produced some of the most memorable moments in football history, including some hilarious plays that will forever be remembered by fans of both teams.

One of the funniest plays from this rivalry happened in a 2010 game when Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers attempted a flea flicker. The play didn’t go as planned, however, and resulted in Rodgers getting sacked by Bears defensive end Julius Peppers. The whole sequence was very comedic and is still remembered as one of the funniest moments in this storied rivalry.

Another hilarious play occurred during a 2014 game when Packers wide receiver Jordy Nelson caught a pass and attempted to hurdle over Bears safety Chris Conte. Nelson failed miserably, tripping over Conte’s leg and falling flat on his face. The play was so funny that it quickly went viral and became an instant classic among fans of both teams.

In 2015, Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb caught a pass near the goal line and tried to dive into the end zone for a touchdown. Unfortunately for Cobb, he was met by two Bears defenders who stopped him just short of the goal line, resulting in an epic fail that left everyone laughing at Cobb’s misfortune.

Finally, one of the most hilarious plays from this rivalry happened during a 2017 game when Packers tight end Martellus Bennett caught a pass from Aaron Rodgers but then proceeded to dance his way into the end zone for an apparent touchdown. Unfortunately for Bennett, his celebration was premature as he had stepped out-of-bounds prior to scoring which resulted in an incomplete pass and some laughs from everyone watching at home.
The Packers vs Bears rivalry has produced many great moments over the years but these four plays are undoubtedly some of the funniest you will ever see!

1 Ridiculous Packers vs Bears Memes

It’s no secret that the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears are two of the most storied rivalries in NFL history. With a history stretching back to 1921, the teams have had their share of intense, hard-fought battles over the years. As such, it’s no surprise that fans from both teams have come up with some hilarious and downright ridiculous memes about their rivalry. From comparisons to classic movies and TV shows to poking fun at the other team’s quarterback, these memes capture the spirit of this historic rivalry in hilarious fashion.

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2 Ridiculous Packers vs Bears Memes

One of the most popular memes surrounding the Packers vs Bears rivalry is a comparison to The Office. The meme features Michael Scott (Steve Carell) from The Office saying “That’s what she said” while pointing at a picture of Aaron Rodgers, who plays for the Packers. This is usually accompanied by another picture of Jay Cutler (the former quarterback for the Bears) with an accompanying “That’s what she said” caption. It’s certainly a funny way to poke fun at both teams!

3 Ridiculous Packers vs Bears Memes

Another popular meme comparing these two teams is one featuring Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks). In this meme, Forrest is holding a box of chocolates while asking “What do you get when you mix Green Bay and Chicago together?” The answer? A lot of trash talk! This meme is definitely one that captures the intensity and emotion behind this rivalry in a humorous way.

4 Ridiculous Packers vs Bears Memes

One meme that always gets a few chuckles is one involving Aaron Rodgers and Jay Cutler again. In this meme, Rodgers is pictured saying “Hey Jay, I heard you like interceptions so I put an interception in your interception so you can throw interceptions while throwing interceptions!” It’s definitely an amusing way to make light of Cutler’s tendency for throwing errant passes throughout his career!

5 Ridiculous Packers vs Bears Memes

If you’re looking for something more lighthearted, there’s also one involving another classic movie character: Homer Simpson from The Simpsons. In this particular meme, Homer is pictured saying “Green Bay or Chicago? It doesn’t matter – they’re both terrible!” It may not be as clever as some other memes about their rivalry but it still gets a laugh or two every time.

6 Ridiculous Packers vs Bears Memes

Finally, there’s one more meme worth mentioning – one featuring two photos side by side: one of Aaron Rodgers and one of Jay Cutler. Underneath each photo are two captions – “Not enough cheeseheads” under Rodgers’ photo and “Not enough deep dish pizza” under Cutler’s photo. It may not be as clever as some other memes about their rivalry but it still brings a smile to fans’ faces each time they see it.

7 Ridiculous Packers vs Bears Memes

There are plenty more ridiculous memes out there when it comes to this rivalry between the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Bears. From comparisons to classic movies and TV shows to poking fun at each team’s quarterback, these memes capture just how intense this rivalry has been over the years in hilarious fashion. So if you’re looking for something funny or lighthearted related to this legendary matchup between two NFL juggernauts, look no further than these seven ridiculous memes about them!

1. Jay Cutler throws the ball away

In one of the most memorable bloopers of the Packers and Bears rivalry, quarterback Jay Cutler threw the ball away with his team trailing late in a game. While attempting to make a play, Cutler scrambled out of the pocket and instead of finding an open receiver, he threw the ball directly into the ground. The pass fell incomplete, and his team was forced to punt on fourth down. The Bears eventually lost the game as a result of this costly mistake.

2. Aaron Rodgers fumbles on goal line

Another on-field blooper occurred in 2011 when Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers fumbled on the goal line while trying to score a touchdown. With his team trailing late in the fourth quarter, Rodgers took off running towards the end zone but was hit hard by a Bears defender at the goal line. The ball came loose, and it was recovered by a Chicago player for a touchback.

3. Devin Hester muffles punt return

In another embarrassing moment for Chicago, Pro Bowl return man Devin Hester dropped an easy punt return in 2008. With his team trailing early in the game, Hester fielded what should have been an easy catch but instead let it slip through his fingers and onto the turf. The fumble was recovered by Green Bay’s defense, and they went on to score a touchdown two plays later.

4. Tommie Harris false start penalty

In 2010, Bears defensive lineman Tommie Harris was called for a false start penalty that completely changed momentum in favor of Green Bay. With Chicago leading late in the fourth quarter, Harris jumped offside on third down while attempting to rush Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. This gave Green Bay an automatic first down, allowing them to continue driving downfield and eventually score a go-ahead touchdown.

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5. Clay Matthews’ roughing penalty

The final blooper between these two teams occurred in 2014 when linebacker Clay Matthews was called for roughing Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers during their season opener at Soldier Field. Matthews hit Rodgers after he had thrown an incomplete pass, resulting in a 15-yard penalty that extended Green Bay’s drive and eventually allowed them to score another touchdown before halftime.

1. Historical Context

The Packers vs Bears rivalry dates back to 1921, when the two teams first faced off in what was then called the American Professional Football Association (APFA). Since then, the rivalry has grown and evolved over the years, becoming one of the most storied and heated rivalries in the NFL.

2. Fans’ Passion

The fans of both teams are passionate about their respective teams and take great pride in beating their rival. The passion of the fans on both sides makes for a lively atmosphere that is sure to bring a smile to your face.

3. Notable Moments

The rivalry has had some truly memorable moments over the years, such as Aaron Rodgers’s Hail Mary pass against the Bears in 2015 or Colin Kaepernick’s historic 2012 performance against them. These moments make for great stories that will be remembered for years to come.

4. Intense Rivalry

The Packers vs Bears rivalry is one of the most intense rivalries in the NFL and it often comes down to the wire with both teams giving it their all. This intensity adds a level of excitement that can’t be found in any other matchup.

5. Great Storylines

The rivalry between these two teams also provides great storylines for media outlets and fans alike, from debates about who is better to arguments over which team has been more successful historically. These storylines make for great conversations among friends, family, and rivals alike.

6. The Cheesehead Factor

No Packers vs Bears matchup would be complete without mentioning the infamous cheesehead factor! Fans on both sides don outrageous outfits to show their loyalty and support for their team, providing an added level of entertainment during games.

7. Friendly Banter

Another reason why this rivalry is so funny is because there is always plenty of friendly banter between fans on both sides leading up to game day! Whether it’s a playful jab at each other or an inside joke shared amongst friends, there’s never any shortage of laughs when these two rivals face off.

8. Clashing Style of PlayComedic Jokes about the Green Bay and Chicago Teams

Why did the Green Bay Packers fan cross the road? To get to the Super Bowl!

What do you call a Chicago Bears fan in a suit? The defendant!

Why don’t Bears fans tell jokes? Because they don’t want to give away their punch lines!

What did the Green Bay fan say when his team won? I told you so-LOMBRE!

The Fake Statue of Liberty Play

One of the most famous plays in Packers and Bears football history was the Fake Statue of Liberty play. It happened during a game at Soldier Field in 1985. With seconds left on the clock and the Bears leading by two points, Packers quarterback Lynn Dickey dropped back and faked like he was going to throw a pass. Instead, he handed off to running back Eddie Lee Ivery, who took it all the way for a touchdown and a Packers victory. The play was so successful that it has been copied by teams around the league ever since.

The Fumblerooski Play

Another memorable play from a Packers and Bears game is known as the Fumblerooski play. It happened during a game at Lambeau Field in 1988. With just seconds left on the clock, Packers quarterback Don Majkowski mishandled a snap from center and fumbled it forward toward halfback Jamie Mueller. Mueller scooped up the ball and ran it into the end zone for what would become one of the most memorable plays in NFL history.

The ‘Hail Mary’ Play

The ‘Hail Mary’ play is perhaps one of the most famous plays in football history, but it has its origins in a game between the Packers and Bears at Lambeau Field in 1989. With just seconds left on the clock, Packers quarterback Don Majkowski launched a desperation pass downfield into what seemed like certain disaster for Green Bay—until wide receiver Sterling Sharpe leapt up between two defenders to make an improbable touchdown catch that sealed an improbable victory for Green Bay.

The ‘Freezer Bowl’ Play

One of the most remarkable plays from any Packers-Bears game came during what is known as “the Freezer Bowl” – probably one of the coldest NFL games ever played. During this 1985 NFC Championship Game at Soldier Field, Bears quarterback Jim McMahon threw an incomplete pass intended for Willie Gault that was intercepted by Packers safety Mark Murphy. Murphy then returned it 79 yards for what would prove to be the winning touchdown.

The ‘Miracle at Lambeau’ Play

In 1993, another remarkable play occurred between these two teams when Bears kicker Kevin Butler attempted a 50-yard field goal with no time remaining on the clock. His kick sailed wide right and appeared doomed to failure until Packers defensive back LeRoy Butler jumped up with his hands extended to deflect it into another part of field goal where it split between two upright posts – giving Green Bay an improbable win over their arch rivals.

The ‘Instant Replay’ Play

In 1990, instant replay finally made its way into NFL games when referee Red Cashion stopped play during a game at Soldier Field after he spotted something he thought might be worthy of review – namely that Bears wide receiver Dennis McKinnon had actually scored on fourth down rather than being stopped short as everyone had initially thought. After review, Cashion reversed his call and awarded McKinnon with what would become known as “the instant replay touchdown”.

The ‘Monday Night Miracle’ Play

Perhaps one of the most dramatic plays ever between these two teams was “the Monday Night Miracle” which occurred during an explosive Monday night matchup at Lambeau Field in 1989. Trailing late in the fourth quarter, Packers quarterback Don Majkowski threw an incredible 40-yard Hail Mary pass that was caught by wide receiver Sterling Sharpe—giving Green Bay an improbable come-from-behind win over their arch rivals.

Trash Talk During Games

Trash talk is an essential part of any intense sporting event, and those who can come up with the most creative and witty comments are usually the ones who end up winning the verbal battle. While a lot of trash talk can be considered immature and unsportsmanlike, it’s hard to deny that some of it is downright hilarious. Here are 6 times players got creative with their trash talk during games.

The first instance comes from basketball player Kobe Bryant, who was notorious for his trash talk during games. During a game against the Chicago Bulls, Bryant yelled at one of their players “You can’t guard me – I’m too quick for you!” It was an amusing jab that had the crowd erupting in laughter and applause.

Another example comes from NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who once said to one of his opponents “You’re not even worth my time.” This bold statement was met with boos from the opposing team’s fans, but Rodgers wasn’t fazed – he had made his point loud and clear.

In tennis, Novak Djokovic is known for his off-the-wall quips when playing against an opponent. During a match against Rafael Nadal, Djokovic shouted “Come on! You hit like a girl!” The comment sent shockwaves through the crowd as everyone erupted in laughter at Djokovic’s bold claim.

Baseball player Jose Bautista also has a history of coming up with creative trash talk during games. In one famous incident, he yelled at an opposing player “Do you even know who I am?” The comment was met with cheers from Bautista’s teammates and jeers from the other team’s fans.

In hockey, Sidney Crosby is known for his sharp tongue when playing against opponents. During one game he shouted “Your moves are so predictable! No wonder you’re losing!” His comment drew laughs from both teams as well as some applause from Crosby’s fans in attendance.

Finally there’s soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo who once said to an opposing defender “Get out of my way or I’ll make you regret it!” This comment sent chills down everyone’s spine as they realized Ronaldo meant business – they knew they were in for a long night if they didn’t take him seriously!

Overall, these 6 instances prove that players can be incredibly creative when it comes to talking trash during games – whether it be funny comments or intimidating warnings. It shows just how much passion and emotion goes into these sports and why we love them so much!


The Packers vs Bears rivalry is one of the most intense and historic in the NFL. While there are definitely some funny moments between them, it’s also a rivalry that can turn serious in the blink of an eye. Whether it’s the players, coaches, or fans, everyone involved takes the rivalry seriously and looks forward to seeing how it will play out each year. With two great teams and plenty of history to draw from, this rivalry should remain strong for years to come.

No matter which team comes out on top, it’s clear that both sides will always be passionate about their team and the rivalry. The Packers vs Bears matchup always brings out the best in each team and provides an opportunity to witness some of the best football in the league. So while there may be some funny moments between them, these two teams will always remain rivals and provide great entertainment for fans each season.

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