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Michael Jackson memes are an incredibly popular way of expressing popular culture through humorous images. The late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, has become a pop culture icon since his passing in 2009 and his legacy lives on through the countless memes that have been created in his honor. These memes range from funny to nostalgic and are often used to express appreciation for the legendary singer’s music and dance moves. From heartwarming tributes to silly jokes, Michael Jackson memes offer something for everyone.Michael Jackson memes have been a popular online phenomenon for many years now. From funny images to clever puns, these memes often make light of the King of Pop’s famous moves, iconic style, and captivating songs. Whether they’re a tribute to his legacy or a humorous way to express one’s opinions about his music, Michael Jackson memes have become a fun and popular way to pay homage to the late singer.

The King of Pop’s Most Iconic Memes

Michael Jackson was an icon of the music world, and his legacy lives on today in the form of some of the most iconic memes ever created. From the infamous “Thriller” dance to his trademark “moonwalk,” Jackson’s moves have become some of the most recognizable images in pop culture. His lyrics and performances inspired generations, and his influence is still felt today in many different forms. One of those forms is through the internet, where people have taken some of his most memorable moments and turned them into hilarious memes. Here are some of Michael Jackson’s most iconic memes:

The Thriller Dance

The classic music video for Michael Jackson’s hit song “Thriller” has become one of the most parodied videos in history. The iconic dance scene has been recreated countless times, with people adding their own unique spin to it. From funny costumes to hilarious facial expressions, this meme has become one of Michael Jackson’s most beloved.

The Moonwalk

No discussion about Michael Jackson’s meme legacy would be complete without mentioning his signature move: The Moonwalk. This complex dance move has been reenacted around the world, with people attempting to channel Jackson’s spirit as they glide across any surface they can find. Whether it’s on a stage or a sidewalk, this classic move will forever be associated with Michael Jackson and his legacy.

Bad vs Smooth Criminal

The two music videos for Michael Jackson’s songs “Bad” and “Smooth Criminal” have been combined into a hilarious meme that features clips from both videos side by side. It usually features Michael singing one line from “Bad” followed by a still image from “Smooth Criminal.” This funny juxtaposition has become an internet favorite and is sure to make you chuckle every time you see it.

Michael Jackson was an icon whose influence will be felt for years to come, and these iconic memes are just one way that his legacy will continue to live on through pop culture. Whether it’s a dance move or a funny image, there are countless ways to pay tribute to this legendary performer—and we’re sure he would have appreciated all of them!

Most Popular Michael Jackson Memes

Michael Jackson is an iconic figure in popular culture and his legacy lives on through the many memes that have been created to honor his music, dance moves and fashion. From the Thriller video to his white glove, Jackson’s influence on pop culture has been undeniable. And with the advent of social media, it’s no surprise that some of the most popular Michael Jackson memes have become ubiquitous. From funny pictures to clever quotes, these Michael Jackson memes are sure to bring a smile to any fan’s face.

One of the most popular Michael Jackson memes is based on an image from his classic “Thriller” video. The meme depicts a young Michael wearing a red leather jacket and pointing at something off-screen with a look of terror in his eyes. This meme has come to represent fear or surprise, though it can also be used as an expression of joy or excitement. It’s also become a popular way to show appreciation for something special or unexpected.

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Another one of the most popular Michael Jackson memes is based on his hit song “Beat It.” The meme features an image of Jackson in midair with both arms extended outward like he’s about to take flight. It’s become synonymous with the phrase “you got this,” which is often used as encouragement for someone who is facing a difficult task or situation. This meme can also be used more generally as a way to show support and enthusiasm for anything that requires hard work or dedication.

Finally, one of the most iconic images associated with Michael Jackson is his signature white glove. This image has been turned into numerous memes over the years, with some featuring humorous captions such as “That feeling when you’re so fly you don’t need anything else.” Others feature more inspirational captions like “When life gets tough just keep dancing.” No matter how it’s used, this classic image will always remind fans of what made Michael Jackson such an important part of pop culture history.

Enjoying a Laugh with Michael Jackson Memes

The world lost a music icon when Michael Jackson passed away in 2009. But his memory lives on through his music and, lately, through hilarious memes. Michael Jackson memes have taken over the internet, and they’re sure to bring a smile to your face.

These funny images have become so popular that they’ve earned their own hashtag – #MJMeme – on Twitter. You can find just about any kind of meme related to the King of Pop; from dancing moves to his infamous fashion choices. Some of them are even more creative than others, and often feature humorous captions that will make you chuckle or laugh out loud.

Whether you’re a fan of Michael Jackson or not, it’s impossible not to enjoy these lighthearted memes. They bring back fond memories of the artist who revolutionized the music industry and brought joy to millions of people around the world. Plus, they provide an opportunity for us to reflect on his legacy with a bit of humor and appreciation for all he has accomplished in his lifetime.

So if you’re looking for a good laugh, why not take some time to check out these hilarious Michael Jackson memes? They’re sure to put a smile on your face and help you remember why we all love him so much.

How to Make Your Own Michael Jackson Meme

Memes have become an important part of the way we communicate online, and it’s no surprise that some of the most popular memes feature Michael Jackson. Creating your own meme featuring the King of Pop is a great way to show your appreciation for his music and legacy. Here are some tips on how to make your own Michael Jackson meme.

Choose an Image

The first step in creating a Michael Jackson meme is selecting an image of him to use. You can find plenty of images online, or use one from your own collection. If you’re going for a classic image, look for photos from his famous music videos, like Thriller or Beat It – these will make great background images for your meme.

Write Your Caption

Once you have a photo selected, it’s time to start crafting your caption. This is where you get to be creative and make the meme truly yours! Keep in mind that memes often feature puns or wordplay – something that will catch people’s eye and make them laugh. Think about what kind of message you want to convey with the meme, then come up with a clever way to express it in just a few words.

Find Some Inspiration

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas for your Michael Jackson meme, take some time to browse through other memes featuring him online. This can help spark inspiration and give you some ideas for captions that could work for your own creation. Just remember not to copy someone else’s work – come up with something unique!

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Put it All Together

Once you have both the image and caption chosen, it’s time to put all the pieces together and create your final product! There are several tools available online that allow you to easily add text onto images – just upload both elements into the tool and adjust the font size and placement until everything looks perfect. Once you’re happy with how it looks, save the file as an image file or share directly from the website.
And there you have it – your very own Michael Jackson meme! Show off your creative skills by sharing on social media or sending it to friends via email or messaging apps.

What Makes Michael Jackson Memes So Popular?

Michael Jackson has been a popular figure in the music industry for many years, and his influence has only grown since his death. His music, style, and persona have inspired countless people around the world, and this is reflected in the many Michael Jackson memes that have emerged over the years.

Memes are a great way to express emotions or opinions about a person or topic without having to use words. They can be funny, thought-provoking, or simply serve as a way to show appreciation for someone’s work. As such, it’s no surprise that Michael Jackson memes are so popular.

One of the things that makes Michael Jackson memes so popular is their versatility. Many of them can be used to comment on current events or social issues while still paying homage to his legacy. For example, there was a meme circulating after the Black Lives Matter protests where an image of MJ was edited to show him wearing a hat with the phrase “justice for all” written on it. This image was shared widely as a way to show support for the protests and demonstrate solidarity with those who were fighting for change.

Another factor that has contributed to Michael Jackson memes’ popularity is their simplicity. A lot of them are cleverly edited versions of actual photos of him or used GIFs from his music videos, making them easy to understand and relate to even if you don’t know much about him or his work. This allows people from all walks of life to appreciate and enjoy them without having any prior knowledge about him or his music.

Finally, it’s clear that Michael Jackson memes are so popular because they allow fans from around the world to show their appreciation for him in an entertaining and creative way. They also serve as reminders of how influential he was during his life and how much he still resonates with people today. All these things make Michael Jackson memes some of the most beloved online content today!

Celebrating the Legacy of Michael Jackson Through Memes

Since the untimely death of Michael Jackson in 2009, the King of Pop’s legacy has been kept alive by fans around the world. From concerts to documentaries, there is no shortage of tributes to his life and work. In recent years, another way fans have chosen to celebrate his life is through memes – light-hearted jokes that capture some aspect of Michael Jackson’s life and fame. Whether it’s an iconic dance move or a song lyric, these memes pay homage to one of history’s most beloved performers.

Memes have become a popular way to share information and content across the internet, and with millions of Michael Jackson fans around the world, it was only natural that he would eventually be featured in them. As with other celebrities that have been memorialized in meme form, such as Freddie Mercury or John Lennon, there are now countless images honoring Michael Jackson online. From funny images featuring his famous dance moves to tongue-in-cheek comments about his wardrobe choices, these memes provide a unique way for fans to express their admiration for him while also providing some much-needed comic relief from time to time.

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The themes behind many of the Michael Jackson memes often reflect some aspect of his career or personal life – from references to his songs and videos, to jokes about his eccentricity or fashion choices. Some popular images feature throwbacks from iconic moments in his career, such as when he moved an entire audience during a performance at Wembley Stadium, while others focus on more humorous aspects of his life such as when he famously held up a baby over a balcony railing at Berlin’s Hotel Adlon in 2002.

No matter what kind of reference is used in these memes – whether it’s serious or lighthearted – they all serve as reminders that even though Michael Jackson may no longer be with us physically, he will never be forgotten thanks to all the fans who still celebrate him through social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. These memes provide an entertaining way for fans to remember him and share their appreciation for all that he achieved during his lifetime.

From funny images featuring his famous dance moves to tongue-in-cheek comments about his wardrobe choices; these memes celebrate the legacy of one of history’s greatest icons – Michael Jackson – allowing generations past and present pay tribute in their own special way!

Remembering Michael Jackson Through His Hilarious Memes

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, left an indelible mark on the music industry and the world. His music and legacy have inspired countless fans around the world throughout his career. Even after his untimely passing in 2009, Michael Jackson’s legacy lives on through his iconic songs and unforgettable performances. But in recent years, he has also become a beloved source of meme material.

From dancing to jokes about his fashion choices, Michael Jackson’s memes are just as entertaining as they are hilarious. They often feature iconic moments from his legendary music videos or public appearances. His infamous moonwalk is a favorite meme theme for many people, with countless GIFs and images being created to celebrate it.

Michael Jackson’s fashion choices also make for a great source of meme material. Many memes poke fun at his unique style or use pictures of him wearing ridiculous outfits from various concerts or public appearances. Even though these jokes might seem mean-spirited, they actually honor the King of Pop and showcase how beloved he still is today.

These memes don’t just bring laughter to fans; they also keep Michael Jackson’s memory alive. Whenever someone shares one of these hilarious memes online, it’s a reminder that even though he’s gone, he’ll never be forgotten. The King of Pop will live on in our hearts and memories forever – and through these hilarious memes as well!


The Michael Jackson meme has become a timeless classic, with its ever-evolving popularity and comedic value. No matter the occasion, a Michael Jackson meme is sure to make any situation better. From its initial use as a way to mock the eccentric singer to its current use in a variety of contexts, it seems that Michael Jackson memes will remain popular for years to come. Although some might say the meme has become overdone or overused, there’s no denying that it’s hard to resist laughing at these internet classics.

No matter what your opinion on the King of Pop is, you have to admit that Michael Jackson memes are an entertaining way to bring some lightheartedness into any situation. Whether you’re looking for a laugh or just want something fun and silly, there’s no shortage of Michael Jackson memes out there. So get ready to enjoy some classic MJ humor!

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