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Memes have become an integral part of pop culture and the Last of Us franchise is no exception. Last of Us memes are some of the funniest, most creative pieces of content out there, and they have been around for years. Whether it’s from the original game or the sequel, fans have been able to express their love for the franchise in a humorous way. These memes often depict characters from the game, as well as scenes from both stories. They can also be used to make light of classic moments, poke fun at certain aspects of the games or even serve as a reminder that it’s okay to laugh about our favorite characters sometimes.The internet is full of hilarious Last of Us memes! From Joel and Ellie’s iconic relationship to the terrifying infected, there’s no shortage of funny moments from the game that have been turned into memes. Some of the funniest Last of Us memes include pictures of Joel and Ellie in awkward situations, like when Joel is trying to teach Ellie to drive for the first time. There’s also the classic meme featuring a picture of Tess alongside a quote from her about not wanting to live in a world that has “everything but hope.” Finally, there’s the meme about Ellie being so skilled at killing that even Santa Claus isn’t safe from her wrath!

The Last of Us Memes that Capture the Game Perfectly

The Last of Us is a critically acclaimed, post-apocalyptic action-adventure video game from Naughty Dog. It has been widely praised for its engaging story, characters, and incredible visuals. The game has also become a pop culture phenomenon, spawning countless fan art, cosplay and even memes. Memes have become an effective way to express the feelings that the game evokes in players. Here are some of the best Last of Us memes that perfectly capture the essence of the game.

The first meme is a clever play on words with Joel and Ellie’s iconic phrase “This is not a game.” The meme shows Joel and Ellie standing in front of a video game console with Joel saying “It might be a game for you but it’s our life.” This simple yet powerful message is one that resonates with many players who have experienced the emotional journey through Last of Us.

Another popular meme shows an image of Joel and Ellie with the caption “You can’t play The Last Of Us on easy mode.” This meme speaks to the difficulty level of the game and how it can often be too challenging for many players. It also serves as a reminder that in order to truly appreciate the story and characters, you must commit to playing through all its grueling levels.

Finally, there’s the famous “This isn’t a walk in the park” meme which features an image of Joel and Ellie walking through a post-apocalyptic landscape with Joel saying “This isn’t exactly what I had in mind when I said let’s go for a walk in the park.” This humorous yet poignant line perfectly captures both Joel and Ellie’s struggles as they traverse this dangerous world together.

These are just some examples of how memes can be used to express feelings about The Last Of Us. Whether it’s nostalgia or admiration for its characters and story, these memes are sure to capture your emotions about this amazing video game.

The Last of Us Custom Memes

The Last of Us was a 2013 action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog for the PlayStation 3. This critically acclaimed game has since spawned a sequel, The Last of Us Part II, and multiple spinoffs. But along with these games, the franchise has also gained a cult following on social media, with many fans creating custom memes to show their love for the series. From funny one-liners to clever references to in-game events, these custom memes are sure to make any fan smile. Whether you’re a diehard fan or just curious about what all the fuss is about, these custom memes provide an entertaining look at one of gaming’s most beloved franchises.

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One popular meme features protagonist Joel looking at Ellie in shock, with the caption “Me when I see new Last of Us content”. This meme pokes fun at fans’ eagerness for The Last of Us Part II and other related releases. Another popular meme shows Joel and Ellie in combat gear, with the caption “When someone asks if I’m ready for The Last of Us Part II”. This meme shows the anticipation that many fans have for the sequel’s release.

Fans also enjoy creating memes that reference specific moments from the game itself. For example, one popular meme features Joel and Ellie climbing onto a truck while being pursued by an enemy vehicle. The caption reads “When I’m trying to avoid spoilers”. This humorously references how players must sometimes go out of their way to avoid spoilers when playing through new games like The Last of Us Part II.

So whether you’re a diehard fan or just discovering The Last of Us franchise for yourself, these custom memes are sure to put a smile on your face. They offer an entertaining way to express your love for this beloved series and keep up with all the latest news and developments in gaming culture.

The Best Last of Us Memes on the Internet

The Last of Us is an iconic video game franchise with a passionate fanbase. This beloved series has spawned countless memes and jokes, and it’s not hard to find some of the best ones out there on the internet. From hilarious homages to Ellie and Joel’s relationship, to more macabre takes on the game’s intense plot twists, it’s easy to find a meme for any type of fan. Here are some of the best Last of Us memes you can find online.

One popular meme is a take on Joel and Ellie’s dynamic duo – with an added twist. The meme features an image of Joel and Ellie together, but instead of their iconic weapons, they are armed with a pair of Nintendo Switch controllers. It highlights how the two characters look up to each other as if they were gaming partners rather than just partners in crime.

Another popular meme references one of the game’s most heart-wrenching moments when Joel had to choose between saving his daughter or sacrificing her for the sake of humanity. The meme features Joel sitting in a chair, with a picture frame featuring his daughter on one side, and a picture frame featuring humanity on the other side. It perfectly captures Joel’s inner turmoil as he struggles with this difficult choice.

Finally, one hilarious meme references one of The Last Of Us’ most iconic characters – Clickers. The meme features an image of Clickers from the game, but instead of their terrifying faces, they are sporting wide smiles and goofy expressions. This lighthearted take on these deadly monsters is sure to bring a smile to any fan’s face!

These are just some examples of some of the best Last Of Us memes you can find online. Whether you’re looking for something funny or something thought-provoking, there is sure to be something out there that will make you chuckle or make you think about your favorite characters in new ways!

The Last of Us 2 Memes that Are Too Good to Ignore

The Last of Us Part 2 has been a critically acclaimed video game and its fans have been eagerly awaiting its release. As such, it’s no surprise that the game has spawned a plethora of hilarious memes. From poking fun at the game’s graphics to making light of its intense difficulty, these Last of Us 2 memes are too good to ignore.

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One popular meme that has emerged from the game is one featuring Ellie, the main protagonist. In the meme, Ellie is seen looking determinedly at an enemy and saying “You think you can take me? You don’t even know who I am”. This meme plays on Ellie’s tenacity and strength as she faces down her enemies in the game.

Another popular meme involves Joel, the other main character in The Last of Us Part 2. In this meme, Joel is seen trying to open a door with his bare hands as he says “I can do this! I’m Joel!”. This meme pokes fun at Joel’s determination and stubbornness in trying to accomplish his goals, no matter how difficult they may be.

A third popular meme from The Last of Us Part 2 features Abby, another major character in the game. In this meme, Abby is seen holding a gun as she says “I’m not afraid”. This is a reference to Abby’s courage and strength as she confronts some of the toughest enemies in the game. It also serves as a reminder that even though Abby may sometimes feel scared or overwhelmed by her situation, she still has what it takes to overcome any obstacle she may face.

These are just some of the funny Last of Us 2 memes that have been circulating on social media recently. From poking fun at characters’ personalities to celebrating their courage and determination, these memes capture what makes The Last of Us Part 2 so great: its characters and their incredible stories.

Hilarious Last of Us 2 Joke Memes

The Last of Us Part II is an action-adventure game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. While the game has been met with critical acclaim, some fans have also been expressing their love for the game through hilarious memes. From Joel’s funny expressions to Ellie’s sarcastic remarks, these memes are sure to make you laugh.

One of the most popular memes involves Joel’s face when he is asked to help Ellie with something. In the game, Joel often makes a funny expression when he is asked to do something he doesn’t want to do. This meme has been used countless times online in various situations where someone is being asked to do something they don’t want to do.

Another popular meme revolves around Ellie’s sarcastic comments in the game. In the Last of Us Part II, Ellie often makes sarcastic remarks that leave other characters speechless. This meme has become especially popular among gamers who can relate to Ellie’s snarky attitude towards life in general.

Finally, there are plenty of memes about the relationship between Joel and Ellie in the game. Some of these jokes focus on how their relationship evolves throughout the story while others simply poke fun at Joel and his love for his daughter. No matter what type of joke it is, these memes are sure to make fans laugh out loud!

The Last of Us Fan Art That Became Meme-Worthy

The Last of Us is one of the most popular video games out there, and its characters have become some of the most recognizable in the gaming world. Fans of the game have created a plethora of fan art that has become iconic and meme-worthy. From simple images to detailed sketches, these pieces have become some of the most beloved fan art out there.

One particular piece that stands out is an image by artist @bobsmade showing Joel and Ellie embracing each other in a warm embrace. This image has been widely shared online and used as a meme by fans to express different feelings and emotions. The image has become so popular that it has been featured in various forms, including t-shirts, mugs, and posters.

Another fan art piece that has gained widespread recognition is a sketch by artist @kellen_mccarthy depicting Ellie in her signature crouching pose with her bow drawn back. This image has also been widely shared online and is often used as a symbol for strength and resilience. The image has also been featured on products like t-shirts, mugs, and posters.

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Perhaps one of the most popular images created by fans is an illustration by artist @peter_gleeson depicting Joel surrounded by fireflies. This image evokes a sense of peace and serenity, making it perfect for use as a meme or inspirational quote when trying to convey certain feelings or ideas. This illustration has been featured on products such as mugs, t-shirts, stickers, pins, and more.

The Last of Us fandom continues to thrive with fans creating amazing works of art inspired by the game’s characters. From simple sketches to detailed illustrations, these pieces have become iconic symbols for fans all over the world who appreciate the beauty and emotion behind them. Whether you’re looking for inspiration or just want something to brighten your day, these fan art pieces are sure to do just that!

Among Us vs. The Last Of Us Memes

The world of gaming has been blessed with many iconic titles that have spawned an entire culture of memes and references. Among them, two games that have become particularly popular for their meme potential are Among Us and The Last Of Us. Both games have created a unique set of memes, often referencing their characters, stories, or mechanics in hilarious ways.

The humor from the memes derived from Among Us is based largely on the game’s anarchic nature and the mischievous behavior of its characters. Players often joke about the game’s tendency to throw out unexpected twists or the various schemes they can come up with to sneak around or fool other players. It’s easy to see why this kind of humor has been so well-received among fans.

The Last Of Us also has its share of funny memes, but they tend to be more serious in nature. Many of them focus on the relationships between Joel and Ellie or between other characters in the game, reflecting the deep emotional connection shared between them. Others poke fun at some of the more absurd moments from The Last Of Us, like Ellie’s notorious dance moves or Joel’s over-the-top reactions to certain situations.

No matter which game you prefer, it’s clear that both Among Us and The Last Of Us have created a wealth of hilarious memes that have given us plenty of opportunities to laugh and enjoy ourselves while playing these beloved titles. As long as we keep playing, there will always be new content for us to enjoy!

Final Words

The Last of Us memes have been an integral part of the gaming community since its release in 2013. Although they may be silly and sometimes even crude, the memes have become a way for gamers to bond over shared experiences and express their love for the game. They also serve as a reminder that, even in the darkest of times, we can still have a good laugh.

These memes are sure to remain popular for years to come, as they are constantly evolving and being adapted into new formats. In fact, some of the most successful Last of Us memes are those that have stood the test of time and are still being shared today.

Whether it’s reliving favorite moments from the game or just having a laugh with friends, Last of Us memes offer something for everyone. No matter what you’re looking for, there’s sure to be something out there that you can enjoy and appreciate. So don’t be afraid to dive into this world and explore all that it has to offer!

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