Komodo hype?

The komodo dragon is the largest living lizard in the world. They are found in the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, and Gili Motang. In captivity, komodos can live up to 30 years, but in the wild their lifespan is much shorter. Komodos are carnivorous and eat mostly carrion, but they will also eat mammals, birds, and reptiles.

Komodos have been making headlines recently as more and more people are becoming interested in these ancient creatures. Some zoos and wildlife parks have even started offering komodo dragon encounters, where visitors can get up close and personal with these amazing animals.

If you’re thinking about adding a komodo dragon to your menagerie, do your research first. These animals require special care and are not suitable for everyone. But if you’re up for the challenge, a komodo dragon can make a fascinating and rewarding pet.

What is the hype surrounding Komodo?

Komodo is a new cryptocurrency that promises to be a more secure and anonymous version of Bitcoin. Some people are very excited about it and think it has a lot of potential.

What is Komodo hype?

The origins of the KomodoHype meme are unclear, but it is believed to have started on Twitch in 2018. The meme features a cropped, face-focused image of the original stock image, which has been circulated online for years.

The original emote was added to Twitch’s pool of global emotes in 2012. It was removed by Twitch on January 6, 2021, following comments from Gutierrez on his Twitter page supporting civil unrest during the 2021 storming of the United States Capitol.

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What replaced PogChamp

We are excited to announce that the komodo dragon has been selected as the new permanent replacement for the PogChamp emote on Twitch! We feel that this selection perfectly embodies the spirit of Twitch and we are sure that our community will love it.

PJSalt is one of the most popular emotes on Twitch and is often used to laugh at someone who is a sore loser or getting frustrated with a game.

What animal is PogChamp?

The community has spoken and they want the PogChamp Machine to be fired up! The new face of Pog is the KomodoHype emote, which is a beloved Twitch chat emoticon. Let’s activate it and make it the new PogChamp!

Kappa is a Japanese water spirit that is often represented as a turtle. DeSeno was a huge fan of Japanese mythology and named his emote after this spirit. Kappa is known for being mischievous and is often associated with trickery.

What is a Pogger?

Poggers is a term used to express enthusiasm, mostly among online gamers. The original emoji, known as PogChamp, was a screenshot of a streamer known as Gootecks making an excited face.

KEKW is an expression used on the streaming platform Twitch that suggests laughter. The term is derived from KEK, which is the Koreans’ equivalent of the North American or European LOL. The Spanish Laughing Guy image is often used to represent KEKW on Twitch.

What does Sadge stand for

It’s so sadge that so many people are struggling with depression and sadness. I hope that more people will seek help and get the support they need.

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Twitch has decided to ban the PogChamp emote after the face depicted in the emote, professional Street Fighter player Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez, published tweets Wednesday questioning whether more “civil unrest” would take place after a woman was shot at the Capitol. This decision comes as Twitch attempts to distance itself from content and creators that could be seen as inciting violence.

What did Gootecks say to get PogChamp removed?

Gootecks’s comments are both insensitive and inflammatory. His call for civil unrest in response to the death of a woman during the Capitol siege is callous and tone-deaf. It’s clear that Gootecks is more concerned with furthering his own agenda than with showing any empathy or respect for those who have lost their lives.

Passion Orange Guava, or POG, is a popular game that is named after the drink of the same name. POG is a fast-paced game that is played with a deck of cards, and the object of the game is to collect as many POGs as possible. The game is popular among video game streamers, and the term “POG” is commonly used to refer to the game.

What is the most toxic emote

The 5 most toxic emotes in Fortnite are:

1. Tomato Throwing
2. Dance Moves
3. Clown Emoticon
4. Take the L
5. Laugh it Up

The usage of emotes can be a great way to communicate with others and express yourself; however, there are a few guidelines that should be followed in order to ensure that your emotes do not cross the line into hateful or harassing conduct. First and foremost, avoid using any offensive slurs, symbols, or stereotypes in your emotes. Secondly, do not use emotes to bully or harass others. Finally, do not use emotes to threaten violence against others or yourself. If you follow these simple guidelines, you should be able to use emotes without causing any harm.

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Who is Twitch’s biggest streamer?

As of January 2023, the most-followed Twitch channel belongs to Ninja with more than 184 million followers. Pokimane is the most-followed female Twitch streamer on the platform She has 93 million followers.

POG is a popular drink that originated in the early 1970s from Haleakala Dairy on the island of Maui. The drink is a blend of three juices: passionfruit, orange, and guava. POG has a loyal following among fans of the island lifestyle.


The komodo dragon is a lizard that can reach up to 10 feet in length and weigh over 200 pounds. It is the largest living species of lizard. These lizards are found in the Indonesian islands of Komodo, Rinca, Flores, and Gili Motang. Komodo dragons are carnivores, feeding on a variety of animals including deer, pigs, carrion, and smaller lizards. Due to their large size and powerful claws, komodo dragons can be dangerous to humans.

The komodo dragon is one of the most feared predators on the planet. But are they really as dangerous as they seem? Some people believe that the komodo dragon is nothing more than a overhyped lizard. While they may be smaller than some of the other predators out there, they are still a force to be reckoned with.

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