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Keith Olbermann is an American political commentator, sports journalist, author and television host. He is best known for his work on MSNBC’s Countdown with Keith Olbermann and ESPN’s SportsCenter. Olbermann has become a popular figure in the media due to his outspoken views on politics and current events. His presence on social media has also made him a popular subject of many memes. These memes often portray Olbermann in a humorous light, poking fun at his often intense commentary.A ‘Keith Olbermann Meme’ is an image, video, or phrase that has been shared widely through social media platforms such as Twitter and Reddit, typically featuring the face of news commentator Keith Olbermann. Most of these memes are humorous in nature and poke fun at Olbermann’s outspoken political views.

Where Did the Keith Olbermann Meme Come From?

The Keith Olbermann meme has been around for a few years now, and it has become one of the most popular memes on the internet. The meme is based on an image of Keith Olbermann, a CNN political commentator, and features him making an angry expression. The quote accompanying the image reads “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!” This phrase is taken from the 1976 movie Network and became associated with Olbermann due to his passionate political commentary.

The meme first appeared in 2009 on the website 4chan, where it quickly gained popularity among users. It was then reposted on Reddit and other social media sites, where it gained even more traction. The meme soon spread throughout the internet and spawned dozens of variations, including versions featuring other popular political figures such as Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump. In addition to being used as an expression of anger or frustration, the meme is also used ironically to make light of a situation or poke fun at someone’s comments or behavior.

Despite its popularity, it is unclear exactly who created the original Keith Olbermann meme. It remains one of the most enduring memes on the internet today and continues to be shared and enjoyed by people around the world.

What Are Some Examples of Keith Olbermann Memes?

Keith Olbermann is an American sports and political commentator who has been featured on ESPN, MSNBC, and Current TV over the years. He has gained a large following on social media due to his outspoken views and quick wit, making him a popular subject for memes. Some examples of Keith Olbermann memes include:

The “Olbermann Angle” meme is a reference to the style of reporting that Keith often utilized during his time at MSNBC. The meme typically features Keith giving his opinion in an exaggerated manner while wearing a bright yellow sweater.

The “K-O” meme is an image of Keith’s face accompanied by the caption “K-O!” This is usually used as a playful way to announce someone’s defeat or victory in an argument or discussion.

The “Savage Olbermann” meme features an image of Keith with the caption “Savage Olbermann,” which references his unapologetic approach to discussing controversial topics. This meme is often used when someone wants to express their approval for someone being bold and outspoken.

The “Keith Olbermann Thumbs Up” meme is an image of Keith giving a thumbs up with the caption “With me so far?” This meme is usually used to indicate agreement or support for someone else’s opinion or point of view.

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Overall, Keith Olbermann has become a popular subject for memes due to his unique style and irreverent attitude towards politics and current events. These examples are just a few of the many memes that have been created in honor of this iconic figure.

How Has the Keith Olbermann Meme Evolved?

The Keith Olbermann meme has evolved over the years to become a popular Internet sensation. The meme began as an image macro featuring Olbermann’s face, with captions typically mocking his outspoken political views. Over time, other images and videos of Olbermann have been used to create memes, often using his signature catchphrase “I’m Keith Olbermann and I’m here to help.”

The evolution of the Keith Olbermann meme has been driven by the growing popularity of the comedian and political commentator on social media platforms. His Twitter account in particular has become a major source of humor for fans of his work, and many of his witty comments have been turned into memes. Furthermore, Olbermann himself has embraced the meme culture surrounding him by frequently retweeting fan-made memes featuring his own likeness.

In recent years, the Keith Olbermann meme has also taken on a more serious tone as it has been used to comment on important social issues. For instance, several images featuring him have been used to criticize President Trump’s policies, including one that reads “I’m Keith Olbermann and I’m here to stop you.” Additionally, some fans have also created memes in support of various social justice movements such as Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ rights.

Overall, it is clear that the Keith Olbermann meme has evolved significantly over time from a simple image macro into something that is much more meaningful for fans of his work. It is now seen not only as a source of entertainment but also as a form of activism for those who wish to use it for political commentary or other causes.

How Are People Using the Keith Olbermann Meme Online?

The Keith Olbermann meme has been widely used online since his days at MSNBC, and people have been using it to make humorous comments about current events and politics. The meme typically features a picture of Olbermann with a caption that is either a joke or an opinion about the current political climate. It has become popular among people of all political persuasions, as it allows for both lighthearted and serious commentary.

Many people have used the meme to comment on current events or to express their opinion on political issues. For example, when President Donald Trump made his infamous “covfefe” tweet in 2017, many people created memes featuring Olbermann’s face with captions mocking Trump’s statement. Others have used the meme to make jokes about the recent government shutdown or to comment on the 2020 presidential election.

The Keith Olbermann meme has also been used to create humorous takes on pop culture topics. For example, some memes feature Olbermann’s face alongside captions that reference popular movies or television shows. Others are more topical and feature captions related to current trends or celebrity news stories.

In addition to being used for comedic purposes, the Keith Olbermann meme has become a source of inspiration for many people. Some have used it as a way to motivate themselves by posting images of Olbermann alongside inspiring quotes or messages of encouragement. Others use it as a way to recognize or honor influential figures in politics and other areas by creating memes featuring their faces and words of appreciation from Olbermann himself.

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Overall, the Keith Olbermann meme has become an iconic part of online culture, providing both entertainment and motivation for its users. Whether one is looking for a laugh or some words of wisdom, there is sure to be an appropriate use for this versatile meme online.

What Is the Significance of the Keith Olbermann Meme?

The Keith Olbermann meme is a popular internet meme that has become a symbol of political satire and social commentary. The meme originally featured a picture of former MSNBC news anchor Keith Olbermann, accompanied by a quote from one of his famous interviews. The quote reads: “I’m not trying to be controversial, I’m just trying to be honest.” Since its debut in 2011, the meme has been shared widely on social media platforms, often with humorous or satirical captions.

The meme has come to represent an honest and straightforward approach to discussing politics and social issues. It serves as a reminder that it is possible to have open and honest conversations about difficult topics without resorting to inflammatory rhetoric or personal attacks. This makes it an important tool for fostering civil discourse in the online world.

The popularity of the Keith Olbermann meme also reflects his status as a beloved figure in the world of political punditry. Olbermann’s career spans decades, and he has been known for his often-provocative approach to covering current events and politics. Despite receiving criticism from some quarters, he is still widely admired for his no-nonsense approach to news coverage and opinion-making.

Ultimately, the significance of the Keith Olbermann meme lies in its ability to inspire civil discourse and remind people that honest conversations about politics are still possible – even in an era where many people would rather retreat into their own echo chambers than engage constructively with opposing views.

The People Behind the Popularity of the Keith Olbermann Meme

The Keith Olbermann meme has taken the internet by storm, with countless variations making their way around social media. But who are the people behind its popularity? The answer is a mixture of fans, critics, and influencers who have all had a hand in helping to spread the meme.

One of the most influential figures when it comes to promoting the meme is undoubtedly Keith Olbermann himself. He has been vocal in both his support and criticism for different aspects of American politics, and his presence on Twitter and his own show on MSNBC have helped to draw attention to his memes. His fans have also been instrumental in sharing and retweeting these images, helping to keep them alive online.

In addition to Olbermann’s fans, there have been countless critics who have latched onto the meme as a way to express their feelings about American politics. From Donald Trump supporters to Bernie Sanders supporters, everyone has found something amusing about Olbermann’s image and used it as an outlet for their feelings about current events.

Finally, there are also a number of influencers who have helped spread the meme around online. From popular YouTubers like PewDiePie to celebrities like Stephen Colbert, many have used their platforms to help popularize certain versions of the meme or even create their own versions for others to enjoy.

All in all, it is clear that there are many people behind the popularity of this meme – from Keith Olbermann himself all the way down to everyday people with large followings on social media platforms. Without each one contributing in some way or another, it is unlikely that this meme would be as popular as it is today.

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The Keith Olbermann Meme and Contemporary Culture

The meme of Keith Olbermann has become a popular representation of contemporary culture. The meme is based on the American political commentator, Keith Olbermann, and focuses primarily on his comedic rants about current events. The meme has become popular due to its ability to capture the satiric nature of modern discourse in a succinct and humorous way.

The Keith Olbermann meme reflects the current state of political discourse in America today. It speaks to the growing distrust and cynicism of politics, as well as the feeling of helplessness many people have when it comes to having a say in the political process. The meme also speaks to the importance that satire has taken on in contemporary discourse, as it allows for a more direct expression of discontent with certain issues or policies without resorting to vulgarity or violence.

The popularity of this meme also reflects the increasingly vocal nature of people’s opinions on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. People are becoming more comfortable expressing their opinions openly, and this is reflected in how widely shared this particular meme has become. Additionally, it speaks to how quickly memes can spread online, as they can be shared across multiple platforms very quickly.

Finally, this particular meme reflects a broader trend in modern culture towards using humor to cope with difficult situations or topics. Humor provides an outlet for people to express their feelings without getting too serious or angry about them. This helps create an atmosphere where difficult conversations can take place without creating further divisions between groups or individuals.

Overall, the popularity of the Keith Olbermann meme reflects many aspects of contemporary culture today such as politics, satire and social media usage. It speaks to how people are becoming more comfortable expressing their opinions openly online and how humor can be used as an effective coping mechanism when facing difficult topics or conversations.


The Keith Olbermann meme is a great way to show support for the political commentator and TV host. It is also a great way to spread awareness about the current political climate in the United States and the issues that have been raised by both sides. By creating these memes, people are able to share their feelings and opinions with others in a fun and creative way. Furthermore, it allows them to connect with other individuals who share similar views or simply show their support for Keith Olbermann. In conclusion, the Keith Olbermann meme has been an effective tool for people to express their thoughts in an entertaining manner, while still making a statement about what they believe in.

The Keith Olbermann meme has proven to be a popular trend on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. It is likely that this trend will continue as long as people feel passionate about the topics raised by Olbermann. As such, it should be expected that more individuals will use this meme to express their opinions and perspectives on various issues going forward.

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