happy birthday i was going to drink anyway meme

The ‘Happy Birthday I was Going to Drink Anyway’ meme is one of the funniest and most relatable memes on the internet. It usually involves a picture of someone holding a beer or other alcoholic beverage with the caption ‘Happy Birthday, I was going to drink anyway’. The intention behind this meme is to make light of birthdays and the fact that many people don’t actually enjoy celebrating them. It’s a way to poke fun at the idea that people will often use any excuse as an opportunity to drink.A happy birthday drinking meme is an image, video, or piece of text that is created for the purpose of celebrating a birthday with alcohol. It typically includes a funny phrase or image related to drinking, often paired with a celebratory message such as “Cheers to another year!” or “Let’s raise a glass to [name] on their special day!” Happy birthday drinking memes are popular among young adults and college students, but can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Funny Birthday Drinking Memes

Birthdays are a time for celebration, and what better way to celebrate than with a few drinks? Whether you’re looking for a laugh or just want to show your friends you care, funny birthday drinking memes can be the perfect way to kick off the festivities. From classic jokes to off-the-wall puns, these hilarious memes will make sure everyone has a good time. So grab your favorite beverage and get ready to break out the laughs!

For those who prefer a classic approach, there’s no shortage of funny birthday drinking memes that will have everyone chuckling. From humorous quotes about alcohol to silly jokes about shot glasses, there’s something here for every taste. Of course, if you’re feeling particularly creative you can always try making your own custom meme or two!

If you’re looking for something a bit more off-the-wall, there are plenty of funny birthday drinking memes that will really get the party started. From ridiculous puns about beer and wine to goofy one-liners about mixology, these funny images will definitely have everyone in stitches. And don’t forget to share some of your own too – after all, laughter is the best medicine!

No matter what kind of birthday celebration you have planned, funny birthday drinking memes are sure to keep the laughter flowing. So why not take some time out of your day and check out some of these hilarious images? You never know when one might inspire you or your friends – and that’s always worth celebrating!

Birthday Drinking Memes

Birthdays are special occasions for everyone, and no birthday celebration is complete without a few drinks! Drinking memes have become increasingly popular over the last few years, and they make for great birthday gifts or decorations. Whether you’re planning a wild night out with friends or just want to add a little humor to your birthday celebration, here are the top 10 Birthday Drinking Memes that you need to check out.

The first meme on our list is the “Cheers” meme. This classic image features two people clinking glasses of beer and wishing each other a happy birthday. It’s perfect for any drinking-themed birthday celebration and will certainly get your guests in the mood for a night of fun.

The next meme on our list is the “Bottoms Up” meme. This one features an image of two people raising their glasses in a toast, with the caption “bottoms up!” This is great for anyone who loves to celebrate their birthday with a few drinks and it also makes for an excellent decoration at any party.

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The third meme on our list is the “Party Hard” meme. This hilarious image features two people partying hard while drinking beer from red solo cups. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to let loose and party hard on their birthday, and it will definitely help get your guests in the mood for some fun!

The fourth meme on our list is the “Happy Birthday Shot” meme. This classic image features two people taking shots of alcohol in celebration of someone’s birthday. It’s perfect for anyone who loves to take shots on their special day, and it will definitely put a smile on everyone’s face!

The fifth meme on our list is the “It’s My Birthday Shot Glass” meme. This classic image features a shot glass with the caption “It’s My Birthday…Let’s Party!” It’s perfect for anyone who loves to take shots on their special day, and it will certainly put your guests in the mood to celebrate in style.

The sixth meme on our list is the “Let The Good Times Roll” meme. This hilarious image features two people having fun while drinking beer from red solo cups with the caption “Let The Good Times Roll!” It’s perfect for anyone who wants to get wild and crazy at their birthday party, and it will certainly create an exciting atmosphere!

The seventh meme on our list is the “Birthday Binge Drinkers” meme. This classic image features two people drinking from red solo cups with the caption “It’s A Birthday Binge Drinking Party! Let’s Get Wasted! It’s Perfect For Anyone Who Wants To Really Let Loose And Have A Good Time On Their Special Day!

The eighth meme on our list is the “Time To Celebrate With Drinks” meme. This hilarious image features two people clinking glasses of beer with the caption: “It’s Time To Celebrate With Drinks!” It’s perfect for anyone who loves to celebrate birthdays by having a few drinks, and it will surely create an atmosphere of excitement at your party!

The ninth meme on our list is The “Drink Up” Meme which shows two people clinking glasses together while saying “Drink Up!” This one has become increasingly popular as an expression used when celebrating birthdays so if you’re looking for something funny yet meaningful this one might be just what you’re looking for!

Finally, we have The “Birthday Beer” Meme which shows two friends sharing beers while celebrating someone’s special day with smiles all around them. Whether you’re planning an intimate gathering or hosting a huge bash this one can help set just right festive tone that everyone can enjoy.

There you have it – 10 of some of best Birthday Drinking Memes that are sure to make your next event even more memorable than ever before! So grab some drinks, gather your friends together, get ready to laugh out loud – because everyone knows that Birthdays are always better with alcohol involved!.

Classic Happy Birthday Drinking Memes

It’s no secret that alcohol has been a part of many special occasions throughout history, including birthdays. To celebrate the day in style, many people choose to partake in a few drinks. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that drinking memes have become popular when it comes to celebrating birthdays. From funny sayings to photos of alcohol-filled glasses, there are plenty of classic happy birthday drinking memes to choose from.

One popular meme for birthday celebrations is the “Birthday Beer” meme. This classic meme features a beer bottle with the words “Happy Birthday!” written on it along with an image of a cake or other food item. This is often accompanied by the phrase “Here’s to you and your birthday beer!”. This is a great way to honor someone’s special day while also having fun with alcohol!

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Another classic happy birthday drinking meme is the “Cheers for Birthdays!” meme. This one features an image of two hands clinking together with glasses full of liquor or beer. The saying typically goes something like “Cheers for birthdays! May your glass never be empty!” This is a great way to celebrate someone’s special day while also raising a glass to them!

Finally, there’s the “Time To Celebrate!” meme which features an image of an alcoholic drink such as champagne or wine along with the phrase “Time To Celebrate!”. This is typically accompanied by some humorous saying such as “It’s your birthday and time to get tipsy!” or something similar. This is definitely one of the most popular happy birthday drinking memes out there and it can make any celebration even more fun!

No matter which classic happy birthday drinking memes you choose, they are sure to bring some laughter and fun into any celebration. So raise your glass and toast to another year well-lived (and another drink well-enjoyed!) with these classic happy birthday drinking memes!

Birthday Drinking Memes

Birthday celebrations are often associated with drinks and alcohol. So, why not add a unique twist to the party by using creative birthday drinking memes? These memes can be used to make a statement, show appreciation or just for fun. Here are some ideas for creative birthday drinking memes that you can use at your next birthday celebration:

Funny Birthday Memes

Funny birthday memes are a great way to add some humor to the party. You can use popular cultural references or create your own meme with an image and humorous message. For example, you could create a meme featuring someone taking a sip of their drink and saying “It’s my birthday and I’ll drink if I want to!” Another idea is using a classic movie quote like “I’ll have what she’s having” from When Harry Met Sally.

Quotes About Drinking

Quotes about drinking are another great way to customize your birthday drinking meme. You can choose inspirational quotes about life and happiness or funny quotes about alcohol. Some of these quotes could be simple like “A toast to good friends and the drinks that keep us together!” or more humorous ones like “I don’t always drink on my birthday, but when I do, it’s usually champagne!”.

Personalized Birthday Memes

For something extra special, you can create personalized birthday memes featuring pictures of the guest of honor. These memes can be funny or sweet depending on your preference. For instance, you could feature a picture of them holding up a glass with the caption “Cheers to me! It’s my birthday!” Or if they are not into drinking alcohol, you could feature them with their favorite beverage and say something like “It’s my birthday and I’m celebrating with this delicious (insert favorite beverage here)!”

Overall, there are many different ways to create creative birthday drinking memes for your next celebration. Whether you decide to go with funny jokes, inspirational quotes or personalized messages; these memes will definitely put a fun spin on your next gathering. So get creative and have some fun creating unique and memorable birthday drinking memes for all of your guests!

Happy Birthday Drinking Meme Captions

Birthday celebrations are incomplete without drinks! Whether you are looking for something funny to post on social media, or a witty caption for your group photo, here are some funny and inspiring drinking-themed birthday meme captions that will make everyone laugh.

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“Cheers to another year of not being old enough.”

“It’s my birthday, so I’m gonna sip until I can’t feel my face anymore.”

“Sending out birthday wishes with a side of tequila!”

“Time to party like it’s [Your Age]!”

“After all these years I still don’t know what I’m doing on my birthday…but I do know which bottle to open first!”

“Birthdays come around every year, and so do the bottles of wine!”

“It’s not just any birthday – it’s [Your Age] and fabulous!”

“I’m [Your Age], but I feel like 21 again when I’m drinking!”

“Aging is mandatory but partying is optional – let’s party!”


Why do we celebrate birthdays? Because it’s a reminder that you’ve survived another year without drowning! What did the balloon say to the pin on a birthday? “Hi, Buster!” Why did the birthday cake go to the doctor? It was feeling crumby. What did the witch put on her birthday cake? An extra hex-raiser.


What is a pirate’s favorite beer? Arrrrrrrr-gula Beer. Why don’t scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything. What did one beer say to the other beer at the bar? “Let’s get out of here before one of us starts a fight.” Why don’t skeletons ever order dessert at restaurants? They don’t have any guts.

Binge-Drinking Birthday Jokes and Memes

Birthday celebrations often include alcohol, and it can be easy to overdo it. But when it comes to drinking too much, it’s important to remember that the consequences can be serious. That’s why it’s important to keep your drinking in check, even when celebrating a milestone birthday. To lighten up the mood around drinking on birthdays, here are some funny jokes and memes about binge-drinking that you can share with your friends.

Q: What do you call someone who drinks too much on their birthday?
A: A birthday binger!

Q: Why did the birthday girl keep drinking?

A: She wanted to have a “happy” birthday!

Meme One: A picture of a person with a glass of beer in hand, with the caption “When someone asks me how many drinks I’ve had on my birthday.”

Meme Two: A picture of a person lying face down on the floor with empty beer bottles surrounding them, with the caption “Me after one too many drinks on my birthday.”

These jokes and memes might seem silly, but they remind us of the importance of responsible drinking. Even though birthdays are meant for celebrating, it’s best to keep your alcohol consumption in check so you don’t end up in an embarrassing or dangerous situation.


The ‘Happy Birthday I Was Going To Drink Anyway’ meme has surely become a popular way to express the sentiment of celebrating someone’s birthday. It’s funny, lighthearted, and captures the idea of celebrating a birthday despite any other circumstances that may be going on. While it can be used to indicate a celebratory mood, it can also be used to express a more sarcastic or ironic tone. No matter how it is used, this meme is sure to bring a smile to the person being celebrated and those around them.

Ultimately, this meme is an expression of joy and appreciation for someone special in our lives. It is a great way to show that we are thinking of them even when life may be challenging or difficult. This meme is sure to make anyone feel loved on their special day!

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