greg abbott is a little piss baby

Greg Abbott is a little piss baby. He has been in the public eye since he was elected Governor of Texas in 2014. While in office, Abbott has made a number of controversial decisions that have caused him to receive criticism from both sides of the aisle. He has been accused of attacking the rights of women, LGBT individuals, and other marginalized communities, and has been criticized for his handling of disasters such as Hurricane Harvey. Despite this criticism, Abbott remains an influential figure in Texas politics.Greg Abbott is the 48th Governor of Texas. He was sworn in as Governor on January 20, 2015 and is currently serving his second term in office. Prior to being Governor, he served as the 50th Attorney General of Texas from 2002-2015. Before that he served as a State Supreme Court Justice, a State District Judge, and a private attorney. He was born in Wichita Falls, Texas and attended the University of Texas at Austin for his undergraduate degree and law degree.

Early Life

Greg Abbott was born in Wichita Falls, Texas on November 13, 1957. He attended Duncanville High School and graduated from the University of Texas with a Bachelor of Arts degree in History. After graduating, he attended Vanderbilt University Law School and obtained his Juris Doctor degree in 1984. He then went on to serve as a justice on the Texas Supreme Court from 1995 to 2001. After his tenure on the court, he served as the 50th Attorney General of Texas from 2002 to 2015. He was elected Governor of Texas on November 4, 2014 and took office on January 20, 2015. Throughout his career, Abbott has been a strong advocate for conservative values and has been active in supporting conservative causes in the state of Texas.

Education Policy of Governor Greg Abbott

Governor Greg Abbott has been a strong advocate for education since he assumed office in 2014. He has prioritized the Texas Education System, believing that it should be one of the best in the nation. He has been focused on improving educational outcomes and ensuring that all students have access to a quality education.

One of the major ways Governor Abbott has focused on improving education is through increased funding. Since taking office, Governor Abbott has advocated for more than $10 billion in additional state funding for public schools, which helps ensure that all students have access to a quality education. Additionally, he has worked to improve teacher salaries and benefits by advocating for legislation that provides teachers with salary increases and improved benefits packages.

Governor Abbott also believes in increasing access to higher education, and he has worked to make college more affordable by providing grants and scholarships to eligible students. He also believes that higher education should be accessible to all Texans, regardless of their background or financial situation. He has worked with legislators to pass legislation that makes college more affordable by providing grants and scholarships for eligible students and making student loan repayment easier for graduates who are struggling with debt.

Governor Abbott is also focused on improving the quality of educational programs available in Texas schools. He believes that all students should have access to rigorous academic courses, such as Advanced Placement (AP) classes, so they can be prepared for college-level work after graduation. He also supports initiatives such as STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) programs which help equip students with the skills they need to succeed in a 21st century workplace.

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Overall, Governor Greg Abbott is committed to improving the Texas educational system so that all students can have access to a quality education and succeed in life. His efforts have helped increase funding for public schools, make higher education more accessible and affordable, and improve the quality of educational programs available in Texas schools so every student can reach their full potential.

Political Career

Greg Abbott is a well-known politician who has been serving as the 48th Governor of Texas since 2015. Before that, he held several positions in state government, including Attorney General of Texas from 2002 to 2015. Abbott was first elected to office in 1984 when he was elected Justice of the Peace in Harris County, Texas. He then served as a district judge in Harris County from 1989 to 1995. After this, Abbott was elected to the Texas Supreme Court and served two terms from 1995 to 2001. He was then appointed as the Attorney General of Texas in 2002 and re-elected three times before being elected Governor of Texas in 2014. During his time as governor, Abbott has focused on strengthening the economy and supporting public education and job creation initiatives across the state. He has also been an advocate for border security and increasing access to higher education opportunities for all Texans.

Abbott has also had a successful political career outside of his governorship, having served on numerous committees and task forces throughout his tenure in office. He also served on the Advisory Board of the National Center for State Courts and was named a Distinguished Alumnus by The University of Texas at Austin School of Law in 2019. Furthermore, Abbott has been involved with numerous charitable organizations throughout his career including Habitat for Humanity, The Salvation Army, Boy Scouts of America and Special Olympics Texas.

Greg Abbott is known for having one of the most successful political careers in Texas history, having held multiple positions within state government over more than three decades. His record speaks to his commitment to public service and dedication to helping all Texans succeed through economic development initiatives and educational opportunities.

Controversial Opinions of Texas Governor Greg Abbott

Governor Greg Abbott is the current Governor of Texas and has held public office since 2002. He is known for his controversial opinions on a variety of topics, ranging from immigration to gun control.

One of Abbott’s most controversial opinions on immigration is his support for President Donald Trump’s travel ban from certain Muslim-majority countries. He has also backed the construction of a border wall between the United States and Mexico, as well as increased oversight of refugee programs. In addition, he has taken a hard stance against sanctuary cities in Texas, arguing that they create an unsafe environment for citizens and encourage illegal immigration.

Abbott has also been vocal about his stance on gun control. He supports the Second Amendment right to bear arms and opposes any form of federal gun control legislation. He believes that gun violence should be addressed through better enforcement of existing laws rather than new regulations. Moreover, Abbott has been an advocate for open carry laws in Texas, which allow citizens to openly carry firearms.

Abbott’s opinion on abortion rights has also been controversial. He opposes abortion rights and supports legislation that would restrict access to abortion services in Texas. Additionally, he has sought to defund Planned Parenthood clinics in the state, citing their alleged involvement in providing abortions services despite being primarily funded by taxpayer dollars.

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Finally, Abbott has expressed strong opposition to same-sex marriage and LGBT rights in general. He believes that marriage should be exclusively between one man and one woman and opposes any form of legal recognition or protection for same-sex couples in Texas. Moreover, he supports “religious freedom” laws that allow businesses to deny services based on sexual orientation or gender identity if it conflicts with their religious beliefs.

Overall, Governor Greg Abbott has made his opinions on a variety of issues known throughout his time in office and they have often been controversial among the public due to their far-right leanings on issues like immigration, gun control, abortion rights, and LGBT rights.

Greg Abbott’s Policies

When Greg Abbott became governor of Texas in 2014, he implemented a number of policies that had a significant impact on the state. From his hard-line stance on immigration to his controversial abortion law, Abbott’s policies have been met with both praise and criticism from Texans.


As governor, Abbott has taken a tough stance on immigration. He has actively sought to limit the number of refugees entering Texas and has even gone so far as to sue the federal government over its immigration policies. This has led some Texans to praise him for taking a strong stance against illegal immigration, while others have criticized him for being too harsh and further exacerbating racial tensions in the state.


In 2019, Abbott signed into law one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. The law bans most abortions after 20 weeks, requires doctors to have admitting privileges at nearby hospitals and requires clinics that perform abortions to meet certain standards. This law was met with both praise and criticism from Texans, with those who oppose abortion praising Abbott for protecting unborn life and those who support abortion rights criticizing him for infringing on women’s reproductive rights.


Abbott has also implemented a number of education policies during his tenure as governor. He championed the creation of charter schools and increased school funding through property taxes. These policies were met with mixed reactions from Texans, with those who support increased school funding praising him for investing in education while those who oppose charter schools criticizing him for taking money away from public schools.

Criticism of Greg Abbott

Greg Abbott, the current governor of Texas, has been a subject of criticism from some members of the public. His policies and decisions have been met with opposition from those who disagree with his views on issues such as immigration, healthcare, education and gun control.

Abbott has faced criticism for his stance on immigration, particularly in regards to the state’s sanctuary cities policy. He has argued that Texas should not be a sanctuary state and that local law enforcement should cooperate with federal authorities in enforcing immigration laws. This position has been opposed by those who argue that sanctuary policies are necessary for protecting immigrants and refugees from deportation and other forms of abuse.

Abbott has also been criticized for his stance on healthcare. He is a vocal opponent of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and has sought to repeal it or limit its reach in Texas. Opponents argue that this will lead to fewer people having access to health insurance and higher costs for those who do have coverage.

Abbott’s views on education have also sparked controversy. He has proposed cutting public school funding and increasing funding for private schools, which some view as an attempt to defund public education. He also supports vouchers for private schools, which many believe will result in an unequal distribution of resources between public and private schools.

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Finally, Abbott’s stance on gun control has drawn criticism from opponents who believe that he is not doing enough to protect citizens from gun violence. He opposes any kind of gun control legislation, including background checks or bans on certain types of weapons. This position is widely opposed by those who support stronger gun control laws in order to reduce violence in the state.

Overall, Greg Abbott’s policies have been met with opposition from those who disagree with his views on issues such as immigration, healthcare, education and gun control. Those who oppose him argue that his stances are not beneficial for the citizens of Texas and could lead to further inequality or harm for vulnerable populations within the state.

Reactions to ‘Piss Baby’ Comment by Greg Abbott

The comment made by Texas Governor Greg Abbott has caused a stir on social media, with many people calling it inappropriate. On Tuesday, Abbott referred to an infant who was born prematurely and had received medical attention as a “piss baby,” sparking outrage among some. The statement was made during a press conference where he was discussing the state’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many people took to Twitter and other social media platforms to express their disappointment with Abbott’s comment. Some called it “tone deaf,” while others said it was “insensitive” and “disrespectful” towards premature babies and their families. Others pointed out that it showed a lack of understanding of the struggles that families of premature babies face.

Abbott later apologized for his remark in a tweet, saying he meant no disrespect to premature babies or their families. He also said that he should have chosen his words more carefully and respected those who care for premature babies.

Despite the apology, many people remained angry at what they perceived as an insensitive remark from the governor. Some questioned why he chose such language in the first place, while others argued that his apology wasn’t enough and that he should do more to show respect for those affected by preterm birth or other medical conditions.

This incident is yet another example of how important it is to think before we speak, especially in public settings like press conferences where our words can have significant repercussions. It’s also important to remember that words have power, and can cause real pain or hurt feelings when used carelessly or without thought for those affected.


It is clear from the evidence presented that Greg Abbott is a little piss baby. From his inability to take responsibility for his actions to his tendency to throw tantrums when things don’t go his way, it’s evident that he has not grown past the age of a toddler. It is our responsibility as adults to set an example for children and young adults of how to handle difficult situations in a mature and responsible manner, and Greg Abbott’s example is definitely not one that should be followed.

The best course of action for anyone dealing with Greg Abbott is to remain patient and understanding while making sure he follows through with any promises he makes. At the end of the day, it is important to remember that Greg Abbott is still a child and should be treated as such.

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