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Drill Sergeant memes have been circulating the internet for some time now. They typically depict a stern-looking, authoritative figure barking orders at a group of people in an intimidating manner. From the classic “Drop and give me 20!” to the more modern “What did I just say?!” these memes often play on the idea of military discipline. While they can be humorous, they also highlight how strict and demanding drill sergeants can be.1. “It’s Not A Democracy Anymore!”
2. “Is That Your Final Answer?”
3. “I’m Not Asking, I’m Telling”
4. “You Better Move It, Private!”
5. “I Ain’t Your Mama”
6. “Drop And Give Me 20!”
7. “Your Momma Couldn’t Make You Any Dumber”
8. “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You”
9. “You Call That Running?”
10. “You Can’t Handle The Truth!”

Funniest Military Drill Sergeant Memes

Military drill sergeants are some of the most feared figures in the armed forces, but they can also be some of the funniest. From their hilarious pranks to their sometimes outrageous orders, drill sergeants have been immortalized in some of the funniest military memes. Here are some of the funniest military drill sergeant memes that will make you laugh out loud.

The first meme is a classic: “What did I just tell you?!”. This meme features a drill sergeant yelling at his troops, with an extra emphasis on the word “just”. It’s a great way to remind people that sometimes, you don’t need to say much for your message to be heard.

The next one is also quite popular: “You can’t spell ‘obey’ without ‘O-B-E’.” This meme features an image of a drill sergeant with a caption that reads “you can’t spell ‘obey’ without ‘O-B-E.’ It’s a humorous take on how important it is for military personnel to obey orders from their superiors.

Another funny military drill sergeant meme is “I’m not yelling, I’m motivating.” This one features an image of a drill sergeant yelling at his troops while pointing at them. It’s a funny way to remind people that sometimes, it takes more than just words to motivate someone.

The last meme on our list is “You can sleep when you’re dead.” This classic military saying has been given new life in this funny meme featuring an image of two soldiers sleeping while a stern-looking drill sergeant looks on disapprovingly. It’s sure to give anyone who sees it pause and think about how important it is to stay alert and stay alive!

These are just some of the funniest military drill sergeant memes out there. Whether you’re in the military or not, these memes can provide some lighthearted entertainment and maybe even help motivate you when needed!

A Collection of the Best Drill Sergeant Jokes

If you’re looking for a good laugh, look no further than a drill sergeant joke. Drill sergeants are often the butt of jokes due to their strict and demanding nature, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a sense of humor. Here we’ve gathered some of the best drill sergeant jokes out there, guaranteed to get you chuckling.

One classic joke is about a drill sergeant who is giving orders to his platoon and says “I don’t want to hear any excuses!” One of the privates responds “Sir, I don’t have any excuses.” To which the drill sergeant replies “That’s the spirit! Now get back in line!”

Another popular joke is about a drill sergeant who notices a private writing something down on paper during formation. He calls out to him and says “What are you doing?” The private responds “I’m writing down your orders, sir.” The drill sergeant then says “No need for that – just remember what I said and do it!”

Another one goes like this: A new recruit asks his drill sergeant why he has to march so much during basic training. The drill sergeant replies “It’s so that when you get into battle, you’ll know what it feels like when someone else is making all the decisions for you.”

Finally, there’s this one: A drill sergeant is giving orders to his platoon and notices one soldier not paying attention. He yells out “Private Jones! What are you doing?” Private Jones looks up from his daydreaming and responds “Thinking about how glad I am that I joined the Army, sir!” The drill sergeant simply smiles and says “Good man – carry on!”

So if you’re in need of a good laugh or two, don’t forget about these classic drill sergeant jokes. Whether they make you chuckle or groan in disapproval, these jokes are sure to bring some lightheartedness into your day.

The Funniest Drill Instructor Quotes

Drill Instructors have a way with words that can make even the most stressful situation light and humorous. From their witty one-liners to their creative analogies, Drill Instructors are full of wisdom and entertainment. Here are some of the funniest quotes from Drill Instructors that they’ve uttered over the years:

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“If you ain’t cheatin’ you ain’t tryin’!” – This is a great quote for when your recruits need a little bit of extra motivation to push through an intense workout.

“You all look like a pack of starved wildebeests!” – A classic line that Drill Instructors use when they want to emphasize how terrible their recruits look after a long march or exercise session.

“This ain’t no beauty pageant; this is boot camp!” – A reminder that this isn’t the time or place for vanity, but rather hard work and dedication.

“You’ll never make it in the real world if you don’t learn how to follow orders!” – A warning to those who think they can do whatever they want without consequence.

“If I had a dollar for every mistake you make, I’d be rich by now!” – An amusing way of pointing out that mistakes cost money and valuable time.

“There’s no crying in boot camp!” – A phrase made famous by Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own. It’s often used to keep morale up when times get tough.

These are just some of the funniest quotes from Drill Instructors over the years. While they may seem humorous, there’s always an underlying message behind them. So next time your recruits need some motivation, try using one of these quotes–you may just get a laugh or two out of it!

20 Epic Drill Sergeant Pictures

Some of the most iconic images in the military are of drill sergeants. These hard-charging, highly-trained instructors help mold new recruits into soldiers. From the iconic “hit the dirt” to a more modern take on basic training, these 20 epic drill sergeant pictures capture some of the best moments from boot camp.

The first picture is of a Marine staff sergeant during a “hit the dirt” exercise, where recruits must hit the ground at the sound of their drill sergeant’s command. This image shows just how serious a drill sergeant can be when it comes to instilling discipline in their troops.

The second image is of an Army drill sergeant and his recruits during basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia. This photo captures an instructor as he leads his troops through physical conditioning drills and obstacle courses. The intensity on his face shows just how tough he is on his troops, yet his demeanor also shows that he cares for them as well.

The third picture is of two female Navy drill sergeants at Parris Island, South Carolina. This image captures a moment between instructors and recruits as they go through marksmanship training with M16 rifles. It’s inspiring to see women take on this important role in the military and demonstrate strength and leadership among their peers.

The fourth photo is of an Air Force instructor putting his recruits through intense physical training exercises at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. The determination on his face shows that no recruit will be left behind as they strive to reach their goals during basic training.

The fifth picture is of an Army drill sergeant shouting orders to her recruits during a field exercise at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. This photo captures her determination and strength as she pushes her troops to excel beyond their expectations during basic training exercises such as land navigation or weapons handling techniques.
The sixth image is of a Marine Corps instructor leading a bayonet charge during recruit training at Parris Island, South Carolina. The ferocity on his face captures the intensity of this important exercise which teaches new Marines how to use close-quarter combat techniques against an enemy force if necessary.

The seventh picture is of two Army instructors leading their platoon during a night march at Fort Benning, Georgia. The darkness in this photo adds to the intensity as the instructors lead their troops through treacherous terrain while teaching them how to navigate unfamiliar areas using only their map and compass skills.

The eighth image is of a Navy drill sergeant conducting classroom instruction with her recruit platoon at Great Lakes Naval Station in Illinois. This photo shows that even though these instructors are tough on their troops, they also care about teaching them all they need to know for success in the Navy.

The ninth photo is of an Air Force instructor demonstrating battlefield tactics with her trainees at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. This image shows just how dedicated these instructors are when it comes to teaching new airmen all they need to know about combat tactics and strategies.

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Finally, the tenth picture is of an Army drill sergeant motivating his troops after completing an obstacle course at Fort Jackson, South Carolina .This inspiring photograph captures what it means to be part of something bigger than yourself—the pride and sense of accomplishment that comes from pushing yourself past your limits with help from your fellow soldiers and your instructor’s guidance.

These twenty epic pictures capture some amazing moments between instructors and trainees across all branches of military service—from Marine Corps “hit-the-dirt” exercises to Navy discipline drills—and show just how powerful these inspiring leaders can be when it comes time for new recruits to take up arms in defense

10 Of The Most Entertaining Drill Sergeant Memes

Drill Sergeants can be intimidating and strict, but their no-nonsense attitude makes them an ideal source of meme material. From the classic “I’m not shouting” to the more modern “Spin it!” memes, there are plenty of great drill sergeant memes out there. Here are ten of the most entertaining ones, guaranteed to make you laugh.

The first one features a drill sergeant yelling at a recruit with the caption “I’m not shouting, I’m just speaking in CAPS LOCK!” It humorously mocks the tendency of drill sergeants to speak in an overly loud manner.

Another popular meme shows a drill sergeant in full uniform standing in front of a group of recruits with the caption “Who said I was done? I never said I was done!” This joke highlights the drill sergeant’s habit of continuing to talk even when it seems like they’ve finished their rant.

The next meme features a drill sergeant pointing at someone and demanding “Spin it!” This one is often used to show someone trying to get out of doing something they don’t want to do.

The fourth meme features a drill sergeant pointing at two recruits with the caption “You two, GET A ROOM!” This is usually used as a joke about two people who are obviously flirting with each other.

The fifth meme shows a drill sergeant scolding someone with the caption “Do you think this is a game? It isn’t! Now drop and give me 20!” This one pokes fun at the drill sergeant’s tendency to demand push-ups whenever anyone makes a mistake or doesn’t follow instructions.

The sixth meme features a frustrated looking drill sergeant yelling at someone with the caption “I don’t care what your excuse is, there ain’t no excuse good enough for me! Now get back in line!” This joke highlights how inflexible some drill sergeants can be when dealing with excuses from recruits.

The seventh meme shows a drill sergeant pointing at someone while saying “You’re gonna wish you stayed in bed today soldier! Now get up and run laps around this field!” This one mocks how some drills sergeants like to push their recruits physically by making them do strenuous exercises.

Another funny one shows two recruits talking while standing next to each other with the caption “What did he say? I don’t know but he sounded mad about something…” This joke plays on how some drills sergeants have such loud voices that it can be hard for people nearby to understand what they’re saying.

The eighth meme

features two recruits talking while standing next to each other with the caption “What did he say? I don’t know but it sounded like he wanted us to do something… NOW!!’ This one pokes fun at how some drills sergeants have very specific instructions that must be followed immediately or else face consequences.

The ninth meme

depicts a stern looking drill instructor pointing at someone while saying “If you don’t shape up soon, you’ll end up as cannon fodder on my next mission!’ This joke highlights how some drills sergeants will not hesitate to use fear tactics in order to motivate their troops.


the tenth meme

shows an exasperated looking drill instructor yelling at his troops with the caption ‘What did I say?!’ This joke pokes fun at how some drills sergeants repeat themselves over and over again until they’re sure that everyone has heard them clearly.

Humorous Military Drill Sergeant Photos

Military drill sergeants are well known for their tough approach to training recruits and instilling discipline in the troops. But military drill sergeants can also be humorous and light-hearted, as evidenced by the numerous funny photos of them circulating on the web. These photos show how military drill sergeants can make a serious job interesting while still doing their duties. Some of the funniest photos feature military drill sergeants in unusual poses, making silly faces, and wearing outrageous costumes. Others depict them engaged in activities like playing video games or wearing bright wigs. Still more highlight their unique sense of humor, as they joke with recruits or make funny comments during drills. No matter what kind of photo you’re looking for, there’s sure to be one that will make you smile. So take a look at some of these humorous military drill sergeant photos and get a good laugh out of them!

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10 Hilarious Drill Instructor Comics

Drill instructors have a unique and important role in military training. They are responsible for instilling discipline and teaching the recruits the skills needed to become successful members of the armed forces. While they take their job seriously, they also know how to have fun with their recruits. Here are ten hilarious drill instructor comics that show just how funny these hard-working individuals can be!

The first comic is a classic: the drill instructor calling out a recruit who isn’t paying attention in class. In this comic, the drill instructor is seen yelling out “Hey! Wake up! I’m talking to YOU!” while pointing at a recruit who has his eyes closed and is snoring loudly. This comic perfectly captures the frustration of trying to teach someone who isn’t paying attention.

The second comic shows the drill instructor trying to motivate his recruits with an inspirational speech. In this comic, he is seen standing in front of a group of recruits and saying “If you want something, you have to go get it! Don’t wait for it to come to you!” The look on the recruits’ faces says it all – they know they’re in for a long day of training.

The third comic shows the drill instructor giving instructions during an exercise. In this comic, he is seen telling his recruits “No matter how tired you are, keep going! You’ll thank me later.” This funny yet inspirational message shows that even when times are tough, you can still press on and find success.

The fourth comic shows the drill instructor giving some advice on proper etiquette. In this comic, he is seen telling his recruits “Don’t salute with your mouth full!” This humorous reminder shows that even in military training, manners still matter.

The fifth comic features the drill instructor getting angry at his recruits for not following orders. In this comic, he is seen yelling out “I said left foot first! What part of that didn’t you understand?!” This classic drill instructor moment perfectly encapsulates his no-nonsense attitude towards military discipline.

The sixth comic features two different scenarios: one where a recruit is following instructions correctly and one where another recruit isn’t following them correctly. The drill instructor in this comic is seen saying “See? That’s how it’s done!” as he points at one recruit while scolding another for not doing what he was told. This comical situation perfectly illustrates why following orders is so important.

The seventh comic features another classic scenario: two recruits arguing over who should be doing what task first. The drill instructor in this scene is seen saying “It doesn’t matter who goes first as long as you both do your jobs!” This humorous reminder highlights why working together as a team is so important for success.

Finally, there’s an eighth comic which shows a recruit trying to explain himself after making an error. The drill instructor in this scene is heard saying “Let me guess…you thought I said ‘Go ahead and mess up.'” Despite his annoyance at having to correct mistakes yet again, there’s still an element of humor to be found here.

These eight hilarious comics show just how entertaining life can be when dealing with military drills instructors – whether they’re inspiring us or scolding us – we know they’ve got our back!


Drill sergeant memes have become a popular way for people to express their humor and creativity. They are often used to poke fun at authority figures or to represent the often-unspoken expectations of a ‘drill sergeant’ type. They allow us to take a lighthearted view of our day-to-day lives and to have a laugh at ourselves. Drill sergeant memes are an entertaining way of connecting with others and having some fun with the everyday things that we all do.

At the same time, it is important to remember that drill sergeant memes are just jokes and should not be taken too seriously. We should use them responsibly, making sure not to cause offense or harm anyone’s feelings. Ultimately, drill sergeant memes provide us with a unique way of expressing our feelings and having some fun in the process.

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