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Devotion is a powerful emotion that can inspire us, motivate us, and provide us with strength and courage during difficult times. It can also be expressed in many different ways, including through inspiring movie quotes. Here are some of the most moving devotion movie quotes that will lift your spirits and remind you of the power of dedication.”Everyone needs a little inspiration and encouragement from time to time. Here are some quotes from the movie Devotion to help uplift and inspire you:”

“The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe it’s possible.” – Arthur Curry

“The only thing standing between you and your goal is the story you keep telling yourself as to why you can’t achieve it.” – Arthur Curry

“Focus on what you can do, not what you can’t do.” – Arthur Curry

“Change your thoughts and you change your world.” – Arthur Curry

“You have the strength within yourself to persevere through any challenge life throws at you.” – Arthur Curry

“Your mistakes don’t define who you are. They are stepping stones that lead to greater understanding and self-discovery.” – Arthur Curry

“You have the power to create your own destiny, no matter how difficult it may seem. Believe in yourself and never give up!” – Arthur Curry

10 Best Devotion Movie Quotes

Movies often capture the spirit of devotion – whether it’s a romantic relationship, a family bond, or a cause worth fighting for. Here are some of the best movie quotes that express the power and beauty of devotion.

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry.” – Love Story (1970)

“You know what they say: ‘If you love something, let it go.’ If it comes back to you, it’s yours forever. If it doesn’t, then it was never meant to be.” – The Notebook (2004)

“I’m also just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.” – Notting Hill (1999)

“I will always be there for you.” – The Princess Bride (1987)

“No matter what I do I will always love you.” – Dirty Dancing (1987)

“In this world, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant. Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant.” – The Philadelphia Story (1940)

“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.” – Loretta Young in A Letter To Three Wives (1949)

“They say when you meet the love of your life, time stops; and that’s true.” – Big Fish (2003)

“Our hearts were bursting with love… like fireworks. ” – Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

“My heart is yours.” – Enchanted (2007)

Devotion Movie Quotes

Devotion is a 2020 Korean drama film starring Song Kang and Park Gyu-Young. The movie follows the story of a young couple, Ho-jung and Joon-ki, as they face their struggles in love and life. Here are some of the most iconic quotes from Devotion that will stay with you long after watching the movie.

“Love is an emotion that makes us feel weak and strong at the same time.” – Ho-jung

“Maybe love isn’t about running away from pain, but rather embracing it.” – Joon-ki

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“Love can make us feel crazy sometimes, but it’s okay to be a little crazy for someone you truly love.” – Ho-jung

“We don’t choose who we love, but we do choose how we love them.” – Joon-ki

“We can’t always control our feelings, but we can control how we act on them.” – Ho-jung

“Sometimes it takes time to find true love, but when you do, it’s worth the wait.” – Joon-ki

These quotes from Devotion show just how powerful and inspiring the movie is. Whether you’re looking for a bit of motivation or just need some words of encouragement, these quotes will help get you through tough times.

Iconic Quotes from Devotion Movie

Devotion is a movie that speaks volumes about the power of faith and spiritual devotion. It is a story about a woman who discovers the true power of faith and how it can help her overcome life’s struggles. The movie has some truly inspiring quotes that have become iconic in their own right. Here are some of the most memorable quotes from Devotion.

“The only way to find true happiness is to surrender our will to God’s will.” This quote speaks to the power of being devoted to God and trusting in His plan for our lives. By allowing ourselves to let go and trust in Him, we can find true contentment and joy in life.

“Our faith is what gives us strength to face whatever comes our way.” This quote speaks to the importance of having a strong faith in God, even when we are facing difficult times. Having a strong faith helps us to stay focused on our goals and gives us strength when we need it most.

“God never fails us, He only gives us lessons.” This quote reminds us that, no matter what we may be going through, God always has a plan for us and He never fails us. He may give us challenges or tests, but ultimately He teaches us lessons that will help make us stronger in the long run.

“Faith does not make things easy, it makes them possible.” This quote speaks volumes about the power of having faith in God even when things seem impossible. Faith allows us to see beyond our present circumstances and have hope for a better future, no matter how dark things may seem at the moment.

These quotes from Devotion speak strongly about the power of faith and spiritual devotion. By having faith in God, we can find peace and joy even during times of struggle or hardship. Faith helps keep our focus on what matters most – trusting in God’s plan for our lives!

1. “Life is a journey, not a destination.”

This famous quotation from the movie Devotion sums up the importance of enjoying the journey of life rather than just the destination. Life is filled with ups and downs, and it’s important to take time to appreciate the moments we have along the way. Even when things don’t go as planned, we can learn valuable lessons and grow from our experiences. It’s not only about reaching our goals but also about savoring every moment of life and making the most of it.

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2. “It’s never too late to start over.”

No matter how far we’ve come in life, it’s never too late to start over if something isn’t working out for us. We can make a fresh start anytime and pursue our passions with renewed vigor. We don’t have to be stuck in a dead-end job or relationship if it doesn’t make us happy – we can always try something new and create a better future for ourselves. This quote reminds us that we have the power to choose our own destiny, no matter how many times we’ve failed before.

3. “Nothing worth having comes easy.”

This quote serves as an important reminder that success takes hard work and dedication if we want to achieve anything worthwhile in life. Nothing worth having comes easy – whether it’s a successful career or meaningful relationships – and there are usually many obstacles to overcome before reaching our goals. It can be difficult at times, but by staying focused on what matters most, we can find success in whatever endeavor we choose to pursue.

Memorable Lines from Devotion Movie

Devotion is a film that will stay with you long after you watch it. It has some of the most memorable lines ever uttered in a movie. From heart-wrenching to laugh-out-loud funny, these lines will have you reflecting on life and all its complexities. Here are some of the most memorable lines from Devotion:

“Love is not an easy thing to understand, but never give up on it.” This line, spoken by the main character, expresses the struggle of understanding love and how important it is to hold onto it.

“Life is full of surprises and sometimes those surprises are good.” This line speaks to the beauty of life and how unpredictable it can be.

“The journey is often more important than the destination.” This line reminds us that sometimes the journey to our goals is just as important as reaching them, and we should savor every moment along the way.

“Be kind even when others are not.” This line speaks volumes about how we should treat others despite their behavior towards us.

“Life is too short to dwell on things that don’t make you happy.” This line encourages us to focus on things that bring joy into our lives rather than dwelling on negative experiences or emotions.

These lines from Devotion serve as a reminder of how powerful words can be in conveying messages about life and love. They remind us that life can be full of surprises, but we should never give up hope or lose sight of what really matters in life.

Powerful Quotations from Devotion Movie

Devotion is a 2018 Chinese film directed by Chen Sicheng. It tells the story of two brothers who are forced apart after their father’s death. The film is filled with powerful and inspiring quotes that will stay with you long after you’ve seen the movie. Here are some of the most powerful quotations from Devotion:

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“No matter how hard it may seem, never give up your dreams.” – Chen Sicheng.

“Life is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy every moment of it and never forget where you started from.” – Chen Sicheng

“Family is not just about blood, but also about loyalty and trust.” – Chen Sicheng

“Love can be found in the most unexpected places.” – Chen Sicheng

“No matter what life throws at you, never lose sight of what matters most in your life: family, friends, and faith.” – Chen Sicheng

“We must learn to forgive each other for our mistakes so we can move forward and grow together as one family.” – Chen Sicheng

The Most Meaningful Dialogue from Devotion Movie

The 2018 coming-of-age drama movie Devotion has some of the most meaningful dialogue. One of the most memorable lines in the movie is when the main protagonist, Lila, says “I’m no longer living my life for someone else – I’m living it for myself.” This line conveys a powerful message about how Lila has taken control of her own life and is making decisions based on her own desires, rather than what others expect from her.

Another meaningful dialogue from Devotion is when Lila’s father tells her “You don’t have to choose between doing what’s right and what’s good for you. You can do both.” This line emphasizes the importance of making decisions that are both beneficial to oneself and beneficial to society. It also shows that there is a balance between pursuing what one wants and doing what is morally right.

Finally, another powerful line in Devotion is when Lila’s grandmother tells her “Life isn’t perfect, but it can still be beautiful.” This line recognizes that life can be difficult at times, but it can still be full of joy and beauty if one chooses to appreciate it. It serves as a reminder that despite our struggles, we have the power to make our lives meaningful and beautiful.

Overall, Devotion contains many memorable lines that convey powerful messages about life and living it on one’s own terms. These lines provide us with valuable lessons about taking control of our lives and finding beauty even in difficult situations.


The movie Devotion shows us that true devotion is a powerful force – one capable of inspiring us to overcome our fears and doubts in order to achieve great things. It encourages us to have faith in ourselves and to never give up even when the odds are stacked against us. As the movie quotes suggest, ‘You must be devoted to something greater than yourself’; and in doing so, we can find the courage and strength necessary to reach our goals and realise our dreams.

Devotion also teaches us that it is important to be dedicated to helping others and being an example of kindness for those around us. We must strive to remain steadfast in our beliefs, despite any obstacles that may come our way. The movie reminds us that with dedication, belief, and faith, anything is possible.

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