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Derby memes are a popular form of online entertainment. They are humorous images or videos featuring horses, jockeys and other aspects of the sport of horse racing. These memes are often shared on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and can be found in a variety of formats such as static images, GIFs, videos and collages. Derby memes have become an integral part of the culture surrounding the sport, allowing fans to express their love for the sport in a fun and creative way.Derby memes can be a great way to spread some laughter! From funny jokes to relatable situations, these memes can make you giggle and help you forget about your worries for a bit. Whether it’s a meme about the derby itself or just an amusing horse-related pun, there’s sure to be something that will make you laugh. So check out some of the best derby memes and get your chuckle on!

Derbyshire Memes That Will Make You Smile

Derbyshire is an amazing county in the heart of England with its stunning views and countryside. It is also home to some of the most hilarious memes on the internet. Whether you’re a local or you’re just passing through, these Derbyshire memes will bring a smile to your face. From funny observations about life in Derbyshire to the more lighthearted jokes, these memes are sure to get you laughing. So grab a cup of tea and take a look at some of the best Derbyshire memes!

One of the funniest Derbyshire memes is one that shows a picture of two sheep standing in a field with one saying “It’s raining in Derbyshire again!” This meme speaks volumes about how often it rains in this part of England, and it’s sure to make you chuckle. Another great meme features an old man walking along a country road with the caption “Ahhh…the joys of living in Derbyshire!” This meme captures the beauty and peacefulness of rural life in this area.

For those who have lived in Derbyshire for a while, there are plenty of jokes about its infamous dialect. One popular meme features an image of an old man saying “What ya reckon? Shall we go down t’pit?” This humorous meme pokes fun at the way people in Derbyshire speak and will have you laughing out loud. Another great meme is one that says “You know you’re from Derbyshire when…you can understand what people are saying without them having to repeat themselves!” This is another funny observation about how hard it sometimes can be to understand what people are saying due to their accent.

No matter what type of humor you enjoy, there’s sure to be something for everyone on this list of Derbyshire memes. From funny observations about life in this area to hilarious jokes about its dialect, these memes are sure to put a smile on your face. So if you ever need a pick-me-up or just want something funny to share with your friends, look no further than these hilarious Derbyshire memes!

The Best Derby County Memes

Derby County fans have a long history of creating and sharing hilarious memes, and it’s easy to see why. From celebrating the club’s greatest moments to poking fun at defeats, Derby County memes capture the passion and humour of life as a Rams fan. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or just want to show your support for the club, these are some of the best Derby County memes out there.

The ‘Lampard Out’ meme was one of the first to go viral, with supporters across the world sharing it after news broke that Frank Lampard had been sacked as manager in 2019. The image, which shows Lampard with his head in his hands and the words ‘Lampard Out’ spelled out behind him, perfectly encapsulated how fans were feeling at the time.

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Another classic Derby County meme is ‘In Clough We Trust’. This tribute to legendary manager Brian Clough celebrates his immense legacy at Pride Park Stadium. Featuring an image of Clough alongside the words ‘In Clough We Trust’, this meme has become an icon for Derby County supporters around the world.

The ‘Pride Park Stalwart’ meme is also popular amongst Rams fans. Showcasing an image of a determined fan wearing a Derby shirt with the words ‘Pride Park Stalwart’, this meme is a reminder that even in times of struggle, true fans will always remain loyal to their team.

Finally, no list of Derby County memes would be complete without mention of ‘The Rams Revolution’. Showcasing an image of a group of passionate Rams supporters alongside the hashtag #RamsRevolution, this meme has become synonymous with new beginnings and renewed hope at Pride Park Stadium.

Funniest Derby Football Club Memes

Derby Football Club is one of the most popular clubs in the world, which means it’s no surprise that there are tonnes of funny memes and jokes about them online. From poking fun at their manager’s decisions to celebrating wins, these are some of the funniest Derby Football Club memes out there.

The first meme that always comes to mind when talking about Derby Football Club is their ‘no one likes us’ chant. This has quickly become a popular meme among fans of the club, and it’s often used to express frustration or disappointment with a particular decision or result. It also serves as a source of humour for fans who know that no matter what happens, their team will still be loved and supported by its loyal fanbase.

Another popular meme using Derby Football Club comes in the form of ‘I’m not even mad’. This meme usually follows a particularly bad result or decision from the club, where fans can use humour to cope with disappointment. It’s often used as a way for fans to make light of a situation and take away some of the sting from an otherwise difficult day for the team.

Finally, there’s the classic ‘Derby fan reaction’ meme. This usually follows an unexpected win or result from Derby Football Club, where fans can express their elation with humour rather than simply celebrating on social media. It’s often used to show how excited and relieved they feel after a great performance from their team, and it never fails to bring a smile to people’s faces!

These are just some of the funniest Derby Football Club memes out there – but no matter which one you prefer, they all serve as reminders that football is more than just about wins and losses – it’s also about having fun along the way!

Creating Your Own Derby Memes

Derby memes are a popular way to show support for your favorite team or simply spread some derby-related humor. Creating your own derby meme can be a fun and creative way to express yourself and show your enthusiasm for the sport. Here are some tips for creating your own derby memes:

Start by choosing an image that relates to the derby theme you want to express. This could be an action shot of a skater, a logo of a team, or something humorous related to the sport. Be sure to use high-quality images that will look good when shared on social media.

Once you have your image, it’s time to add text. Choose words that will help convey your message in an entertaining way. Consider including funny puns, clever phrases, or even lyrics from songs that relate to the sport. Make sure the words fit with the size and shape of the image so they can be easily read.

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Once you have the text added, it’s time to share your creation! Post it on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter so others can enjoy it as well. Be sure to tag any people or teams related to the meme so they can share it with their followers too.

Creating derby memes is a great way to show your love for the sport and spread some laughter at the same time! With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to create your own unique memes in no time.

Top 10 Funny Derby County Jokes and Memes

Derby County is a professional football club based in Derby, England. The club has a long history dating back to the late 19th century and is known for its loyal fan base and passionate support. Over the years, fans of the club have come up with some hilarious jokes and memes about the team that have become iconic in their own right. Here are some of the best Derby County jokes and memes that will make you chuckle:

1. “Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to Pride Park, of course!” – This is a classic joke about how Derby County fans are always looking for ways to get to their beloved ground.

2. “Derby County players: they’re like buses… You wait ages for one, then three come along at once!” – This joke refers to how sometimes it seems like too many players arrive at once during transfer windows!

3. “Why don’t Derby County players ever get injured? Because they’re all made of wood!” – This joke makes fun of how wooden some of the team’s performances can be from time to time!

4. “What do you call a Derby County fan with no money? A dreamer!” – This joke pokes fun at those who still believe that one day they will see their beloved team lift a trophy again.

5. “What did one Derby fan say to another? We need new owners!” – This meme refers to how many fans feel that new ownership is needed in order for the club to reach its full potential again.

6. “Why do birds fly over Pride Park stadium? Because it’s too hard for them to walk on water!” – This funny meme pokes fun at how often times it feels like there isn’t any hope left for success when supporting this team.

7. “What’s black and white and red all over? A Derby supporter after watching his side play!” – Another classic joke about how frustrating it can be watching your team sometimes!

8. “Why did the referee give Derby a penalty? He felt sorry for them!” – A hilarious meme which pokes fun at how referees often seem biased against this side!

9. “Why don’t you ever hear news about Derby County? Because they don’t exist!” – Another funny meme which makes light of how much attention other teams receive compared to this one!

10. “How do you stop an angry Derby supporter from swearing? Put him on mute!” – The perfect way to describe those moments when we just can’t take anymore bad news from our beloved team!

1. Fun Memes

Derby County’s social media accounts are full of fun, relatable memes that will give you a laugh! Whether it’s their take on a current event or an inside joke about the team, they always have something humorous to share. From hilarious captions to quirky illustrations and GIFs, you can guarantee a chuckle when scrolling through their posts.

2. Engaging Content

Derby County also posts engaging content such as interviews with players and staff, behind-the-scenes videos from matches and training sessions, and updates on the team’s progress throughout the season. This allows fans to keep up with all the latest news and stay connected with their favorite players. Plus, it’s a great way to show your support for your favorite team!

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3. Connect With Other Fans

Following Derby County on social media is a great way to connect with other fans of the team. Whether you’re looking for advice on which tickets to buy or just want to chat about football in general, there are plenty of other like-minded individuals who share your passion for the Rams. You can join in conversations, post reactions to games or results, and cheer them on together!

The Ultimate List of the Best Derby County Jokes and Memes

Derby County fans have always been known for their sense of humour, and the internet has no shortage of hilarious jokes and memes about the club. From poking fun at Derby’s poor record against local rivals Nottingham Forest, to poking fun at their struggles in the Premier League, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a good laugh or just something to share with your fellow Rams fans, here is the ultimate list of the best Derby County jokes and memes.

One popular meme among Derby fans is a photo of a man wearing a Derby kit standing outside Pride Park Stadium with the caption ‘Derby County: Where dreams come to die’. This is often used to poke fun at the club’s long history of near-misses and underachievement.

Another popular joke among Rams fans revolves around their fierce rivalry with Nottingham Forest. The joke usually goes that when asked what his team’s biggest rivals are, a Forest fan will reply ‘Derby County’, while a Derby fan will say ‘the Championship’. This is typically used to highlight how far apart both teams have been in terms of league standings over recent years.

The internet also has plenty of jokes about Derby’s lacklustre performances in recent Premier League campaigns. A popular one involves a picture of Pride Park Stadium with the caption ‘Nice stadium, shame about the team’. This is often used by rival fans to mock how quickly Derby were relegated after achieving promotion in 2007.

Finally, there are countless jokes about how poorly managed and ran the club has been over recent years. A popular one involves an image of former manager Steve McClaren with his head in his hands with the caption ‘When you realise you’re managing Derby County’. This is often used by rival fans as an example of how even experienced managers can struggle when trying to manage such an unpredictable club.

These are just some examples from what is an ever-growing list of hilarious jokes and memes involving Derby County. Whether you’re looking for something funny or something to share with other Rams fans, these are sure to put a smile on your face.


Derby memes are a great way to bring the racing world together and to provide some light-hearted entertainment. They can be used to celebrate a successful race or to poke fun at a poor performance. No matter what the purpose, these memes are sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face. Whether you’re a fan of horse racing or not, derby memes provide an outlet for creativity and humor that will likely remain popular for years to come.

At the end of the day, derby memes are all about having fun. They allow us to connect with others over our shared love of horse racing and enjoy some much-needed laughter. So if you ever find yourself in need of a pick-me-up, why not take a few moments to scroll through some derby memes? You never know what kind of hilarious content you might stumble across.

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