Crying jordan meme?

One of the most popular memes of the past few years is the “Crying Jordan” meme, which features a picture of NBA legend Michael Jordan crying. The meme is often used to express the feeling of disappointment or frustration, and has been used in a variety of different situations.

crying jordan meme is a photo of former NBA player Michael Jordan crying, which is often used online as a reaction image, particularly in sports and black culture.

What is the Crying Jordan meme from?

Crying Jordan is a meme that features an image of Michael Jordan crying. The image comes from a picture of Jordan during his basketball hall of fame speech in 2009. It was turned into a meme several years later and exploded in popularity on Twitter in early 2015.

The “Sad Michael Jordan” meme first appeared in 2012, after the Charlotte Bobcats (now the Charlotte Hornets) lost their last 23 games in a row to finish 7-59 overall. The meme features a photo of Michael Jordan looking sad or angry, with the caption “When your team is the worst in NBA history.”

Why did Michael Jordan cry the first time

It was a momentous occasion for the basketball world, but for Jordan, it was an emotional one. In an interview with Oprah Winfrey years later, he revealed that he cried and was nervous before the game because his father wasn’t alive to see it.

“I just felt naked because my father just wasn’t there,” he said.

It’s understandable that Jordan would feel that way. His father, James Jordan, was his biggest supporter and was always by his side during his basketball career. He was killed in 1993, just two years before Jordan made his comeback.

Despite the sadness and nerves, Jordan went out and had a great game. He scored 19 points in the Bulls’ win over the Indiana Pacers.

It was a special moment for Jordan and the basketball world. And it’s one that he’ll never forget.

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share that my daughter Olivia has discovered the Dawson Leery crying meme and even uses it on me when necessary! It’s apropos given that I played Dawson on the show. If you’re not familiar with the meme, it features a close-up of my face during an emotional scene from the show with the caption, “me when someone I don’t even know talks to me.” It’s been circulating online for years and has taken on a life of its own.

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Anyway, I just thought it was a funny and harmless way to connect with my daughter over something that’s been a part of my life for so long.

Hope you’re all doing well!


What is the Crying Jordan all about?

Crying Jordan has become one of the most popular memes on the internet, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The meme typically features a picture of Michael Jordan crying, superimposed over a picture of an athlete or celebrity who has just suffered a setback or loss. The meme is often used to show how quickly someone can go from the top of their game to the bottom, and it’s also used to show how even the most successful people can have their moments of weakness.

I can’t believe that Mike Jordan was left off the varsity basketball team. I know he must have felt so upset and disappointed. It’s just not fair. I’m sure he worked so hard and it must have been such a shock. I’m really glad that he had a friend like Leroy Smith to comfort him.

When did Jordan 1 get banned?

The following season, the NBA enacted a uniform policy that required all players to wear sneakers that were predominately white. This was in an effort to create a more consistent and professional appearance. However, players were allowed to wear sneakers of any color as long as they met the NBA’s guidelines.

Jordan was not a fan of the NBA’s decision and decided to wear his red and black sneakers anyway. As a result, he was fined $5,000 each time he wore them. In total, Jordan was fined a total of $20,000.

While the NBA’s decision to ban red and black sneakers was controversial, it was ultimately up to the players to decide whether or not they wanted to comply with the league’s rules. In the end, Jordan chose to continue wearing his red and black sneakers, despite the fines.

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The length of men’s shorts has varied greatly over the years, but the 1980s legend Michael Jordan is credited for adding inches to the hemline. So the story goes, while playing with the Chicago Bulls he requested that the team’s manufacturer, Champion, drop the seam because he had a habit of tugging on his shorts while playing defense. This style caught on and soon became the standard for NBA players. Today, most men’s shorts are much longer than they were in the early days of the sport.

Who started the Jordan 1 trend

The Air Jordan line is one of the most iconic lines in footwear history. The original black, red, and white pair of Air Jordan 1s that Michael Jordan wore to a Madison Square Garden preseason game in 1985 is what started it all. These shoes changed the game not only for Jordan, but for Nike and the entire sneaker industry. The Air Jordan line is a reminder of how one man and one pair of shoes can change the world.

CRY is an NGO that works to help children in need. Rippan started the NGO 39 years ago, when he was 25 years old. He collected ₹7 from six friends and put in ₹8 himself, to make the ₹50 he needed to start the NGO. CRY has helped many children over the years and continues to work to help children in need.

What is Michael Jordan’s biggest phobia?

In a 1989 interview, Michael Jordan explained his biggest fears and nightmares. He said that the things that most scare him are the bad things that could tear down his image. Jordan said that his biggest fear is not being able to live up to his own standards.

There’s a lot of truth to this statement. In order to be successful, you have to be focused and driven. You can’t let anything or anyone get in your way. Once you’ve reached your goals, then you can start thinking about others. But until then, it’s all about you.

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Do men even have feelings

It’s interesting that research shows that men and women experience emotions at the same level, but because it’s not socially acceptable for men to express their emotions, it can make it seem like they don’t experience them at all. It’s important to remember that just because someone isn’t express their emotions, doesn’t mean they don’t feel them.

The Schmuserkadser is a breed of cat that is known for its teary, glassy eyes. This breed of cat is often photoshopped to appear as though they are sad.

Who created crying in a puddle meme?

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Qing Han, real name Qing Han, at the age of 29 after a brave battle with cancer.

Qing Han was a Canadian artist whose art inspired many people around the world. She started gaining a following in the 2000s on DeviantArt and quickly became one of the most successful artists on the internet, with over 2 million followers on Instagram.

Qing Han leaves behind a legacy of beautiful and thought-provoking art that will continue to inspire people for years to come. Thank you for everything, Qing Han. You will be deeply missed.

The crying filter on Snapchat can render laughs into intense crying. To use the filter, open Snapchat and tap on the smiley available next to the record option. Then, swipe left and tap on “Explore”. Search for “Crying” in the search bar and you will see a lot of crying filters.

Final Words

The “Crying Jordan” meme is a meme that features an image of former NBA player Michael Jordan crying. The meme typically includes text on the image, typically a caption, that makes a reference to a recent event or reaction to something.

The Crying Jordan Meme is one of the most popular memes on the internet. It features a picture of Michael Jordan crying, with the caption “Crying Jordan.” The meme is often used to express sadness or disappointment, and has been appropriated by many different groups and individuals.

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