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Welcome to Count Von Count’s world! Count Von Count, or simply known as “The Count” is a beloved character on the popular children’s TV show, Sesame Street. He is a vampire-like muppet who loves to count things, and his enthusiasm for counting is contagious. He is always full of energy and has some of the most quotable lines in the show. His quotes are often humorous and clever, making them perfect for a variety of different occasions. Whether you’re looking for an inspirational quote to get you through tough times or just some fun words of wisdom, Count Von Count never fails to deliver!”One, ah, ah, ah! Two, ah, ah, ah! Three, ah, ah, ah!” – Count von Count

Famous Count von Count Quotes

“Ah ah ah! I love to count!”
This is one of the most popular quotes attributed to the lovable character Count von Count from Sesame Street. The Count is an enthusiastic vampire who loves to count anything and everything, from butterflies to stars. He also loves to teach children about counting and math. In addition to his famous catchphrase, the Count has many other memorable quotes that are just as endearing and inspiring.

“One, two, three! How exciting counting can be!”
This quote captures the essence of the Count’s love for numbers in a way that resonates with children. It emphasizes how exciting counting can be and encourages children to explore their math skills. The quote also highlights the importance of learning basic counting skills as a foundation for more advanced mathematics later on in life.

“One thing I love in life is counting things: stars, birds, rainbows – anything!”
This quote shows how much joy the Count finds in counting different objects in nature. It encourages children to look for beauty and excitement around them by exploring their surroundings and counting what they find. This teaches kids that math can be fun and rewarding when they look at it through a different lens.

“Look at all these wonderful things! I must count them all!”
This quote highlights the Count’s enthusiasm for numbers and how he eagerly looks forward to discovering new things he can count each day. It’s a great reminder to kids that there is always something new out there waiting for them if they just take the time to explore it.

Inspirational Count von Count Quotes

The Count von Count, also known as the Count Dracula, is a beloved character on the classic children’s television show Sesame Street. His enthusiasm for counting has made him an enduring and beloved figure in popular culture. Here are some of his most inspirational quotes that can help us all appreciate the power of numbers and counting in our lives.

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“One, two, three! Ah ah ah!” – Count von Count

This famous quote from the Count celebrates the power of counting to bring joy and excitement into our lives. It reminds us that we should always strive to count our blessings and make sure we don’t take anything for granted.

“It’s so exciting to count!” – Count von Count

This quote captures the enthusiasm that the Count has for numbers and counting. It shows us how much joy can be found in even simple tasks like counting, and how it can bring enthusiasm and energy into our lives.

“Counting is my favorite thing to do!” – Count von Count

The Count’s love of number is contagious! This quote encourages us to embrace our inner mathematicians and find joy in tasks like counting that can help us understand the world around us better.

“I love numbers so much I could just count forever!” -Count von Count

This quote from the count speaks to his dedication to counting, no matter what difficulty may arise. It inspires us to remain persistent in our endeavors and never give up, no matter how challenging something may seem.

Humorous Count von Count Quotes

Count von Count has been a beloved character on “Sesame Street” since 1972. Known for his catchphrase “Ah ah ah!” and counting everything he sees, the loveable vampire has provided generations of viewers with countless memorable quotes. Here are some of the most humorous quotes from Count von Count:

“If it’s not one thing, it’s another… one-teen-teen-teen!”

“One for sorrow, two for joy… three-teen-teen-teen!”

“I love to count so much I sometimes even count my dreams… four-teeeeeen!”

“It’s time to count the stars in the sky… five-teeeeeeen!”

“For a snack I like to crumble up crackers and count them one by one… six-teeeeeen!”

“There’s a party in my stomach, so I’m gonna count my way out of it… seven-teeeeeen!”

Memorable Count von Count Quotes

The Count von Count from Sesame Street is one of the most beloved characters in television history. His signature counting and enthusiasm for numbers have made him an icon of both children’s and adult’s television. Throughout his appearances on the show, he has been known to spout memorable quotes that are both humorous and educational. Here are some of the most memorable Count von Count quotes:

“Ah ah ah! You didn’t say the magic word!” The Count’s catchphrase is a reminder to always be courteous when asking for something.

“One, two, three! Ah ha ha ha!” The Count’s signature laughter after saying his numbers is infectious and always brings a smile to viewers’ faces.

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“I love to count things big and small; that’s why I count them all!” This quote shows the Count’s enthusiasm for counting everything he sees.

“Mysteries abound; I must count them all around.” The Count loves solving mysteries, but prefers to use his counting skills as opposed to deductive reasoning.

“A vampire can never resist the urge to count!” This quote highlights the Count’s vampiric nature and his unshakable obsession with counting things.

The quotes from the beloved character of Sesame Street, Count von Count, will continue to entertain and educate people of all ages for years to come. His enthusiasm for counting is contagious and serves as a reminder for everyone to appreciate even the smallest things in life.

Educational Count von Count Quotes

Count von Count, also known as the Count, is an educational character from the children’s show Sesame Street. He is a vampire who loves to count and teach children about numbers. He is always eager to help young viewers learn in a fun and entertaining way. His catchphrases include “Ah ah ah!”, “One-two-three-four-five!”, and “Now I’m counting on you!”. Count von Count has been delighting young viewers since 1972 with his numerous number lessons. Here are some of his most memorable quotes:

“Ah ah ah! Always start counting at one!”

“Always remember to count your blessings!”

“There’s nothing like counting to make your day complete!”

“When you want to count something special, just follow me!”

“One-two-three-four-five! That’s the way we count alive!”

“Counting can take you places you never dreamed of before!”

“If you love counting, then count on me – I’m the Count!”

Uplifting Count von Count Quotes

Count von Count is a beloved character from the popular children’s show, Sesame Street. He is a vampire-like monster who loves to count and often says “Ah ah ah!” whenever he does. He is always cheerful and has a cheerful demeanor that makes him an endearing figure to many kids. His quotes are often uplifting and inspiring, as he encourages children to use their imaginations and have fun. Here are some of his most uplifting quotes:

“No matter what you do or where you go, always remember to count your blessings.”

“If counting makes you happy, then keep on counting!”

“The world is full of wonderful things if you take the time to count them.”

“Take your time counting; it’s more important than being first.”

“In the end, it’s not the numbers that matter; it’s how much joy they bring.”

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“No matter how big or small, every number deserves respect.”

“Counting is like taking a journey into a magical world of possibilities.”

“It doesn’t matter how many numbers there are; what matters is what we do with them!”

Wise Count von Count Quotes

The beloved Sesame Street character, Count von Count, is a truly wise and philosophical creature. His quotes reflect his deep understanding of life, and the way he views the world. Here are some of his most notable quotes:

“Ah Ah Ah! Always count your blessings.”

This quote reminds us to be thankful for all the good things in our lives, no matter how small. By counting our blessings, we can appreciate what we have and strive to make the most of it.

“It’s not hard to take a count when you know how.”

This quote reflects Count von Count’s passion for numbers and counting. It also reminds us that with determination and practice, we can accomplish anything – no matter how difficult it may seem at first.

“Always count your chickens before they hatch!”

This quote encourages us to prepare for the future by planning ahead and having realistic expectations. It’s important to look on the bright side of things, but it’s just as important to be aware of potential risks down the road.

“A good count never stops counting!”

This quote emphasizes the importance of persistence and focus when pursuing a task or goal. It reminds us that success often requires dedication and hard work if we want to achieve something worthwhile in life.

Overall, Count von Count’s wise words can help provide us with insight into our own lives and struggles. Whether it’s counting blessings or chickens, his words remind us of the importance of preparation and perseverance for achieving our goals.


Count von Count’s quotes are full of wisdom and wit. They are the perfect way to remind us to stay positive, be grateful for the things we have, and make the most out of life. His words of encouragement help us to stay focused on our goals and keep striving for success. Whether it’s a simple reminder to count your blessings or a witty quip about counting sheep, Count von Count’s quotes will always provide us with a smile.

Count von Count’s quotes show that life is too precious to waste worrying about what we don’t have. Instead, we should focus on being grateful for the blessings that we do have and make the most of them. We can use his words of wisdom as a source of inspiration and motivation in our daily lives.

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