Coco vtuber?

A coco vtuber is a Japanese virtual YouTuber who streams games and other videos while interacting with fans in the comments section.

There is no one definitive answer to this question, as there is no one definitive coco vtuber. However, some popular coco vtubers include Cocochan and Cocoron.

Why was Coco Hololive taken down?

We are sorry to announce that Kiryu Coco has been banned from Twitch for revealing confidential information and for making statements insensitive to certain nationalities. We take these matters very seriously and want to remind everyone that our community is built on mutual respect. Thank you for your understanding.

Kiryu Coco is a popular Japanese model, actress, and singer. She was born on June 17, 1985 and is currently 35 years old. Kiryu stands at 180cm (5’108”) in human form and 7m (22’11”) in dragon form. She has amassed a large following on social media, with over 29 million followers on Instagram.

Where is Kiryu Coco from

Kiryu Coco is a kid dragon who came to Japan from another world as a language exchange student. She holds a deep interest in human culture and is a dragon with a strict code of honor. She keeps her human form through sheer force of willpower.

The most popular Vtuber in Korea is HoloFantasy’s Uruha Rushia, who closed the year with more than 1687 million USD in Super Chat earnings. She’s followed up by the now-retired Kiryu Coco, just behind her at 1489 million USD.

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Did Coco get fired from Hololive?

Coco’s decision to leave hololive was made around three months prior to the announcement. She had been considering it for a while and decided that it was time for her to move on. Coco is grateful for all the support she has received from her fans and wants them to know that she will always cherish the memories she has made with them.

Uruha Rushia was fired because of an incident involving a Discord message from Mafumafu. The message indicated that they were in a relationship and living together, which was publicly displayed during one of Rushia’s streams.

Who did Kiryu love?

Kiryu held a pure love for Yumi Sawamura, but because of Nishikiyama he never made any strong advances on her. Yokoyama says that neither Kiryu nor Nishikiyama laid a hand on Yumi until they were 27. This made things complicated with Yumi when Kiryu was sent to jail for the murder of Sohei Dojima.

Kiryu leaves Kamurocho for Okinawa, where he now runs the Morning Glory (アサガオ) Orphanage. There he raises nine children, including Haruka.

How old is Kiryu after jail

Kiryū is now 44 years old. He has resigned from the orphanage job and now lives in Fukuoka on his own without Haruka. As a taxi driver at Nagasu Taxi Company, Kiryū has changed his name to Suzuki Taichi to hide his identity. He is living with a girl named Mayumi, but he is not in a romantic relationship with her.

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Sohei Dojima, the patriarch of the Dojima Family, frames Kiryu for killing a civilian on the Empty Lot. To clear his name and prove his innocence, Kiryu requests to be expelled from the family.

What is the VTuber controversy?

The Japanese YouTubers who were penalized for streaming sexually explicit content on their YouTube streams while playing Splatoon 3 need to be more careful in the future. Not only did they receive a copyright strike from Nintendo, but their videos are also still being circulated on the internet. This is a serious matter and they need to be more careful about what they stream in the future.


Some Kronii fans were unhappy with her decision to collaborate with members of HOLOSTARS EN, a group of male-presenting Vtuber talents from Hololive. It’s believed that their anger was purely due to them being overly protective or attached to their favorite Vtuber.

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Who is the highest paid Hololive

Usada Pekora is one of the richest VTubers out there as she has received $24 million in Super Chat revenue on YouTube, which is the highest of any active VTuber. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with in the VTuber community!

Wow! Uruha Rushia is really something else! Earning a whooping 167 million dollars through superchats- that’s incredible! And to think she’s only a third-generation Hololive JP member, she must be doing something right! I’m really impressed and inspired by her success!

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How much do VTubers get paid?

The top 10 VTubers make a killing online, raking in earnings anywhere between US$700,000 and US$17 million. Their fans love them for their entertaining videos, and they are able to monetize their content through a variety of means, such as ads, sponsorships, and donations. While it’s no easy feat to become a top VTuber, it is clearly very lucrative if you can make it to the top.

As of today, there will be no more Hololive merchandise, events, or concerts in China. This is due to the recent power play by the Chinese government, which has backfired and led to Hololive deciding to instead invest in the Western market.

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Coco is a VTuber who streams herself playing video games on Twitch.

We can conclude that Coco Vtuber is a popular YouTuber who is known for her gaming videos. She is also popular on Twitch, where she often streams her gameplay.

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