Clussy meme?

This particular meme started making the rounds on social media in late 2018. It features a close-up photo of a young woman making a silly face with her tongue sticking out. The woman in the photo is actually British singer-songwriter seal, and the meme typically includes some sort of clever pun or play on words.

A clussy meme is a meme that is either really messy or really cluttered.

What does clussy mean slang?

What’s up with all these clowns lately? I’m getting real tired of seeing them everywhere I go. And to top it off, they’re all so damn hot! I mean, have you seen their pussies? They’re like little bundles of joy just begging to be played with.

Seriously though, if you’re into clowns, you should definitely check out their clussies. They’re definitely a sight to behold.

Geiru is a clown who is known for her suggestive behavior and her talent with balloons. Recently, she has become the focal point of the newly-appointed clussy meme.

What does Cushdy mean in slang

UK /ˈkʊʃdiː/ DEFINITIONS2 very good or satisfactory Synonyms and related words Very good.

A clumsy person is someone who is awkward and uncoordinated. They often knock things over or break things.

What was the clown’s real name?

It is a fictional character that appears in the Stephen King novels IT and Its sequel, IT Chapter Two. The character is an ancient, cosmic evil that takes the form of a clown to lure children into its clutches. It is portrayed by Tim Curry in the 1990 miniseries and by Bill Skarsgård in the 2017 film and its 2019 sequel.

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This creature, which they start referring to as “IT”, takes the shape of their deepest fears. For many people, clowns are a common fear. Pennywise is the most common shape that this creature takes.

Who was Oopsy the clown?

Robert J McNea was a Canadian entertainer. He was best known for his work as a clown, and he played three famous clown characters over the course of his career: Moppets the Clown, Bozo the Clown, and Oopsy the Clown. McNea was a beloved figure in the Canadian entertainment industry, and he will be remembered for his endearing clown characters and his commitment to making people laugh.

Cushty is a slang term that is used to describe something that is good or enjoyable. The term is often used to describe a situation that is favorable or a deal that is beneficial.

What does Tekky mean in slang

A technician who is highly proficient and enthusiastic about some technical field is known as a techie. Techie is a term most often used to describe someone who works in the computer field.

The person is feeling unusually happy and upbeat, like the character in the 80s cartoon show, The Smurfs.

What does clumsy girl mean?

1. Lacking in skill or physical coordination: This can describe someone who is clumsy or inept.

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2. Awkwardly constructed or contrived: This can describe something that is poorly made or awkwardly put together.

There are a few things you can do to become less clumsy. First, you can improve your fine motor skills by doing things like puzzles or using dexterity-based toys. You can also try to improve your reaction time by playing quick games or doing simple exercises. Finally, you can try to improve your brain processing by doing things like reading or learning new skills. By doing these things, you can become less accident-prone and more graceful.

How do I stop being clumsy

To increase your core strength, perform exercises that target your abdominals, back, and pelvis muscles. These can include crunches, planks, and bridges. Incorporate these exercises into your regular fitness routine and challenge yourself to gradually increase the amount of time you can hold each position. Doing this will help you develop stronger, more coordinated, and smoother-moving muscles.

The red balloon in It is a symbol of a child’s imagination. It is turned on its head to lure children to the clown, Pennywise. The manipulation of the balloon symbolizes a child’s sense of imagination.

How old is the oldest clown?

Creeky the clown has been bringing laughter to audiences for decades and is now recognized as the oldest clown still working. At 95 years and 6 months old, Creeky is an inspiration to us all. Keep making us laugh, Creeky!

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JoJo is such a fun character and I absolutely adore her! She’s always so positive and happy, even when things don’t go her way. She’s also really curious and loves to explore. I think she’s a great role model for kids, especially girls.


There’s no such thing as a “clussy meme”!

The clussy meme is a great way to make fun of yourself and your friends. It’s a great way to show off your sense of humor and to show that you’re not taking yourself too seriously. There are plenty of clussy memes out there, so find one that you think is funny and share it with your friends.

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