Build Your Marketing Department with Three Powerful Tools

he days of the brick-and-mortar stores are gone. It is a new day and a totally new business landscape powered by ever-evolving digital technology, where adapting and embracing new technologies and tools determines a business’s road to growth and recurring success. 

New markets have become more challenging and saturated with a surplus of cutthroat competition looking to get your customers at any cost, all day. Still, after all of these challenges, starting and scaling a business has never been easier. 

All you need to do is go digital and work the magic of only three powerful tools – ChatGPT, Canva Pro, and Midjourney – and we assure you that there will be no looking back.

However, before you start this journey make sure that you have a fast, reliable, and secure internet connection that won’t let you down at the most critical of moments. A good internet connection not only comes in handy for the smooth usage of some of these tools but it also plays an important role in protecting your precious intellectual collateral from outside attacks.  

For this purpose, we suggest Xfinity as the provider of choice for all your internet-related needs. With its blazing-fast speeds, extreme reliability, and advanced security features building your business from scratch will be a journey to remember. For more information, you can contact the Xfinity customer service number to sign up for the plan of your choice today. 

Who Will Call the Shots or Guide You on Business Strategy? – ChatGPT 4

We all have been there. Stuck in an endless loop of planning a business strategy and then failing to execute it due to inexperience, immaturity, and lack of support. Well, not anymore. What if I tell you that today you can create your very own personal AI assistant that will guide you to the path to recurring success?

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Yes, today everything is right at your feet. You need to get your lazy ass moving and ChatGPT will do all the work for you. ChatGPT is a natural language processing generative AI by OpenAI that uses neural networks and machine learning models to produce detailed responses to human prompts and questions. If you are not already aware of it you are already trailing the rest of the competition. 

It is now a proven fact that AI tools work better than humans if you know how to use them correctly as the answers to all those puzzling questions can be found online. All you need is to customize your ChatGPT bot according to your business and integrate relevant market insights and it will build a better business strategy than any Ivy League graduate. 

Steps to Build Your ChatGPT 4 Personalized Bot/AI Assistant:

  • Create a ChatGPT plus account to access GPT Builder functions 
  • Define a clear purpose for the Chatbot  
  • Add relevant knowledgebase relevant to your business
  • Start using and the world will be your oyster

Create Impactful Images and Videos for your Brand with Midjourney 

Midjourney is another generative AI model developed by Midjourney, Inc., specializing in transforming human-generated prompts into query-specific images and videos. It is a convenient and easy-to-use tool if you want to create brand-focused visuals and the best part is that these visuals can be simultaneously used across marketing channels be it a website, social media platforms, and other digital platforms. 

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It has slowly become one of the most widely used image-generating tools for marketing agencies. So, if marketing agencies are using this tool that costs less than $8/month to sell you images for thousands. Why can’t you do it yourself? 

From generating captivating Ads and visual campaigns to creating product concepts and editing images, the tools are your one-stop solution for all your marketing and design needs. What’s more? Well, the extremely sophisticated piece of technology can be even used to test the feasibility of your product concept from initiation to launch. 

Don’t have a product concept? Don’t worry. It can help you materialize several cool concepts. All you need to do is tell it exactly what you are looking for and then iterate until you get what you are looking for. Here is how you can set up your Midjourney account: 

  • Create a Discord Account 
  • Visit
  • Sign in using your verified Discord account
  • Subscribe to a plan that meets your needs
  • Open the Discord server list 
  • Add Midjourney server link on Discord
  • Go to general-# or newbie-# channels and use the imagine command to create unique images

Edit Your Marketing Goodies to Perfection with Canva Pro

The days of hiring professional editing specialists are gone. If you are a solo entrepreneur or business owner then you only need Canva to create and edit stunning visuals for your marketing materials. It has thousands of templates and built-in options that make it easier to build visuals and finalize an edit in a matter of minutes.  

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According to recent research, “the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text and retains 80 percent of those visuals versus just 20 percent with text alone.” Moreover, according to recent changes in search and social platform guidelines, the visual appeal of your content piece is equally important as the written words. 

Canva can make everyday marketing tasks easy for you even if you lack the creative skills to push the platform to its limit. The best part about this platform is that it is created for design beginners who have little to no understanding of basic design principles. 

From creating branded profile pictures and cover photos to building catchy logos, advertisements, and brand kits Canva can help you define your brand’s visual identity. The free version is easy to set up and enough for most people, however, if you want to differentiate yourself from the crowd you can get the pro version for less than $14.99/month with a one-month free trial. Here is how you can set up your Canva account: 

  • Sign up on the Canva website 
  • Verify email
  • Start using Canva Free or switch to Canva Pro by selecting a payment plan

Final Thoughts

Selling your products or services online has never been this easy before. If you have the right business idea in mind, we would suggest giving these tools a try to make your dream a reality with little to no investment. 

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