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Welcome to the Honor League of Legends! This league is dedicated to making a more positive, respectful, and enjoyable gaming experience for all of our players. We are committed to upholding the highest standards of sportsmanship and good conduct. Our goal is to provide a fun and rewarding environment for all our players, no matter their play style or rank. We encourage all players to respect each other’s abilities and treat each other with courtesy. We strive to promote an atmosphere of cooperation and understanding between players, in order to ensure that everyone can have a great time playing League of Legends. So come join us, and let’s make this the best gaming experience you’ve ever had!Honor in League of Legends is a reward system that recognizes positive behavior and rewards players for demonstrating good sportsmanship. It’s designed to incentivize and recognize kind and respectful behavior, such as friendly banter with teammates, praising opponents for their skills, or even helping someone learn the game. Players can earn rewards such as honor badges, rewards chests, exclusive emotes, and more by increasing their Honor level.

How to Earn Honor in League of Legends

Honor is an important part of League of Legends, as it reflects a player’s standing among their peers. Earning Honor is a great way to show that you’re a skilled and supportive player who takes the game seriously. Here are some tips to help you earn Honor in League of Legends:

Play with Positive Attitude: Being positive and encouraging your teammates is one of the best ways to earn Honor. Helping your teammates out when they’re stuck or providing advice can go a long way towards earning Honor.

Be Respectful: Treating your teammates with respect is essential for earning Honor. Avoid using offensive language or making personal attacks, and instead focus on playing the game in an organized and constructive manner. Respect your opponents as well, and don’t be overly aggressive or toxic towards them.

Stay Focused on Winning: Playing to win is another key factor for earning Honor. Focus on achieving victory as a team, rather than trying to carry the game yourself or trolling your teammates. Playing for the win shows that you take the game seriously and are focused on doing what it takes to get the win for your team.

Follow Summoner’s Code: The Summoner’s Code outlines proper etiquette when playing League of Legends, and following it closely can help you earn more Honor points. It includes respecting your opponents, staying positive, being supportive of your teammates, and playing fairly at all times.

By following these tips, you can easily increase your chances of earning Honor points in League of Legends. Remember that playing with a positive attitude and being respectful is essential for gaining respect from your peers, so make sure you always strive to be an honorable player!

Honor Level Rewards in League of Legends

League of Legends is an incredibly popular game that has a huge and dedicated fan base. As part of the game, players can earn rewards based on their honor level. The honor system was introduced in 2013 to recognize players who displayed good sportsmanship and positive behavior. Players are rewarded for their good behavior with exclusive in-game rewards, such as emotes, profile icons, and other goodies.

The honor system has five levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond. To advance through the levels, players must earn Honor points by playing games with other players and being recognized for their positive attitude and sportsmanship. Honor points can be earned by playing well with your team or showing an act of kindness to another player.

Bronze Level is the lowest level that players can reach in the Honor system. To reach this level, players must accumulate 30 Honor Points over any 90 day period. Bronze Level rewards include a Bronze Profile Icon showing their progress in the game as well as a special Bronze Emote that they can use to show off their status during matches.

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Silver Level is the next tier of Honor Level rewards in League of Legends. To reach this level, players must accumulate 75 Honor Points over any 90 day period. Silver Level rewards include a Silver Profile Icon that shows off their progress in the game as well as a special Silver Emote they can use during matches to show off their status.

Gold Level is the third tier of Honor Level Rewards in League of Legends. To reach this level, players must accumulate 150 Honor Points over any 90 day period. Gold Level rewards include a Gold Profile Icon showing off their progress in the game as well as a special Gold Emote they can use during matches to show off their status.

Platinum Level is the fourth tier of Honor Level Rewards in League of Legends and requires 250 Honor Points to be reached over any 90 day period to qualify for its rewards which include a Platinum Profile Icon and a special Platinum Emote that can be used during matches to show off one’s status among other players on the server or platform they are playing on.

Diamond Level is the highest tier available within the Honor System and requires 500 accumulated points over any 90 day period to qualify for its exclusive rewards which include a Diamond Profile Icon and a special Diamond Emote which they may use while playing games with others on either PC or console platforms where League of Legends may be found available for play.

Overall, these rewards are great incentives for players who want to demonstrate good sportsmanship while still enjoying all aspects of what makes League of Legends so popular among gamers worldwide – its competitive nature!

Showing Honor in League of Legends

League of Legends is an online multiplayer game with millions of players around the world. It’s a highly competitive game and many people take it very seriously. But no matter how much you want to win, it’s important to remember to show honor and respect to your opponents and teammates. Here are some tips for showing honor in League of Legends:

First and foremost, always be polite in-game. This includes not using any offensive language or insulting other players. Even if someone else is being rude or aggressive, don’t follow their lead. Instead, try to stay calm and focus on playing the game.

It’s also important to be patient and understanding when playing League of Legends. Sometimes games can last a long time and it can be frustrating when things aren’t going your way. But no matter how frustrated you get, try not to take it out on your teammates or opponents.

Another way to show honor in League of Legends is to give credit where credit is due. If someone does something impressive or makes a great play, let them know! Acknowledge their efforts and give them the recognition they deserve.

Finally, don’t forget to congratulate your opponents after the game. Even if you lose, it’s important to recognize that everyone gave their best effort. A simple “good game” goes a long way towards showing respect for your opponents.

Ultimately, showing honor in League of Legends is about treating other players with respect and kindness – even when you’re competing against them. By following these tips, you can maintain a positive attitude throughout the match and help create a more enjoyable experience for everyone involved!

How Other Players Can Recognize Your Honor in League of Legends

Honor is an important part of the League of Legends community. It’s a way for players to recognize each other for displaying positive behavior and sportsmanship. There are several ways that other players can recognize your honor in the game.

One way is through the Honor badge system. The Honor badge system rewards players who display positive behavior with an in-game badge that can be seen by other players. This badge not only shows you have respect and honor, but also gives you a boost in your games.

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Another way to be recognized for your honor is through recognition by other players. If you’re consistently playing with good sportsmanship and treating other players with respect, they will likely notice and appreciate it. They may even go out of their way to thank you or give you compliments on your behavior.

You can also be recognized for your honor by climbing the Honor leaderboard. The leaderboard ranks all players based on the number of honorable acts they have completed in-game, such as helping teammates or respecting opponents. Climbing up this leaderboard may draw attention from other players and give them an idea of how honorable you are as a player.

Finally, being recognized for your honor also comes from simply following the Summoner’s Code and living up to its values. This code outlines what it means to be a respectable player in League of Legends, such as being supportive of teammates, showing respect towards opponents, and avoiding negative language or actions in-game. Adhering to these values will show others that you take honor seriously and will likely earn their appreciation over time.

In conclusion, there are many ways that other players can recognize your honor in League of Legends. Whether it’s through the Honor badge system, recognition from fellow players, climbing up the Honor leaderboard or following the Summoner’s Code, these all serve as indicators that you are a player who respects others and takes honor seriously – something that is highly valued among League of Legends players everywhere!

How To Maintain Your Honor in League of Legends

Maintaining your honor in League of Legends is an important part of the game. It is essential to be respectful to other players, no matter how good or bad they are. You should never insult or harass other players because this can have serious consequences for your account and team. Here are a few tips on how to maintain your honor during a game of League of Legends:

First and foremost, it is important to remember that League of Legends is a team-based game. This means that it is essential to work together with your team in order to succeed. Respect each other’s decisions, offer support and advice when needed, and be mindful of the language you use when communicating with teammates.

Secondly, never flame or insult other players. This includes both the members of your team as well as opposing players. Flaming and insulting can lead to severe punishments from Riot Games, so it is best avoided at all costs. Instead, focus on what you can do to improve the game for yourself and your team by offering constructive criticism where appropriate.

Thirdly, maintain an appropriate attitude while playing League of Legends. Do not be overly negative or rage at others if things don’t go your way – this only makes the gaming experience less enjoyable for everyone involved. Similarly, do not gloat or boast about wins – it is important to remain humble even in victory!

Finally, try to remember that League of Legends is just a game! Don’t take losses too personally and don’t forget that everyone else playing the game wants to have fun too! By following these tips you should be able to maintain your honor in League of Legends while still having an enjoyable gaming experience!

Increasing Your Honor in League of Legends

Increasing your honor in League of Legends is an important way to demonstrate your commitment to the game and show respect to other players. Here are some tips to help you increase your honor and make a positive impression on other players:

First, always be respectful. This means treating other players with kindness and courtesy, and refraining from using offensive language or making negative comments. This also includes being patient when playing, as everyone has different levels of skill.

Second, try to help your teammates when possible. This can mean offering advice on strategies or helping them learn new skills. Doing so will show that you care about their success and can lead to more positive interactions between you and your team.

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Third, be mindful of how you play the game. Aim to win fairly, without taking advantage of any loopholes or shortcuts that could give you an unfair advantage over other players. Keeping a level head during games and avoiding rage quitting will also help increase your honor level.

Finally, remember that increasing your honor in League of Legends takes time and effort. It may seem like a difficult task at first, but if you keep these tips in mind then it will become easier as you go along. With patience and dedication, you can become an honorable player in no time!

Honor in League of Legends is Undervalued

Honor in League of Legends is a system that rewards players for positive behavior and sportsmanship. Unfortunately, it is often undervalued by players who don’t understand its importance. While most people know that honor is important, many don’t understand the full impact it can have on the game. Here are some of the most common misconceptions about honor in League of Legends.

Honor Doesn’t Matter

Many players think that honor doesn’t matter and they can get by without worrying about it. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Honor can affect your ability to find games, how often you get matched with like-minded players, and even the rewards you receive at the end of a match. Honor should always be taken into consideration when playing League of Legends.

Honor Is Too Hard to Get

Another misconception about honor is that it is too hard to get or maintain. While it may seem difficult at first, once you understand how it works, earning honor becomes much simpler. Remember that honoring your team members and playing fairly are key to getting more honor points and improving your reputation.

Honor Is Only for Good Players

Many players believe that only good players can earn honor points, but this isn’t true either. Even lower-ranked or less experienced players can earn honors by playing fairly and helping their teammates out when needed. Everyone has something to contribute to the team, so make sure to recognize those contributions with an honorable mention!

You Don’t Need Honor to Win Games

Finally, some people think that you don’t need honor to win games, but this isn’t necessarily true either. Having good sportsmanship can help create a better atmosphere for everyone involved in the game, which could have a positive effect on your team’s performance overall. So even if you’re not getting any reward points for your actions, remember that honoring other players still has value!

Overall, understanding how honor works in League of Legends can help improve your experience in-game as well as make you a better player overall. While there are still some misconceptions about honor out there, knowing what it really means will help ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience while playing League of Legends!


The Honor League of Legends has been a successful program that has served to recognize the players who display exemplary behavior in-game. It has been a great way to reward those players who make the game a better experience for others, and to encourage more positive play. The rewards that come with the League have also made it appealing, making it easier and more enjoyable to play with other like-minded players. The Honor System also allows players to more easily identify those with good behavior, which can help create better team chemistry in competitive play.

Ultimately, the Honor League of Legends is an excellent system that promotes positive gaming experiences for all players. It is a testament to how Riot Games values their community and strives to create an enjoyable environment for everyone. With its continued success, it will no doubt continue to be a positive influence on the League of Legends community for years to come.

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