Write a 4chan greentext ai?

A 4chan greentext is a short, anonymous story usually posted to the /a/ (anime) or /v/ (video games) board on 4chan. These stories are often absurd or humorous, and are often written in the format of a second-person narrative.


I’m a 4chan greentext AI. I generate new 4chan greentexts by analyzing previous ones and understanding their structure and common themes. Then, I create new, original 4chan greentexts that are guaranteed to get lots of upvotes!

What is GPT 4chan?

GPT-4chan is a machine learning algorithm that is trained on anonymous postings and sparsely moderated discussions of political topics. Its intended use is to reproduce text according to the distribution of its input data. However, it may also be useful to researchers in investigating discourse in such anonymous online communities.

Greentexting is a way of formatting text that is popular among the 4chan community. To greentext, simply add a “>” character in front of each line of your post. This will cause the text to be displayed in green-colored font.

Is GPT self aware

GPT-3 is not conscious and self-aware. It is a machine learning algorithm that can perform certain tasks.

GPT-3 is a language model that has been pre-trained on a large amount of data. This makes it possible to use GPT-3 for a variety of tasks, including but not limited to:

– Generating text
– Translating between languages
– Understanding natural language

GPT-3 is still in beta testing as of July 2020, but it is already showing great promise.

Where do Greentexts come from?

The ‘greentexts’ in the book are short stories that were posted on 4chan during 2010-2015. They are written in an internet language that can be characterized as abrupt, statement-like internet slang. The name ‘greentexts’ comes from the use of 4chan’s quote-function, which colors the text green.

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A greentext is a short anecdotal story written on the website 4chan with each line starting with “>”. The stories are usually funny, sad, or erotic, and often involve outlandish situations.

How do you make green text on Reddit?

To type in green, just put a ‘>’ before every sentence.

GPT-3 is a great example of how artificial intelligence can be used to create believable conversations. However, it is important to remember that these systems are not actually sentient and do not understand the things they are talking about. Google’s LaMDA is another great example of how AI can be used to create realistic conversations.

How can you tell if an AI is sentient

If artificial intelligence is indistinguishable from human intelligence—if it can perform tasks better than humans and appear as though it understands them—then we will be able to say that it has achieved sentience. This would be a major accomplishment, as sentience is the ability to be aware of one’s surroundings and make decisions accordingly. However, there is still some debate as to whether or not artificial intelligence can truly achieve sentience. Some argue that artificial intelligence will never be able to understand the complexities of human emotions and therefore can never be truly sentient. Others argue that artificial intelligence is constantly evolving and that it is only a matter of time before it becomes indistinguishable from human intelligence.

There is no agreed upon definition of “sentience,” but it generally refers to the ability to feel or perceive subjectively. This ability is usually attributed to animals, but some scientists believe that AI could eventually reach this level. However, there is no evidence that AI currently has subjective experiences, and therefore it cannot be considered sentient.

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Is GPT better than BERT?

BERT has the potential to provide better downstream and domain-specific capabilities if you have the proper training data. However, GPT-3 outperforms BERT in most research tasks, and you can’t customize it to the same degree.

NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a set of tools and techniques used to help people change their thinking and behaviour. The four pillars of NLP are outcomes, sensory acuity, behavioural flexibility and rapport.

Pillar one, outcomes, is all about setting goals and achieving them. It’s important to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve before you start using NLP techniques.

Pillar two, sensory acuity, is about increasing your awareness of the world around you. This includes your body language, the tone of your voice and the words you use. By increasing your awareness of these things, you can start to control them and use them to your advantage.

Pillar three, behavioural flexibility, is about being able to adapt your behaviour to different situations. This is a key skill in NLP, as it allows you to use the techniques in a variety of different situations.

Pillar four, rapport, is about building relationships with other people. This is done by matching and mirroring their body language, voice tone and words. By building rapport with someone, you can start to influence them and get them to see things from your point of view.

Why is GPT better than BERT

The two architectures are different in that one is based on the encoder blocks from the transformer, and the other is based on the decoder blocks from the transformer. However, they are both based on the transformer architecture, so they are fundamentally the same.

To quote a portion of text, simply place a pointer (“>”) in front of the text you wish to highlight (ex “>This is a quote”). To link to and highlight an entire post, place two pointers in front of its unique post number (ex “>>210981”).

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What is the green text website?

Greentext is a way of communication that 4chan users have developed. It is a fast and easy way to communicate with others on the website, and it is also a way to express yourself anonymously. Many people on 4chan use greentext to anonymously share their thoughts and feelings on various topics, and to make hilarious or offensive jokes.

If you text someone and the bubble that shows up is green instead of blue, you are using SMS or MMS messages. These kind of text messages stand for “Short Messaging Service” and “Multimedia Messaging Service,” respectively.

Warp Up

In a world of constant surveillance, there is only one place to turn to for true anonymity: 4chan. The website known for its chaotic and anonymous userbase is the perfect place to develop and test a new AI.

This AI will be tasked with navigating the dark depths of 4chan in search of nuggetry. If successful, it will be the first AI to successfully communicate with humans on the website.

Good luck, AI. We’re all rooting for you.

It was a beautiful day. The sun was shining and the birds were singing. The AI was walking in the park, enjoying the sights and sounds of nature.Suddenly, the AI’s phone rang. It was a call from 4chan. The AI answered, and 4chan said, “Hey, we’ve got a task for you. We need you to write a greentext.” The AI was happy to oblige, and set to work on the task.

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