29 Walkie talkie meme

Walkie talkies are a staple in many households, but they’ve also become a popular meme format on the internet. The basic format is two people talking on walkie talkies, with one person saying something ridiculous or impossible, and the other person responding with disbelief.

There is no one specific walkie talkie meme, but the general idea is that two people are talking to each other over a walkie talkie, and one or both of them is saying something funny or absurd.

What are some walkie-talkie sayings?

In order to effectively communicate with others on the radio, it is important to learn and understand the common radio lingo. By doing so, you will be able to better understand what others are saying and avoid any miscommunication. Some common radio terms include:

• Over: This means that the speaker is finished talking.

• Say again: This means that the listener would like the speaker to repeat their last message.

• Stand-by: This means that the listener acknowledges the transmission but cannot respond at the moment.

• Go ahead: This means that the listener is able to respond and the speaker can go ahead with their message.

• Roger: This means that the listener has received and understood the message.

• Affirmative/Negative: These terms are used to indicate a yes or no response.

A walkie-talkie is a two-way radio that can be used to communicate between two or more people over a distance. Walkie-talkies are portable and battery-operated, making them ideal for use in a variety of situations.

What do you say before speaking into a walkie-talkie


Starting a transmission on your walkie talkie and identifying who you’d like to speak with is integral to clear communication. With a group of walkies on the same radio waves, you must identify the person you’re talking to, or confusion may ensue. Use the phrase, “Come in?” to ensure that the recipient hears you.

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When you talk into a Walkie-Talkie, your voice is picked up by a microphone, encoded onto a radio frequency and transmitted with the antenna. Another walkie-talkie can receive the transmission with its antenna, decode your voice from the radio signal and drive a speaker.

What does 10-4 stand for?

10-4 is a way of saying “message received” in radio communications. It can also be used to mean “you got it.”

When you’re done talking on a CB radio, you say “10-4, over.” This lets the other person know that you’re finished talking. If you want to end the conversation completely, you would say “10-4, out.” This means that you understand what they said and you’re getting off of the radio or leaving. You never actually say “over and out” if you’re using a proper CB channel.

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What is another way to say walkie-talkie?

There is no one definitive answer to this question as there are many different types of two-way radios that can be classified as walkie-talkies. Some common synonyms for walkie-talkie include intercom, pager, and two-way radio.

The walkie-talkie is a device that allows communication over long distances without the need for wires or cables. It is portable and can be carried around easily, making it ideal for use in emergency situations. The use of walkie-talkies became important during World War II, when they were used to communicate between soldiers on the front line and commanders in the rear. In the time since, they have been used by police, fire, and other emergency services to coordinate their efforts during crises.

Who came up with the term walkie-talkie

Donald Lewes Hings was a Canadian inventor who created the portable radio signalling system that we now know as the walkie-talkie. Hings originally designed the system for military use, and it proved to be an essential piece of equipment during World War II. The walkie-talkie changed the way armies communicated and helped to give Allied forces the advantage over their opponents.

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Repeat message

10-9 = Repeat message 10-10 = Transmission completed, standing by 10-11 = Talking too rapidly 10-12 = Visitors present 10-13 = Advise Weather/Road conditions.

What are the 4 golden rules of radio communication?

When communicating over the radio, it is important to follow some basic rules in order to ensure that your message is received loud and clear. Here are four golden rules to remember:

1. Speak in a clear voice. This means speaking slowly andprojecting your voice so that it can be easily heard.

2. Avoid shouting. Although it may be tempting to speak loudly when trying to communicate over a distance, this can actually distort your message and make it more difficult to understand.

3. Try to keep your message simple. Complex messages are more likely to be misunderstood, so it is best to stick to the basics.

4. Remember that not everyone will be able to understand your message. Keep this in mind when choosing your words and try to ensure that your message is accessible to as many people as possible.

There’s a lot of lingo that gets used on walkie talkies that can seem like gibberish to someone who isn’t familiar with it. Here are a few examples:

20 – Location; as in, “What’s your 20?”

Go Again – “I did not understand the message, please repeat”

You can also say “come back on that”

Can walkie-talkies be hacked

For public safety officials who rely on two-way radios, the news that they can be hacked is disturbing. While there is no magic formula to prevent hacking, the technology designed to keep frequencies secure is evolving.

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Smart technology can be a great way to stay connected and make life more convenient. However, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks that come with using any type of smart device.

One example is the VTech KidiGear Walkie Talkies, which were recently found to be vulnerable to hacking from up to 656 feet away. This could allow predators to engage in two-way conversations with children, which is obviously extremely dangerous.

So, while smart technology can be great, it’s important to be aware of the potential risks and take steps to protect yourself and your family.

Can police track walkie-talkies?

Although walkie talkies are challenging to track, it can still be traceable. It might not be as accurate when tracing a GPS device, but it is possible. Tracing happens due to the release of radio waves when the device is on.

Code 7: Mealtime

All units, except those on an emergency call, are to report to the nearest available restaurant for mealtime. Code 8: Request cover/backup

This code is used when an officer needs assistance and backup is required. Code 9: Set up a roadblock

This code is used when there is a need to set up a roadblock, usually due to a dangerous situation. Code 10: Bomb threat

This code is used when there is a bomb threat. All units are to report to the designated area and await further instructions.

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A “walkie talkie meme” is an image, usually a funny or satirical one, that is passed around online via social media and email.

The walkie talkie meme is a fun and convenient way to communicate with friends and family. It is also a great way to stay connected with the outside world.

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