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Vikings War of Clans is an epic strategy and war game, set in the harsh Northlands of the Viking Age. Players take on the role of a Viking Jarl, leading their clan to greatness by conquering neighboring villages, assembling an army of fierce warriors, and uniting with other clans to form a formidable alliance. As your village grows and prospers, you will be able to build larger and more powerful armies to dominate your opponents in brutal battles. The stakes are high and the rewards can be great; victory will bring you glory, wealth, power, and fame!Vikings War of Clans is an epic real-time strategy game from the creators of the popular mobile game, Vikings: War of Clans. In this game, you take on the role of a Viking Jarl, and lead your clan to victory by forging alliances and engaging in fierce battles with rival clans. The game also features a number of interesting features such as a detailed map, PvP battles, customisable avatars and more. With its deep and immersive gameplay, Vikings War of Clans will give you hours of exciting entertainment!

The Origins of Viking Warriors

The Vikings were a group of Scandinavian warriors and explorers who are most famous for their raids and conquests in Europe during the 8th to 11th centuries. The origins of these warriors are unclear, but they were likely a combination of various Germanic peoples who lived in Scandinavia and the Baltic region. They were skilled seafarers and traders, as well as warriors, and had settlements throughout Europe. The Viking culture was very much militaristic, and they placed great importance on strength and courage in battle.

Viking Expansion

The Vikings were known to travel far beyond their homeland in search of new lands to settle. They expanded their territories into England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, Russia, and even parts of North Africa. They also established trade routes with the Byzantines and Arab traders in the Mediterranean region. The Vikings had a major impact on European culture as they spread their language (Old Norse) and religious beliefs (Norse paganism).

Viking War Tactics

The Viking warriors were renowned for their ferocity in battle. They used various tactics to gain an advantage over their enemies including surprise attacks from the sea or via land. They often employed small boats called “Drakkars” which could navigate shallow waters and launch surprise raids along enemy coasts. In addition to this surprise tactic, they also used a shield wall formation that allowed them to fend off enemy attacks while launching counter-attacks with swords or spears.

Decline of the Vikings

The decline of the Viking Age began around 1000 AD when Christianity began to spread across Europe. This caused a decline in Norse paganism which had been a major part of Viking culture. In addition to this religious shift there were also advances in military technology such as armor which made it more difficult for Viking raids to be successful. By the 12th century most of the Viking settlements had been abandoned or assimilated into other cultures leaving behind only stories of their exploits as reminders of their existence.

Legacy Of The Vikings

Although the era known as The Viking Age has come to an end its legacy is still felt today throughout Europe and North America where many place names bear witness to its presence such as cities like Dublin (from Dubh Linn or Black Pool) or Normandy (from Normannia). There are also many stories that continue to be told about these legendary warriors such as Beowulf which have been passed down through generations since medieval times. Today we remember them not only for their conquests but also for their skill at navigation and exploration which helped open up new worlds for future generations to explore.

Introduction to the Game

Vikings War of Clans is an exciting strategy game set in the unforgiving lands of the Vikings. In this game, you play as a Jarl, a Viking leader striving to build a great city and conquer new lands. You must manage resources, build armies, and battle your enemies to survive and thrive in this harsh world. Your success depends on your ability to make wise decisions and use strategy to win battles and gain victory points. To play Vikings War of Clans, you must first understand the basics of the game.

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Creating Your Village

The first step in playing Vikings War of Clans is creating your village. You will be prompted to choose your village’s name and location on the map. Make sure to choose wisely as this will be your base of operations for the rest of the game. Once you have chosen your village’s name and location, you will need to build buildings, upgrade existing buildings, recruit troops, and manage resources in order to progress further in the game.


Resources are essential for building up your village and advancing in Vikings War of Clans. You must build mines for gathering resources such as wood, iron, stone, food, silver, gold, runes and more. These resources can be used for building structures like barracks for recruiting troops or temples for researching new technologies. Resources can also be traded with other players or used as currency when purchasing items from the market.


In order to succeed in battle in Vikings War of Clans, you must recruit an army that consists of different types of troops such as infantrymen, archers and cavalrymen. You can recruit these troops from barracks that you have built in your village or purchase them from other players using resources or gold coins. Troops can be trained by assigning them tasks such as training drills or scouting missions which will increase their strength and effectiveness in battle.


Battles are an important part of Vikings War of Clans where you must lead your troops into battle against enemy villages or raiders who are attempting to steal your resources or attack your settlement. In order to win battles against other players or raiders you must use strategy by deploying different types of troops at certain locations on the battlefield and using special abilities such as healing spells or summoning dragons at key moments during combat.

Victory Points

Victory Points are rewarded for successfully completing tasks such as winning battles against other players or raiding enemy villages. These points can then be used to purchase items from the market or exchange them with other players for valuable resources such as runes which can help boost your troop’s stats or increase the production rate of certain buildings.

Strategies and Tips in Winning Vikings War of Clans

Vikings War of Clans is a popular mobile strategy game that has been gaining traction among gamers. It is a great way to kill time and test your strategic skills. To make the most out of your gaming experience, you need to have the right strategies and tips in order to win. Here are some strategies and tips that can help you win in Vikings War of Clans.

The first thing you should do when playing Vikings War of Clans is to build up your base. This means constructing buildings, upgrading them, and researching new technologies that can improve your base’s defenses and offensive capabilities. You should also focus on recruiting powerful heroes who can help you in battles. Building up your base will make it harder for other players to attack you, so it is important that you take this step seriously.

Another important strategy for winning in Vikings War of Clans is to participate in clan events. Clan events are a great way to earn rewards such as resources, items, and gold which can be used to upgrade buildings or research new technologies. Participating in these events also gives you an opportunity to find allies who can help you during battles or defend your base when being attacked by other players.

It is also important that you form alliances with other players in order to increase your chances of winning battles. You can join a clan or create your own clan with friends so that everyone can work together towards the same goals and objectives. Alliances are especially helpful when attacking enemy bases since it increases the chances of success significantly.

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Finally, another tip for winning in Vikings War of Clans is to stay active and stay engaged with the game at all times. This means participating in battles, expanding your base, researching new technologies, and recruiting powerful heroes whenever possible. Staying active will make sure that other players don’t take advantage of any weaknesses or vulnerabilities from your side while at the same time giving you more opportunities to expand your base and become more powerful over time.


Playing Vikings War of Clans requires a significant amount of time. Depending on the level of the game, players can spend anywhere from 10 minutes to several hours playing every day. Players can choose how much time they want to dedicate to the game, but it is important to remember that developing a strong clan and progressing in the game takes dedication and consistent effort over time.


Vikings War of Clans is a free-to-play game, however players have the option to purchase in-game currency with real money. This currency can be used to purchase items such as resources and buildings that will give players an advantage in the game. While it is not necessary to spend money in order to play and win, it can help significantly speed up progress.


In order to succeed in Vikings War of Clans, players must develop a good strategy for their clan. This includes deciding which resources and buildings should be prioritized, managing troops effectively, and forming alliances with other clans. It is important for players to consider all aspects of their strategy when making decisions and planning for the future.


Successful clans rely on communication between members in order to coordinate actions and strategize together. Players should devote time each day to communicate with their clan mates so that everyone is on the same page when it comes to decision making. Communication also helps build strong relationships between members so that they can work together more efficiently towards their shared goals.

The Different Types of Army in Vikings War of Clans

In the Vikings War of Clans, there are a variety of armies available for players to choose from. Each type of army offers different advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to consider which type will best fit your strategy and goals. The four main types of armies are infantry, cavalry, archers, and siege engines.


Infantry are the basic units in the game. They are versatile and can be used in a variety of scenarios. Infantry units have a good range and can be upgraded with weapons such as swords and spears to increase their power. They are also relatively cheap to produce and maintain.


Cavalry units are fast-moving troops that can be used to outmaneuver enemy forces or carry out surprise attacks. They have a good range and can be upgraded with lances or bows to increase their damage output. While they are more expensive than infantry, their speed gives them an advantage in many situations.


Archers are ranged units that can attack enemies from a distance without putting themselves at risk. They have a good range and can be upgraded with bows or crossbows to increase their damage output. Archers are vulnerable to enemy cavalry, but they make up for this by being able to fire volleys of arrows at enemies from afar.

Siege Engines

Siege engines are powerful weapons that can take down enemy buildings or walls quickly and efficiently. They come in many forms such as catapults, ballistae, rams, trebuchets, etc., each with its own specific advantages and disadvantages depending on the situation. Siege engines require resources to build and maintain but they can be very effective when used correctly.

The Technology Tree in Vikings War Of Clans

The technology tree in Vikings War of Clans is an important element of the game. It is a set of technologies that the player can research and use to improve their city, army, and resources. The technologies are divided into four different categories: Military, Resource Production, City Development, and Science. Each technology has its own set of benefits and costs associated with it. Researching a technology requires resources which can be gathered by raiding opponents or completing quests.

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The Military category includes technologies such as Fortification, Archery, Cavalry, and Sieges. These technologies allow players to build stronger defenses for their city and increase the strength of their army. Fortification technologies increase the defense of a city’s walls while Archery increases damage output from ranged units. Cavalry technologies provide bonuses to mounted units while Siege technologies increase the damage done by siege engines.

Resource Production technologies allow players to gather resources faster and more efficiently from their city’s surrounding area. This includes Lumbering, Mining, Farming, Fishing, Hunting and Trading Technologies which all increase resource production rates for each type of resource available in the game world.

City Development Technologies enable players to build more complex structures in their cities such as Houses for villagers or Barracks for troops. This also includes Technologies that allow players to upgrade existing structures within their cities such as Walls or Towers for defense purposes or Mills or Warehouses for storage of resources produced by the city’s workers.

Lastly, Science Technologies provide bonuses that affect the overall performance of a player’s city such as increased construction speed or reduced costs for researching new technologies. These bonuses can be extremely useful when attempting to quickly upgrade a city’s infrastructure or when building large armies quickly.

Overall, The Technology Tree in Vikings War Of Clans provides players with an immense amount of options when it comes to customizing their cities and armies according to their playstyle. With careful planning and strategic use of resources, it is possible to reap great rewards from researching new technologies in this strategy game!

Buildings and Structures in Vikings War Of Clans

Vikings War Of Clans is a popular strategy game that has been around for some time and the game features various buildings and structures that players can build and upgrade. These buildings and structures all have different functions, ranging from resource production to defensive structures. Resource buildings, such as the Lumber Mill, are necessary for producing resources such as Lumber or Iron. Resource buildings can be upgraded to increase their production rate, which is an important part of the game’s economy.

Defensive buildings and structures are also very important in Vikings War Of Clans, as they protect your village from enemy attacks. The most important structure is the Town Hall, which serves as your village’s center of operations. Other defensive buildings include walls, towers, traps, gates, and guard towers that can be used to protect your village from enemy raids.

The Town Hall also allows you to construct special buildings that give you access to powerful boosts or bonuses such as increased resource production or faster building times. Special buildings also provide access to powerful boosts during battles such as increased damage or healing capabilities. Special buildings can also provide access to powerful troops that can be used during battles against enemies.

In addition to these structures, there are also a variety of decorations available in Vikings War Of Clans that can be used to customize your village’s look and feel. Decorations range from decorations that boost morale or happiness of villagers to decorations that improve the village’s overall aesthetic appeal.

Overall, there are a variety of different buildings and structures available in Vikings War Of Clans that all have their own unique functions and benefits for players who use them wisely. Players should carefully consider how they want to use these structures in order to maximize their effectiveness in-game.


Vikings War of Clans is a great strategy game that allows players to experience the thrill of battle and build their own Viking kingdom. It has a well-designed interface, easy-to-learn mechanics, and plenty of challenges to keep players engaged. The game also offers a variety of rewards and achievements that can help players stay motivated to continue playing. With its social features, it’s easy to connect with other players and join forces for greater success. All in all, the game is an entertaining way to learn about Viking culture while having fun.

Vikings War of Clans is an enjoyable and rewarding experience that can be enjoyed by both casual and hardcore gamers alike. With its many features, it’s sure to provide hours of entertainment as you build your own Viking Empire!

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