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Uma Musume Pretty Derby, also known as Uma Musume Ballin, is a multimedia franchise created by Cygames in collaboration with IPG, DMM Games and Takara Tomy. The franchise follows a group of horse girls who aspire to become the greatest racehorse in the world. The series has spawned an anime television series, manga series and various mobile/console games. Uma Musume is a story filled with drama, comedy and thrilling races as these horse girls strive to reach their dreams.Uma Musume: Pretty Derby is a Japanese multimedia franchise created by Cygames. It is centered around the concept of anthropomorphized horse girls inspired by famous racehorses in Japanese history, and follows them as they train to become top-class idols and compete in a national sports competition. The franchise includes a mobile game, an anime television series, manga series, and other merchandise. The game was released on March 30, 2018 for iOS and Android devices, and the anime television series adaptation aired from April 1 to June 24, 2018.

Uma Musume Ballin: Characters

Uma Musume Ballin is a popular anime that focuses on the story of horse girls who strive to become the greatest horse racing idols of all time. It features a diverse cast of characters, each with their own unique personalities and goals. The main characters are Special Week, Silence Suzuka, Tokai Teio, and Mejiro McQueen.

Special Week is an enthusiastic and passionate horse girl who strives to be the best at her sport. She has a strong sense of justice and is determined to win every race she enters. Despite having some trouble with her studies, she is extremely determined and never stops trying her best.

Silence Suzuka is an experienced racer who has already won multiple races in the past. She has a calm and collected demeanor and rarely shows any emotion or excitement when it comes to racing. Despite this, she still gives her all in every race.

Tokai Teio is an intelligent horse girl who puts a lot of thought into her racing strategies. She often comes up with creative solutions to problems that other racers would not think of. She also has an unyielding determination to succeed, no matter how difficult the situation may be.

Mejiro McQueen is a mysterious horse girl who appears out of nowhere one day and quickly begins to make waves in the world of horse racing idols. While her past remains a mystery, it’s clear that she has an incredible talent for racing and can easily outpace even the most experienced racers on the track.

Uma Musume Ballin also features several other colorful characters such as Vodka, Tsurumaki Tsubaki, Gold Ship, Symboli Rudolf, Daiwa Scarlet, Hishi Amazon, Fine Allure, Daiwa Emperor, Taiki Shuttle, Teacher Tami Angelia and many more! Each character brings something new and interesting to the show that keeps viewers coming back for more!

Uma Musume Ballin: Story

Uma Musume Ballin is a sports-themed anime series based on the popular mobile game of the same name. The story follows a group of teenage girls who have been chosen by the mysterious organization known as Ballin to become elite athletes, called Uma Musume. These Uma Musume have been given superhuman abilities and must compete in various athletic events in order to prove their worth and bring glory to their team. As they train and compete, they must also deal with the drama and personal issues that come with being a teenager.

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The main character of Uma Musume Ballin is Special Week, a spunky Uma Musume who dreams of becoming the best athlete in Japan. She is joined by her fellow teammates Tokai Teio, Daiwa Scarlet, Silence Suzuka, and Mejiro McQueen. Together they must face off against other teams of Uma Musume from around the country as they strive to reach their goals and prove their worth. Along the way, Special Week discovers secrets about her past and learns what it means to be part of a team.

Uma Musume Ballin is an exciting sports anime that features thrilling races and intense rivalries between its characters. With its vibrant visuals and dynamic soundtrack, it’s sure to capture the hearts of viewers young and old alike. Whether you’re into sports or just looking for an exciting new series to watch, Uma Musume Ballin is sure to have something for everyone!

Uma Musume Ballin: Overview

Uma Musume Ballin is a mobile game developed by Japanese mobile game developer Cygames. It is based on the popular anime series Uma Musume Pretty Derby. The game was released in Japan in November 2018 and has been a huge success, reaching over 10 million downloads in its first month. The game features characters from the anime series as well as new characters created exclusively for the game. Players can collect cards featuring these characters and use them to form teams to compete in races.


The gameplay of Uma Musume Ballin consists of turn-based races in which players take turns controlling their team of horses. Each horse has its own stats such as speed, agility, stamina, and power, which will affect how well they perform in the race. Players must also choose when to use boosts, which can give their horses an extra boost of speed or power. Additionally, players can use items and skills to give their horses an edge over their opponents. After each race, players are rewarded with coins and other rewards that can be used to upgrade their horses or purchase new cards.

Uma Musume Ballin: Music

The music in Uma Musume Ballin is composed by Japanese musician Shota Kageyama and features a mix of upbeat electronic tunes and traditional Japanese instruments such as shamisen and taiko drums. The soundtrack features tracks from the anime series as well as original compositions for the game, creating an energetic atmosphere that matches the exciting nature of the races. Additionally, there are special event songs that play during certain events such as New Year’s Day or Valentine’s Day, making these occasions all the more special!

Uma Musume Ballin: Animation

Uma Musume Ballin, the popular anime series, has been a hit among viewers since its release. The show follows the adventures of a group of horse-girls, or ‘uma musume’, as they train to become top-class race horses. It is set in a world where horses can talk and think like humans, and possess magical powers. The series follows the characters as they attempt to reach their goals of becoming champion race horses while overcoming various obstacles along the way.

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The show has been praised for its fun and vibrant art style that does justice to its subject matter. The animation is smooth and fluid, with beautiful backgrounds and characters that are easy to recognize and identify with. The characters’ personalities are unique and well-developed, making them easy to root for. The show also features some great music, both original and remixed from other anime titles, that adds to the overall atmosphere of the show.

Uma Musume Ballin is a great show for all ages; it offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for an exciting adventure series or simply some enjoyable entertainment, Uma Musume Ballin should not be missed! With its colorful art style, engaging characters, and great music, it’s no wonder why this anime has become so popular with viewers around the world!

Uma Musume Ballin: Release Date

Uma Musume Ballin is a beautiful and fun horse racing game that has been released in Japan on March 12, 2020. It’s based off of the popular manga series by the same name. Players take control of their own virtual horse and compete against other players in races. The game features a wide variety of characters from the manga, as well as customisable horses and tracks for a unique experience. Players can collect coins to upgrade their horses and purchase new items for their stables. The game also offers various game modes, including story mode, tournament mode, and online multiplayer mode.

Uma Musume Ballin is currently available on the Nintendo Switch console in Japan. It is expected to be released in other regions later this year, although no official release date has been announced yet. Fans all over the world are eagerly awaiting its release so they can join in on the fun!

Uma Musume Ballin: Merchandise

Uma Musume Ballin is a popular Japanese anime series that follows the adventures of a group of horse girls in their quest to become the strongest racers in Japan. The series has been airing since April 2020 and has gained a large following due to its unique characters and storyline. To celebrate the success of the show, various merchandise related to Uma Musume Ballin has been released.

The most popular merchandise related to Uma Musume Ballin are figures and plushies of the characters in the show. These figures are highly detailed and come in various sizes, ranging from small palm-sized figures to larger life-sized figures. They also come with various accessories such as wands, hats, and masks to make them even more unique. Additionally, fans can also purchase keychains, phone cases, stickers, and other items featuring their favorite Uma Musume Ballin characters.

Fans can also find official Uma Musume Ballin clothing on sites like Amazon and eBay. These clothes range from t-shirts featuring characters from the show to full-length dresses featuring designs inspired by the show. Other types of clothing such as hoodies, jackets, hats, and bags are also available for purchase.

In addition to clothing and figures, there is also a wide variety of other Uma Musume Ballin merchandise available for purchase online. These include wall scrolls featuring characters from the show as well as posters depicting scenes from the series. There are also books available that feature art from the show or provide information about its characters and story arcs. Finally, fans can also purchase CDs containing music from the anime or special edition Blu-Rays that contain exclusive content not available elsewhere.

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No matter what type of Uma Musume Ballin fan you are, there is sure to be something out there for you! With so many different types of merchandise available for purchase online or in stores, you’re sure to find something perfect for your collection or as a gift for someone else who loves this amazing series!

Uma Musume Ballin: Reception

Uma Musume Ballin has been well-received by anime fans since its release. The show has earned a great deal of praise for its unique style, imaginative story, and colorful characters. Many viewers have also praised its music score and visuals, which have been described as “captivating” and “beautiful” by critics. The show has also been praised for its clever use of humor and for its moving themes of friendship and overcoming adversity.

The show’s popularity has led to a variety of merchandise being released, including plush toys, figures, keychains, and even collectible cards. There have also been several manga adaptations of the show released in Japan. A feature-length film based on the series was released in 2020.

Uma Musume Ballin has become a popular topic among cosplayers, with many creating impressive costumes based on the various characters from the show. In Japan, it is also popular among adult audiences due to the various references to classic anime series that can be found throughout the show.

Overall, Uma Musume Ballin has proven to be an incredibly popular series with both young and old viewers alike. It has received critical acclaim from both fans and critics alike for its imaginative story, characters, art style, and music score. With a feature-length movie now available as well as various pieces of merchandise being released regularly, Uma Musume Ballin is sure to remain popular for years to come.


Uma Musume Pretty Derby has come a long way since its debut in 2018. Initially the game was created with the intention to bring together the best of horse racing and idol culture, and it has achieved that goal and more. In the time since, Uma Musume has spawned a number of spin-offs, from anime series to manga stories. The game’s colourful cast of characters have found their own way into the hearts of many fans, and with each new iteration, the franchise continues to grow.

Uma Musume Pretty Derby is now a beloved franchise with a passionate fanbase all over the world. It continues to prove that combining traditional sports with idol culture can be an extremely successful venture and can provide entertainment for all ages. With each new instalment, Uma Musume Pretty Derby will continue to capture hearts for years to come.

In short, Uma Musume Pretty Derby is an incredibly unique series that offers something for everyone. From its engaging storylines about horse racing and idol culture to its colourful cast of characters, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in this franchise. The future looks bright for Uma Musume Pretty Derby as it continues to expand its reach even further in the coming years!

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