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Trevenant is a Ghost/Grass type Pokemon from the sixth generation of the Pokemon universe. It is a dark and mysterious creature with a haunting presence, as it is often seen lurking in the shadows of forests and other places of natural beauty. It has a unique set of powers that allow it to manipulate trees and foliage. Trevenant is an excellent defensive Pokemon, as its ability to control plants gives it an edge in battle. Additionally, its Psychic-type moves make it especially powerful against opposing Ghost-types. With its unique powers, Trevenant has become one of the most feared Ghost-types in all of Pokemon!Trevenant is a Ghost/Grass-type Pokémon which first appeared in the Kalos Region of the Pokémon series. It is a large tree-like creature with a yellow face and brown bark-like body. In Pokémon Unite, Trevenant is a powerful Support type Pokémon with a variety of moves to help its teammates. Its stats are as follows:

HP: 540
Attack: 109
Defense: 165
Special Attack: 109
Special Defense: 165
Speed: 76

The moveset for Trevenant in Pokémon Unite is as follows:
Leaf Storm – A Grass-type move that deals high damage and lowers the opponent’s Special Defense.
Leaf Blade – A Grass-type move that deals high damage and has an increased critical hit ratio.
Horn Leech – A Grass-type move that heals Trevenant’s HP and deals damage to its opponent at the same time.
Will-O-Wisp – A Fire-type move that deals damage and inflicts the Burn status on its target.
Shadow Claw – A Ghost-type move that deals high damage and has an increased critical hit ratio.
Psychic – A Psychic-type move that deals high damage and can lower the target’s Special Defense.

Trevenant’s Strengths

Trevenant is a powerful Grass-type Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. It has high defensive stats and is resistant to many types of attacks. It can also use its Wood Hammer and Horn Leech moves to great effect, dealing damage and recovering HP simultaneously. Trevenant also has access to many useful abilities, such as Harvest, which allows it to recycle Berries for its team, and Natural Cure, which heals all status conditions at the end of the match. Finally, Trevenant’s Grassy Terrain move increases its evasion and decreases attack damage received, making it a formidable opponent in battle.

Trevenant’s Weaknesses

Trevenant’s main weaknesses are Fire-type attacks and Flying-type moves. Fire-type attacks do extra damage against Trevenant due to its Grass typing, while Flying-type moves can bypass Trevenant’s excellent defenses. Additionally, Trevenant is weak against Ice-type attacks due to its double weakness to this type. Finally, Trevenant is relatively slow compared to other Pokemon in Pokemon Unite; this means that it can be outpaced by faster opponents who can use their speed advantage against it.

Tips on Battling with Trevenant in Pokemon Unite

Trevenant is a powerful Ghost and Grass type Pokemon that can be found in the Kalos region. It is one of the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Unite and is a great addition to any team. Here are some tips on how to battle with Trevenant in Pokemon Unite.:

1. One of the best ways to use Trevenant is to set up traps for your opponents. Trevenant has access to a variety of moves such as Will-O-Wisp, Shadow Claw, and Phantom Force which can be used to set up traps for your opponents. Utilizing these moves can give you an advantage over your opponent by trapping them and allowing you to attack while they are still vulnerable.

2. Another great strategy when using Trevenant is to use its defensive capabilities to your advantage. With access to moves such as Substitute, Toxic, Leech Seed, and Protect, Trevenant can easily absorb damage from its opponents while also dealing out damage of its own. This makes it a great choice for defensive playstyles that can give you the advantage over your opponents.

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3. Finally, Trevenant also has access to some high-powered attacking moves such as Wood Hammer and Horn Leech which can do massive amounts of damage if used correctly. Utilizing these attacks can quickly turn the tide of battle in your favor, so make sure you take full advantage of them when playing with Trevenant!

By following these tips, you should be able to have success when battling with Trevenant in Pokemon Unite! Good luck on your journey!

How to Unlock Trevenant in Pokemon Unite

Trevenant is an incredibly powerful Pokemon, and it can be attained in the game Pokemon Unite. To unlock Trevenant, players need to complete a number of tasks, which vary depending on the region they are playing in. In North America, players must complete five matches in the Grand Challenge Cup tournament and then purchase the Trevenant bundle from the in-game store. In Europe and Japan, players must first win seven matches in the Grand Challenge Cup tournament before they can purchase the bundle. Once purchased, players will get access to a special Trevenant skin that can be used to customize their team’s look.

In order to use Trevenant effectively, players will need to understand its moveset and abilities. It has access to three unique abilities: Harvest, Horn Leech and Wood Hammer. Harvest allows Trevenant to collect berries from grassy areas of the map while Horn Leech gives it an attack boost when attacking with its horn attack. Finally, Wood Hammer gives it a powerful leaping attack that deals massive damage at close range. Additionally, it has access to two special moves: Shadow Claw and Phantom Force.

Knowing how to unlock Trevenant in Pokemon Unite is only half of the battle; understanding how to use it effectively is just as important. With its unique set of abilities and moveset, Trevenant can prove to be an invaluable asset for any team looking for an edge over their competition. Make sure you take advantage of this powerful Pokemon by understanding what it brings to the table!

Tips on Building a Team Around Trevenant in Pokemon Unite

Trevenant is one of the most powerful and versatile Pokemon in Pokemon Unite. With its great defensive stats, ability to heal itself, and a wide range of offensive moves, Trevenant is an ideal choice for a team-based strategy game. While it can be difficult to build a team around Trevenant, there are some tips that can help make the process easier.

First, players should choose other Pokemon that complement Trevenant’s strengths and weaknesses. For instance, if Trevenant has high defensive stats but low offensive power, a good choice would be to pair it with another Pokemon that has strong offensive capabilities. This way, the team can capitalize on both Trevenant’s defensive prowess and its partner’s attacking strength.

Another tip is to choose movesets for each Pokemon on the team that will complement each other. For example, if one Pokemon has an attack move that deals good damage but leaves it vulnerable afterwards, a teammate with a move that provides protection or healing would be ideal for covering up those weaknesses. This way, the team can maximize their effectiveness by having movesets that work together well.

Finally, players should consider type matchups when building their team around Trevenant. Since it is weak to Bug-type attacks, pairing it with another Bug-type Pokemon would be beneficial in order to protect it from those attacks while also providing support from its own Bug-type moveset. Similarly, finding teammates with types that are strong against Trevenant’s weaknesses would also be beneficial in order to cover up any potential deficiencies in its own typing or stats.

By following these tips when building a team around Trevenant in Pokemon Unite, players can create an effective and powerful squad of Pokemon ready to take on any challenge!

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Utilize Status Effects

Trevenant is an incredibly powerful Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, and one of its main strengths lies in its ability to use status effects like Leech Seed and Sleep to control the battlefield. It’s important for Trevenant players to be aware of when these effects can be used, as they can often give Trevenant an advantage over its opponents. For example, using Leech Seed on a vulnerable opponent can help Trevenant stay healthy while slowly draining away the enemy’s health. Similarly, using Sleep can help keep an opponent out of the fight long enough for Trevenant to set up a powerful attack or even take out the enemy outright. In any case, utilizing status effects should be a priority for any Trevenant player.

Be Careful With Its Moves

Trevenant has access to some very powerful moves that can be used both offensively and defensively. However, it’s important for players to be aware that these moves have their own drawbacks, as they can leave Trevenant open to counterattacks if used incorrectly. For example, Horn Leech is a great way to heal Trevenant and restore its energy but it leaves it open to attack while it uses the move. Similarly, Wood Hammer deals huge amounts of damage but leaves Trevenant vulnerable after it is used. As such, players should think carefully before using these moves and look for opportunities where they can use them safely without putting themselves at risk.

Teamwork Is Key

As with all team-based games, teamwork is essential when playing with Trevenant in Pokemon Unite. While Trevenant may have some powerful abilities on its own, it will often need the help of its teammates in order to succeed in battle. For example, having another teammate use a status effect like Sleep or Leech Seed on an enemy can give Trevenant time to set up a powerful attack or even take out the enemy outright. Similarly, having teammates focus fire on an enemy while Trevenant uses defensive moves like Horn Leech or Wood Hammer can help keep it safe while still dealing out significant damage. Ultimately, teamwork is essential when playing with Trevenant and teams should strive to work together in order to maximize their effectiveness.

Use Its Mobility

Finally, one of Trevenants most valuable tools in Pokemon Unite is its mobility. The ability to quickly move around the battlefield gives it a distinct advantage over other more stationary Pokemon as it allows players to reposition themselves more easily and quickly react to changing situations on the battlefield. As such, exploiting this mobility by using quick evasive maneuvers or positioning itself strategically should be top priorities for any player using this Pokemon type as they are surefire ways of maximizing its potential power.

How to Counter Trevenant in Pokemon Unite

Trevenant is an incredibly strong Ghost/Grass-type Pokemon in Pokemon Unite, and it can be a real challenge to take down. Fortunately, there are some strategies and tactics you can use to counter this powerful Pokemon. Here are a few tips on how to effectively counter Trevenant.

First of all, it’s important to understand the weaknesses of Trevenant. As with all Ghost-type Pokemon, Trevenant has two primary weaknesses: Dark and Ghost-type moves. In addition, Fire, Flying, Ice, and Rock-type moves can also be effective against it. So when facing off against a Trevenant, make sure you have the right type of moves ready to go.

Another important strategy for countering Trevenant is to use status effects such as paralysis or confusion. These can help slow down a Trevenant’s movement or prevent it from attacking altogether. Similarly, using status effects like sleep or freeze can render a Trevenant completely helpless while you attack it with the right type of moves.

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Finally, one of the best ways to counter Trevenant is to simply outspeed it. By using fast attackers like Talonflame or Jolteon, you can easily outmaneuver and outlast Trevenant in battle. Additionally, you can also use priority moves such as Quick Attack or Sucker Punch which will hit first regardless of speed stat differences between your Pokemon and the opponent’s Trevenant.

Overall, taking down a powerful Trevenant requires careful planning and good positioning on your part as well as having the right type of moves available at just the right moment. With these strategies at your disposal though, you should be able to effectively counter this formidable Ghost/Grass-type Pokemon in no time!

Exploring the Meta of Trevenant in Pokemon Unite

Pokemon Unite is the latest installment of the Pokemon franchise, and it has brought with it a host of exciting new characters to explore. One of these characters is Trevenant, a Grass/Ghost-type Pokemon. Trevenant is a unique and powerful creature, capable of dealing heavy damage with its special attacks and providing ample support for its allies. In this article, we’ll take a look at the meta surrounding Trevenant in Pokemon Unite and discuss how it can be used to best advantage in competitive play.

Trevenant has several advantages that make it a valuable asset in battle. Firstly, its Grass/Ghost typing grants it immunity to Normal and Fighting-type moves, as well as all status effects except for sleep. This makes Trevenant difficult to take down quickly, allowing it to survive longer in battle and potentially help its team win by outlasting the opposing team’s pokemon. Additionally, Trevenant’s typing also grants it STAB on Grass-type moves, which gives it access to powerful attacks like Energy Ball which can easily defeat many Water-type pokemon commonly found in competitive play.

In addition to its typing advantages, Trevenant also possesses an impressive movepool that allows it to function effectively both offensively and defensively. Its Ghost-type moves are especially helpful when facing off against Psychic-types or other Ghost-types; Shadow Claw can deal significant damage while Will-O-Wisp effectively reduces an opponent’s Attack stat by half for four turns. On the defensive side, Trevenant can use Leech Seed or Giga Drain to recover some HP each turn while simultaneously dealing damage to an opponent. Finally, Protect is always useful for stalling out opponents or avoiding being KO’d by strong attacks.

Overall, Trevenant is an incredibly versatile pokemon that can be used effectively in many different types of battles. Its immunity to Normal and Fighting attacks makes it difficult to take down quickly while its wide array of moves allow it to deal significant damage both offensively and defensively. For players looking for an effective support pokemon that can still pack a punch when needed, Trevenant is definitely worth considering!


Trevenant is one of the most unique and powerful Pokémon in Pokémon Unite. Its ability to fly and use its supernatural powers make it a formidable opponent. It also has access to a wide range of moves that can be used to great effect in the game. It is a great choice for players who are looking for a powerful, yet versatile Pokémon. With its ability to fly and use its supernatural powers, Trevenant is sure to help you gain an edge over your opponents in battle.

Overall, Trevenant is an excellent addition to the cast of Pokémon Unite. It is a powerful fighter that offers great versatility on the battlefield. With its wide range of moves, it can easily adapt to any situation and give you the advantage you need to win battles. If you want an all-rounder that can help you out in any situation, Trevenant should definitely be your go-to Pokémon in Pokémon Unite.

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