Welcome to thatsthejoke! We are a website dedicated to delivering the funniest jokes around. We have hundreds of hilarious gags, from classic one-liners to silly puns and everything in between. With new jokes added daily, you can always find something to make you laugh. So pull up a chair, grab a beverage, and let’s get ready to crack some jokes!A “That’s The Joke” is a phrase used to refer to a humorous situation that is intentionally exaggerated or ironic. It is usually accompanied by a chuckle or smirk, indicating that the person who said it was aware of the humor in the situation. This phrase is often used as an answer to a joke or as an expression of amusement in response to something funny.

The Benefits of Telling a That’s The Joke

Telling a joke can be a great way to lighten the mood and bring some humor into an otherwise serious situation. But what if no one laughs? That’s where the saying “That’s the joke” comes in. It can be an effective way to cut the tension and get everyone back on track. Plus, it can also have some great benefits for both the teller and the audience.

For starters, saying “That’s the joke” can help those who are telling jokes become better at it over time. If a joke falls flat, they’ll know they need to adjust their delivery or try out different material. This will help them hone their comedic skills and become more confident in their abilities as a performer.

Saying “That’s the joke” can also help the audience realize that there are no hard feelings about not laughing at a particular joke. Even if someone doesn’t find something funny, they don’t always have to feel embarrassed or uncomfortable about it. Acknowledging that it was just meant to be humorous can make everyone more comfortable with one another and create a more positive atmosphere.

Finally, saying “That’s the joke” is just plain fun! It can add an unexpected twist to any conversation and lighten up even the most serious of conversations. It’s also an easy way to inject some humor into any situation without having to come up with your own material or worry about offending anyone in the room.

Overall, saying “That’s the joke” can be an effective way of diffusing tension, building confidence among performers, creating a positive atmosphere for everyone involved, and injecting some humor into any situation – all without having to come up with your own jokes!

How to Tell a That’s The Joke?

Telling someone a joke and then saying “That’s the joke” can be tricky, but with a bit of practice, anyone can master this art form. First, you should establish some context for the joke. Give your audience some background information so they understand the setup. This will help them appreciate the humor even more when the punchline is delivered. Once you have set the tone and established what people are laughing about, it’s time to deliver the punchline. Make sure you say it with confidence and enthusiasm. This will help show your audience that you are genuinely enjoying the joke as well. After delivering the punchline, say “That’s the joke” in a way that conveys both surprise and amusement. You can also add a laugh or two to emphasize how funny you think the joke is.

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Telling someone “That’s The Joke” also requires good timing. You want to make sure that your audience has had enough time to process what they just heard before you reveal that it was all a joke. If they seem confused or unsure of what just happened, give them an extra beat or two before saying “That’s The Joke” so they can fully absorb the humor of the situation. With enough practice, you will be able to expertly deliver jokes and let everyone know when it is time to laugh with one simple phrase: “That’s The Joke!”

Examples of Famous That’s The Jokes

That’s the Jokes are a popular form of comedy that has been around for centuries. They typically involve a humorous phrase or statement that is accompanied by a clever punchline. Some of the most famous examples of That’s the Jokes include:

“Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side.”

“What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear.”

“Why did the scarecrow win an award? Because he was outstanding in his field.”

“What did one ocean say to the other? Nothing, they just waved.”

These classic That’s The Jokes have entertained people for generations, and there are countless variations on each one. They can be adapted to any situation and used as an icebreaker or simply as a way to make someone laugh. No matter what, they will always bring a smile to someone’s face!

That’s the Joke

Responding to a joke is an important part of communication. A joke can be funny, but it can also be misunderstood or taken the wrong way. The best way to respond to a joke is to acknowledge that you heard it and that you found it funny. You don’t need to laugh or smile if you don’t find it funny, but simply saying “That’s funny” or “I get it” is enough. If the joke is too complex for you to understand, you can simply say “I don’t get it.” This shows that you were listening and that you are willing to learn more about the joke.

It is also important to be aware of your body language when responding to a joke. Smiling or laughing can show that you enjoyed the joke, while nodding your head or leaning forward shows that you were paying attention. Additionally, making eye contact with the person telling the joke will show them that you are engaged in their story and want them to continue.

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If someone tells a bad joke, it is always best not to laugh or make any kind of response at all. This will show respect for the person and help them avoid feeling embarrassed about their attempt at humor.

Overall, responding appropriately to a joke is an important part of communication and relationship building. Acknowledge the humor in the situation without overreacting and keep your sense of humor in check while maintaining respect for others – this will help ensure everyone enjoys themselves in social situations!

When Is the Best Time to Tell a That’s The Joke?

Telling a joke at the right time can make it much funnier and more impactful. But when is the best time to tell a “that’s the joke” type of joke? There is no one answer to this question, as it depends on a variety of factors such as the type of joke, the audience, and the situation.

If you are telling an absurdist or dark humour joke, then you should generally wait until after the punchline before announcing “that’s the joke”. This will help to emphasize the absurdity or darkness of the joke and will make it more memorable. If you announce “that’s the joke” too soon, then it may fall flat.

If you are telling a pun or play-on-words type of joke, then it may be best to announce “that’s the joke” either immediately after or just before delivering the punchline. This will help to emphasize that your audience should pay attention to what you are saying in order for them to get the full effect of your clever wordplay.

When telling jokes in more casual settings such as when hanging out with friends or family, then it may be best not to announce “that’s the joke” at all. This will allow for your audience members to laugh at their own pace and not feel rushed into reacting in any particular way.

No matter what kind of jokes you are telling, timing is key for making them funny and effective. So take some time to consider your audience and situation before announcing “that’s the joke” in order for it have its desired effect!

Who Usually Tells That’s The Jokes?

Comedians are usually the ones telling jokes. They may be professional comedians who perform on stage or on television, or they may be people who just like to tell jokes for fun. Some people even make a career out of telling jokes! Professional comedians often have to work hard to develop their craft and hone their skills in order to make people laugh. They also have to come up with new material all the time. Some people, however, are naturally funny and can make others laugh without trying very hard.

Joke-telling is a great way to lighten the mood and make people laugh, no matter what kind of situation they’re in. Even when things seem dark and serious, a joke can bring a smile to someone’s face and provide much needed comic relief. It can be a great way for people to connect with each other and bond over shared laughter. Everyone loves to laugh, so if you know some good jokes, don’t be afraid to share them!

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People of all ages love jokes, though some types of jokes may be more appropriate for certain age groups than others. Kids often enjoy silly puns and knock-knock jokes while adults usually prefer more sophisticated humor that requires some knowledge or understanding of current events or pop culture. Ultimately, it depends on the person telling the joke as well as the audience they are performing for. So if you’re looking for someone good at telling jokes, you should look no further than your local comedian!

What Makes a Good That’s The Joke?

A good “That’s the Joke” joke is one that is both clever and unexpected. It should take the audience by surprise and make them laugh. It should also have an element of truth to it—humor often comes from recognizing something we already know but hadn’t considered before. A good That’s the Joke joke can also be topical or timely, as long as it stays true to its premise.

A great That’s the Joke joke should also be short and punchy—it shouldn’t take too long for the audience to get what you are trying to say. A great set-up for a joke can help set the stage for a successful delivery, so make sure you don’t rush your way through that part either. Lastly, practice makes perfect, so don’t be afraid to try out different versions of your joke until you feel comfortable with it.

Overall, a great That’s the Joke joke should have an element of surprise, be somewhat self-aware, and have an element of truth to it. It should also be punchy and not take too much time for the audience to understand what you are saying. With some practice and dedication, you can create a funny and memorable That’s the Joke joke that will leave your audience in stitches!


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