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Tails Gets Trolled is a fun game for all ages! In this game, you take on the role of Tails, a mischievous fox who loves to get into trouble. Your objective is to troll your way through various levels full of challenges and enemies. Along the way, you’ll collect coins and power-ups while avoiding traps and enemies. You can also customize your character with a variety of hats, outfits, and accessories. Are you ready to take on the challenge? Play Tails Gets Trolled today!Tails Gets Trolled originated in 2016 when a 4chan user posted a drawing of Sonic the Hedgehog’s sidekick, Miles “Tails” Prower, with a caption that read “Tails Gets Trolled.” The image quickly went viral and soon became an internet meme, with people creating their own variations of the image.

Origins of the ‘Tails Gets Trolled’ Meme

The ‘Tails Gets Trolled’ meme originated from a comic strip featuring Sonic the Hedgehog and his best friend, Miles “Tails” Prower. The comic strip was first published in 1993 and has since become a classic in the gaming community. In the comic strip, Sonic and Tails are seen playing a game of tag on their way to visit Dr. Robotnik. As they are playing, Robotnik puts up an electric fence that shocks Tails when he tries to jump over it.

This scene was quickly picked up by fans of the series, who turned it into an iconic meme. The image typically contains a picture of Tails being shocked by the electric fence with a caption that reads “Tails Gets Trolled”. This phrase is often used as a response to someone who has been outsmarted or tricked in some way.

The image has been widely shared online over the years, appearing in various forms such as GIFs, memes, and even video games. It has also become a popular way to express sarcasm or frustration when someone has been outdone by another person. The phrase is now commonly used among gamers who want to show their friends that they have been outmaneuvered or embarrassed in some way.

The “Tails Gets Trolled” meme is still very popular today, especially among gamers who grew up with the original comic strip. Although it was originally intended as a joke about getting tricked by Dr. Robotnik, it has become an iconic part of gaming culture and is still widely shared online today.

Tail Gets Trolled: Creative Uses of the Meme

The “Tails Gets Trolled” meme has taken the internet by storm and is one of the most popular memes of all time. It has been used in a variety of creative ways, from funny videos to artwork. Here are some of the most creative uses of the meme.

One way people have used the meme is to create humorous videos. In these videos, Tails is usually portrayed as an annoying character who gets trolled by other characters. The videos often feature hilarious dialogue and gags that make them incredibly entertaining. They can also be used as a way to spread awareness about different topics or issues, like bullying or mental health.

The meme has also been used to create artwork and digital illustrations. Artists have taken advantage of its popularity to create beautiful pieces that capture its essence and humor. These illustrations often feature bright colors and unique designs that make them stand out from other works of art. They are also often shared on social media platforms, giving artists a chance to showcase their work and gain more exposure.

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Finally, people have also used the meme in creative ways outside of art and videos. For example, some people have incorporated it into their clothing designs or created accessories around it. Others have even turned it into a game or used it in their music productions. The possibilities are endless when it comes to using this popular meme in creative ways!

Reactions to the ‘Tails Gets Trolled’ Meme

The ‘Tails Gets Trolled’ meme has been circulating on the internet for a while now and has managed to generate quite a buzz. The meme portrays Sonic’s sidekick, Tails, being trolled by an anonymous figure. It has been used in various contexts, ranging from lighthearted fun to more serious topics.

People have had mixed reactions to this meme. Some find it hilarious, while others think it is offensive or in poor taste. Those who find it funny see it as an opportunity to poke fun at a beloved character and make light of a common occurrence in online gaming. On the other hand, some people feel that using an image of Tails being trolled is inappropriate and disrespectful towards the character and those who love him.

There are also some who take issue with the fact that the troll’s identity remains anonymous. They argue that such anonymity gives trolls a sense of impunity, which can lead to more trolling in the future. Others point out that anonymity could be beneficial if used responsibly – allowing people to express themselves without fear of repercussion or judgement.

Overall, the ‘Tails Gets Trolled’ meme is one of those jokes that divides opinion – some find it funny and harmless, while others believe it does more harm than good. Ultimately, how one reacts to this meme will depend on their own personal beliefs and sense of humor.

Who is Behind the ‘Tails Gets Trolled’ Meme?

The ‘Tails Gets Trolled’ meme has been gaining traction in recent years and has become a popular form of internet humor. But who is behind the meme and why has it become so popular?

The origins of the meme can be traced back to a series of videos posted by YouTuber and animator Aurick Go, which featured a character named Tails being trolled by his friends. The videos gained traction quickly, with many people finding them humorous and sharing them across various social media platforms. As the videos spread, so did the memes featuring Tails getting trolled.

The success of these memes can be attributed to their relatability. After all, most of us have experienced some form of trolling at one point or another. This relatability helps to explain why these memes have become so popular in recent years.

The popularity of this meme has also been boosted by its use in other forms of media, such as movies and television shows. For example, it was featured as part of an episode of the popular anime series “Kemono Friends”. This helped to further spread the meme’s message and make it more recognizable to a wider audience.

Overall, it is clear that the ‘Tails Gets Trolled’ meme is here to stay and will likely continue to be shared across various social media platforms for years to come. Its success can be attributed to its relatability and its use in other forms of media which have helped to spread its message even further.

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The Impact of the ‘Tails Gets Trolled’ Meme

The ‘Tails Gets Trolled’ meme has had a significant impact on the internet since it first appeared in 2012. The meme, which features the character Tails from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise being trolled by another character, quickly went viral and has been used in countless online conversations, posts, and videos.

The impact of this meme is far-reaching. It has been used to comment on everything from politics to relationships and has become a part of internet culture. It is often used as a humorous way to make light of difficult situations or to make fun of people who are seen as being obnoxious or annoying.

In addition to its use in online conversations, the ‘Tails Gets Trolled’ meme has also been adopted by many popular brands and companies. For example, Burger King used it in an advertisement for their new sandwiches in 2013. Other companies have used it as well, including Taco Bell and Pepsi.

The ‘Tails Gets Trolled’ meme has also had an influence on music and video games. In 2014, a dance remix of the song was released that was based on the meme. This song became popular with gamers and it was even featured in some video games such as Just Dance 4 and Dance Central 3.

Overall, the ‘Tails Gets Trolled’ meme has had a major impact on how people communicate online and how they view different topics. It is seen as both humorous and relatable, making it easy for people to connect with it regardless of their background or interests. Consequently, this meme will likely continue to be used for many years to come.

Different Versions of the ‘Tails Gets Trolled’ Meme

Tails Gets Trolled is an internet meme featuring the character Tails from the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. The meme typically features a screenshot from one of the games in which Tails is being trolled by another character, usually Dr. Robotnik or Knuckles. This meme has been around since at least 2009, but it has seen a surge in popularity recently, with many different versions being created and shared online.

One particularly popular version of the meme features a screenshot of Tails being trolled by Knuckles. In this version, Knuckles tells Tails that he’s “not cool” and “not worthy” of being part of their crew, while Tails sadly looks away. This version often appears with funny captions such as “when you realize you’re not cool enough for your squad” or “when your friends are too cool for you.”

Another version of the meme features a still image from an episode of the Sonic X anime in which Tails is tricked into believing he’s found treasure. In this version, Dr. Robotnik tricks him by planting fake treasure in order to get him to dig up something else instead. This version often appears with captions like “when someone promises you something and then takes it away at the last minute” or “when someone pranks you and then laughs at your expense.”

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There are also versions that use still images from other games in the franchise such as Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Heroes. In these versions, Dr Robotnik or another character will be trolling Tails by saying something mean or embarrassing to him while he looks away sadly or responds indignantly. These versions often appear with captions like “when someone insults you and then pretends it was a joke” or “when someone says something mean to you and then tries to take it back later on.”

The ‘Tails Gets Trolled’ meme has become one of the most popular memes on the internet due to its relatable content and timeless appeal. With so many different versions out there, it’s easy to find one that perfectly suits any situation or emotion that someone might be feeling at any given moment!

Popularity of the ‘Tails Gets Trolled’ Meme

The ‘Tails Gets Trolled’ meme has been gaining popularity over the past few years. The meme, which was first created in 2016, is based on a scene from the Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. In the scene, Sonic’s sidekick Tails is tricked into entering a minefield by an unseen enemy. This moment of foolishness has been immortalized in numerous memes and videos, often featuring comical captions or humorous edits.

The appeal of this meme lies in its ability to be interpreted in different ways. It can be seen as a cautionary tale about trusting too easily, or it can simply be used for comedic purposes. Its relatability and versatility have made it a hit among fans of all ages.

What’s more, its popularity has only grown since its creation. It has been featured on various social media platforms such as Twitter, Tumblr, and YouTube. Countless fan art pieces have been created depicting the memorable moment of Tails getting trolled. It has even inspired an entire subgenre of music known as “Trollstep” which combines elements of EDM with comical sound effects.

Overall, the ‘Tails Gets Trolled’ meme continues to remain relevant due to its wide range of interpretations and its ability to be adapted for different contexts. Its humorous nature and widespread appeal make it one of the most popular memes around today.


Tails Gets Trolled is an enjoyable game that is not only fun to play, but also provides a great way to spend time with family and friends. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds, and offers a great way for players to interact with each other. The game has enough depth to offer something for everyone, so no matter what your skill level, there is something for you here. It is also easy to pick up and play, with simple controls that even a first-timer can learn quickly. With its engaging visuals and audio, as well as an addictive gameplay loop that encourages replayability, Tails Gets Trolled is a great game for those who like a challenge and some friendly competition.

Tails Gets Trolled is a fun game that can be enjoyed by anyone looking for some entertainment and relaxation. Whether you are playing alone or with others, this game will provide hours of enjoyment. So grab your friends or family members and give it a try – you won’t regret it!

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