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The Surfer Patriot Deck is a unique skateboard designed for the ultimate riding experience. With its classic surf style shape, this board combines old-school design with modern technology to offer the perfect blend of style and performance. The deck’s traditional surf shape allows for easy maneuverability, while the seven-ply hardwood construction and double kicktail give it extra durability. The concave bottom adds extra stability and grip to keep you in control, while the wide wheelbase allows for greater speed and stability. Whether you are an experienced skater looking to upgrade your ride or a beginner just starting out, the Surfer Patriot Deck is sure to provide an unforgettable riding experience.When purchasing a Surfer Patriot Deck, there are several key considerations to keep in mind. Firstly, look at the size and shape of the board – it should be suited to your weight and skill level. Secondly, consider the materials used to construct the deck – quality materials will ensure a longer-lasting board. Thirdly, consider the grip tape design – this should provide adequate traction without being too abrasive on your feet. Lastly, examine the deck’s artwork – choose a design that reflects your unique style.


When it comes to choosing the best Surfer Patriot Deck, price is always a factor. While it can be tempting to go with the cheapest option, it is important to remember that quality should always be your primary concern. Look for a deck that offers good value for the money and is built to last. It may cost a bit more upfront, but it will likely be worth the investment in the long run.


The design of your Surfer Patriot Deck should also be taken into consideration when making a purchase. While there are plenty of great-looking decks on the market, you should also consider how well they will fit with your style of surfing. Consider things like shape and size, as well as materials used in construction. This will help ensure you get the perfect deck for your needs.


Durability is another important factor to consider when choosing a Surfer Patriot Deck. You want to make sure that your deck is built to last and can handle the wear and tear of regular use. Look for decks made from high-quality materials such as carbon fiber or fiberglass, which are designed to withstand heavy use without compromising on performance.


The grip on your Surfer Patriot Deck is also important. Look for decks that offer good traction so that you can stay in control no matter what conditions you’re surfing in. Also consider how comfortable it is in your hands, as this can make all the difference when it comes to staying in control and enjoying every wave.


Finally, don’t forget about style when selecting your Surfer Patriot Deck. Whether you prefer a classic look or something more modern and trendy, there are plenty of options available so take some time to find one that suits your taste and fits with your overall surfing style.

The Different Shapes and Sizes of Surfer Patriot Decks

Surfer Patriot decks offer a wide range of shapes and sizes to fit your individual needs. Whether you’re an avid cruiser, freestyler, or a downhill racer, there is a Surfer Patriot deck that will be perfect for you. The decks come in two different sizes, the 8.5″ standard size and the 9.5″ mini-deck size. Both sizes come in a variety of shapes including pintail, kicktail, drop-through, and double drop-through.

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The 8.5″ standard size is the most popular size among experienced skaters as it provides plenty of stability for tricks and cruising. The shape options available for this deck are pintail, kicktail, drop-through, double drop-through, and the classic symmetrical shape. The 9.5″ mini-deck is designed for smaller skaters who want more maneuverability while performing tricks or going downhill. This mini-deck comes in four different shapes; the pintail, kicktail, drop-through and double drop-through.

Regardless of your skill level or riding style there is a Surfer Patriot deck that will fit your needs perfectly! With its wide variety of shapes and sizes there is sure to be something that suits everyone’s individual style and preference. So whether you’re looking for a stable board for cruising or something more agile for tricks and downhill racing you can find it with Surfer Patriot!

Overview of the Features of a Surfer Patriot Deck

The Surfer Patriot Deck is a high-end skateboard deck designed for professional riders. It is constructed from seven-ply Canadian maple wood and is reinforced with fiberglass for added strength and rigidity. The deck features a unique shape that is designed to provide riders with maximum control and maneuverability when riding. The deck also comes with large, flared wheel wells that allow for larger wheels to be used. Additionally, the deck features a polished finish which gives it an attractive appearance.

The Surfer Patriot Deck also has several unique features that make it stand out from other skateboards. It has an adjustable nose and tail that can be adjusted to fit different riding styles. Additionally, the board has two separate channels along the bottom which allow for greater grip and stability when turning or cornering.

Finally, the deck also features a center concave which helps to evenly distribute weight across the board when riding. This helps improve balance and stability while performing tricks or maneuvers on the board. All of these features combine to create a unique skateboard experience for riders who want maximum control and performance out of their skateboard decks.

Overall, the Surfer Patriot Deck is an excellent choice for professional skateboarders who are looking for a high-quality board that offers great performance and control. Its unique design allows riders to take their skating to the next level while its durable construction ensures years of reliable use.

Pros of a Surfer Patriot Deck

The Surfer Patriot Deck is a great choice for experienced surfers who want to have an enjoyable time on the waves. This board has been designed to provide a great level of maneuverability, allowing riders to easily adjust their speed and direction in the water. Additionally, the shape of the board provides an excellent level of stability, making it easier for riders to stay upright and in control. The construction of the Surfer Patriot Deck is also extremely durable and reliable, allowing it to withstand heavy use in rough conditions. Furthermore, this board is relatively lightweight, making it easier for riders to transport and carry around with them.

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Cons of a Surfer Patriot Deck

One potential downside of the Surfer Patriot Deck is that it may not be suitable for beginner surfers. This board is better suited for experienced riders who are comfortable with its size and shape and have the necessary skills to maneuver it effectively in the water. Additionally, this board may not be ideal for those who are looking for a more versatile board that can be used in different types of waves or conditions. Furthermore, due to its size and shape, this board may not be as fast as other boards on the market which could be an issue for those looking for speedier rides on the waves.

Understanding the Different Graphics on a Surfer Patriot Deck

The Surfer Patriot deck is a popular skateboard deck choice among skateboarders due to its reliable construction and unique graphics. Knowing the different graphics available on the Surfer Patriot deck can help you choose the right one for your style. There are several different types of graphics available, each offering something unique to your skateboarding experience.

One of the most popular graphics is the American Flag graphic. This graphic features an eagle with an American flag on its back, symbolizing freedom and patriotism. It is a great choice for those who want to show their patriotism while skating or who simply love the look of this iconic graphic. Other patriotic graphics are also available, such as ones featuring stars and stripes or bald eagles.

In addition to patriotic graphics, there are also a variety of other designs available on the Surfer Patriot deck. These include abstract designs such as tribal patterns and geometric shapes, as well as cartoon-inspired designs featuring characters from popular movies and TV shows. There are also surf-inspired designs that feature crashing waves or surfboards in various colors and patterns.

Regardless of which design you choose, all Surfer Patriot decks feature high-quality construction that ensures durability and strength while skating. With so many unique graphics to choose from, you can be sure to find one that fits your style perfectly!

Maximizing the Performance of Your Surfer Patriot Deck

The Surfer Patriot deck is a great choice if you’re looking for a high-performance skateboard. It features a durable 7-ply maple wood deck, giving it more strength and rigidity than traditional 8-ply boards. With its concave shape and slight kicktail, it provides plenty of grip and control when carving and cruising. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Surfer Patriot deck:

Keep It Clean

It’s important to keep your deck clean and free from dirt and debris. This will ensure that your board has maximum grip on any surface, as well as prevent any scratches or damage to the board itself.

Maintain Your Bearings

Your bearings are an essential part of your board, as they give the wheels their ability to spin freely. Make sure to check them regularly for any signs of wear and tear, and replace them if necessary. This will help keep your board running smoothly.

Choose Quality Wheels

The wheels you choose can have a big impact on how your board performs. If you’re looking for speed, choose harder wheels with less grip. If you want more control, opt for softer wheels with more grip.

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Tighten Your Trucks

Your trucks are what attach your wheels to your deck. Make sure they’re tightened properly so that they can provide support when turning or carving. This will also reduce vibration while riding.

Protect Your Deck

If you want to keep your Surfer Patriot deck looking its best, use a protective coating like wax or clear spray paint to protect it from scratches and other damage. This will also help increase the longevity of your board.

Safety Considerations When Riding a Surfer Patriot Deck

It is important for any surfer to consider safety when riding a Surfer Patriot deck. Wearing a helmet and other protective gear is an absolute must when hitting the waves. It is also important to make sure that the deck is in good condition and properly maintained, as this will help ensure that the rider has a safe and enjoyable experience. Additionally, it is important to familiarize yourself with the conditions of the waves before attempting any maneuvers. Paying attention to water depth, wave size, wind speed, and other environmental factors can help prevent potential accidents or injuries while out on the water. Lastly, it’s always best practice to have someone with you when surfing in case of an emergency.

Having the proper knowledge of how to use a Surfer Patriot deck can also help ensure safety on the water. Knowing how to properly balance on the board and maintain control of it while in motion will help keep you safe from falls or collisions with other objects in the water. Ensure that your board is equipped with fins that are in good condition and not worn down as this can affect your stability on the board. Additionally, practice maneuvering your board before heading out into large swells as this will help you become more comfortable and confident while riding.

Lastly, never try any advanced maneuvers without proper instruction or guidance from an experienced surfer or instructor. Trying these maneuvers without having adequate knowledge can be dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. With proper safety knowledge and preparation, you can enjoy your time surfing on a Surfer Patriot deck with confidence!


The Surfer Patriot Deck is the perfect choice for any surfer looking for a reliable and durable deck. With its unique look and feel, its quality construction, and its ability to handle any kind of wave, it stands out among other surfboards on the market. The board also comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that your investment will last you for years to come. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced surfer, the Surfer Patriot Deck is a great choice for any level of surfer.

Ultimately, the Surfer Patriot Deck is an excellent choice for anyone looking for an all-around surfboard that will help them take their skills to the next level. Its superior design and construction make it a great option for both novice and experienced riders alike. With its long-lasting durability and stylish look, you can be sure that your investment in this board will pay off in spades.

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