Super mario logen?

Super Mario Logan is a popular YouTuber who makes videos featuring the Super Mario character.

There is no one specific answer to this question since it is asking for someone’s opinion on the video game character, Super Mario. Therefore, opinions will vary on this topic.

Why did SuperMarioLogan delete his channel?

As of February 10, 2021, Logan’s channels have been renamed to remove any mention of Nintendo characters, due to the company sending him a cease and desist letter. This means that all future videos will not feature any Nintendo characters or games.

SuperMarioLogan is a popular YouTuber who creates videos that are intended for ages 17 and older. However, a family watchdog group called Common Sense Media has called him a “Your basic online nightmare for parents of young kids.” The group started rating YouTubers this year due to overwhelming requests from parents. This means that parents should be aware that SuperMarioLogan’s videos may not be appropriate for their young children.

What is SuperMarioLogan real name

Logan Thirtyacre, born November 17, 1994, is a YouTuber and puppeteer popularly known as ‘SuperMarioLogan. He is best known for his work on the SuperMarioLogan channel, which he started in 2007. The channel features stop-motion animations and live-action videos featuring characters created by Logan, including Bowser, Chef Pee Pee, and Black Yoshi. As of 2021, the channel has over 16 million subscribers and over 12 billion views.

Logan Austin Thirtyacre is an American internet personality and puppeteer who, as of 2022, is worth $169 million according to Net Worth Spot. He is known for his work on various YouTube channels, including The Puppet Show, which he has been a part of since 2013. He has also appeared in several films and television shows.

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Did SML end?

The fourteenth season of SML Movies began on January 2, 2022 and ended on December 30, 2022. This season featured the return of Bowser Junior’s 10-minute shorts, as well as the return of Chef Pee Pee’s shorts. The season also featured the return of Black Yoshi and the introduction of Blue Yoshi.

It was uploaded on March 30, 2020.

In the episode, Black Yoshi’s Mom dies from a heart attack after seeing Black Yoshi’s dead body on the floor. After she dies, the police come and arrest Black Yoshi for her murder.

The episode was originally going to be the series finale, but after the death of SuperMarioLogan’s mother, the series was put on hiatus. It was later announced that the series would continue, but with a new name, SuperMarioLogan 2.0.

This is the final episode of the original SuperMarioLogan series.

Is Jeffy OK for kids?

As a parent, it’s important to be aware of the kind of content your child is consuming on the internet. With the recent adult rating given to Jeffy by YouTube, parents need to be extra careful to monitor what their children are watching. The YouTube Kids app is a great tool to help with this, as it provides a safe and controlled environment for children to watch videos in.

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Jeffy is a Characters in the American web television series SuperMarioLogan. He is 18 years old and is the adopted son of Mario and Rosalina. Jeffy is often described as being stupid and dumb at times, but he also has a child-like innocence about him. He loves putting pencils on his nose and is always full of energy. Jeffy was first introduced in the SML Movie: Mario The Babysitter in January 2016.

Can a 9 year old watch Ma

Children under the age of 15 who go to the cinema to see an MA 15+ film must be accompanied by a parent or adult guardian for the duration of the film. The parent or adult guardian must also purchase the ticket for the child. The guardian must be over the age of 18 and exercising parental control over the child.

JeffreyJeffy is a masculine given name, a variation of Jeffrey, which may refer to:

A child character in the syndicated comic strip The Family Circus.

Who is behind Jeffy?

Lance Ashton Thirtyacre is an American YouTuber, puppeteer, actor, and voice actor. He is known for making comedy videos. He is Logan Thirtyacre’s older brother as well as his business partner. Lance is best known for his roles as Jeffy, Goodman, Jackie Chu, Black Yoshi, Shrek and Woody.

In Logan’s “Draw My Life” video, it was revealed that Logan actually broke up with Chilly once in 2014. Logan replaced Peach with Rosalina, but got back together after Logan got his life back on track.

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Who is the wealthiest YouTuber

MrBeast is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world, and it’s no surprise that he’s made the most money of any YouTuber in 2021. His videos have been viewed an astonishing 10 billion times, and he’s only 23 years old. It’s clear that MrBeast is a force to be reckoned with, and we can’t wait to see what he does next.

This isDBTV’s way of trying to get money and attention from Logan. He is clearly not going to win any lawsuit, and is just trying to get a rise out of Logan. If you’re a fan of Logan or the SML crew, just ignore DBTV and don’t give him the time of day.

Is Logan from SML a dad?

Their daughter Lilly was born on July 7, 2022. She was a healthy baby girl, and they were so happy to have her in their lives. She was their everything, and they loved her very much.

In February of 2021, the show was rebranded when Logan was given a cease and desist by Nintendo for using the plushies of Mario and friends in videos inappropriate and offensive, thus using the puppets Logan had made a year and a half prior from that day onwards.


There is no one definitive answer to this question.

Super Mario Logan is a popular YouTuber who creates videos featuring the popular video game character, Mario. He has been praised for his creative videos and has amassed a large following on YouTube.

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