strange things about the johnsons meme

The Johnsons meme is one of the most popular internet memes in recent years. It features an African-American family of five, headed by Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, and their three children. The meme typically features the Johnson family doing something strange or surreal, and often accompanied by an absurd caption. The Johnsons meme has been used to make jokes about everything from relationships to parenting to work life, and it has become a staple of many online conversations. Whether you find it funny or not, there’s no denying that the Johnsons meme has become a part of our cultural landscape.The Strange Things About the Johnsons Meme is a humorous meme circulating on social media that features a family of four performing strange and outlandish activities. The family, known as the Johnsons, are often seen in various activities such as playing with fireworks, jumping off cliffs, and engaging in other dangerous activities. The meme is meant to be lighthearted and can be used to poke fun at people’s wild behavior.

Where Did the Strange Things About the Johnsons Meme Originate?

The Strange Things About The Johnsons meme originated on Reddit in 2013 when user “Saucy_Curry” posted a photoshopped picture of a family with the caption “The Johnsons, every family has its ups and downs.” The post quickly went viral, and soon other Reddit users were creating their own versions of the meme, photoshopping different images of families and adding their own captions.

Since then, it has become a popular meme format on various social media platforms, with users creating their own versions featuring different families in various humorous situations. The meme is often seen as an exaggerated take on everyday family life, poking fun at the various issues that can arise between family members. It is also sometimes used to make light of difficult situations, such as divorce or illness.

The popularity of this meme format shows no signs of slowing down: it is regularly referenced in pop culture, often as a way to bring levity to stressful situations. Whether it’s used to make light of everyday life or to bring awareness to more serious issues, it’s clear that this meme format has become embedded in our collective consciousness.

What Is the Background Story of the Meme?

The meme originated from an episode of the American sitcom, “The Office” which aired in 2009. The scene features Michael Scott, played by Steve Carrell, talking to a group of employees about a Christmas party that he was organizing. He says “It will be like a ‘who’s who’ of ‘who-cares'”. This line quickly became an internet sensation and was soon turned into a meme.

The meme is used to express feelings of apathy, indifference or lack of enthusiasm for something. It typically features an image of Michael Scott with the phrase “Who cares?” or “Who’s Who of Who Cares” written underneath it. The meme is often used as a response to someone else’s comment or situation that the user finds unimportant or uninteresting.

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The meme has been shared all over social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. It has become so popular that some fans have even created their own versions of the meme featuring different characters from the show. The popularity of this meme continues to grow due to its simple yet effective message: indifference or disinterest in something that others may find important or interesting.

Who Are the Members of The Johnson Family?

The Johnson family is a large and diverse family with members all around the world. It consists of both immediate and extended family, including grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, siblings and more. The Johnson Family is well known for its strong sense of unity and loyalty to one another regardless of age or distance.

In the immediate family tree there are four siblings: two boys and two girls. All four siblings have grown up in the same household and have remained close throughout their lives. They often get together for holidays or special occasions, like birthdays or anniversaries.

In addition to their immediate family, the Johnsons also have many extended relatives. These include cousins from both sides of their parents’ families as well as aunts and uncles on their mother’s side. All these relatives stay in touch with each other through social media or emails when they cannot meet in person.

The Johnson Family is always growing as new members are born each year into the existing family tree. Every new generation brings fresh faces into this ever expanding group of people who share a special bond through their shared lineage.

No matter how far apart they may be geographically, all members of the Johnson Family strive to stay connected to each other through regular communication and visits whenever possible. They understand that no matter how much time passes or how close they become with others outside of the family, they will always be part of something larger than themselves – The Johnson Family!

What Makes This Meme So Popular?

Memes have become an increasingly popular form of expression and entertainment in recent years, and with the rise of social media, they have been shared far and wide. But what makes a meme so popular? It can be difficult to pinpoint exactly what makes a meme so appealing, but some key factors include its relatability, humor, and visual appeal.

Relatability is often the strongest factor in making a meme go viral. People enjoy seeing their own experiences reflected back at them, whether it’s through a funny observation or an exaggerated situation. The more people can relate to the content of a meme, the more likely it is to be shared.

Humor is also a major factor in why memes become popular. Most of us love to laugh and share funny content with our friends. Even when memes are more lighthearted or absurdist in nature, they still provide an entertaining distraction from everyday life.

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Finally, visual appeal is important when it comes to creating a successful meme. A good meme should be visually stimulating as well as relatable and humorous. Whether it’s through bright colors or clever design, having an eye-catching image can help make your meme stand out from the rest.

Overall, memes have become immensely popular due to their relatability, humor, and visual appeal. People love being able to relate to these images as well as find amusement in them – making them perfect for sharing across social media platforms!

What Is A Meme?

A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. It can be an image, video, phrase, or even a hashtag that is shared widely online. The term “meme” was first coined in 1976 by evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins in his book The Selfish Gene. The word is derived from the Greek word “mimeme”, which means “imitated thing”. Since then, memes have become a popular way of expressing humor and connecting with others on the internet.

How Has The Meme Become A Long-Running Internet Joke?

Memes are often used to make jokes or poke fun at popular culture. Over time, certain memes have become iconic and have been widely shared and remixed in various formats. Many of these popular memes originated as images that were shared on social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Tumblr. As they spread across the internet, they were adopted by different communities who adapted them to their own tastes and styles. This has led to the creation of countless variations and remixes of these iconic memes – making them some of the most recognizable symbols of internet culture today.

The Meme

A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a culture. In the internet age, the term “meme” is often used to refer to any humorous image, video, or text that’s been widely shared online. Most memes are images with text overlaid that convey an idea or joke. They can range from simple jokes and puns to more complex cultural references. Some popular memes use celebrities, fictional characters, or other recognizable figures as the source of the joke. Memes are also often used in political discourse and social commentary as a way to communicate an opinion or make a point about a particular issue.

How Has The Meme Been Used In Popular Culture?

Memes have become deeply embedded in popular culture and have been used in a variety of ways. One common use is for comedic effect; many memes are designed to be humorous and evoke laughter from viewers. They’re also often used as a form of self-expression; people may use memes to express their opinions on topics ranging from politics to pop culture. Additionally, many brands have embraced the meme format as a way to reach younger audiences and engage with them on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. Finally, memes have become part of our everyday language; phrases such as “OK Boomer” or “YOLO” have become shorthand for certain feelings or situations that can be easily understood by anyone who is familiar with popular culture.

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The Johnson Family

The Johnson family is well known for their friendly and welcoming attitudes. They are often seen as the life of the party and always have a good story to tell. People admire the Johnsons for their strong family values and close-knit bond. They are often known for their generous nature and willingness to help out in any situation. The Johnson family is also respected for their commitment to their faith, which is evident in how they live their lives. People have been known to say that the Johnsons are a great example of what a loving family should look like.

The Johnsons have also been commended for their strong sense of community. Whether it’s helping out at the local food bank or volunteering in other ways, the Johnsons always strive to make a difference. They can often be found attending local events, supporting small businesses, or lending a hand when someone needs it most. The Johnson family is highly regarded by those who know them, and they are highly respected throughout the community.

In addition to being respected members of their community, people also appreciate the Johnsons’ commitment to education. All of the children in the Johnson family have gone on to pursue higher education and many have become successful professionals. The parents are often praised for instilling a love of learning in each of their children and encouraging them to reach for their dreams.

The Johnson family has earned quite a reputation among those who know them best, and they continue to be admired by many. People recognize them as an example of what it means to lead an honorable life filled with kindness and compassion towards others.


The Johnson’s meme showcases the strange and humorous life of the Johnson family. It is a great way to spread laughter and humor throughout the internet. The meme has been shared, liked, and commented on by thousands of people, proving that it is a popular one. While there may be some confusion about who the Johnsons actually are, the meme has become a viral sensation. It has become an iconic representation of internet culture and has made its mark on popular culture.

The Johnson’s meme is an entertaining way to enjoy some light-hearted fun in our everyday lives. It provides us with an outlet of humor and laughter that can help us get through difficult times. Whether you’re a fan or not, it’s hard to deny that the Johnson’s have made quite an impact on popular culture and the internet community as a whole.

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