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Stalker jokes are a type of humor that is based on the idea of someone stalking another person. Stalker jokes can range from light hearted to dark and offensive, depending on the context and the intent of the joke. Generally, stalker jokes poke fun at people who have an obsessive interest in someone else or their personal lives. Some may find these jokes funny while others may find them inappropriate. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide if they are comfortable with this type of humor.1. What did the stalker say when he was caught spying on his neighbor? “I was just admiring the view!”
2. How did the stalker try to get out of trouble? He pleaded stalking-tivity.
3. What did the stalker do when he saw a pretty girl? He followed her home!
4. Why did the stalker get kicked out of the library? He kept following people around and giving them book recommendations!
5. What did the stalker say when he was caught outside his victim’s house? “I’m just taking a little stroll!”
6. Why did the police officer arrest the stalker? He was found lurking around with a suspiciously long pair of binoculars!
7. What did the stalker do after he got lost in a city? He asked for directions to his victim’s house!
8. What did the stalker do when he saw someone walking alone? He followed them!
9. Why didn’t the police believe the stalker’s story about why he was outside his victim’s house? Because it kept changing every time they asked him!
10. Why did the judge sentence the stalker to jail time? Because he refused to stop stalking people!

Stalker Jokes

Stalker jokes can be a great source of amusement and entertainment, and some of them are downright hilarious. While it’s true that stalker jokes should not be taken too seriously, they can still provide a lot of laughs. Here are a few reasons why stalker jokes are so funny:

The Unpredictability

One of the main reasons why stalker jokes are so funny is because of their unpredictable nature. Stalkers tend to do unexpected things, and that makes it all the more enjoyable when someone tells a joke about it. It’s always nice to have an element of surprise in your jokes, and stalker jokes definitely provide that.

The Absurdity

Another thing that makes stalker jokes so entertaining is their absurdity. The idea of someone following you around or spying on you is already pretty absurd, but when you add in some humor, it becomes even more ridiculous. Stalker jokes take the absurdity to a whole new level which only serves to make them even funnier.

The Dark Humor

Finally, one of the best things about stalker jokes is the dark humor they often contain. Dark humor can be a great way to explore difficult topics in a humorous way, and stalker jokes often do just that. They allow us to laugh at situations which otherwise might be too uncomfortable for us to talk about openly. Plus, dark humor is often quite surprising and clever which adds to its overall appeal.

9 Hilarious Stalker Jokes

Stalking jokes have been around for years, and they never seem to get old. Whether you’re a fan of dark humor or just looking for a laugh, these nine hilarious stalker jokes are sure to put a smile on your face.

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The first joke is a classic: “Why did the stalker cross the road? To follow his victim!” It’s a silly play on words that will have everyone in stitches.

The second joke is a bit darker: “Why don’t stalkers like sunsets? Because they prefer to watch from the shadows!” This joke is sure to make people think twice about stalker behavior.

The third joke is one that will get everyone laughing: “What did the stalker say when he saw his next victim? I’ve been following you for weeks!” It’s both funny and a bit creepy at the same time.

The fourth joke is another classic: “Why did the stalker go to the store? To get some stalking supplies!” This one is sure to bring out some chuckles from everyone.

The fifth joke takes things up a notch: “What did the stalker say when he saw his next victim’s car? I’ve been following you for miles!” This one can be seen as both creepy and hilarious.

The sixth joke is another classic: “Why did the stalker keep calling his victim? He wanted her number!” It’s an oldie but still goodie that will bring out plenty of laughs.

The seventh joke takes things up yet another notch: “What did the stalker say when he saw his next victim’s house? I’ve been watching you for days!” This one definitely crosses into creepy territory, but it still makes for great comedy gold.

The eighth joke brings us back to lighthearted territory: “Why did the stalker buy binoculars? To get a better view of his victims!” It’s an amusing take on stalking that will make people giggle.

Finally, we have the ninth and final joke: “Why didn’t the stalker want to leave his victim’s house? He wanted to stake out her place!” This one has both humorous and sinister undertones that make it perfect for any crowd.

Whether you’re looking for some dark humor or just want something lighthearted, these nine hilarious stalker jokes are sure to give you something to laugh about. So if you’re looking for something funny, give these nine jokes a try!

1. Tell it in an Email

Send your stalker joke to your friends and family in an email. Make sure to include plenty of details and a funny punch line so that everyone can get the joke. You can also add a link to a website or YouTube video with a funny stalker joke if you want to really make it memorable.

2. Post it on Social Media

Posting your stalker joke on social media is one of the best ways to share it with a large group of people quickly and easily. Whether you post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other platform, make sure to use hashtags so that more people can find your joke and laugh at it!

3. Tell it in Person

Telling your stalker joke in person is always a great way to get some laughs from your friends and family. It can be even more effective if you act out the scene or use hand gestures and facial expressions while telling the joke!

4. Create a Video

Creating a video of yourself telling or acting out your stalker joke is another great way to share it with others. Upload the video onto YouTube or any other video sharing platform, and be sure to include plenty of details as well as an attention-grabbing title so that people will click on it!

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5. Share via Text Message

Texting your stalker joke to your friends is a great way to get some quick laughs! Just make sure that you keep the jokes short enough for them to read quickly, otherwise they might not have time for them.

6. Re-enact It On Stage

If you’re feeling really adventurous, why not re-enact your stalker joke onstage? This could be at an open mic night at your local comedy club or even just in front of family members and close friends at home.

7. Share It On Reddit

Reddit is one of the most popular platforms for sharing jokes online, so why not post yours there? Just make sure that you pick the right subreddits for posting jokes so that more people can find yours and get laughing!

8. Record Yourself Telling It

Recording yourself telling the stalker joke is another fun way to share it with others online. Upload this recording onto YouTube or any other video sharing platform so that everyone can enjoy hearing (and seeing!) you tell the punchline.<

7 Best Stalker Joke Puns

Stalking jokes are often used to make light of serious situations, but they can also be a great way to show your sense of humor. Here are seven of the best stalker joke puns that will make you laugh out loud:

1. What did the stalker say when he saw his victim? “It’s like looking in a mirror!”

2. Why did the stalker get arrested? He was caught creepin’!

3. What did the stalker say when he saw his victim walking down the street? “Hey, I know that face!”

4. Why don’t stalkers like going on vacation? They don’t like being away from their prey for too long!

5. How do you know if a stalker is in love with you? He follows you everywhere!

6. What did the stalker say after following his victim for a week straight? “It’s about time I took a break!”

7. Why did the stalker get fired from his job? He was always sneaking around and spying on everyone!

6 Cleverly Crafted Stalker Jokes

Stalker jokes are not for the faint of heart! Some people might consider them a little too dark, but those with a twisted sense of humor can appreciate them. From clever puns to morbid one-liners, these stalker jokes will have you laughing in no time. Here are 6 cleverly crafted stalker jokes:

1. What did the stalker say when he was caught by the police? “It was only stalking at first sight!”

2. Why did the stalker leave his job? He wanted to pursue a career in shadowing!

3. What did the stalker say when his victim asked him why he was following her? “I’m just trying to get to know you better!”

4. What did the stalker say when he finally caught up with his prey? “You can run, but you can’t hide!”

5. What did the stalker say when he was asked why he kept calling his victim’s phone? “I just wanted to hear your voice!”

6. Why was the stalker always at his victim’s house? He wanted to be her number one fan!

5 Funniest Stalker Joke One-Liners

Stalking jokes are always a bit of a gray area, but when done right, they can be hilarious. Here are five of the funniest stalker joke one-liners that will have you laughing out loud.

1. “I’m not stalking you, I’m just following the path of love.”

2. “I’m not a stalker, I’m a professional admirer.”

3. “I didn’t follow you home, I just wanted to offer you a ride back.”

4. “If I was stalking you, I wouldn’t be so obvious about it.”

5. “I’m not stalking you; I just happen to know all the same places you go.”

1. Through a Telephone

When it comes to telling a stalker joke, the telephone is a great way to do it. You can call up your friends and family and share a joke about a stalker that will leave them in stitches. For example, you could say, “Hey, did you hear the one about the stalker who called someone every day for a month? Finally, the person answered and said ‘Who are you?!’ and the stalker replied ‘The better question is who are YOU?!'”.

2. Through Social Media

Social media is another great way to share a stalker joke with your friends. Posting jokes on your timeline or in group chats is sure to get some laughs. For example, post something like “Why was the stalker so embarrassed when he got caught? He was caught red-handed!” Your followers will definitely appreciate your sense of humor!

3. Through Text Messages

Another great way to tell a stalker joke is through text messages. You can send funny jokes about stalkers to your friends on their phones. For example, you could write something like “Why did the stalker get locked up? He was caught stalking around!” Your friends will definitely appreciate this funny text message!

4. In Person

Telling a stalker joke in person can be one of the most rewarding ways of sharing humor with your family and friends. When telling jokes in person, make sure to use facial expressions and body language for added effect. For example, you could tell someone “Did you hear about the stalker who followed his victim everywhere they went? The victim finally turned around and said ‘Is there something I can help you with?!’ The Stalker replied ‘Yes – could you stop going places without me?!’” This joke will have everyone laughing out loud!


Stalker jokes may seem harmless, but they can have a serious impact on someone who has actually experienced stalking. They can be seen as making light of a very serious and traumatic experience. The best way to approach these jokes is to recognize the potential for harm and avoid them altogether.

We should also recognize that there is a huge difference between joking about stalking and actually stalking someone. Stalking is a serious crime with potentially serious consequences, including jail time and fines. It’s important to understand the difference between joking about something and actually doing it.

Ultimately, it’s up to each of us to decide what kind of jokes we feel comfortable telling or hearing. For some, that might mean avoiding stalker jokes altogether – recognizing that even if no harm is intended, they can still be hurtful to those who have been affected by stalking in some way.

At the end of the day, it’s important to be respectful of everyone around you and consider how your words might affect them – even if you’re just telling a joke.

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