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Spelljammer 5e is the latest installment in the long-running Dungeons & Dragons franchise. It brings a new and exciting way to explore the cosmos with a blend of sci-fi and fantasy elements. Players can explore new planets, meet strange creatures, and battle dangerous foes in this unique setting. With its easy-to-learn ruleset and expansive universe, Spelljammer 5e has quickly become one of the most popular roleplaying games available today. Reviews from fans and critics alike have been overwhelmingly positive, praising its innovative mechanics, imaginative setting, and captivating story possibilities. Whether you’re a veteran of Dungeons & Dragons or brand new to roleplaying games, Spelljammer 5e has something to offer everyone!The Spelljammer 5e campaign sourcebook is a great resource for Dungeons & Dragons players looking to explore the world of Spelljammer. It provides a detailed overview of the various races, creatures, and cultures that inhabit this unique fantasy realm, as well as a variety of new spells and magic items. Players can use this book to create their own adventures and create powerful characters to help them explore the wonders of Spelljammer. The art is vibrant and the layout is easy to follow, making it an excellent resource for any D&D player looking to take part in a Spelljammer campaign. With its detailed overview of monsters, spells, and treasures, this book is sure to bring lots of excitement to any game session.


Spelljammer 5e offers a unique and engaging experience for players. The game is set in a vibrant, fantastic universe full of interesting creatures, magic, and adventure. Players can choose from a wide range of classes and races to create their own unique characters. The rules are straightforward and easy to learn, allowing even novice players to start playing quickly. The system also provides plenty of options for experienced players to customize their characters and create new stories within the game world.

The game also has a wide range of content available for purchase, including modules, sourcebooks, miniatures, and more. This allows players to further enhance their gaming experience and explore the world of Spelljammer in greater detail.


The main downside to Spelljammer 5e is that it is a relatively expensive game system. Many of the books required for play can be quite expensive, particularly if you are looking for physical copies rather than digital downloads. Additionally, some of the additional content available may be quite expensive as well depending on what you are looking for.

There is also some lack of support for the system compared to other popular RPGs such as Dungeons & Dragons or Pathfinder. While there are official campaigns available online and through hobby stores, there are not as many resources available as there are for other systems. Additionally, many popular content creators have not yet supported Spelljammer 5e with their own adventures or settings.


Spelljammer 5e is a role-playing game that combines elements of fantasy and science fiction. Players take on the role of spelljammers, adventurers who explore the universe in giant ships powered by magical spells. The game focuses heavily on exploration, with players discovering new worlds and engaging in space battles with hostile creatures. Players can also customize their ships and crew to better suit their needs. Combat is handled through a turn-based system, with players making strategic decisions to defeat their enemies. Spelljammer 5e also features a variety of character classes, allowing players to create unique characters to explore the universe. Overall, Spelljammer 5e provides an exciting and immersive experience that will appeal to both veteran RPG fans and newcomers alike.

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The game is easy to learn and play, making it accessible for all levels of players. The rules are concise but comprehensive, giving plenty of options for customizing characters and ships without feeling overwhelming or overly complex. The combat system is intuitive and allows for strategic decisions while still being accessible enough for new players to pick up quickly. Additionally, the game has a strong storytelling element that encourages creative play and encourages players to explore new possibilities within the setting.

Overall, Spelljammer 5e offers an exciting and varied experience that will appeal to many different types of gamers. Its combination of fantasy and science fiction elements make it stand out from other RPG games on the market while still maintaining its own distinct personality. With its easy-to-learn rules, engaging combat system, and expansive universe full of adventure possibilities, Spelljammer 5e is sure to be a hit among RPG fans everywhere.


Spelljammer 5e is an incredibly versatile game system, offering a wide range of options for players and GMs alike. From character creation to combat, Spelljammer 5e provides a vast array of mechanics to choose from. Character creation offers a wide variety of races, classes, subclasses, and backgrounds to choose from, allowing players to create unique characters with their own personality and style. The game also allows for customization of weapons and armor as well as the ability to craft magical items.

Combat in Spelljammer 5e is highly tactical and strategic. It offers a variety of abilities and spells that can be used in battle, such as spellcasting, ranged attacks, melee combat, using magical items or summoning creatures. Spells can be used to manipulate the battlefield or turn it into an advantage for your party. Players have access to a wide range of tactical options such as positioning their characters in advantageous positions or utilizing the environment around them. Furthermore, the game also features unique conditions that can affect characters during combat such as being poisoned or cursed.

Overall, Spelljammer 5e has an excellent set of mechanics that offer endless possibilities for gameplay and character customization. The various systems are well-balanced and provide players with plenty of options for creating unique characters and engaging in epic battles.


Spelljammer 5e offers a wide variety of character options to players. From the classic human, elf, and dwarf races to more exotic ones like genasi and tieflings. There are also plenty of classes to choose from, ranging from the traditional fighters and clerics to archetypes like paladins and wizards. The game also offers a great range of backgrounds which provide additional depth and flavor to characters. Additionally, there are several custom subclasses for each class that can help to make characters more unique and interesting.

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The character creation process is relatively straightforward, with a simple yet comprehensive point-buy system for assigning stats and skills. It also has some nice features such as the ability to customize your starting equipment and gold allotment. This makes it easy for new players to jump into the game without having to worry about being too far behind in terms of gear or resources. Overall, the character creation system is very user-friendly and well designed.

In terms of customization options, Spelljammer 5e does not disappoint. Players can customize their characters with an array of feats, spells, class features, and abilities that allow them to create unique builds that fit their playstyle or build ideas they have in mind for their characters. Additionally, there are several different ways to multiclass or even dip into other classes if desired – allowing players great flexibility in how they choose to build their characters.

Overall, Spelljammer 5e has a lot of options when it comes to creating characters – both in terms of race/background/class combos as well as customization options. This allows players great freedom in creating characters that fit their concepts or playstyles perfectly – making for an enjoyable experience overall!

Setting and Story

Spelljammer 5e is a setting for the 5th edition of Dungeons & Dragons that opens up the possibilities of exploring the vast reaches of space. Taking characters from traditional fantasy settings, such as Forgotten Realms or Eberron, Spelljammer takes them on an epic journey of exploration and adventure. As players travel from planet to planet, they will encounter strange new creatures, explore exotic locales, and come face-to-face with new challenges.

The setting allows for a great deal of flexibility in terms of campaign structure and character building. Players can choose to focus on one planet or explore an entire sector of space. They can build characters based on traditional classes or create entirely new ones that are better suited to a world without gravity or air. Additionally, there are a wide variety of races available to choose from, allowing for unique combinations and interesting stories.

The story is up to the individual Dungeon Master to create as they wish. There are many suggested plots in the core rulebook but players are also encouraged to come up with their own stories. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to Spelljammer 5e as no two campaigns will be the same.

Overall, Spelljammer 5e is an excellent setting for those looking for something new and exciting in their D&D games. With an abundance of options for character creation and story-telling, it is sure to provide hours upon hours of entertainment for players and Dungeon Masters alike.

Art and Graphics

The art and graphics of Spelljammer 5e are top-notch. The world of Spelljammer is realized through its artwork, which is both beautiful and detailed. The art direction for Spelljammer 5e has been carefully curated to ensure that it meets the expectations of experienced fantasy gamers. The unique look and feel of the game has been crafted to capture the imagination of both new and veteran players alike. Characters, creatures, environments, and objects are all wonderfully illustrated and presented in a vibrant, eye-catching way. Players will be able to easily identify their characters and the world they inhabit through Spelljammer’s art style.

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The graphics used in Spelljammer 5e are also incredibly impressive. From the character sheets to the maps of each environment, every element is rendered with intricate detail that brings each adventure to life. Even the menus are intuitively designed so that players can quickly find what they need from their characters or the game world without having to search around for too long. The graphical user interface (GUI) is also incredibly helpful, allowing players to easily access information or make changes without having to navigate through multiple menus or screens.

Overall, Spelljammer 5e’s art and graphics are some of the best in any roleplaying game on the market today. It offers stunning visuals that bring its world alive while also being easy to use for both new players and veterans alike.

Availability and Price

Spelljammer 5e is currently available in both physical and digital formats, making it accessible to a wide range of players. The physical version can be purchased from online stores such as Amazon, or from local game stores. The digital version can be found on the official Dungeons & Dragons website, or through various digital download services such as Steam. The price of the physical version varies depending on where you buy it from, but generally it is around $50 USD. The digital version costs around $30 USD.

Overall, Spelljammer 5e is reasonably priced for what it offers. It provides an incredibly immersive world with a great range of characters and creatures to explore and interact with. Additionally, the rules are easy to learn and understand, allowing players to quickly get into the game without having to spend too much time learning the mechanics. For these reasons, Spelljammer 5e is great value for money and well worth considering if you’re looking for a new role-playing game to enjoy.


Spelljammer 5e is an exciting new game that brings players into a world of interplanetary exploration and adventure. The rules are simple, the game is easy to learn, and the setting is full of potential. Players can build their own custom ships, explore strange new worlds, and engage in thrilling battles with monsters and enemies alike. Whether you are a fan of the original Spelljammer or just searching for a unique gaming experience, Spelljammer 5e has something to offer everyone.

The array of new material included in the game is vast and varied, offering fans and newcomers alike plenty to explore. The artwork is beautiful and evocative, bringing the fantastical world to life. In addition, the streamlined rules make it easy for gamers to quickly jump into combat or other activities without having to learn a whole set of complex rules first. With its easy-to-learn ruleset, captivating artwork, and imaginative setting, Spelljammer 5e is sure to provide hours of fun for any fan of fantasy role-playing games.

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