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Sisters by choice are a powerful reminder of the strength, love, and support that come from having a chosen family. These quotes celebrate the special bond between two individuals who have made a deliberate decision to come together as sisters, despite their differences. They remind us of the importance of having people in our lives who we can rely on and trust unconditionally. Whether they’re related or not, these inspirational quotes celebrate the special connection between sisters by choice.”Sisters by choice are the best kind of friends. They understand your struggles and celebrate your successes like no other.”

Famous Quotes about Sisters by Choice

Sisters by choice are just as special as sisters by blood. They can provide unconditional love, support, and companionship. From funny sayings to heartfelt quotes, there are many famous quotes about sisters by choice. Here are some of the most memorable ones:

“A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you just the way you are.” – Unknown

This quote speaks of a strong bond between two people who have chosen each other to be their sisters. It reminds us that it’s okay to be different and that true friendship is accepting someone for who they are.

“Friends come and go like waves of the ocean but the true ones stick like an octopus on your face.” – Unknown

This quote speaks of the permanence of a sister-like bond. Just like an octopus sticks to its prey with its tentacles, true friends stay with each other through thick and thin.

“The only way to have a friend is to be one.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote emphasizes the importance of being a good friend in order to gain one in return. Being a supportive friend is essential for any kind of relationship, including sisterhoods.

“A sister is both your mirror – and your opposite.” – Elizabeth Fishel

This quote highlights the unique relationship between sisters by choice. While friends may reflect each other’s personalities, sisters can also bring out our differences in order to challenge us and help us grow.

Inspirational Quotes about Sisters by Choice

It is often said that true friends are like family. A sister by choice is someone who chooses to be there for you and love you unconditionally. They are an extension of your family and provide support, understanding, and friendship in times of need. Here are some inspirational quotes about sisters by choice that will remind you why having a sister of your own is so special.

“A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway.” – Jerome Cummings

This quote reminds us that our sisters by choice know us deeply, just like family, but still choose to love us despite our flaws and mistakes. They understand our struggles, but also appreciate our successes.

“She was my best friend through thick and thin, when I was up or down she was always around.” – Unknown

This quote captures the essence of a true sister by choice—someone who will be there for you no matter what life throws at you. When things get tough, your sister will be there to lend a helping hand or just listen when needed.

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“A sister by choice is someone who will always have your back no matter what the situation may be.” – Unknown

No matter how difficult life can get at times, having a sister by choice means that someone will always be there to support and encourage you through it all. When times get tough they can offer a shoulder to lean on or simply listen without passing judgement or offering advice unless asked for it.

“Sisters don’t have to be related; they just need to share love and trust with one another.” – Unknown

The bond between sisters by choice is strong because it is based on mutual love and trust—two things that don’t come easy in life but make all the difference when found in someone special like a sister by choice.

Uplifting Sayings about Sisters by Choice

A sister by choice is someone who comes into your life and fills the missing pieces. She is a friend, a confidante, a mentor, and a companion. She is someone who you can rely on and trust with your secrets and worries. Having a sister by choice is like having an extra family member that you can always count on. Here are some uplifting sayings about sisters by choice to celebrate this special bond:

“Having a sister by choice is like finding a rainbow after the storm.”

“Sisters by choice are the friends that choose you for life.”

“Sisters by choice understand you without words.”

“A sister by choice will always be there for you through thick and thin.”

“A true friend becomes a sister by choice.”

“Sisters by choice motivate each other to become better versions of themselves every day.”

“A real sister understands what it means to have unconditional love for one another.”

“Having a sister by choice reminds us that we always have someone to lean on when times get tough.”

Words of Wisdom about Sisters by Choice

Having a sister is a blessing, but having a sister by choice is even more special. Sisters by choice are the sisters we choose, who don’t necessarily share our DNA but share our friendship and love. They provide us with an extra layer of support and understanding in times of need. Here are some words of wisdom about sisters by choice that can help make your relationship even stronger:

1. Always be honest with each other. Honesty is essential for any kind of relationship to thrive and your sister by choice should always be someone you can trust. When it comes to discussing difficult topics or voicing your concerns, honesty is the best policy.

2. Make time for each other. Having a sister by choice means that sometimes you have to work harder to make time for each other and make sure your connection stays strong. Even if it’s just scheduling a weekly phone call or an occasional movie night, making an effort to stay connected will ensure that your relationship continues to grow and flourish over time.

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3. Respect each other’s boundaries. Just like any other relationship, respecting your sister by choice’s boundaries is key in maintaining a healthy relationship with her. Make sure you always respect her opinion and never push her too hard if she’s not ready to do something or if she’s uncomfortable with something you want to do together.

4. Communicate often and openly. Communication is the foundation of any healthy relationship, including sisters by choice relationships! Whenever possible, make sure that you’re checking in with each other often and having open conversations so that both of you feel heard and valued in the relationship

Positive Quotations about Sisters by Choice

Sisters by choice are soul sisters who have chosen to become close friends and develop a bond that is just as strong as blood sisters. They are the blessing we give ourselves, and their friendship is one of the most rewarding things in life. Here are some positive quotations about sisters by choice that express the joy that comes with such a special bond:

“A true sister is a friend who listens with her heart.” – Unknown

“My sister by choice is my best friend, my confidant, my mentor, and my biggest cheerleader.” – Unknown

“Having a soul sister is like finding a piece of yourself in someone else.” – Unknown

“Friends come and go but sisters by choice are forever.” – Unknown

“Sisters by choice share an unspoken understanding that no one else can comprehend.” – Unknown

“A true friendship between two souls can last a lifetime.” – Unknown

“Sisters by choice stick together through thick and thin.” – Unknown

“Best friends don’t need to be related to be family.” – Unknown

“Sisters by choice don’t need words; they understand each other perfectly just through silence.” – Unknown

Celebrating Friendship between Sisters by Choice

Friendships between sisters are unique and unbreakable. Two friends who have chosen each other to become “sisters” often share a bond of trust, understanding, and love that is truly special. Celebrating this unique relationship is important and should be done in a meaningful way. Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary, or simply showing your appreciation for the friendship you share, it’s important to recognize the significance of your connection.

One way of celebrating sisterhood is by exchanging gifts. It doesn’t have to be an expensive item or something extravagant; it could be something as simple as a handwritten note expressing your gratitude for the friendship you share. In addition to gifts, why not plan a day out together? This could include going for lunch or dinner at a favorite spot or even taking a trip to explore somewhere new. When celebrating friendship between sisters, it’s important to make sure that both feel appreciated and spend quality time together.

Sharing special moments like these can help strengthen the bond between two friends who consider themselves sisters by choice. Sometimes we take for granted how lucky we are to have friends in our lives who understand us like no one else can and who are always there when we need them most. Celebrating this special friendship is more than just an occasion – it’s an opportunity to remind each other how much they mean to each other and how strong their bond really is.

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It’s also important to recognize that while sisters may argue or disagree from time-to-time, their relationship never waivers; they will always have each other’s backs no matter what life throws at them. Celebrating friendship between sisters by choice should never be taken lightly – it’s an opportunity to show your appreciation for someone who has chosen you as family and will always remain a part of your life no matter what happens in the future.

Sweet Messages for Sisters by Choice

Finding the perfect words to express the bond between sisters-by-choice can be challenging. Whether you’re writing a card, sending a text, or expressing your feelings in person, it’s important to let your sister know how much you care. Here are some sweet messages for sisters by choice that you can use to express your love and appreciation.

“Having you in my life is like having a sister I chose for myself. You are my sunshine and I love you so much!”

“You have been an incredible blessing in my life. Thank you for loving me and supporting me every step of the way. You are my best friend and sister all rolled into one!”

“Your friendship means the world to me. You bring so much joy into my life, and I am so glad that we found each other!”

“Your kind heart and positive outlook on life always make me smile. You are an amazing person and I am so lucky to have you as my sister!”

“You are always there when I need someone to talk to or just listen without judging. You truly understand me in ways no one else can, and I am grateful for our friendship every single day!”

No matter what life throws at us, we will always be there for each other as sisters by choice. These sweet messages are sure to show your appreciation for your special bond with your sister-by-choice.


Sisters by choice quotes remind us of the value of a true sisterly bond. Such a bond is invaluable, providing us with unconditional love, support and friendship. Having a sister by choice can be an incredibly rewarding experience and provide us with a lifetime of memories. No matter how much time passes, our sisters will always be there for us and will remain forever in our hearts. They are more than just friends, they are family.

We hope these quotes have inspired you to appreciate the special bond between sisters by choice. Remember that having someone to rely on and talk to is invaluable, so take the time to nurture your friendships and make sure they last a lifetime!

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