Show me what you got rick and morty?

Rick and Morty is a great show that has been on for a few years now. It follows the adventures of Rick, a mad scientist, and his grandson Morty, as they go on wacky adventures together. The show is really funny and has a lot of great characters.

Rick and Morty are two characters from the animated TV show Rick and Morty. They are father and son, respectively, and are both scientists. Rick is a genius inventor, while Morty is a highly intelligent but somewhat naive young man. Together, they go on wacky adventures that usually involve time travel, alternate universes, and other scientific concepts.

What is the song that plays at the end of Rick and Morty Season 5?

This is an amazing cover of Evil Morty’s Theme, and it really captures the feel of the original. Rolf Meyer has done an incredible job with this one.

Borrowed Time is a song by Rick and Morty from their 5th season. It’s a song about taking advantage of the time you have, and not letting it slip away. The lyrics are written in a playful and light-hearted manner, but with a serious message behind them. The song is catchy and will definitely get stuck in your head.

What is the Get Schwifty episode called

“Get Schwifty” is the fifth episode of the second season of Rick and Morty. In this episode, Rick and Morty are tasked with saving the world when an alien race threatens to destroy Earth if they don’t produce a hit song. This episode is a fan favorite and is known for its catchy song, “Get Schwifty”.

Cromulons are giant human-like beings that are native to the Cygnus-5 expanse. They are encountered in the episode “Get Schwifty”, where they are the central antagonists. They are massive in size, and their heads are so large that they can easily swallow a human whole. They are also able to emit a powerful sonic scream that can destroy entire planets. The only way to kill a Cromulon is to shoot it in the eye with a laser beam.

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What is the song at the end of Rick and Morty Season 1 Episode 9?

This song is so sad and beautiful. It’s the perfect song for when you’re feeling reflective and introspective. It makes you think about all the things that you’ve done in your life, both good and bad, and how they’ve led you to where you are today. It’s a song that makes you appreciate the people in your life who have always been there for you, even when you haven’t been the best person yourself.

This song perfectly encapsulates the feeling of being an outsider, of being damaged and alone. The lyrics are haunting and beautiful, and the melody is both catchy and sad. It’s the perfect song for Evil Morty, who is undoubtedly the most damaged and alone character in the show.

Why does Rick have drool on his chin?

The individual in question frequently consumes large amounts of alcohol, which has led to them overdosing on occasion. This is evident by the green spill often seen on their mouth, which is either from drinking or vomit. Although this isn’t always present, it is most likely to occur when the individual is drunk or has recently thrown up.

As much as we love Rick and Morty, their sad endings credits songs always seem to make us emotional. This time around, the song “I Am the Antichrist to You” was the perfect choice to help us wipe away some tears.

Why does Rick have a drool

It’s not clear what the green stuff is that’s coming out of Rick’s mouth. It could be vomit or drool, or it could be a callback to something seeded in the pilot episode. It’s hard to say for sure without more information.

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It’s time to get Schwifty in here! “Schwifty” is a made-up term from the animated show Rick and Morty in 2015. It means completely letting loose while partying. Let’s get this party started and let loose!

Who voices Barack Obama in Rick and Morty?

Keith David is an American actor, voice actor, and singer. He is known for his work in film, television, and video games. He has been nominated for three Emmy Awards and won two NAACP Image Awards.

Keith David voices the President in the American adult animated television series Rick and Morty. He has voiced the characters of President Barack Obama, President Donald Trump, and Mitt Romney on the show.

Keegan-Michael Key is an American actor, comedian, writer, and producer. He is best known for his work on the Comedy Central sketch series Key & Peele and for his supporting role in the USA Network TV series Playing House. Key has appeared in several films, including Keanu (2016), Wouldn’t Have It Any Other Way (2017), and The Predator (2018).

What is the funniest episode of Rick and Morty

Total Rickall truly captures everything that makes Rick and Morty great. Its premise is ridiculously clever, with the Smith household invaded by an alien parasite that takes root in the hosts’ memories. This results in some hilarious hijinks as the family tries to figure out who the real people are and who the imposters are. Additionally, the episode is chock-full of pop culture references, callbacks to previous episodes, and inside jokes that fans will love.

Rick relents and crafts a special remote, which Morty takes without waiting for an explanation of how it works. Morty uses the button to commit numerous crimes and pranks, resetting himself each time to avoid any consequences. Eventually, though, he begins a relationship with a girl, Carey, falling in love with her.

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Which episode has 40 year old Morty?

The season 5 finale of Rick and Morty ages Morty up, down, and in-between, and each version has its own distinctive look. In the episode, Morty ages himself up to a 40-year-old burnout in the hopes of guilting Rick into leaving his two crows (see: “Forgetting Sarick Mortshall”) and coming home.

The different versions of Morty all have different looks that reflect their unique personalities. The 40-year-old Morty is a cynical and world-weary burnout, while the younger Morty is still wide-eyed and optimistic. The middle-aged Morty is somewhere in between, and his look reflects that.

Ultimately, the episode is a fun and inventive way to explore the different sides of Morty’s personality, and it’s something that fans of the show are sure to enjoy.

The credit sequence of “Borrowed Time” plays through the end of “Forgetting Sarick Mortshall” on a poignant note. It is a reminder that time is precious and should not be taken for granted. It is also a reminder that we all will one day face our mortality.


Rick and Morty are two of the main characters from the adult animated series Rick and Morty. They are a grandfather and grandson duo who go on wacky adventures together.

Rick and Morty are two of the most popular characters on television today. They have a large fan base and are loved by many. The show is full of adventure, comedy, and suspense. fans of the show are always excited to see what new antics the pair will get up to.

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