Science bitch?

In today’s society, it’s not uncommon to hear people using terms like “science bitch” in an derogatory way. But what does this term really mean? Is it simply a way to belittle someone who is good at science, or is there more to it than that? Let’s take a closer look at the term “science bitch” and see what it really means.

There is no one answer to this question since it is dependent on the person asking the question and their specific intention. However, in general, the term “science bitch” could be used to refer to someone who is excessively critical or difficult when it comes to matters of science. Additionally, the term could also be used more broadly to describe someone who is perceived as being arrogant or elitist in their intellectual pursuits.

Can you make a battery like in breaking bad?

The article argues that the battery in the movie would not have worked in reality. The battery would have only produced a small amount of power and it would not have been able to power the machine in the movie.

Breaking Bad is an American television series that aired on AMC from 2008 to 2013. The series was created by Vince Gilligan, and it follows the story of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who turns to cooking meth after being diagnosed with cancer. The show was hugely successful, and it won numerous awards, including 16 Emmy Awards.

What is the most famous line from Breaking Bad

This phrase has become a popular meme and is often used to caution people to be careful in their dealings with others. It can be interpreted to mean that if you don’t know someone, you should be careful in your interactions with them.

Wilmington cigarettes are a fictional brand of cigarette featured in Breaking Bad. Jesse Pinkman primarily smokes Wilmingtons, and the cigarettes play a key part in Season 4.

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Why is Breaking Bad rated r?

The show is definitely not for kids. There is a lot of violence, illegal drug use, and sexual content. If you are ok with that, then the show is actually really well done.

AMC’s Breaking Bad was on a potential cancellation route, but Sony pushed to have the show added to Netflix in time for the fourth season. The show’s viewership grew greatly as viewers binged the series on Netflix, helping to assure that a fifth season could be made.

Did HBO reject Breaking Bad?

Breaking Bad is one of the most popular television shows of all time. It follows the story of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who turns to cooking meth in order to make money for his family after he is diagnosed with cancer. The show was originally pitched to FX, TNT, and HBO, but all three networks rejected it.

It’s hard to imagine now, but there was a time when Breaking Bad was just another script looking for a home. Thankfully, AMC took a chance on the show and it went on to become a huge success. It’s a reminder that sometimes the best stories find a way to be told, no matter who initially passes on them.

It’s definitely one of the most memorable moments from the show, and it’s great to see that Jesse is still using the catchphrase in his everyday life. It just goes to show how much the show has affected him and how much he loved being a part of it.

What was Walter White’s last word

Walt’s last word being ‘Lydia’ has led to some fans speculating that Huell is still sitting in the safe house, as Hank never told him it was safe to leave. This is just a theory however, and we may never know for sure what happened to Huell.

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It is fascinating to learn that the iconic catchphrase “Have mercy!” from the popular television show “Full House” was actually inspired by the 1964 Roy Orbison song “Oh, Pretty Woman.” It is clear that the show’s creators were heavily influenced by Orbison’s music and used it as a source of inspiration for many of the show’s elements. It is great to see that such an iconic show was inspired by such a classic song.

Why is the toilet water blue in Breaking Bad?

A chemical toilet is a type of toilet that uses chemicals to break down human waste. They are often used in places where there is no running water or where sewage systems are not well developed.

Chemical toilets usually have two compartments – one for urinating and one for defecating. They often have a strong chemical smell because of the chemicals used to break down the waste.

Jesse has an epiphany about the cigarette pack and the missing weed. He remembers back to when he thought that Andrea’s young son Brock was poisoned by the Ricin cigarette that Walt had made and given Jesse to poison Gus Fring. Jesse now realizes that it was all a ploy by Walt to get Jesse to kill Gus.

What drug does Jesse not use in Breaking Bad

Heroin is a highly addictive drug that can have devastating effects on a person’s life. Thankfully, Jesse Pinkman was able to get clean after being sent to rehab by Walter White. He never relapses on heroin again, proving that it is possible to break free from this dangerous substance.

I don’t think this series is appropriate for kids under 18. It’s really well done, but it’s pretty subtle and detailed. I’d recommend it for older teens and adults.

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Is R rated worse than M?

The ratings system is used to provide information to potential moviegoers so they can make informed decisions about the type of content contained in a film.

It is no secret that Breaking Bad is one of the most popular television shows in recent memory. The show has been praised for its writing, acting, and overall story. One of the things that has set Breaking Bad apart from other television shows is its promotion of a feminist ethic of care.

The main character, Walter White, is a high school chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with cancer. In order to provide for his family after his death, Walter decides to enter the methamphetamine business. He partners with his former student, Jesse Pinkman, and the two of them begin cooking meth.

As the show progresses, we see Walter become more and more involved in the meth business. He starts to make decisions that are motivated by greed and power, rather than by care for his family. This is in contrast to Jesse, who frequently expresses concern for the people who are affected by the meth business, even though he is not directly involved in it.

Throughout the course of the show, there are many instances where Walter makes decisions that are harmful to others. He does not hesitate to kill people who get in his way, and he frequently puts his family in danger in order to further his own goals. In contrast, Jesse always tries to do what is right


There’s no one answer to this question – it depends on what you’re looking for in a scientific discipline!

It’s clear that “science bitch” is not a phrase that should be used lightly. It’s a strong statement that should only be used when absolutely necessary.

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