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Welcome to Savage Side Chick Quotes! Here, you’ll find some of the sassiest and most savage quotes about being a side chick. From standing up for yourself to having zero regrets, it’s time to take back your power and be the side chick you were born to be. So go ahead, scroll through these quotes and let them inspire you to embrace your inner baddie today!”A side chick is just a friend with benefits”
“A side chick ain’t a wifey, she’s just a late night thang”
“A side chick is nothin’ more than a distraction from the main thing”
“The side chick life isn’t always easy, but it sure looks fun!”
“Don’t be fooled by the glitz and glamour of being a side chick; at the end of the day it ain’t all that it’s cracked up to be”
“Behind every successful man there’s usually a side chick somewhere in the mix!”
“Ain’t nobody got time to waste on being somebody else’s second choice!”
“When you’re a side chick, don’t be surprised when you get treated like one!”
“Side chicks should always remember, you can never replace someone else’s main squeeze!”
“If you’re gonna be a side chick, then make sure you know your place in the game!”

Be Confident

Every woman should be confident with herself and sure of her worth. As a side chick, you should be aware that you are just as valuable and worthy of respect as the main squeeze. Being confident in yourself will also show your partner that you are not afraid to stand up for yourself when needed. A strong sense of self-worth is essential for a healthy relationship.

Maintain Your Standards

No matter what situation you’re in, keep your standards high and don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve. Don’t be afraid to speak up if something isn’t right or if your partner isn’t treating you right. It’s important to hold yourself accountable and set boundaries with your partner so that you can have a successful relationship.

Take Control Of Your Life

As a side chick, it’s important to take control of your life and make sure that your own needs are met. Don’t be dependent on someone else for happiness or validation. Make sure that you are taking steps towards achieving your goals and making the most out of life. You should never let someone else hold you back from accomplishing what you want in life.

Stay Positive

It can be difficult to stay positive when things don’t always work out the way we want them to, but it’s important to remember that everything will eventually work out for the best. Instead of letting negative emotions take over, try to focus on all the positive aspects of the situation and how it can ultimately benefit you in some way. Keeping a positive attitude will help keep things running smoothly between you and your partner.

Don’t Take Things Too Seriously

Being a side chick doesn’t mean taking everything too seriously; it’s important to have fun and enjoy yourself while still being respectful towards others involved in the relationship. Don’t let silly misunderstandings get in the way of having a good time; instead, try to find humor in any situation and use it as an opportunity to bond with your partner. Having fun is an essential part of any successful relationship!

Quotes about Being a Side Chick

Being a side chick is never an easy situation. It’s not something one wants to be involved in, but it can sometimes happen out of circumstance. Although it’s not ideal, there are still some lessons that can be learned from the experience. Here are some quotes about being a side chick that may help you reflect on the situation and express what you’re feeling.

“The thing about being a side chick is that you have to accept the fact that you’ll never be the priority.” This quote reminds us that when we are in this type of situation, we have to understand that we will always come second. This can be hard to accept, but it’s important to remember so we don’t get too attached or put too much hope into something that won’t likely happen.

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“It takes strength and courage to be a side chick and not let your heart take over.” This quote emphasizes the importance of keeping your emotions in check when you are in this type of relationship. It’s easy to get caught up in the feelings, but it’s important to remember that there will likely never be anything more than what is currently happening.

“The thing about being a side chick is having enough self-respect not to settle for less than you deserve.” This quote speaks volumes about understanding your worth and not settling for less than what makes you happy. It can be difficult when we’re vulnerable and find ourselves in these situations but it’s important to remember that no matter how much affection or attention we receive, it doesn’t make up for lack of commitment or loyalty from our partner.

These quotes about being a side chick may help you reflect on your current situation and remind yourself of your worth. No matter what happens, remember that you deserve respect and loyalty and don’t settle for anything less than what makes you happy.

Inspirational Quotes for the Other Woman

The life of the ‘other woman’ is often a difficult one. It is filled with guilt, shame, and heartache. But, it doesn’t have to be this way. There are positive ways to cope with this difficult situation and inspirational quotes can help. Here are some inspirational quotes to help you stay strong during these challenging times:

“Be courageous enough to break the rules, wise enough to know when to follow them, and strong enough to face the consequences.” – Unknown

“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.” – Unknown

“The most important thing is that you never give up on yourself.” – Unknown

“You can be a victim of someone else’s choices or you can choose your own path in life.” – Unknown

“The best way out is always through.” – Robert Frost

“It takes courage to make a stand but sometimes it takes even more courage just to stand.” – Unknown

“No matter how hard things get, never forget who you are and what you are capable of achieving.” – Unknown

“Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass; it’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” – Unknown

Being the Side Chick

Being the side chick can be a difficult role to play. It can be difficult to feel secure and comfortable in your relationship when you know that someone else is involved. It’s normal to feel hurt and confused, but there are ways to make yourself feel better. Here are some side chick sayings that may help you find some peace of mind:

“My worth isn’t measured by my relationship status.” Remind yourself that your value doesn’t come from being in a relationship or being “the other woman”. You have value regardless of your situation and it’s important to remember that.

“It’s okay to have needs.” No matter what kind of relationship you’re in, it’s okay for you to have needs and wants. Just because it’s not a traditional kind of relationship doesn’t mean you can’t still expect respect, understanding, and care from the other person.

“I’m worth more than this.” Being in a side relationship can make you feel like less than an equal partner, but remind yourself that this isn’t true. You deserve someone who will treat you with respect and love unconditionally – don’t settle for anything less than that!

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“My happiness is up to me.” It’s easy to blame the other person when things don’t go as planned, but ultimately your happiness is up to you. Don’t let anyone else dictate how happy or fulfilled you should be – take control of your own life!

“I am worthy of being loved.” No matter what kind of situation you’re in, remind yourself that you are worthy of being loved and appreciated for who you are. Don’t let anyone else make you feel otherwise!

Words of Wisdom from the Other Woman

The role of the other woman in a relationship is often seen as one of scorn and judgement, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In fact, there are many lessons that can be learned from the other woman that can help strengthen relationships and foster understanding. Here are some words of wisdom from the other woman:

Take responsibility for your actions. The other woman often represents a person who has made a choice to step outside of their marriage or relationship. Instead of blaming others for their choices, they take ownership and accept responsibility for what they have done. This type of self-awareness can be beneficial in any relationship and can lead to healthier communication between partners.

Be honest with yourself and your partner. The other woman is often seen as someone who is manipulative or deceptive in order to get what they want. However, being honest with yourself and your partner is essential for building trust within any relationship. Being honest with each other will help create an atmosphere of openness and understanding, which will lead to a more fulfilling relationship overall.

Listen to your partner’s needs and feelings. The other woman may represent someone whose needs were not being met by her partner, but instead of lashing out or running away she chose to listen to her partner’s feelings and address them head-on. This kind of open communication can go a long way in any relationship, as it allows both partners to feel heard and understood without feeling judged or attacked for their feelings.

Put yourself in your partner’s shoes. While it’s easy to get wrapped up in our own feelings, the other woman often chooses to empathize with her partner’s perspective before making any decisions about the relationship. Taking time to understand where your partner is coming from can help you better understand their needs and desires, which will ultimately lead to a healthier dynamic between you both.

Sometimes the best lesson we can learn from the other woman is that relationships take work, understanding, honesty, respect, empathy and communication if they are going to last over time. By following these words of wisdom we can all strive towards healthier relationships with our partners both inside and outside our marriages or partnerships

The Best Savage Side Chick Quotes of All Time

Sometimes, being the side chick can be one of the toughest roles to play. It takes a special kind of person to handle the drama and heartache. But every now and then, it feels good to let out some sass and show your true colors as a side chick. Here are some of the best savage side chick quotes of all time that will make you laugh, cry and feel empowered:

“I’m not a regular side chick, I’m a cool side chick.”

For all those ladies out there who know they’re worth more than just being someone’s second choice, this quote is for you! Show your strength and class with this quote and let everyone know that you won’t stand for any nonsense when it comes to relationships.

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“I’m not afraid to leave if I’m not appreciated.”

It’s important to remember that life is too short to stay in situations that don’t make you happy. Don’t be afraid to put yourself first and walk away from toxic relationships. Show your partner what they could lose if they don’t appreciate you enough.

“I’m not looking for something special; I just want someone who will treat me as if I am.”

We all deserve respect and love in our relationships, no matter our role in them. Don’t settle for anything less than what you deserve – always demand respect from your partner!

“I swear I will never be someone’s second option again.”

It can be hard to move on after being treated like an afterthought in a relationship, but it’s important to remember that your value isn’t dependent on someone else’s opinion or actions towards you. You deserve better than being someone’s backup plan – never forget that!

“I only want what I deserve: loyalty, respect and honesty.”

These are values that every relationship needs in order to survive long-term. If you’re not getting these things from your partner, then it might be time to consider whether or not it’s worth staying in the relationship. Nobody deserves anything less than these three things!

The Most Motivational Quotes from Side Chicks

It takes a lot of strength, courage and resilience to be a side chick. It is not an easy role to take on, but it is often necessary for those who are seeking emotional and physical fulfillment from a relationship. As such, side chicks have come up with some of the most inspirational and motivational quotes to help them stay positive and focused on the goals they have set for themselves. Here are some of the most motivational quotes from side chicks that can help you stay strong through difficult times:

“Don’t let anyone define you. You get to decide who you are and what kind of life you want.”

“No matter how hard life may seem, keep going. There’s always something beautiful waiting at the end of your journey.”

“Stay true to yourself. Don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life or who you should be.”

“Be proud of who you are and never give in to society’s expectations of you.”

“Always remember that everyone has their own struggles and pain, so don’t judge or compare yourself to others.”

“Never give up on your dreams. Even if it takes longer than expected, keep striving towards them no matter what.”

“Your worth is not defined by the opinions of others. Believe in yourself and go for what makes you happy.”

“Life is too short not to take chances or seize opportunities when they arise.”


Savage side chick quotes can provide a unique perspective into relationships and the complicated nature of being someone’s side chick. While there is not much to be said in defense of side chicks, they can be empowering and inspiring in their own right. Quotes from successful and independent women who have been through it all can offer invaluable insight into surviving the other side of a relationship. Though it is not ideal to be someone’s side chick, these quotes can help you stay strong and empowered if you ever find yourself in such a situation.

In conclusion, having knowledge of savage side chick quotes can be an important tool in navigating a difficult situation. It is important to remember that while taking on the role as someone’s side chick may seem like a hopeless situation, there is always hope for a brighter future. Quotes from powerful women who have gone through similar experiences can provide comfort and strength to make it through the tough times.

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