Welcome to r/okbr! This subreddit is dedicated to all things related to Oklahoma, from the people and culture to the history and landscape. Here you can find discussion about all things Oklahoma, meet new people, share stories and experiences, ask questions, and learn more about the Sooner State. Whether you are a lifelong Oklahoman or just visiting, we welcome you to join our community and add to the conversation.r/okbr is a subreddit dedicated to the discussion of all things related to the state of Oklahoma. It is a place for Oklahomans to come together and share stories, local news, events, and more.

What is OKBR?

OKBR stands for the Open Knowledge Brazil, a non-profit organization that promotes open knowledge. It was created in 2012 to promote and encourage the use of open source tools, technologies and materials in Brazil. OKBR works to make knowledge more accessible and to create an environment where people can collaborate and share ideas freely. We believe in the power of open source as a way of creating an equitable society.

What does OKBR do?

OKBR works to promote open knowledge by developing projects, organizing activities and fostering collaborations between people and organizations. We work with government, civil society, academia and businesses to develop projects that provide access to content in multiple formats, facilitate collaboration between different stakeholders, help build capacity for using open source tools and technologies, and promote a culture that values sharing knowledge openly.

We also help organize events such as hackathons, workshops, seminars and conferences to spread awareness about open source tools and technologies. Additionally, we offer training programs on how to use these technologies in different sectors of society.

Why should I care about OKBR?

Open Knowledge is essential for creating an equitable society where everyone can access the same information regardless of their financial or social status. By promoting open source tools and technologies we enable individuals and organizations to create solutions that are more affordable and accessible than proprietary software solutions. This helps bridge the digital divide by allowing low-income communities access the same information as those who are better off financially.

Additionally, by fostering collaboration between different stakeholders we create opportunities for people from different backgrounds to work together towards common goals – something that is often difficult when using proprietary software solutions due to their high cost. Finally, by promoting a culture of sharing knowledge openly we create an environment where ideas can be exchanged freely without restrictions or barriers. This can lead to innovative solutions that would otherwise not have been possible if closed systems were used instead.

What are some examples of OKBR projects?

One example is our Digital Inclusion Program which provides free training on using open source tools for low-income communities in Brazil. We also work with government agencies such as Prefeitura de São Paulo (the City Hall of São Paulo) on projects such as Cidade Digital (Digital City), which aims at bringing internet access to public spaces throughout the city through Wi-Fi hotspots created with Raspberry Pi devices running free software solutions. Additionally, we have organized hackathons such as Hackathon da Cultura (Culture Hackathon) which brought together developers from all over Brazil who worked together on creating digital solutions for cultural institutions in less than 48 hours!


At OKBR we strive to answer any questions you may have regarding our organization or our projects so feel free to reach out if you need information! You can find answers to some commonly asked questions below:

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Q: What type of projects does OKBR support?

A: We support any project related to open source tools or technology including but not limited to digital inclusion projects, hackathons, workshops, seminars and conferences related topics such as data literacy or privacy protection tools etc.

Rules and Guidelines of r/okbr

r/okbr is a subreddit dedicated to Oklahoma City and its surrounding areas. We aim to provide a safe and supportive environment for our members to engage in meaningful conversations about the city and its people. We have established a set of rules and guidelines to ensure that all users feel welcome, respected, and heard.

We ask that all users treat each other with respect, even if they disagree on an issue. No personal attacks or bullying will be tolerated. All posts must adhere to Reddiquette, which includes being civil in your interactions with other users.

We also ask that all users remain on topic when making posts or comments. Posts or comments that are off-topic will be removed. Additionally, any posts or comments that contain offensive language, hate speech, or discrimination will be removed from the subreddit without warning.

Finally, we ask that all users refrain from posting any personal information about themselves or others. This includes addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. Any posts or comments containing this type of information will be removed without warning for the safety and security of our members.

All members are expected to follow these rules and guidelines when participating in r/okbr discussions. Failure to do so may result in your post being removed or you being banned from the subreddit at the moderators’ discretion. If you have any questions about these rules and guidelines please don’t hesitate to send us a message!

Submissions on r/okbr

Reddit’s Oklahoma City Bruins (r/okbr) is an online community dedicated to sharing news, events, and discussions about the Oklahoma City Bruins. This subreddit is a great way to stay up-to-date on all things related to the team, from game updates to player stats and everything in between. The subreddit also features a variety of other content, such as fan art and fan fiction. Submissions can range from long-form articles to quick updates on the team’s activities. Whether you’re looking for an in-depth discussion of the team’s strategies or just want a few quick facts about the players, r/okbr has something for everyone.

The subreddit also serves as a platform for fans to connect with each other and discuss their love of the team. There are plenty of threads dedicated to various topics related to the OKC Bruins, such as player interviews and fan meetups. Fans can also post questions or comments about any topic related to the team or hockey in general. This makes it easy for newcomers to get their questions answered or discuss their favorite players with other fans.

No matter what kind of content you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it on r/okbr. Whether you’re a diehard fan or just getting started with the OKC Bruins, this subreddit is an excellent way to stay up-to-date on all things related to the team and its players.

Discussions on r/okbr

The subreddit r/okbr is an online community dedicated to discussing the state of Oklahoma, its politics, its economy, and its culture. On this subreddit, members post news articles, discuss current events, and share their opinions on various topics. There are also discussions about Oklahoma’s sports teams and its universities. Additionally, members can ask questions or seek advice about living in Oklahoma. The subreddit also serves as a platform for members to connect with each other and to find resources related to Oklahoma. It is a great way for Oklahomans to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the state and to engage in meaningful conversations.

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Getting Started with r/okbr

Are you looking for a safe and supportive online community to discuss mental health and wellness? Look no further than r/okbr! r/okbr is a subreddit devoted to providing the members of the Oklahoma City metro area with access to resources, support, and information about mental health. The subreddit is a great place for individuals who are struggling with mental health issues or anyone looking for advice and support. The moderators are dedicated to providing a safe space for members to share their stories, ask questions, seek advice, and connect with others in the community.

On r/okbr, members can post questions, share their stories and experiences, receive support from others in the community, find helpful resources and information about mental health issues, and connect with like-minded individuals who can offer support. The subreddit has a variety of topics ranging from coping mechanisms to navigating relationships while living with mental illness.

The moderators of the subreddit strive to maintain an open and welcoming atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves without fear of judgment or criticism. All posts must be respectful; any comments or posts that are considered offensive or inappropriate will be removed. The moderators also encourage members to be mindful of other people’s boundaries when engaging in conversations on the subreddit.

If you’re interested in getting involved in this amazing online community, head over to r/okbr today! You can begin exploring all that it has to offer by reading through posts from other members or submitting your own story or question. Whether you’re seeking advice or simply want to connect with others in your area who understand what you’re going through, r/okbr is the perfect place for you!

Creating Content for r/okbr

Creating content for Reddit’s r/okbr can be a great way to engage with the community and build relationships with members. There are many ways that users can create content on the subreddit, such as writing posts, sharing images, or creating polls.

When creating content for r/okbr, it is important to follow the subreddit’s rules and guidelines. This includes avoiding posting topics that are outside of the subreddit’s scope, such as politics or religion. It is also important to use appropriate language and avoid offensive words or phrases. Additionally, it is good practice to avoid self-promotion, as this is not allowed on the subreddit.

It is also important to consider the type of content that users are interested in when creating content for r/okbr. Popular topics include Oklahoma news, events, culture, and history. Additionally, users often share personal stories or experiences related to living in Oklahoma. It can be helpful to read threads on the subreddit before posting in order to get an idea of what types of content are most popular with users.

When creating posts for r/okbr it is important to be respectful and considerate of other users’ opinions and beliefs. It is also a good idea to provide sources when discussing facts or statistics in order to back up claims. Finally, it is important to use proper grammar and punctuation when writing posts in order to make them more readable and easier for other users to understand.

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In conclusion, creating content for Reddit’s r/okbr can be a great way to engage with the community and build relationships with members. It is important to follow the subreddit’s rules and guidelines when creating content as well as consider what type of content users might find interesting or helpful before posting. Additionally, it is important to be respectful towards other users’ opinions while providing sources when discussing facts or statistics. By following these tips when creating content for r/okbr, users can ensure that their posts will have a positive impact on the community.

Be Mindful of the Rules

Posting on r/okbr can be a great way to connect with other Oklahomans and share experiences and opinions. However, it’s important to remember that there are certain rules that must be followed in order to ensure a productive and civil discussion. Take some time to become familiar with the subreddit’s rules before posting, and make sure you’re aware of any potential restrictions on what topics can be discussed.

Be Respectful of Other Users

When posting on r/okbr, it’s important to remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Even if you disagree with someone else’s point of view, treat them with respect and consider their perspective. If you feel like a discussion is getting heated, take a step back and focus on having an open dialogue rather than trying to win an argument.

Keep Posts On-Topic

When posting on r/okbr, make sure that your post is relevant to the community. Try to keep your posts focused on topics that are related to Oklahoma or the Oklahoma region. Posts that don’t follow this guideline may be removed or flagged by moderators.

Stay Engaged With the Community

r/okbr is an active community where people come together to discuss topics related to Oklahoma and its surrounding areas. To keep the conversation going, make sure you’re actively engaging with other users by responding to posts and participating in discussions. Doing so will help foster an environment of healthy discourse while also helping build relationships within the community.


OkBR is an open source project that provides a platform for users to learn, create, and collaborate on projects. It enables users to easily access a wide range of tools and resources, which makes it an ideal place to start an innovative project. The platform also provides an easy-to-use interface that allows users to easily manage the development process. The community of OkBR is highly active and supportive, which makes it a great place to get help with any questions or issues you may have. All in all, OkBR is a great platform for learning and creating projects with the help of other like-minded individuals.

OkBR has provided us with an excellent platform for us to further our knowledge and develop our own projects. It has enabled us to collaborate with others from all over the world who are passionate about the same things we are. With the help of this platform, we can continue to grow our skillset, improve our workflows, and create amazing projects together. So if you’re looking for a place where you can learn something new, create something awesome, and make some friends along the way – OkBR is definitely worth checking out!

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