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Quotes from Jerry Springer have been a source of inspiration and entertainment for many people since the ’90s. His unique brand of humor and larger-than-life persona have made him one of the most recognizable faces in television. From his famous catchphrase “Final Thought” to his no-holds-barred advice, Jerry Springer’s words have always resonated with audiences around the world. Here are some of his most memorable quotes that will make you laugh, think, and maybe even change your life.1. “If it wasn’t on television, nobody would believe it.”
2. “The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.”
3. “You didn’t come here for advice, you came here for judgment.”
4. “I don’t want to be the judge of your life; I just want to be the judge of your show.”
5. “Folks, don’t try this at home!”
6. “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!”
7. “It is what it is.”
8. “We’re not so much a talk show as a window into society”
9. “I don’t care what people think about me; I’m just doing my job.”
10. “This show ain’t about good taste; it’s about real life.”

Respect Yourself

Jerry Springer has said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” This is an important lesson for everyone to learn; if you don’t respect yourself, no one else will. We must be confident in our own worth and accept ourselves for who we are. When we have self-respect, others will naturally follow suit. It’s also important to remember that respect must be earned, and it can’t be demanded.

Stay Positive

In life, there will always be people who are negative and try to bring us down. Instead of letting their words influence us, we should remember that positivity is the key to success. As Jerry Springer said, “You don’t need anyone’s permission to make something of your life.” We have the power to shape our own destiny, and it’s important to stay focused on our goals and never give up.

Laugh Often

Humor is a great way to get through tough times in life; it can lighten any situation and remind us of the joys in life. Jerry Springer once said “Laughter is the best medicine”—a reminder that smiling often can make all the difference in how we approach our lives. Even on days when things seem bleak or overwhelming, laughter can bring a sense of peace and perspective that helps us stay motivated in achieving our dreams.

Quotes from Jerry Springer about Love

Jerry Springer is well known for his talk show that often tackles controversial topics. He’s also a respected figure who offers advice and guidance on many aspects of life, including love. Here are some quotes from Jerry Springer about love:

“Love isn’t just a feeling; it’s an action. When you love someone, you have to make sure they know it every single day.”

“Love isn’t about ‘perfect,’ it’s about effort. If you put in the effort each and every day, your relationship can grow stronger.”

“Love is an adventure, and it should be approached with an open mind and heart.”

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“Love comes and goes, but true love sticks around no matter what.”

“No matter what happens in life, always remember to never give up on the people you care about most.”

“Love is not just saying ‘I love you,’ but it’s also about showing that person how much they mean to you.”

Quotes from Jerry Springer about Friendship

Jerry Springer has been a well-known television personality for many years and has become an icon for his famous quote, “Friends come and go, but family stays forever.” This quote has helped to express the importance of friendship in our lives. It highlights the fact that while friendships may change and evolve over time, family is something that will always be a part of our lives.

Springer also believes that genuine friendship is something to be treasured and respected. He says, “Friendship requires trust, understanding, and communication in order to truly last.” These words remind us that we must be open and honest with our friends if we want to have a meaningful relationship with them. We must also be willing to listen and understand their perspectives if we want to maintain a strong bond.

In addition to these insightful quotes about friendship, Jerry Springer also emphasizes the importance of being there for your friends during times of need. He states, “Friendship isn’t about who you’ve known the longest; it’s about who walked into your life and said ‘I’m here for you,’ and proved it.” This reminds us that true friends will always be there for us no matter what. They provide unconditional love and support when we need it most.

Overall, Jerry Springer’s quotes about friendship are profound yet simple reminders of how important relationships can be in our lives. We should all strive to treasure the special bonds we have with those around us and never take them for granted.


Truth is an essential part of life. Without it, our lives would be filled with chaos and confusion. As Jerry Springer said, “Truth is like a lion; you don’t have to defend it. Let it loose; it will defend itself.” This powerful quote speaks to the importance of being honest and truthful in all aspects of life. It also speaks about the power of truth and how it can stand on its own without needing to be defended or argued for.

Springer also said, “The truth may hurt for a little while, but a lie hurts forever”. This quote speaks to the consequences that come with being dishonest or untruthful. It emphasizes that even though honesty may not be easy, it is ultimately better than living a lie that will have long-term negative effects.

In addition, Jerry Springer said, “Honesty may not get you a lot of friends but it’ll always get you the right ones”. This quote speaks to the importance of being truthful even when it’s difficult because truthfulness attracts people who are committed to building meaningful relationships based on trust and integrity. Being untruthful may lead people into relationships with those who are not genuine or authentic which could lead to disappointment in the long run.

These quotes from Jerry Springer powerfully demonstrate how important truth is in all aspects of life and how dishonesty will always have serious consequences that outweigh any short-term gains from telling a lie. Honesty is essential for building strong relationships with others and creating an environment where trust and respect are valued above all else.

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Success is Not Measured by External Factors

Jerry Springer knows a thing or two about success, and he believes that success isn’t defined by what others think. He has said, “Success isn’t measured in terms of money or fame; it’s measured by how much you’ve given back to the world.” He believes that our purpose in life is to make the world a better place, and that true success lies in being able to do so. To him, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, famous or not – what matters is how much you’re contributing to the lives of others.

Success is About Doing Your Best

Jerry Springer also emphasizes the importance of doing your best. He knows that life can be difficult and that sometimes we may not reach our goals. But he believes that if we strive for greatness and give it our all, we are still successful regardless of the outcome. As he says, “Success isn’t about achieving perfection; it’s about doing your best – no matter what.” This message encourages us to keep striving and never give up on ourselves.

Success Is Not an Accident

Springer also emphasizes the importance of hard work for achieving success. He believes that nothing worth having ever comes easy – success requires dedication and effort. As he says, “Success is never an accident; it’s always a result of dedication and hard work.” This message encourages us to keep pushing forward and never give up on our dreams. It reminds us that with enough effort and determination, anything is possible.

Failure Can Lead To Success

Finally, Jerry Springer reminds us that failure can be just as important as success. He states, “Failure can be a stepping stone to success if you learn from it.” Springer emphasizes the importance of learning from our mistakes rather than wallowing in them. He encourages us to use failure as motivation to push ourselves further and reach for greater heights.

Family is Everything

Jerry Springer has always been a proponent of strong families, describing them as the bedrock of our society. He believes that familial bonds are incredibly important, and that family members should always support one another. In his words, “No matter how tough life gets, family will always be there for you.” He also insists that a happy home life is essential for children to grow up in, so parents should strive to provide a safe and loving environment for their kids.

Springer has long been an advocate of healthy relationships within families. He encourages families to express love and gratitude towards each other on a regular basis, as well as to forgive one another when mistakes are made. As Springer puts it, “Family is not about perfection – it’s about love and understanding.” He believes that by creating a supportive environment within the family unit, individuals can feel secure and loved despite any struggles they face in life.

Springer also stresses the importance of communication within families. According to him, talking openly about issues is vital for helping families stay connected and remain close-knit. He encourages family members to take the time to really listen to each other’s opinions and feelings in order to better understand one another’s perspectives. By doing this, Springer believes that family members can resolve conflicts without animosity or resentment.

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Overall, Jerry Springer is a strong believer in the power of family and all it can do for its members. From providing support during difficult times to fostering healthy relationships between its members, a strong family unit can make all the difference in someone’s life. Therefore it’s important that we take care of our families with compassion and love so they can continue being our source of joy for years to come.

Happiness is a Choice

Jerry Springer, the host of his own talk show, is a firm believer in the idea that happiness is a choice. He emphasizes that no matter what life throws at you, it’s up to you to make the decision to be happy. As he puts it, “It’s always up to us how we react to our circumstances and experiences.” He believes that no matter how difficult life can be, we can choose to see the good in it and stay positive.

Focus On Gratitude

Springer encourages people to focus on gratitude in order to find true happiness. He reminds us that there’s always something to be grateful for, and cultivating an attitude of gratitude can help us find joy in even the most difficult situations. He advises people to take time each day to think about what they’re thankful for and recognize how blessed they are.

Choose Joyful Activities

Springer also recommends engaging in activities that bring joy and fulfillment into your life. Whether it’s spending time with friends or family, going for a walk outdoors, or engaging in your favorite hobby, doing activities that bring you joy can help lift your mood and bring more happiness into your life. He believes that taking time out of your day for yourself and doing things you enjoy is essential for finding true inner peace and contentment.


Jerry Springer is an iconic figure in the entertainment world. His quotes have been quoted and shared online for decades, with people of all backgrounds and opinions finding commonality in his words. While some of his quotes are controversial and may not always be universally accepted, they reflect his honest and straightforward approach to life. He has faced adversity with strength and enthusiasm, and his famous sayings demonstrate a positive outlook on life. No matter what you think of Jerry Springer, it’s clear that his words have resonated with millions around the world.

Through his quotes, he has tackled difficult topics such as racism, sexism, violence and poverty in a way that is both powerful and thought-provoking. He has also provided uplifting advice to those who are dealing with personal struggles or who want to make changes in their lives. Whatever your opinion on Jerry Springer may be, it’s undeniable that his quotes will continue to inspire generations to come.

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