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Pokémon 486 is a legendary creature from the Pokémon franchise. It is also known as the “Legend of Water,” and it is believed to be the ruler of the seas. It is said that its power can control and manipulate water, and it can grant wishes to those who find it. It has a unique appearance, as it appears to be a mix of several different types of Pokémon, including Gyarados, Kabutops, and Omastar. Its body is composed of diamond-shaped scales that give off a mysterious glimmer in the moonlight. Pokémon 486 is an incredibly powerful creature and has been featured in many games, movies, and anime series over the years.Pokémon 486, Deoxys, is a Psychic-type Mythical Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It is a space virus that mutated after coming into contact with a laser beam. Deoxys has four different Formes, each with its own unique set of stats and abilities. Its Normal Forme is the most balanced of the four and is best suited for competitive battling. Its Attack Forme has higher Attack stats than its other formes and can be used to power up Physical moves. Its Defense Forme has higher Defense stats than its other formes and is best suited for defensive strategies. Finally, its Speed Forme has higher Speed stats than its other formes and can be used to quickly outspeed opponents. Deoxys also has two signature moves: Psycho Boost and Hyper Beam, which can only be used in its Normal Forme.

Type and Abilities

Deoxys is a Psychic-type Mythical Pokémon. It is the only known Pokémon capable of changing between four different Formes, each with its own unique appearance and abilities. Its Normal Forme has average stats in all areas; its Attack Forme has high Attack stats but low Defense; its Defense Forme has high Defense stats but low Attack; and its Speed Forme has high Speed but low Attack and Defense.

Deoxys’ signature ability is Pressure, which reduces the PP of an opponent’s attacks by two instead of one when it is hit by them. It also has the abilities Pressure Boost, which increases its Special Attack stat when it is hit by super effective moves, and Wonder Skin, which causes non-damaging moves to have a 50% chance of failing against it. Deoxys also has access to several powerful Psychic-type attacks such as Psycho Boost and Psycho Cut.

Deoxys’ Base Stats

Deoxys is a Psychic-type Mythical Pokémon introduced in Generation III. It has four different Formes, each with different Base Stats. Its Normal Forme has the highest base stats overall, with a base stat total of 600. It has a base Attack stat of 50, a Defense stat of 150, a Special Attack stat of 150, a Special Defense stat of 50, and Speed stat of 150. Its Attack Forme has the highest Attack and Speed stats at 180 and 150 respectively, but its lowest Defense and Special Defense stats at 40 and 30 respectively. Its Defense Forme has the highest Defense and Special Defense stats at 170 and 160 respectively, but its lowest Attack and Speed stats at 50 and 10 respectively. Finally, its Speed Forme boasts the highest Speed stat at 180, but its lowest Special Attack and Special Defense stats at 30 and 40 respectively.

Overall, Deoxys’ Base Stats are quite diverse depending on which Forme it is in. All four of its formes have different strengths that can be utilized in battle. In terms of overall power though, Deoxys’ Normal Forme reigns supreme with its best all-round base stats.

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Deoxys’ Moveset

Deoxys is one of the most powerful Pokémon in the game, and its moveset helps it stand out from the rest. Deoxys’ moveset includes some of the most powerful Psychic-type attacks in the game, including Psycho Boost, Psychic, and Zen Headbutt. It also has a variety of non-Psychic attacks such as Thunderbolt, Ice Beam, and Dark Pulse. The combination of these moves makes Deoxys a formidable opponent in battle. Additionally, Deoxys can use Trick Room to reverse the turn order and gain an advantage over its opponents. This gives it an edge in battles against slower opponents. Finally, Deoxys has access to Recover, which allows it to heal itself while also boosting its overall stats. With such an impressive moveset, Deoxys is one of the strongest Psychic-types in the game.

In addition to its powerful attacks, Deoxys also has access to some unique abilities that give it an edge over other Pokémon. Its Pressure ability allows it to reduce the PP of all opposing Pokémon’s moves by 2 instead of 1 when they use a move against it. This gives Deoxys an advantage as it can outlast its opponents and eventually defeat them with fewer turns or moves used. Its Insomnia ability prevents it from being affected by sleep-inducing moves, making it immune to Sleep Powder or similar techniques used by other Pokémon. Finally, its Vital Spirit ability prevents it from being afflicted with status conditions such as Paralysis or Burn, making it difficult for opponents to take advantage of these conditions against Deoxys. All together, these abilities make Deoxys a very powerful opponent in battle that should not be overlooked!

How to Obtain Pokémon 486 – Deoxys

Deoxys is one of the rarest Pokémon to obtain in the world. It is a Psychic-type Mythical Legendary Pokémon, and one of only two Pokémon (the other being Mew) to be able to learn every TM and HM. As such, it is a highly sought-after Pokémon. In order to obtain Deoxys, you will need to participate in a special event or trade with someone who already has it.

In order to participate in a special event for Deoxys, you must first check the official website for upcoming events. These events are usually held at certain times of the year and in specific locations. When an event is announced, you must register in advance and show up on the day of the event with your Nintendo 3DS or DS console. After registering, you will be given a special code that allows you to download Deoxys from an online server.

The other way to obtain Deoxys is by trading with someone who already has it. This can be done either locally or online through various trading websites or forums. When trading locally, make sure to meet up with your trading partner in a safe place and make sure that both parties understand the terms of the trade before exchanging any Pokémon. When trading online, make sure that both parties understand the terms of the trade and have agreed on them before making any trades.

Once you have obtained your Deoxys, make sure to give it proper care by giving it plenty of love and attention! With enough love and care, Deoxys can become one of your strongest Pokémon and can help you defeat even the toughest opponents!

Strategies for Using Deoxys in Battle

Deoxys is one of the most powerful Pokemon in the series, and as such it can be a very effective addition to any team. With its excellent stats and unique movepool, Deoxys can easily take on a wide variety of opponents. To get the most out of this powerful Pokemon, there are a few strategies that trainers should consider when using it in battle.

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The first strategy is to make sure that Deoxys is able to use its powerful moves to their fullest potential. This means taking advantage of its high Attack stat and strong moves such as Psycho Boost and Hyper Beam. These moves are especially effective against opponents with low Special Defense stats, making them perfect for sweeping opposing teams.

Another important strategy is to use Deoxys’s Speed stat to its fullest potential. With a base Speed stat of 150, Deoxys can outspeed many adversaries and set up with powerful boosts before they have the chance to act. This makes it ideal for setting up with Swords Dance or Nasty Plot before an opponent has the chance to attack, allowing it to gain an advantage early on in battle.

Finally, trainers should also consider using Deoxys’s ability Magic Bounce as a strategic tool. With Magic Bounce, Deoxys can reflect status moves such as Will-o-Wisp and Thunder Wave back at the opponent, making them much harder for them to set up or deal damage with them. This makes Deoxys an excellent counter against many setup sweepers who rely on status moves to do their work.

By following these strategies when using Deoxys in battle, trainers can maximize this Pokemon’s potential and ensure that it is able to take on any challenge that comes its way. With its impressive stats and unique movepool, Deoxys is one of the best Pokemon around, so make sure you take full advantage of what it has to offer!

Best Teammates for Deoxys in Competitive Play

Deoxys is a formidable force in competitive play, offering powerful offensive and defensive options with its three forms and wide range of movesets. However, in order to make the most of Deoxys’ potential, it’s important to choose the right team members to support it. While almost any Pokemon can be a useful teammate for Deoxys, some stand out as particularly effective partners.

Pokemon that can resist or counter some of the common threats that Deoxys faces are particularly valuable allies. For example, Fairy types such as Gardevoir or Sylveon can provide invaluable protection against Dark and Dragon type moves that can otherwise easily take down Deoxys. Steel types such as Metagross or Ferrothorn are also invaluable partners, able to wall off many physical attacks while also providing much-needed support against Fire type moves.

Having an ally that can take advantage of Deoxys’ weaknesses is also important. Electric types such as Thundurus or Raikou make for excellent counter-play as they can capitalize on Deoxys’ weakness to Electric type moves while also providing a powerful offensive presence to back up Deoxys’ own attacks. Ground types like Garchomp or Landorus can also be effective teammates due to their ability to hit Flying and Water type Pokemon super effectively while also being able to pressure Psychic types that may otherwise try to take advantage of Deoxys’ weaknesses.

Finally, having a partner who can help keep Deoxys healthy is essential. Pokemon with access to recovery moves such as Recover or Soft-Boiled are invaluable assets due to their ability to restore health and keep the team going when things get tough. In particular, bulky Water types like Slowbro or Vaporeon offer both potent offensive options while being able to provide reliable healing support with their recovery movesets.

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Overall, there are many potential teammates for Deoxys in competitive play; however, picking the right ones is key in order for it to reach its full potential on the battlefield. Choosing Pokemon that offer protection from common threats, capitalize on its weaknesses and provide reliable healing support are all key factors when building a successful team featuring Deoxys at its core.

Deoxys in Competitive Play

Deoxys is one of the most powerful Legendary Pokémon available in competitive play. It has a unique moveset and abilities that set it apart from other legendary Pokémon. In order to make the most of Deoxys’ abilities, it is important to equip it with the right items. This article will discuss the best items for Deoxys in competitive play.

The most important item for Deoxys is a Choice Scarf. This item boosts its Speed stat, allowing it to outspeed many other Pokémon. This can be especially useful if Deoxys is facing off against faster foes. In addition, this item also allows Deoxys to use its powerful moves more often, as it can switch out of unfavorable matchups and pick up an extra turn in battle.

A Life Orb is also a great choice for Deoxys. This item increases the power of its moves, allowing them to hit much harder than usual. It should be noted, however, that using this item will decrease Deoxys’ HP each time it attacks. As such, it should be used carefully and only when absolutely necessary.

Leftovers are another great option for Deoxys in competitive play. This item slowly restores HP each turn, allowing Deoxys to stay alive longer and deal more damage over time. Leftovers are especially helpful against foes that rely on status effects or chip damage to win battles.

Finally, Focus Sash is an ideal item for Deoxys when facing off against powerful foes or high-level opponents. This item ensures that even if Deoxys takes a hit from an attack that would otherwise KO it, it will survive with 1 HP remaining instead of fainting outright. Focus Sash can be extremely helpful when dealing with difficult battles or trainer battles where there are multiple opponents on the field at once.

In conclusion, there are many great items that can help make the most of Deoxys’ abilities in competitive play. A Choice Scarf boosts Speed while a Life Orb increases power; Leftovers slowly restore HP while Focus Sash ensures survival; all four items have their own advantages and should be considered when building a team around this Legendary Pokemon.


Pokemon 486 has come a long way since its introduction in 1996. With its unique combination of strategic gameplay and charming characters, it has become one of the most beloved franchises in the world. Through its various iterations, Pokemon 486 has offered countless hours of fun and adventure for fans of all ages. Its success is a testament to the game’s appeal, and it will continue to be enjoyed by millions for years to come.

The latest installment in the series is sure to bring more of the same great experiences that fans have come to expect. With its expansive world, engaging mechanics, and ever-growing list of Pokemon, it promises to be one of the biggest entries yet. Whether you’re an experienced trainer or just starting out, Pokemon 486 has something for everyone. So grab your Pokeballs and join the adventure!

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