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Introducing the latest addition to the Pokémon family, Pokémon 485! This powerful creature is an Electric-type Pokémon with a unique combination of speed and electrical energy. It has a wide variety of attacks and abilities, including its signature move, Thunder Roar, which unleashes a powerful thunderbolt that can paralyze its opponents. With excellent defensive capabilities and high special attack stats, this Pokémon is sure to be a formidable opponent in any battle.Heatran is a dual-type Fire/Steel Legendary Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. It is the mascot of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and also appears in various other games. Heatran is a tortoise-like Pokémon with a molten magma-like body, four legs, and two horns on its head. Its body is primarily orange but has black stripes on its back and the underside of its neck. It has yellow eyes, a long tail tipped with red, and two small wings near its face. Heatran has the ability to melt almost any metal with its high temperatures and can release fire from its body. Heatran can be found in Stark Mountain in Sinnoh, where it reigns as the mountain’s ruler. Heatran can also be encountered in various other locations within the region and can be captured with an Ultra Ball or Dusk Ball depending on the game.

Types and Strengths of Heatran

Heatran is a Legendary Pokémon from the Sinnoh region, first introduced in Generation IV. It is a Fire/Steel-type Pokémon with an incredible amount of defensive and offensive capabilities. Heatran is one of the most popular Legendary Pokémon, thanks to its powerful moves and impressive stats. It has two distinct forms: Normal and Shiny.

Normal Heatran has a base stat total of 600, with an even spread between its Attack, Defense, Special Attack, and Special Defense stats. It also has decent Speed, making it an effective attacker as well as a tank. Its signature move is Magma Storm, which does massive damage but can also trap its target for up to five turns.

The Shiny version of Heatran has slightly different stats than the normal form; it has a slightly higher base stat total of 615. Its Attack stat is slightly higher than the normal version’s, while its Special Defense stat is slightly lower than the normal version’s. Its signature move in this form is Iron Head, which deals heavy damage and can cause flinching if used correctly.

Heatran’s strengths lie in its defensive capabilities; it has great resistances to Fire-, Steel-, Poison-, Rock-, Bug-, Grass-, Fairy-type attacks as well as some other types. It also has great defensive stats that make it hard to take down in battle. In addition to this, Heatran can use various moves like Will-O-Wisp to lower the Attack stat of opposing Pokémon or Lava Plume to inflict burn on them for extra damage over time.

Overall, Heatran is an incredibly powerful Legendary Pokémon with both offensive and defensive capabilities that make it one of the most sought after Legendaries in competitive play today. With its impressive stats and wide range of resistances, Heatran can be used effectively in both singles and doubles battles alike!

Strengths of Heatran

Heatran is a great Pokémon to use in battle due to its impressive array of strengths. It has an impressive typing, being a Fire/Steel-type, which gives it an advantage against many common types, such as Rock, Bug, Grass, Ice, and Fairy. This makes it a great counter for many common threats. Heatran also has access to great moves like Fire Blast and Iron Head that can help it deal damage to its opponents. Its stats are well-rounded, with decent offensive and defensive stats, making it difficult for opponents to take out. Additionally, Heatran has access to several useful abilities like Flash Fire and Levitate which can give it additional defensive utility.

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Weaknesses of Heatran

Heatran is not without its weaknesses though. Firstly, it is weak to Ground and Fighting-type moves which can be difficult for it to deal with. Additionally, while Heatran’s stats are well-rounded they are not exceptional in any particular area making it vulnerable to powerful attackers. It also lacks any reliable recovery move outside of Pain Split which can make it difficult for Heatran to last in long battles. Finally its speed stat is somewhat lackluster meaning that faster opponents can outspeed and take advantage of Heatran before it gets the chance to attack.

Evolution of Heatran

Heatran is a Legendary Pokémon from the Sinnoh region. It was first introduced in Generation IV as one of the original Legendary Pokémon. Heatran has an interesting evolutionary history, beginning with its pre-evolution, Magnezone. Magnezone was first discovered in the wild by a group of scientists who were exploring the Sinnoh region. The scientists found that Magnezone had an unusual ability to absorb and store large amounts of electricity from its environment. This led them to believe that Magnezone was capable of evolving into something more powerful and they set out to discover what this could be.

They eventually discovered that Magnezone could evolve into Heatran, a Legendary Pokémon with incredibly high levels of power and strength. Heatran is capable of controlling fire and lava, making it one of the most powerful Fire-type Pokémon in existence. It has four different forms, each with a different type combination including Fire/Steel, Fire/Ground, Fire/Rock, and Steel/Ground. Each form has different abilities and moves that make it suitable for many different strategies in battle.

Heatran is also known for its ability to Mega Evolve into Mega Heatran when given a special Mega Stone called the Heatranite. Mega Heatran is even more powerful than its normal form, boasting higher stats and access to new moves such as Eruption and Flame Charge. It is also much larger in size than its pre-evolutionary form, giving it an intimidating presence on the battlefield.

Heatran’s evolution may have been mysterious at first but it certainly has made its mark on the world of Pokémon by becoming one of the most powerful Legendary Pokémon ever seen. Its unique combination of types makes it a formidable opponent in battle while its Mega Evolution gives trainers an edge over their opponents with an even greater level of power and strength at their disposal.

Heatran Movesets

Heatran is a Fire/Steel-type Pokémon found in the Sinnoh region. It has a variety of moves that can be used in battle, making it one of the most versatile Pokémon in the game. Heatran’s moveset is especially effective against other Fire-type Pokémon, as well as those weak to Steel-type attacks. Its Fire-type moves are incredibly powerful, and its Steel-type moves provide solid defensive capabilities. Here are some of the best Heatran movesets for both offensive and defensive play:

Offensive Moveset

For an offensive Heatran moveset, players should use Flamethrower, Iron Head, Earth Power, and Stone Edge. Flamethrower is an incredibly powerful Fire-type move that has a high chance of burning opponents. Iron Head is a Steel-type attack that has a high chance of causing flinching and can be used to take out foes quickly. Earth Power is a powerful Ground-type attack that can hit foes hard with its 100 base power. Lastly, Stone Edge is another strong move with 100 base power that can easily take out weaker opponents.

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Defensive Moveset

For a defensive Heatran moveset, players should use Flash Cannon, Lava Plume, Protect, and Roar. Flash Cannon is a Steel-type move that has 100 base power and can be used to counter most Fire or Steel attacks thrown at it. Lava Plume is a Fire-type attack with 80 base power that also has the added bonus of having a 30% chance to burn opponents. Protect allows Heatran to protect itself from any incoming attacks while Roar allows it to switch out if need be without taking any damage.

By using these movesets, Heatran can easily become one of the most versatile Pokémon on any team. Its strong Fire and Steel type attacks make it an incredibly powerful force on the battlefield while its defensive options provide it with plenty of options for protecting itself or switching out if needed. With these movesets in mind, players can easily make Heatran an integral part of their team!

Ability: Flash Fire

Heatran’s most common ability is Flash Fire, which allows it to absorb Fire-type moves and raise its Special Attack stat by one level. This ability is very useful in battling other Fire-type Pokémon, as it can negate their attacks and use them to its advantage. Additionally, this ability can be used to take advantage of the secondary effects of certain moves. For instance, the move Will-O-Wisp can be used to burn an opposing Pokémon, while the move Sunny Day can be used to boost Heatran’s Fire-type attacks.

Ability: Flame Body

Heatran’s second most common ability is Flame Body, which has a 30% chance of burning any Pokémon that makes contact with it. This ability is useful for preventing physical attackers from being able to hit Heatran too easily as they will suffer from a burn if they do so. Additionally, this ability works well in tandem with Flash Fire as it can give Heatran an extra boost when attacking with Fire-type moves.

Ability: Magma Armor

Heatran’s third and least common ability is Magma Armor, which prevents it from becoming frozen or put to sleep by opposing Pokémon. This ability is largely situational, but could be useful if facing a team that relies on these status conditions to disable Heatran. Additionally, this ability also gives Heatran an immunity to Spikes and Stealth Rock damage when switching in.

Best Counters for Heatran

Heatran is a legendary Fire and Steel-type Pokémon. It is the signature Pokémon of Team Magma’s leader, Maxie, in the Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire video games. Because of its typing, Heatran can be quite difficult to counter. But with the right team composition and movesets, you can defeat this powerful Pokémon. To make it easier, here are the best counters for Heatran:

First up is Tyranitar. This Dark and Rock-type Pokémon is one of the best counters to Heatran due to its strong attack power and resistance to Fire-type attacks. Tyranitar also has access to moves like Crunch that can do super effective damage against Heatran. Another great option for countering Heatran is Mamoswine. This Ice and Ground-type Pokémon has excellent defense stats and high attack power that make it an ideal choice for taking on Heatran. Mamoswine also has access to powerful Ice-type attacks like Icicle Crash which can be very effective against this legendary Fire type.

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Other great counters for Heatran include Magnezone, Weavile, Excadrill, Metagross, Garchomp, Togekiss, Landorus-Therian Forme, Gliscor and Water-types like Kyogre and Gyarados. All of these Pokemon have strong attack power and are resistant or immune to Fire-type attacks which makes them perfect for taking on Heatran in battle. With the right team composition and movesets you can easily take down this legendary Fire type!

Shiny Form of Heatran

Heatran is a Legendary Pokémon from the Sinnoh region, first introduced in Generation IV. It is a Fire/Steel-type, and is the only known Pokémon to have this type combination. Heatran has two forms: its Normal Form and its Shiny Form. The Shiny Form of Heatran is a much brighter version of the Normal Form, with more vibrant colors. Its body is a bright orange-red color, with white markings on its face, chest, and legs. Its eyes are yellow instead of red, and the flame on its back is a vivid green color.

Heatran’s Shiny Form has several unique abilities that make it stand out from other Pokémon. For instance, it can use powerful Fire-type attacks such as Lava Plume and Magma Storm which can cause massive damage to opponents in battle. Additionally, it can use Steel-type moves to defend itself against physical attacks. Finally, its ability to withstand extreme temperatures makes it ideal for exploring deep caves or volcanic areas.

Overall, the Shiny Form of Heatran is an impressive addition to any Trainer’s roster. Its unique type combination and powerful movepool make it a formidable opponent in battle, while its ability to withstand extreme temperatures make it ideal for exploring dangerous environments. With its impressive abilities and unique look, Heatran’s Shiny Form is sure to be a hit with Trainers everywhere!


Pokemon 485 is a powerful and versatile Pokemon that can be used in many different ways. Its ability to learn a variety of moves, including some powerful ones, makes it a great choice for any team. Its unique typing also gives it an edge against certain types of Pokemon. Overall, it is an excellent Pokemon that can be used in both competitive and casual play.

Despite its power, however, Pokemon 485 does have some drawbacks. Its low speed and relatively low defenses could make it difficult to keep up with faster opponents. It also lacks any recovery moves, meaning that once its health has been depleted, it will need to be replaced. Additionally, because of its limited movepool, it may not be able to take on certain types of opponents effectively.

Overall, Pokemon 485 is an excellent choice for any team. With its strong attack stats and versatile movepool, it can be used in both competitive and casual play to great effect. Its unique typing also gives it the advantage against certain types of opponents. However, due to its low speed and limited movepool, players should carefully consider their options before using this powerful pokemon on their team.

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