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Pokémon 461 is a species of Pokémon known as Magnezone. It is an Electric/Steel-type Pokémon introduced in the Generation IV games. Magnezone is a robotic, magnet-like Pokémon with a round shape and four metal feet. It has two large, round eyes with yellow sclerae and black pupils. It has two large, red horns with yellow tips on its head and four smaller, yellow antennae on the sides of its head. Its body is mainly silver and gray in color, though it has some pink highlights on its head and back. Magnezone can generate powerful magnetic fields to attract or repel metal objects, allowing it to float through the air or cling to metallic surfaces.Pokemon 461 – Magnezone is a dual-type Electric/Steel Pokémon introduced in Generation IV. It evolves from Magneton when exposed to a Thunder Stone. Magnezone has a body shaped like a disc with three magnet units on its sides and one on its back. Its main body is dark gray, while the magnet units are yellow. It has three eyes, two of which have red pupils, while the third eye has a white pupil. Its arms are curved and it has four small legs. Magnezone’s ability to generate powerful magnetic fields allows it to levitate in the air and float around. It can also fire off beams of electricity from its magnet units that can cause serious damage.

Overview of Magnezone

Magnezone is a steel and electric type Pokemon. It is one of the four evolutions of Magnemite, along with Magneton, Magnezone, and Magmortar. This Pokemon is known for its powerful magnetism, which it uses to levitate itself and other objects. It also possesses the ability to generate intense magnetic fields which can be used to manipulate metal objects. Its body is covered in metal plates, giving it a unique appearance. Its eyes are blue and its mouth is usually closed. As a result of its ability to generate magnetic fields, Magnezone is capable of using various Electric-type moves such as Thunderbolt and Thunder Wave. It can also use Steel-type moves like Metal Sound and Flash Cannon. When battling, it will often use its magnetism to float around the battlefield, making it difficult for opponents to hit it with physical attacks. Magnezone’s most powerful attack is Zap Cannon, which deals massive damage but leaves the user paralyzed afterwards.

Overall, Magnezone is a powerful Pokemon that can be very effective when used correctly in battle. Its unique magnetic abilities give it an edge over many other Steel-type Pokemon and make it a great choice for trainers looking for an electric powerhouse on their team.

Magnezone’s Type & Abilities

Magnezone is a dual-type Electric/Steel Pokémon. Its Electric-type allows it to be effective against Flying, Water, and Dragon-type Pokémon. Its Steel-type gives it resistance to Rock, Ice, and Fairy-type attacks. It also has the ability Magnet Pull, which allows it to trap Steel-type Pokémon on the field and prevent them from escaping. This makes it a good choice for battling against Steel-types.

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Magnezone also has access to powerful moves such as Thunderbolt, Flash Cannon, and Flash of Lightning. Thunderbolt is an Electric-type move that hits multiple targets in one hit. Flash Cannon is a Steel-type move that can also hit multiple targets in one hit. Finally, Flash of Lightning is a powerful Electric-type move that hits all adjacent foes with a powerful lightning bolt.

In addition to its offensive capabilities, Magnezone also has an impressive defensive stat line. Its high Defense stat allows it to take hits from physical attackers with ease while its high Special Defense stat lets it take special attacks without much trouble. This combination makes Magnezone an excellent choice for defensive teams that need some extra protection from both physical and special attackers.

Moves that Magnezone Can Learn

Magnezone is a Steel and Electric-type Pokémon. It has a wide range of moves that it can learn, making it a powerful battler. Its main strengths lie in its special attacks, with moves like Thunderbolt and Zap Cannon being among the most powerful. It also has some physical attacks, such as Flash Cannon and Magnet Bomb, which can be used to great effect. Magnezone also has access to some unique moves, such as Mirror Coat and Discharge, which can be used both defensively and offensively. Additionally, it has some useful status moves like Thunder Wave and Protect, which can help in tricky battles. All in all, Magnezone is a versatile Pokémon with a wide range of moves that it can learn to help it succeed in battle!

Magnezone’s Evolution Chain

Magnezone is a Steel/Electric-type Pokémon, first introduced in the fourth generation of the Pokémon franchise. It is the evolved form of Magnemite and evolves from Magneton when it is exposed to a special magnetic field. Magnezone has an interesting evolutionary chain, which starts with Magnemite and then evolves into Magneton before finally becoming Magnezone. Magnemite is a small, electric-type Pokémon with a round body and two antennae protruding from its head. It has two eyes, one yellow and one red, that can rotate independently of each other. Magnemite is able to store electricity in its body and generate powerful magnetic fields when it needs to protect itself or attack opponents. Magneton is an Electric/Steel-type Pokémon that appears as three linked Magnemites. It has two eyes, one yellow and one red, as well as three antennae on its head. Magneton uses the electricity stored in its body to generate powerful electromagnetic fields, which can be used for both defensive and offensive purposes. Finally, Magnezone is an Electric/Steel-type Pokémon that resembles a large metallic sphere with six antennae protruding from its head. Its body produces powerful electromagnetic fields that it uses for defense or attacks on opponents.

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Overall, Magnezone’s evolution chain starts with Magnemite evolving into Magneton before becoming Magnezone at last. All three forms have their own unique abilities and attacks that make them formidable opponents in battle!

Where to Find Magnezone in the Wild

Magnezone is a rare Electric/Steel-type Pokémon found in the Sinnoh region of the Pokémon world. It is an evolutionary form of Magneton, and can be found in a variety of locations throughout Sinnoh. In Diamond and Pearl, it can be encountered in Victory Road, Stark Mountain, Mt. Coronet, and Fuego Ironworks. In Platinum, it can also be found in Turnback Cave and the Distortion World.

In Black and White, Magnezone can be encountered in Twist Mountain and Chargestone Cave. In Black 2 and White 2, it can also be encountered at Reversal Mountain and Clay Tunnel. In X and Y, it can be encountered in Terminus Cave.

In addition to these locations, Magnezone can also be encountered via fishing or as a rare spawn while using the PokéRadar on Diamond/Pearl/Platinum or through Horde Encounters on Black/White/Black 2/White 2. The best way to find Magnezone is to search for it at all of these locations until one is found.

Magnezone Stats in Battle

Magnezone is an Electric/Steel type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation IV. It has a very unique design, with a head resembling a magnet and its body having an octagonal shape. Magnezone is one of the most powerful Electric-type Pokémon, boasting strong stats across the board. Its Special Attack and Special Defense stats are both very high, giving it an edge over many other Electric-type Pokémon. Additionally, Magnezone has access to the Steel-type move Flash Cannon, which can be used to deal heavy damage to some foes. It also has access to the move Magnet Rise, which allows it to ignore Ground-type moves for five turns. This gives Magnezone a great advantage against Ground-type opponents.

In terms of defensive capabilities, Magnezone has excellent defensive stats as well. Its Defense and Special Defense stats are both very high, giving it good survivability against many types of attacks. Additionally, its Steel typing gives it resistance to common attacking types like Fire and Fighting. Furthermore, its Electric typing gives it immunity to Electric-type moves as well as partial immunity to Poison-type moves. This makes Magnezone a great choice for taking on many different opponents in battle.

Overall, Magnezone is an incredibly powerful and versatile Pokémon that can be used in many different situations in battle. Its excellent offensive and defensive capabilities make it a great choice for almost any team composition in battle. With proper training and the right movesets, Magnezone can become an invaluable asset in any battle situation!

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Using Electric-type Moves

Magnezone is a Steel/Electric-type Pokémon so it is weak to Ground-type moves. To take advantage of this weakness, use Electric-type moves against it. Electric-type moves such as Thunderbolt, Thunder, and Zap Cannon have a chance to paralyze Magnezone, making it more vulnerable to attacks. Furthermore, these moves deal super effective damage to Magnezone, making them even more effective against it.

Using Ground-type Moves

Ground-type moves are the most effective against Magnezone due to its dual Steel/Electric typing. Moves such as Earthquake, Mud Shot, and Bulldoze can deal large amounts of damage to Magnezone and are very effective against it. Furthermore, they can also potentially cause Magnezone to flinch or be paralyzed, further weakening its defenses.

Using Ice-type Moves

Ice-type moves such as Ice Beam and Blizzard can be very effective against Magnezone due to its dual Steel/Electric typing. Ice-type moves are super effective against both Steel and Electric types and can deal large amounts of damage to Magnezone. Furthermore, they have a chance of freezing Magnezone solid, leaving it completely unable to move or attack until the effects wear off.

Using Status Effects

Status effects like Sleep Powder and Toxic can be extremely useful when battling with Magnezone due to its resistance to most types of damaging moves. By using these status effects on Magnezone you will be able to weaken it without having to worry about dealing much (if any) damage at all. Furthermore, these status effects can also be used in conjunction with other strategies such as using Electric type moves or Ground type moves in order to make them even more effective against Magnezone.


Pokemon 461 is an exciting and unique Pokemon experience for fans of the series. Its vibrant graphics and unique game mechanics make it a great game for adults, children, and fans of the series alike. It also has great replay value, with its multiple difficulty levels and extra challenges. The ability to customize your own team, as well as trade with friends, gives players even more options. If you’re looking for a new way to experience Pokemon, then Pokemon 461 is definitely worth considering.

Overall, Pokemon 461 is an enjoyable game that offers something for everyone. With its vibrant graphics and unique game mechanics, it’s sure to be a hit with fans of the series. Its replay value makes it worth playing even after you’ve finished the main storyline. Whether you’re new to the series or a veteran player looking for something different, there’s no doubt that Pokemon 461 is worth checking out.

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